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Dear social justice bloggers:

Always remember that the people that harass you and make racist, misogynistic, ableist, transphobic, etc., comments on your posts are NOT the ones you’re trying to reach. Those are anti-SJ trolls and they have already made up their minds and will not listen to reason. 

It’s the people out there who are on the fence, who are still inquiring minds, the ones who most often don’t even leave a “note”, THEY are the people you’re trying to reach. In fact, any anti-SJ backlash you face is almost always a sign that you’ve hit a prejudiced nerve and are doing something right. 

So please do not lose hope. Keep on fighting for social justice no matter how many trolls surface from the nasty depths of the interwebz to try to stomp you out of existence. Bc the more they whine & moan, the more you can be sure that you are disrupting the white male supremacist (etc) status quo and promoting positive social change.

Personally, I plan to continue advocating for social justice for as long as I am able. I hope that you will all join me in solidarity!!!

So I’m like… really sick of social justice bloggers/activists in general caring more about semantics than ACTUALLY caring about social justice?? Like. If that hitler kin asshole just came out and was like “I’m a nazi” no sj bloggers would be defending them but because they said “I’m ~kin~ with hitler as a ~coping mechanism~” there have been people defending them??? Like damn. Same with goyische bloggers who make nazi punching edits and talk about how much they hate nazis but NEVER include Jews or rroma people in their activism I just. Ugh. This is a terrible website.

My favorite moments of the “good ol days of tumblr in 2012-2014 where absolutely nothing bad happened and everyone was way nicer uwu” were:

the literal offensive blogs no one said anything about and thats literally just what humor blogs were

riley/dumbthingswhitepplsay and the arkh project aka “infamous SJ blogger scams minorities by promising an rpg starring kweer POC”

That guy who got bullied off the site for confusing ice cream with mashed potatoes

That other guy who got bullied off the site for not understanding a spingebob reference

That period of time where every single popular male feminist on the site was outed as a predator or abuser

Despairkomaeda and everything about them

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I read "cancel your comcast subscription" like "pee your pants"

it’s an ideal replacement tbh because it’s a new opportunity for 32 yr old sj bloggers to figure out how it’s ableist

Anti-SJ folks do not understand that their very belief that they NEED to compulsively boo every pro-victim-of-oppression post just so people don’t start making up oppressions or spouting fake facts is bullshit because all of these marginalized communities are self-policing.

I cannot truly, accurately describe the level of insultingly and incredibly unnecessary anti-SJs are. They do not need to exist.

First of all, these communities already have a steady stream of people who disagree with them, who always chop up their arguments and offer a counter-perspective on why they’re wrong: Bigots. Oppressors. Enforcers and puppets of the status quo.

Social media gives broken up, silenced, marginalized groups access to audience and communication that was not before possible because they were ALREADY highly criticized, ALREADY silenced, ALREADY insulted, ALREADY spoken over, ALREADY disagreed with.

You are not doing anything new!

Furthermore, on the more rational side, there are ALWAYS intra-community and inter-community posts talking about ‘hey guys it’s wrong of us to x, y, z’ and ‘this is why this part of our activism is problematic’. If you say you haven’t seen these constantly, there are only two options:

1. You don’t see them because you actually do not even follow or associate with said groups, because your interest in activism is a performative and shallow cover for your bullying.

2. You do see them, but you choose to conveniently forget that you did, and instead cherrypick examples of social justice posts that misinform and exaggerate, also conveniently forgetting that people WITHIN the ‘identity community’ it’s aimed at are among the people critiquing it.

We don’t need you. We are fully capable of critiquing our own because we are not a hivemind. People who are apathetic are not the sole proprietors of rational thought, and it’s beyond absurd that you think so.

No one needs you. No one wants you. And you are not doing anything new or useful. Because you choose to hold the attitude that the only pleas for equality that are ‘ok’ are the small requests and humble grievances, you choose not to actually stay abreast with what is going on in these communities and instead only surround yourself with people who antagonize them, meaning your standpoint is too biased and based in hate and apathy to matter.

