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Thursday March 1st 2018; 5 PM

Ashton walked in the door of your apartment, the smell of dinner fresh in the air and the sounds of the radio clear through the small apartment. He smiled, leaning down to remove Indie’s lead, patting the Shepard’s head before he shut the door. He walked a little further into your small kitchen smiling as he saw you humming as you stirred the sizzling food in the pot. You looked up at the sound of the door shutting smiling widely as he walked over to you, kissing your cheek as he inspecting the food.

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I know I'm a white Boy but I can't help myself. Your pepperoni nipples lure me like fly to a lamp.. And I just want to rub ice on them and watch them sizzle in the Arizona heat. Afterwards we can whine and dine and I'll eat you out hardcore with my ultra powerful jaws of steel.. And make you scream for more as I hit it from the back with my 4 inch massive bongaloid and make you squirt all over the carpet only to make you lick it up

boy do you know that you could take ya sexual fantasies out on ya meat instead of my ask box

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Laven, 18 please!!! I'm loving your fics ♡♥♡♥♡

Thanks! I hope you’ll like this one as well. Here, have some idiots :D Now with a local flavour of Polish student dorms.

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The portable electric fan was on its last legs, the air conditioning unit was rattling spasmodically, and Allen was about to give up as well. It was too hot for anything. He didn’t even feel like eating, and that meant the situation was indeed drastic. If this was spring, what will summer look like?

Allen fanned his face with a notebook. He was supposed to be studying, but he could feel his brain sizzling inside his head. This weather didn’t favour thinking.

“Alleeeen, what are you doing?”

Allen looked over at the shirtless pile of misery that was his roommate, currently sprawled on the bed with his face smushed into a pillow.

“Dying,” Allen sighed. “How are you still breathing over there?”

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hey so an anon sent me a question a few days ago, asking about what it feels like to bleach your hair - i’m doing my roots right now, and honestly it’s just like a stingy itch, that sizzles and pops all over your scalp! it’s definitely unpleasant, but not unbearable.

Dog Days

Summer was through, its long-spun corn silk clouds still hovering outside the clubhouse. Bo sat on the top step admiring the colors in the sky as Lauren leaned over a kettle grill, talking to herself. “Perfect.”

The grill sizzled as Lauren removed an array of vegetables, cooked to perfection. Bo stood as she walked toward her, tray in hand. She swatted Bo’s hand away from the tray as she slipped past. Inside, Lauren rejoined their dinner in progress. Summer was over but the smells and tastes were hanging on. And when Bo wrapped her arms around her waist, Lauren knew summer would stay a little longer.

