like if you’re writing a film or a book or anything and your way of making someone seem threatening in a scene is to emphasise that they’re disabled (a prominent facial scar, a prosthetic leg or cane clanging of the floor, the slow breathing of an assistive machine etc)

then you are just continuing to associate fear, evil and moral corruption with disabled people which leads to violence against us both at interpersonal and societal levels

so maybe reconsider it thanksss

“Bigotry is not an opinion”

It’s still an opinion; a bigoted opinion at that. An opinion doesn’t have to be based off of facts - it can be any type of position a person holds on an issue whether it comes from prejudice or not. 

Not saying you need to downplay what that person is saying as ‘just an opinion’ and expect everyone to be okay with it because “it’s just an opinion”. You can still acknowledge that it’s an opinion that happens to come from a place of bigotry. People need to stop their habit of trying to redefine words on here. 


Here are the Kingdom Hearts World Logos of several cartoons that is made by PortadorX from Deviant Art. Enjoy

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