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I usually stay away from issues like this but I think enough is enough. I have been an ELF since i was 14 years old and now I am 25. I have spend my teens and twenties with SUJU, so I can proudly state that the boys have been a huge part of my life. This discussion of whether Sungmin should stay or leave is disheartening for me. Elfs and Suju are known to be family and understanding of one another. The fact that K-Elfs want to kick Sungmin out of the group because of his “unexpected marriage” is insanely immature. Who are we to dictate his marriage life? If suju have moved on, why aren’t we? Super junior always mention that even though they are missing members they are still family. Why are we forcefully taking away one of their family members? Why are we creating pain for them, when it is supposedly to be a time of happiness for them? Do you really think taking away Sungmin will make the boys happier?I can’t imagine the boys standing on stage knowing that Sungmin was kicked out because of their fandom who they praised and always felt grateful to. So K-Elfs i hope you think about the boys feelings before taking away something precious to them. Stop thinking that you own them and start treating them as human beings. Also we are older shouldn’t we be more mature?

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I know this is an nct blog but bear with me for a sec

Not to be bitter but why is eunhyuk aka lee hyukjae of super junior not counted among SM’s best rappers? Eunhyuk was SM’s original rapper along with Shindong (unless someone in DBSK rapped, in which case i apologize for not knowing) and yet i still see yall say that SM doesnt have good rappers? Yeah maybe he’s not a hip hop artist or whatever but you cant deny that he has talent? And yall are overlooking it???

Like have none of yall seen “Dear. TWO”? Hyuckjae poured his fucking heart out, talking about his difficulties as an idol with key lyrics such as “I, listening to words like ‘Don’t become trash, become a lie’ am also fake” and “The one who’s changed is you guys, what more do you want from me?”

I know this is late as he’s currently serving military duty, but it needs to be said. I’ll link “Dear. TWO” when i get off mobile.

As Super Junior’s comeback draws near, I keep seeing so many negative articles coming out about kicking Sungmin and Kangin out of the group.
First off, Sungmin got married. He did nothing wrong here. He doesn’t have to tell anybody about his personal life, he owes fans nothing aside from performing when he has to. I hope this doesn’t shatter people’s image of K-pop idols, but they do have a life outside of the variety and music shows you watch. This man is in thirties and he’s starting off as a happy family. Be glad for him! He’s such a sweet guy, and he had never brought issues to SJ before. Why do fans act like he killed a person? He hasn’t “betrayed” anyone, because he didn’t belong to the fans (contrary to popular belief). I don’t know about you, but I just want him to be happy. And I like to think that he is.
And now onto Kangin, I know this one is also extremely controversial. There’s no denying what he did was extremely wrong, and he is definitely paying the consequences for it. But I feel like people are just painting him out to be this big monster, yet they forget that we as fans don’t actually know what he has been going through. Maybe it’s because I’ve been a fan of them since ‘05, but honestly I’m just worried for him. Many ELFs know that he has changed from how he was before he went to the army to how he is now. He is very much subdued. So what I worry about is that since it’s his second DUI, we can guess he has some sort of drinking problem. But instead of stoning him, we should be encouraging him to seek help. He obviously needs assistance, and kicking him out would only worsen the situation.
If you call yourself an ELF, you should be supporting them. Super Junior has lost too many members already, and it wouldn’t be the same without Sungmin and Kangin on the team. I hope you realize that.

15ever 13elieve

“If you can’t accept all 15 members then what kind of ELF are you?” 

-Space Big Star, Kim Heechul

As of the moment the hashtag “SungminOut” is the number 1 trending topic in Seoul on twitter. Most tweets were about Sungmin “neglecting” or “ignoring” fans in preparation for his wedding, and (some, I repeat, some) K-ELFs disregarding international ELFs’ opinions and concerns.

One really bothered me which stated:

“For you who don’t know anything but you have accused k-elf. If u hate kelf = you are not elf”

ELF, from what I know by heart, is for Super Junior. And with its meaning it made all of us, as well, as friends/family who will stick with each other forever supporting Super Junior.

For Sungmin’s case… Please remember that Sungmin is also human. Deep inside he longs for a family of his own, just like most of us wishes in our future. He wishes to be happy. He wishes his wife to be happy. As ELFs or as his friends or as his family, we should understand his decisions and be happy for him for he found a person that will love him and care for him for the rest of his life and will provide beautiful children for him. He may have remained silent to keep even a bit of privacy for him and his wife. He had planned to announce it himself (as some say in articles), it just so happened the media was (rude enough) to announce it first. Sungmin only fell in love… When was loving someone a bad thing and a hindrance to ones future?

He promised to ‘work harder’ in his next activities… How will he be able to show this if people prevents him to do so? How will he prove himself? How will he make-it-up to the people he ‘hurt’? 

Super Junior has come a looooong way. With almost every year having issues of a member being kicked out by “fans”, Super Junior still firmly stood with 10 members but having a heart of 15. It’s been a decade, aren’t y’all tired of the internal wars in the fandom?

Let us just support our boys and love them forever, just like what we promised them. 13elieve in 15ever.