106 words | Seasons prompt

by h-bomba

Ezra Draws

Set after Gathering Forces

Ezra knocked on Sabine’s door, a little more nervous than usual. What with her giving the only holo image he had of his parents that he would have left behind and thrown away if he hadn’t known what it was. She’d found the time to clean it up for him, repair it and make it as clear as day. If that wasn’t a sign he didn’t know what it was, but he had to say thank you somehow. He hated owing people. Plus, it was the first time she’d called him his name. Ezra Bridger. Like it was something special, something worth knowing. Like he was worth knowing. Aw, dang it Ezra! He thought, shaking his head at himself. He sounded like he’d had too many meilooruns knocking his head. Now here he was, standing outside a girl’s door like an idiot. A sizzling hot idiot, but an idiot none the less. Then again, when had anyone apart from himself considered him hot? Yikes.
All evening he’d been scratching his head on what to pay back Sabine. Then he found the perfect answer in the form of drawing. He supposed he could draw something, though he was no pro. But hey, look at how accurately he’d drawn Zeb!
The door opened with a chink! And Ezra found Sabine, armour off and arms folded outiside the doors.
“You called for a delivery, ma'am?”
He said with a half grin.
Sabine raised one eyebrow and replied with, “Well, it depends on what this delivery is. For instance, if it turns out to be a stink bomb, one very dead mail boy will be going to sleep with hot pink hair tonight.”
Ezra clutched onto his hair mockingly and said, “No, no. Miss, you have one very expertly drawn picture of you and your very own mail boy! Who might I add is looking very heroic in this fine, fine picture.”
Sabine took the picture in utter shock, seeing what was on it. It was her and Ezra caught mid-laugh, from that day they had a paint fight. It was incredible - he’d caught every detail so well, their expressions, the colours - you could even hear the laughter coming out of the page. She knew why he’d done it, and for Sabine this was the perfect way to say thank you. She was speechless, until he coughed and leaned on the door beams. “Sooo, no thank you? No, ‘Ezra you are the best artist I’ve ever seen in the whole of the outer rim!’ Or 'Ezra you look hot in this picture’ or - ”
She stopped him with a hug. It completely shocked him, as this was the first time she’d shown anything like this, or maybe hugged anyone in a while. Heck, he hadn’t hugged anyone in years, but he did now, and hugged her back. He’d grown to her height now, and they were nose to nose, shoulder to shoulder, as they slightly swayed in the hall. Ezra’s face lit up in a huge grin, and he was having weird impulses but he stopped himself. Whoa boy! He thought as she didn’t break out of the hug, that’s dangerous impulses you got there. You have officially earned a hug, now don’t get ahead of yourself.
Finally they broke apart, and they were both very pink and flustered, but Sabine gave a half smile. He didn’t want to make things awkward so he stretched back and grinned saying, “Took you a drawing, me almost dying by the hands of the inquisitor and fainting to do that?”
She rolled her eyes and said, “Let’s just say you’re not so bad to hug, okay Bridger? I didn’t want you to get all broody again, and besides, it was a moment of deep weakness for me.”
Ezra laughed, and Sabine suppressed a huge beam. It was good to see him smile again. “Since when does the great Artist show weakness?” He asked with a tilt of his head. She punched him in the shoulder and grinned. “Maybe that wasn’t weakness, then. Don’t let it swell your head too much, Shaggy.”
He gave her a toss of his head in mock horror. “Don’t diss the hair, missy. Delivery boys’ hair are their pride and joy, thank you very much.”
She wrinkled her nose and stepped back into her room. “You need to work on your mail boy skills, Bridger. Goodnight!”
He laughed again, secretly delighted with himself as he spun back to his room, that stupid tune coming into his head again. Goodnight, Sabine, the thought as he crept back to his bed.
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The actress Audrey Hepburn photographed by Bob Willoughby at the Studios de Boulogne, located on Avenue Jean-Baptiste-Clément, in Boulogne-Billancourt, a commune in the western suburbs of Paris (France), during a break in the filming of “Paris - When It Sizzles”, in August 1962.

Audrey was wearing:

  • Sleeveless blouse: Givenchy (of white silk linen with detail of lateral vents, part of a three-piece with a suit of soft wool in a beautiful shade of pea green, collarless jacket with ¾ sleeves in the raglan style, single-breasted with buttons of resin in the same color, and skirt slightly in A-line, with a pleat in front and in back, and detail of two flaps, creating the illusion of two fake pockets, both pieces lined with silk shantung in the same shade, created specially for the wardrobe of her character Gabrielle Simpson).

Notes: Her hairstyle (called “Imperial chignon“) was created by Alexandre de Paris and done by Dean Cole, and her makeup was done by Frank McCoy.

OKAY you know what enough sadness lets talk about this:

Hannibal and Will in kitchen, over a hot and sizzling meat leg dish. Hannibal stands behind Will in soft light - Helping guide his hands to tie the gentle knots of the butterfly leaves to secure the meat. Hannibal’s fingers are gentle and guiding - patient against unskilled hands.

Will smiles and bares small flashes of teeth - shy at his inexperience. Hannibal delights in being given such a gift, the opportunity to teach and touch. Hannibal’s nose frequently nuzzling the shell of Wills ear - brushing the back of his curls - causing Will’ light blush to deepen. The experience is so innocent and intimate. It’s virginal. Their Honeymoon…

All the while their feast awaits shaking in fear at the table in the dining room. Their first meal together, as a family.


Batch #1 of Bluth icons! 3 more batches to go! Thanks to everyone who’s commissioned. I’m happy to report that this will not be the last time I accept commissions like this.

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