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Super Junior will have a Japanese comeback album “On and On” which will be released on the 6th December 2017. Let’s support them a lot !!

Super Junior aura un album Japonais “On and On” de retour sur scène qui sortira le 6 Décembre 2017. Soutenons les beaucoup !!

Honestly this is so heartbreaking.
They know that it would be not possible for them to continue as a group if they don’t have a good response from the public with this album.
Please, as someone who really loves SJ, support them. They have done a lot for the K-Pop industry and have been through many hard situations for them to end up without support for the closed minded fans of their own fandom and from the new generation.
They deserve the world and lots more.

And remember, if the world betrays Super Junior, ELF will betray the world

it’s weird to think about the fact that there are new kpop fans who never experienced a super junior comeback… they have no idea what’s waiting for them… good luck to any non-elfs out there, you’re gonna see who the real hallyu kings are.

(and if you’re a new elf who never experienced it, god bless you. we’re gonna have so much fun together <3)

i… honestly don’t know what to say anymore.

i somewhat prepared myself mentally for kangin not to be in the album, but sungmin… i honestly didn’t think it was that bad.

i don’t understand, i just don’t. and before you start telling me that “k-fans have their reasons” - i read the reasons k-elfs don’t support him, both two and a half years ago when he got married and now when they announced that they’re boycotting him. i still don’t understand. sure, he could have handled the situation a bit better, but he’s just human, and nothing he did deserves this kind of reaction.

i’m angry that k-elfs have the most power over suju, and int-fans can’t do anything about it. i get that they’re a korean group and obviously they want to cater to the korean market first of all, and that’s fine, i have no problem with that. what angers me is that the k-elfs have so much power that they can get a member to leave the group - they did it with henry and zhou mi (preventing them from joining the group in the first place) and they’re doing it now with kangin and sungmin. while i understand why kangin has to take more time to reflect (even though i don’t agree with that and i think he’s been punished enough), i don’t understand why sungmin has to leave.

we’ve waited TWO YEARS for this comeback. most of us waited two years to see sungmin back from the army and in the comeback. and now he’s not going to be there because… he got married? that’s basically the whole thing. they’re boycotting him because he dared to be happy and have a life that doesn’t involve elfs or suju.

i’m angry, and hurt, and i have no idea what to do or say or feel.

i’ll still support super junior, because i always have and i always will. but i really hope he won’t feel he has to leave the group completely, that he’ll be back in the next comeback (which hopefully won’t take another 2 years).

we’ve already lost 2 members, there are 2 who could and should have been a part of the group, and now we’re potentially going to lose 2 more. 

i’m just… hurt. i don’t know what else to say.