A robotic mannequin designed to create and model clothing, altering its form for different body shapes:

i.Dummy, revolutionary physical fitting avatar enabling users to adjust and achieve over hundreds of human body measurements and shapes with just few clicks on computer.

Complicated and meticulous mechanical structures comprising over 1000 parts are built and constructed inside i.Dummy to achieve immediate, accurate and reliable i.Dummy measurements.

Body panels are designed by professionals based on years of human body researches over worldwide population. With the driving force from internal parts, a variety of reasonable body proportions from extra small to extra large can be attained perfectly.

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We love it when awesomely huge things are put into relatable perspective, but every once in a while the results are also very unexpected. 

Case in point: We all know Godzilla is incredibly tall, but the original Godzilla from the 1954 film was only 50 meters (164 feet) tall. Japanese Twitter user Shinobu Yoshino recently created this graphic which places a scale version of the first Godzilla in modern-day Tokyo. Today the city’s numerous buildings are so tall themselves that Godzilla looks positively puny in comparison.

Shhh, no one tell Godzilla he’s short. We don’t want to hurt his feelings.

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