sj bike party

dtsj will be zerged?
  • itznotjaye: all i know is there's gonna be a bike party going through dtsj, and music in the park
  • funewun****: in other words
  • funewun****: dtsj is going to be zerged by a ton of hipsters/scenesters/hype beasts
  • itznotjaye: yeup
  • itznotjaye: i'm gonna be at the bike party lol
  • funewun****: i like how i can use the term "zerg" with you and you totally understand what i mean by it
  • itznotjaye: LOL yeah nerd references
  • itznotjaye: i love it
  • funewun****: most girls or non-gamers would be like "wtf is 'zerg!?!'"
  • funewun****: which is what makes you awesome
  • funewun****: and rare