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1BTH DANCE vertical video!
I shot vertical this time.
But there’s a minute left in Instagram!!
And the size is too big.. ㅠㅠ
Full version on YouTube~^^(the address above)
Also on Facebook!!
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1BTH DANCE vertical video!
J’ai filmé à la verticale cette fois.
Mais il manque une minute sur Instagram!!
Et la taille est trop grosse.. ㅠㅠ
La version complète est sur YouTube~^^(L’adresse est au-dessus)
Aussi sur Facebook!!
#MV #DirecteurDeClip #Défi #FilmVertical #Shindong #SuperJunior #KNOCKDOWN #1BTH #GillG1 #SSABO #FENG #HIPHOP #MUSIQUE #EQUIPE #DANSE #performance #1BTH #GillG1 #Ssabo #Feng

Ok, so I saw Moana last night and guys, I really loved it! It’s really fun and vibrant PLUS it has some really good G/t material!

I mean, first there’s Moana and Maui. One’s small and cute and the other is just a big ol dude. That’s pretty fun size difference right off the bat. Plus, like, the two characters aren’t really romantically linked in any way? So it’s just like a big/smol pair running around having adventures together. It’s really great!

Second you have all kinds of giant and small monsters. Like, they had a lot of fun with playing with scale in this movie. I wan’t expecting so many different types of giant and small monsters in this musical! Plus I went to see Moana in 3-D, so the really REALLY big size-difference scenes had a bit more impact on me.

And finally there is Te Fiti, who is a goddess who is an ACTUAL FREAKING ISLAND. She is gorgeous and that is all I have to say.

So yeah! Moana is a great movie! And the G/t stuff just kinda propels the movie even more IMO! Go see it!

So many fucking size queens

You do realise no one can safely alter their dick size right? So basically you’re poking humanity looking for people with the genetic predisposition to a large dick.

I’m a very solid medium. Never had complaints. But I’m sick of talking about it with all y'all on dating aps.

Jesus get over it.


Big, strong and nothin’ wrong.

Ali Ann Ludwig is now competing in the 90kg weight class as she weighs in at 91.5kg. 

That also puts her in the 200+ club as she weighs 201.7lbs. now and as you can see she’s strong AF with a 374lb. back squat 3x.


The sun bear, as was mentioned before, is the smallest species of bear in the world, but don’t let their small size fool you.  Sun bears are known for being exceptionally aggressive, and there are stories of them attacking humans without provocation.  With their powerful foreclaws, jaw muscles, and massive teeth, they are formidable animals, and are considered one of the Asian rainforest’s most dangerous animals.  This ferocity is not limited to humans, either; most male bears caught in the wild show bite marks and scars on their hides, clearly from vicious fights with other bears.

In His Lap (Mick x Plus Size! Reader) Imagines - Request


To my darling anon,

I hope you don’t mind; but I actually combined your idea with another reader’s request, since it was very similar to yours. In addition to, I apologize for the late post. Due to technical difficulties - and just the fact that life sorta got in the way - I am turning this piece into a New Year’s prompt. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, dear anon, but, if you find that you aren’t happy with the piece, please let me know and I’ll write you a seperate Christmas one…!

With love,

Kendra tries to get you to talk to Mick at the New Year’s Eve Party. At first, you said no; but, after taking a shot, you gained the courage you needed…


“Talk to him!”

“I can’t!”

“You can!”

“No, I can’t!”

“Yes , ________, you can!” Crossing her arms, Kendra gave you a gently scolding look. “Please do yourself a favor and just walk over there.”

Upon hearing her suggestion, you flushed bright red.

While you have had a crush on Mick for the past few weeks now, you still had yet to start a conversation with the pyromaniac; much less, confess your feelings to him.

Chances were he probably never noticed you.

I mean, who would? Your harsh inner voice scoffed. You’re not pretty, you have no sex appeal and - worst of all - you’re fat. What kind of guy would want THAT?

A small part of you hoped it would be Mick.

Though many assumed there wasn’t much to the guy - what, with his brutish behavior and vulgar language - a part of you liked to think there was more to him.

That he would somehow accept you the way you were.

Peering over at the poker table across the room, you watched your darling hulk of a man play against Leonard and Jax. His brows furrowed, he focused all his attention towards the hand he was dealt with.

You bit your lip. He just looks so…badass.

“Oh my god, ________,” Kendra turned her eyes up to the heavens, before shaking her head. It was her typical ‘don’t-make-me-do-this’ gesture. “You’re a great girl! You could so go over there and say ‘hi’! He’s not that complex of a man to talk to, anyway…”

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Fruit Dragons:

-They carefully cultivate an orchard of their favorite fruit trees, since fruit is their main food. If a bug infestation occurs though, they will eat every harmful bug to protect their trees.

-To start their orchard, they will find an open field or meadow and plant the seed of their favorite fruit. Once planted they use a special spell only known to their kind to rapidly grow the tree. 

-Usually the size of a large housecat, they are long and slender with dexterous clawed paws. Their scales change to match either the fruit of the tree they’re in or the fruit they are craving.

-They can fly but have no wings, as they would get in the way as they check the branches on their trees. They are often checking their trees for dead branches, damage, and such.

-In their oldest trees they weave hammocks from things like vines and stash their hoard their. If one tries to approach one such tree, they will be viciously driven from the orchard.