sj comeback

[Theory] For the 7jib MV Shindong will be the Filming Director
I will only use the hints that Shindong gave for his part:

진심 is a Super Junior’s song : All My Heart.
When we check the lyrics(가사 in korean) : and we look for the words (eye) and (rain):
앞에 네가 춰 슬픔 따윈 지워져”
(There is only one 비 in the lyrics and 눈 is the first one to appear)
We can read between this 2 words: 앞에 네가 which means “I’m in front”

So we can interpret that Shindong will be in front. But don’t it seems too obvious that he will appear in front at least for his part?! Let’s check the other hints~

-“Servant’s cup” + “you guys all have mirrors at home right??hehehe that’s enough of the hint kkk fighting!! Think a bit harder on it!!” (translation NKsubs)
Here Shindong will do the servant? Work hard but not shine?
The Mirror = reverse. Do you know the expression “Through the Looking-Glass,” (Alice In Wonderland), which means discover another world not far from his own.
So SD is switching his role. Instead of being “In front” of the camera he is “in front” of the members not shining like a visual but filming them!

He also added “Cruel”. Cruel to not being in the MV?

- For the hint “-ㅣㅣㅣㅣ-ㅣ-ㅣㅣ-ㅣ-ㅣㅣ-ㅣ-ㅣ=ㅣ=ㅣ=ㅣ= ” We found 9 (ㅣis 1 and if we transpose: -4-1-2-1-2-1-1+1+1+1=-9).
How many members should we have for this comeback?
If SH isn’t here 10-1=9

OMG I think I’m thinking too hard xD
Anyway, Shindong you win~

Anybody else noticed the car in the back? I’m gonna assume it’s a hint because everyone is dressed country/cowboy like and Kyuhyun is wearing a suit and tie so something is going on there. Plus Donghae is a bounty hunter and I doubt he’s looking for Leeteuk since he was caught and (escaped), so he’s probably looking for someone who’s been on the run and once again my theory all goes down to Kyuhyun. So there you go lol Also Shindong is a blacksmith doing horse shoes and Eunhyuk is a bull fighter so I doubt cars were around so something is going on there