* Please mind that this is my opinion only. I don’t intend to hurt someone’s feelings, if I did so then I truly apologize. But please do understand these are what I feel about the situation.

Super Junior's Hardship: Just because they are from a big company doesn't mean they had it easy.

This is just some of Super Junior’s Hardship
This is like a semi-long history of SJ. Basically SJ has been through a WHOLE TON of shit in their careers. They started as a 12-member project group in 2005 by their label that intended to rotate out members. They originally included a Chinese member named Han Geng and didn’t include Kyuhyun who joined in 2006. They were actually just a collection of leftover trainees from the group that didn’t make it into the original 5-member lineup of DBSK/TVXQ.

SM decided against their original plans and the members were finalized. Against all odds, they started becoming popular in 2006 and in 2009 they released Sorry, Sorry, which among others is considered one of the most well-known KPOP songs. Unfortunately, at this point Han Geng had been having a very difficult time and sued their label for a variety of violations including (unfair contract length, poor profit distribution, not giving him a single day off in 2 years which led to severe illness, and poor handling of his visas-which meant he performed covering his face for a good while and poor individual promotion, etc.). His last appearance in an MV is the Sorry, Sorry Answer video. Another member, Kim Kibum went on hiatus in 2009 to focus on his acting career and never returned; his last MV was It’s You.

In between this period of time we have several other horrible things. In 2006, Donghae’s father succumbed to his battle with cancer-there is an emotional video somewhere on YT where he dedicates their first music show win to his dad. On their way home from the funeral, Heechul was in a car accident and he broke his leg in 5 places and had rods in it for about two years. It’s unfortunate but in some of their live performances you see that he can’t really run and there are some dance moves he just can’t complete from that injury.

In 2007, our poor maknae Kyuhyun was in a horrible car accident with Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, and Shindong. He was pretty much almost dead and in a coma, and the other three members were injured fairly badly as well (Leeteuk got over 100 stitches for glass in his back and eye, etc.). There is a whole long story about that incident as well and if you want to hear about it react to “Strong Heart Kyuhyun talks about accident” (just search it up and get the one with English subs).

Also in 2007, SM created a Mandarin subunit SJ-M with two other members-Henry (Canadian-Taiwanese) and Zhoumi (Chinese). Some fans were terrified that these two new members would ‘replace’ some of the original members (remember the original idea of SJ being a rotational project group?), so these ONLY13 fans protested and basically made Zhoumi and Henry’s lives a living hell (some still do). Fortunately, most ELFs (SJ fans) now consider them to be full members of the group (#Forever15) even though SM prevents them from performing anything except their solos and SJ-M activities at concerts.

In 2009, Kangin got a DUI and an assault charge (that one was later proven to be self-defense), so he became the first member to do his 2-year mandatory military service. In 2014, Leeteuk (the leader) had a pretty horrible thing happen. His father, who was struggling with depression and was under enormous financial burden to take care of his parents, Leeteuk’s grandparents, who both had dementia, killed the grandparents and himself in a murder-suicide.

And all of these awful things happened to them while they were under the stress of just regular idol activities like being overworked, having little sleep, trying to maintain their figures with dieting, and having various members do their military service, and constantly being scrutinized and criticized for being celebrities in the public eye.

Anyway, it’s a miracle that they are still around despite all of the challenge and are still producing and performing great music. They are considered one of the foremost groups in KPOP and are credited with leading the wave of K-pop style music into the western hemisphere.