I’m not an sj-blogger, just, you know, not an asshole. And I see posts about LGBT issues, anti-Black racism, racism and oppression between LGBT identities, call outs for mentally ill people who are abusive, gay men who are sexist, black women who are transphobic, etc etc. I get informed, educated and corrected by mutuals, followers, and strangers all the time. They are people IN the communities. Gay guys talk to gay guys about when they’re wrong, Black people tell Black people when they need to do better, so on and so forth.

We do not need assholes whose sole purpose is being contrarian and rude to ~let us poor idiots know~ when our rationale has logical issues of nuance and perspective. The only thing you achieve is silencing people online, as if they weren’t already being silenced for decades before tumblr, reddit, etc were ever made.

It just bugs you that you see people agreeing with the people you are so used to being on the fringes of your existence. It bugs you to know that you’re privileged. It bugs you to be told you are complicit in oppression.

The thing is if you weren’t a dick, your response to this info wouldn’t be to dedicate your time to shutting it down.

Again, stop lying to yourself and thinking you’re ‘helping’ by offering brief, rude, un-nuanced additions to SJ posts or scrolling through SJ-related tags just to add short hateful comments to post after post. Literally all you’re doing is being a troll. And honestly the very fucking least you can do is be honest with yourself about that.

  • Anti-sj blogger: Oh so you're just going to use a gif? You don't have an argument do you?
  • Me, to myself: Actually, I do have an argument. I know what it is, and you know what it is because both of us have done this song and dance with other people in similar situations a million times. Repeating my argument is a useless, draining attempt at getting you to understand basic concepts of social justice that 15 year olds already understand. You don't care about that. You want me to waste my time and get riled up because you thrive off the attention and you enjoy painting people who disagree with you as angry, unreasonable marginalized people who are only hurting themselves by not being complacent.
  • Me, to them: You ugly

anti-sj bloggers: omg, why are sjws offended by everything?

anti-sj bloggers: i am deeply offended by your headcanons, your media criticism, your donate button, your mental illness, your lived experience, your “made-up words,” your life choices, and virtually every aspect of your identity

Honestly at this point exclusionists are just a bunch of anti sj bloggers pretending to give a shit about privilege and oppression because it gives them an excuse to hate on aces and aros

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i am but a poor plebeian and i do not know who yants is

29 year old telling teenagers they’re exclusionist ableist aphobes for saying “pee your pants isn’t ableist” and “can I be kin with you”. generally everything that’s wrong with performative sj bloggers on this site.

As far as I know they deleted because they believed in reverse racism or something. Apparently “betraying a friend”. I’m not entirely sure what the whole situation was, but some of my followers might.

DC Superheroes’ social media presence
  • Superman: Facebook is all links to Daily Planet articles shared from Lois’ page. Tumblr is also all his Daily Planet clips which are posted as photo posts with a vaguely relevant stock photo attached. 
  • Batman: Mass emails. Has never heard of most social networks. 
  • Nightwing: Avid Instagrammer. Obnoxiously spams overly corny pictures of himself and whoever he’s dating at the time. Makes a point of getting selfies from ridiculous angles. 
  • Supergirl: Immediately popular on every social network. Fandom/SJ blogger with a focus on bandom. Instagram is linked to tumblr. 
  • Red Robin: Runs a blog full of musings. Also runs social media accounts for Bruce Wayne because Bruce doesn’t know how and the “international playboy” cover works better with social media. 
  • Red Hood: Hates reddit but is somehow always arguing on it. 
  • The Flash: Memes
  • Damian Wayne: Odds are what he’s actually angry about is something another player on World of Warcraft said to him
  • Wonder Woman: Is like 70 years old. Constantly asking Supergirl to help her with the computer. Tweets like Cher. It’s incredible for everyone involved. 
  • Cyborg: Alternates between heavy activist stuff, livetweeting movies, and selfies that go viral almost immediately. DEFINITELY participates in every blackout.
  • Oracle: Remember how someone was bothering Damian on World of Warcraft
  • Green Lantern: Hal is a viner who uses his ring to do stunts. John uses facebook to keep in touch with old classmates, he has exactly one picture on facebook and it’s the profile picture he uploaded on the first day the account was opened. 
  • Green Arrow: Basically just the way Mark Ruffalo is irl
  • Aquaman: Somebody at some point managed to trick him into thinking twitter is google and now he tweets all his google searches. 
  • Martian Manhunter: Wikipedia editor
Ankh-Morpork City Watch & Social Media Headcannons

(brought to you by maesonc​ and hardly-questionable​)

Angua and Sally are the Watch’s biggest Twitter users. They regularly live-blog Watch mayhem.

Cheery, on the other hand, is an avid Vine and Instagram user.

Cheery: “Do it for the Vine, sir!”
Unfortunately, due to irreconcilable height difference, most of Cheery’s Vines just feature Vimes’ knees.

Vimes has no idea what a Vine is and wants to know why everyone keeps shouting his name and what they are doing for him.

Sybil runs a rather popular, very informative and debatably cute Instagram for her Dragon Nursery.

Nobby Nobbs does have Vine, Twitter & FB accounts, for public safety reasons they have all been deemed ‘unsafe for human consumption’

he is, however, a rather avid SJ blogger on tumblr

Carrot does NOT have a Twitter account (its for his own good)

Carrot tried to start an ‘Official City Watch’ Twitter account. Angua shot it down. 
They let him manage the FB page

The #FuckingCarrot tag is NSFW

Angua did not start the #FuckingCarrot tag
Neither did Sally. 

In Uberwald the trending hashtag is #pullingaVimes which is the Discworld equivalent of #YOLO

71-hour Ahmed started a hashtag in Klatch that roughly translates to #Vimesdid. People use it when suggesting impossible/highly improbable acts

example: “Swim the Circle Sea in only on breath? #Vimesdid”
It is a very popular tag

(will hardly-questionable and i stop? who knows)

autisticgayzuko  asked:


  • who is the aesthetic blogger:  Adrian.  Somehow, despite each image being beautiful on its own, the effect as a whole is completely horrifying.
  • who is the sj blogger:  Adrian, the hypocritical, sanctimonious fuck
  • who is the fandom blogger:  Laurie.
  • who puts everything under a read more:  Walter “Paranoid Libertarian Ramblings” Kovacs
  • who posts the most selfies:  Laurie.  Her blog is the fucking coolest.
  • who is the biggest meme enthusiast:  Dan
  • who makes really quality themes:  Walter’s disgust at the overabundance of flowery and feminine themes backfires horribly.  So many teenage girls taking his no-nonsense, classically styled themes and slapping autoplayers, pastel repeating backgrounds, and custom Homestuck character cursors on them.
  • who reblogs posts with pointless comments:  Eddie “IT’S TIME TO SHIT” Blake.
  • who has the most followers:  Laurie.  Again, the coolest.
  • who uses 12 emojis in every post:  Walter keeps claiming that it’s a Rorschach thing.  Laurie and Dan know that it isn’t but like a filthy alley cat that you don’t want to frighten away before you have a chance to at least feed it and give it a dose of flea medicine they know not to push the issue.
  • who had a really embarrassing superwholock phase that no one is allowed to speak of ever again:  Jon. 
A handy guide to tumblr terms
  • Racist: used to silence white people criticizing those of another race
  • Homophobe: used to silence straight people criticizing homo people
  • Misogynist: used to silence men criticizing women
  • Bigot: used to silence anyone with a different opinion
  • Transphobe: used to silence cis people criticizing trans people
  • Islamophobe: used to silence anyone criticizing a Muslim
  • Ignorant: used to shame those who don't know much about a certain subject
  • Diversity: only PoC, but only my kind of PoC
  • PoC: black people
  • Black Lives Matter: only care about blacks dying when white people do it
  • Internalized misogyny: used by women to silence women against feminism
  • Add any I may have missed

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newsies for the fandom thing

Who is the aesthetic blogger?
Jack Kelly. He just reblogs uncaptioned photos of like the desert and cacti and sunsets and sometimes just posts one of his drawings out of thin air

Who is the sj blogger?

Who is the fandom blogger?
Mush loves Doctor Who and Once Upon a Time and all kinds of fandom-y shows he just really digs that stuff

Who puts everything under a read more?
DAVEY JACOBS he didn’t used to but he does now cause Jack begged him to after he finally cracked from scrolling through 7 pages of text just to find that one gif of the cat doing something funny

Who posts the most selfies?
Romeo. You know it to be true. He uses lots of filters and ironically uses #nomakeup

Who is the biggest meme enthusiast?