  • <p> <b></b> I know all the international ELF's don't understand why Korean ELF has turned their backs against Sungmin after his marriage. I'll just simply explain reasons why Sungmin isn't welcomed by Korean ELF and just a reminder that this is not a post to tell the international fans to hate on him too. I just personally found it frustrating to see international fans not being able to understand the korean fans and vice versa because I see the valid reason for them to be angry I don't plan to be a supporter of Sungmin until he apologizes to his fans.<p/><b>Fact 1:</b> January, 2014, Leeteuk's family members passed away from a car accident and Leeteuk suffered a lot (he even mentioned about how he became suicidal). He was completing his military service during the time; however, it was around this point of the year that Sungmin started to ask for marriage approvals to Leeteuk as well through letters. He even bought a condo for Saeun and himself (on February). He clearly didn't consider the situation of his members and he was being selfish.<p/><b>Fact 2:</b> The members and even his family didn't approve of his marriage to be held on December. They didn't mind him getting married, but it conflicted with SJ's schedule and they wanted him to push his marriage back several months (around March). His mother said to a Chinese fanbase owner, "There is no parent that beats his child" which meant that his family didn't want the marriage to be held so soon. The reason Sungmin and Saeun wanted to get married on December 13, 2014 was because it was exactly a year since they've met. I suppose it was a special date to them, but Super Junior members were having a concert in Japan a week before the marriage and the week after which meant that they would have had to perform, fly back to Korea for the wedding, and then fly back to Japan to perform which would have been physically straining for the members, considering the fact they need to prepare and rehearse for the concerts. As well, Sungmin missed concert rehearsals to go on a date with Saeun.<p/><b>Fact 3:</b> On September,2014, Sungmin's dating rumors came up. Fans actually knew about them dating in advance but they decided to keep it quiet for the sake of Sungmin. When marriage rumors came up, fans started to ask for feedback from Sungmin. They just wanted to know what was happening and were nervous. As you remember from Radio Star, Leeteuk and Heechul said that fans wouldn't want to hear dating/marriage news from the music industry, they wanted to know through Sungmin's words. However, during fan sign events Sungmin would never speak of this and ignored his fans who mentioned anything about the marriage rumor. He even hired bodyguards/managers who would threaten the fans "Do you not want Sungmin's autograph" if they asked anything about the marriage rumor. To his fans, he started to sign autographs with his wife's nickname "MIMI" on the autographs, which was replaced from a star. Fans don't want love symbols on their autographs, that's Sungmin's personal life that they don't need to be involved in.<p/><b>Fact 4:</b> You guys might know that Sungmin runs a naver cafe (kinda like a blog) and when marriage rumors came up, there were a lot of comments from his fans regarding this rumor. One fan wrote, "Let the fans who want to leave Sungmin, leave. It doesn't matter anymore" and Sungmin liked this comment. As well, he blocked the word, "Korean Fans" on the cafe, shutting korean fans out. He blocked blog accounts and deleted the comments of a koreans fan who wrote, "Wouldn't it be possible for you to keep your marriage rumors quiet for the rest of SJ and for the sake of yourself?". The fans wanted him to keep big rumors like this relatively quiet because it was right before the announcement of THIS IS LOVE repackaged album and it was an important time of the year for the fans and SJ (back then, it was thought that this could have been the last album before majority of the members will go serve for military service. It was the only chance that Korean ELF can help win the annual award for SJ). Because of Sungmin's marriage rumors, THIS IS LOVE repackage promotion lasted only for a week and the repackaged album only became a special album.<p/><b>Fact 5:</b> All the gifts that were given to Sungmin, now is basically in Saeun's possession. Fans probably spent lots of money in buying a gift for Sungmin, not for Saeun to keep and use. (Ex. the couple hat that they wore during their honey moon.)<p/><b>Fact 6:</b> Super Junior members were pretty disappointed with Sungmin. As you might know, on the date of Sungmin's wedding, SJ members tried to console Korean Fans and I heard that they left the wedding as soon as they can and ate somewhere else. I don't trust SJ's words from Radio Star fully because it was broadcasted on television, they wouldn't say anything bad about each other on a show. It is definitely true that they had a miscommunication but the miscommunication wouldn't have occurred if Sungmin tried to be considerate towards his members. Super junior is an idol group, and making individual actions did trouble the members quite a bit. It was the members like Ryeowook, Heechul, Leeteuk, and Kangin who expressed an apologetic attitude towards ELF when it wasn't their fault.<p/><b>Fact 7:</b> He told his Chinese fans about proceeding the marriage, and how he felt comfortable around Saeun. But he lied to Korean fans saying he isn't getting married. (One of the main reasons that Korean fans felt betrayed by Sungmin more than the international fans out here rn)<p/><b>Fact 8:</b> Korean fans don't oppose to marriage of their idols. They may be temporarily upset and those of the minority may leave Sungmin but we all know that Super junior is a grown up man (many are in their 30s now) and they need to date and eventually get married. Korean ELFs joke around to Heechul saying that he should stop loving 2D characters and find a real 3D women and get married. At first when news on his marriage was released, Korean fans were congratulating Sungmin, until they started to find about everything Sungmin did to his fans. In Korea, ALL OF HIS FANBASES CLOSED DOWN and many of the ELF is supporter of SJ except SUNGMIN.<p/><b>Fact 9:</b> It wasn't the announcement of the marriage that Korean ELFs were upset about, it was the fact that Sungmin betrayed Korean fans. Seeing korean community pages, I strongly believe that Sungmin won't be welcomed back into SJ from korean fans. Tbh I don't understand why he would get married so quickly (barely met a year) when he was going to go to the military right after. Well it is his decisions in the end.<p/><b></b> The only reason I made this posting now was the fact that Sungmin doesn't seem to care about Korean fans anymore and he isn't apologetic about his actions. This was the reason that angered me the most. I just hope he realizes what he has screwed up on and makes an effort to fix it. His personal life is important, but if it wasn't for his fans, he would not have made it this far with his career. If you guys still can't relate, try to think of your position as a Korean ELF. If you have any questions I guess I'm free to accept questions, but I hope they aren't quite harsh (don't try to fight me back) ._. This will be my first and last post on Sungmin though.<p/><

Super Junior got nominated for “Daf Bama Music Awards 2017″ !! You can vote for them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag : #DafBama2017_SuperJunior ! Let’s go ELF ! Fighting !

Super Junior a été nominé pour “Daf Bama Music Awards 2017″ !! Vous pouvez voter pour eux sur Twitter, Facebook et Instagram en utilisant le hashtag : #DafBama2017_SuperJunior ! Allez les ELF ! Courage !