Who makes really quality themes?
Specs basically designed all of their themes when they piss him off he’ll just delete a line of code and watch their lives c r u m b l e

Who reblogs posts with pointless comments
Jack Kelly. What a trashbag

Who has the most followers?
Katherine. Funnily enough, she’s a really compelling writer.

Who uses 12 emojis in every post

Who had a really embarrassing superwholock phase that no one is allowed to speak of ever again?
Davey Jacobs. He still has a Sherlock lock screen with a Doctor Who phone case god bless that boy

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ok... harry potter fandom!

Harry Potter! I’m going to assume the book era, so:

who is the aesthetic blogger: Luna. Her blog is really just whatever she likes, but it has ended up being just an aesthetic blog. Of course she has a more professional blog for her various animal sightings and articles about nargles, but she wants to keep a constant theme on that blog.

who is the sj blogger: Hermione. Equal rights for every creature. Sexism, centaur-erasure in the history of runes and divination, and elf enslavement are unacceptable!

who is the fandom blogger: Draco. It’s a separate blog that he would never admit to having. He uses it mostly for his Game of Thrones fic and the newest press shots of Harry.

who puts everything under a read more: Harry. His blog is mostly quiddich and logging his mental breakdowns. They’re vague and somewhat poetic with the exception of his tirades about Snape and Umbridge.

who posts the most selfies: Draco, on his main blog. The man knows how to work the angles.
who is the biggest meme enthusiast: Ron. His blog is quiddich, memes, and the occasional recipe. But he is, without a doubt, the most into memes out of the group.

who makes really quality themes: Neville. He gets requests for them fairly frequently. He’s a master of HTML.

who reblogs posts with pointless comments: Ginny did for a long while, but eventually broke the habit. Collin Creevey adds a comment to nearly everything - especially the posts about Harry

who has the most followers: Lavender and Parvati. They run YouTube channel that has picked up a decent following. They mostly post make-up tutorials and cute couples challenges.

who uses 12 emojis in every post: Lavender.

who had a really embarrassing superwholock phase that no one is allowed to speak of ever again: Ginny. She runs mostly an aesthetic and SJW blog now. Percy also went through a fandom phase. Ginny will joke about hers on occasion, but Percy wouldn’t think twice before smacking anyone who mentions it

autistic-bobsaginowski  asked:

Boardwalk for the fandom meme.

  • who is the aesthetic blogger: Gillian, it’s a fuckton of women’s fashion posts, picturesque landscapes of forests and the ocean, and stuff that’s mostly SFW but still has that BDSM/femdom vibe to it.
  • who is the sj blogger: Margaret for sure. It’s mostly feminism but she makes an effort to be conscious of intersectionality.
  • who is the fandom blogger: Pearl. Old Hollywood features prominently.
  • who puts everything under a read more: Angela, she uses her tumblr as a journal and doesn’t want to bother anyone with her multiparagraph daily journal posts.
  • who posts the most selfies: CHARLIE. And half of them are absolutely the kind of selfies that just barely skirt the edge of soft porn. And they all have thousands of notes. Gillian reblogs them to the aesthetic blog.
  • who is the biggest meme enthusiast: Benny, especially like vintage 4chan memes moreso than tumblr’s newer [and, yeah, less offensive] memes.
  • who makes really quality themes: Meyer, and he deliberately makes his CSS annoying as PISS to edit. He does not answer questions about how to modify shit. He has a fuckton of downloads per theme regardless.
  • who reblogs posts with pointless comments: Narcisse, and every single comment is eye-rollingly pretentious as FUCK.
  • who has the most followers: Richard. He doesn’t make stuff or post selfies that often or anything so no one really knows why.
  • who uses 12 emojis in every post: Al. The red dress lady and the pistol one feature prominently.
  • who had a really embarrassing superwholock phase that no one is allowed to speak of ever again: Gyp, he angrily gifspams people like no one’s business.

the thing that always gets me about the whole “WOW, TYPICAL TUMBLR” thing people always say when they complain about ~the SJWs~ is that I’m almost absolutely certain that sj bloggers aren’t the majority on tumblr as a whole. the average tumblr user is, like, a photoblogger, or someone who almost exclusively reblogs random popular posts from big blogs like did-you-kno or thefrogman or pleatedjeans or one of the many cute animal picture blogs

I’m not sitting here trying to make generalization or defend anyone or w/e but like

I’ve had many, many people message me time and time again saying that X blogger is a terf/swerf etc [X blogger usually being someone who happens to speak on their lived experiences, whether in the sex-industry or as a female], with some previous mutuals trying to tell me how violent/hateful “their” ideology is but like 

I’ve seen numerous women run off this site for speaking about their own personal, lived experiences, whether it be their experiences as exited women speaking out against the porn/sex-industry, or of those who have faced sex-based oppression in their lives or speak on issues pertaining to sex-based oppression [from fgm to abortion to female babies being killed because they’re not male etc] and literally see, on a daily basis here, various “go die”/”get run over by a truck” etc etc lobbed at people who happen to end up on those stupid arbitrary “terf lists” that feature people who don’t even blog about/talk about gender issues in the first place??? Or people who end up on some swerf list despite being exited women themselves?????

I follow several people who’ve ended up on these “radfem hit lists” or “terf/swerf lists” who I’ve been “warned are dangerous/hateful” yet with these particular people, I’ve never personally seen a single hateful post, and have never been provided with proof when I ask for it? Yet, I regularly see some of these same people bombarded with violent messages, on TOP of the fact that I myself am bombarded with messages “warning me” against them without being given any real reason or proof beyond the accusations of an anonymous message or some blog I’ve never heard of that doesn’t respond to my requests for proof. Random people who I don’t know are telling me that people I trust and have followed are these ~~hateful savages~~ without ever providing a shred of evidence beyond “they just are”. And no, being on some arbitrary “list” on is not proof of anything other than the stupidity of the person referring to said list in the first place.

And it’s totally accepted

Like what does it say about your activism if you’re defending people who hurl baseless accusations that result in death threats/violent posts being regularly made about them……… people who don’t even KNOW them based on said accusations?

I’m not talking about people who post hateful things or make violent posts themselves, I’m talking about people who are afraid to speak on their own lived experiences because apparently acknowledging that sex-based oppression exists makes you a “terf” and opens you up to a flood of hateful/violent messages and “idc go die” additions to completely unrelated posts

And that’s tumblr’s current popular idea of activism

Like what a complete joke

This isn’t to downplay instances of genuine or targeted hatred against people, but rather how mainstream/accepted it is to just start hurling violent messages like that at anyone that some ~~~popular self-proclaimed leftist blogger~ labels a terf or swerf…without ever providing any reasoning

A post on freaking fgm resulted in the OP being labeled a “disgusting terf” and wrote the post off as a “disgusting post”…because apparently you can’t discuss something as widespread and serious as FGM without attracting hate and ire

Another post on accessibility to pads and tampons had some self-proclaimed SJ blogger replying with “OP is a terf/swef that needs to die don’t reblog this post”…….without providing any proof/reasoning despite being constantly asked for it



How is this in any way acceptable?

Wtf does it say about your activism when you’ve managed to bully numerous women into being too afraid to speak about their own personal experiences/issues lest they be bombarded with threats or added to some list meant to have throw more hate at them?

I’m not claiming that EVERYONE is responsible or engages in this at all, but just that it’s so mainstream and accepted that it’s seriously disgusting and really shows how ignorant and moronic so many people here are

This website takes serious issues, reduces them to their most reductive forms, and paints it all as “us vs them” as if two ideas/arguments that don’t 100% overlap are inherently mutually exclusive [which is something that many circles are guilty of on tumblr and isn’t unique to what I mentioned above at all], reducing serious topics and issues into popularity contests of “who can find the most mundane reason to drag X individual and get points with the crowd of sheep who will join in on the dogpile?”

If someone is genuinely hateful and there are actual ~~receipts~~ other than “oh they’re on X list!!!” or “Well so and so said so”, then I will absolutely listen/hear you out

But if all you have as “proof” is another post accusing them of something without actually substantiating it…..then no