Name: Aeolidia Papillosa
Aka: Shaggy mouse slug

My personal name: Hair extension slug

Location: Atlantic coast of Europe and North America, the Pacific coast of North America, west and east coasts of South America

Size: 2-12 cm (depending on the location)

Diet: Sea anemomies!! Not the tentacles, just the stalk (Poor Nemo is gonna lose his home anyway)

No escape: It has been observed that sea anemones try to escape being eaten, so to avoid losing their food, A. papillosa will use its oral tentacles to grab onto the anemone and hold it in place!

Popular babies: A. papillosa is actually a really popular species, and has been studied extensively by many researchers

Eggs: Unlike most sea slugs, which lay an egg ribbon, A. papillosa lays an egg mass (lazy babies, can’t even lay properly aesthetic eggs [heh, eggsthetic]). The egg mass holds possibly millions of eggs, with what is assumed to be 19-20 eggs in each tube thing (since the egg masses kinda look like white sausages squished together). Laying the eggs, since there’s so many, takes quite a bit of time, usually 16-18 hours of egg laying!

Color: Colors vary, ranging from white to a dark brown color. The color of the slug depends on which type of anemone it eats. Also, although typically covered in adults, all A. papillosa have a white V on their heads (perhaps they are cheering on a favorite sports team?). Their coloring also is a way A. papillosa camouflages itself

Vicious: Don’t let their tiny size fool you, A. papillosa’s radula (mouth) has 23 rows of pectinate teeth!

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You've been talking about fatness as a spectrum, and that's really an important point when you consider how standards of fatness differ between countries. I'm 100kg/220lbs, while 175cm/5'9", and an AU size 16-18 (XL-XXL usually). That's considered plus size here. I'm definitely fat here, while only maybe just chubby in the US. "Normal" fashion stores don't usually go that high, or have very few options. Plus size stores here start at 14-16AU. That's size 10-12US, apparently not plus size there.

Actually plus size here starts at different places depending on the situation. In store, maybe size 12-14 would be the beginning of plus size. In modeling, plus size starts at size 4. Let that sink in.

(Side note, size 12-14 is the average size of women here. So…?)

But yeah, this is really important. 

-Mod Bella 


poor jun

Day 12 of my Draw Your OTP 30 Day Challenge!


I would be SO, SO HAPPY if someone would write a Fiction where Moana and Maui get Genderbenter for some reason and they still fall in love for each other (and okay, pervy side on: maybe make it be a bit sexy and smut *wink wink*), it would be so, so, so GREAT, and FUN.
And yeah, Maui looks hot also as girl. And Moana isn’t bad hi-herself…? Yeah, you got it…
Oh well, Enjoy!

P.S: I am ON for Commissions!

A Dept store Sweden introduced these normal-size mannequins. Instead of size 00, these gals are a size 12 and 16. Some are saying they “condone obesity.” The average woman is a size 14, that’s not supporting obesity. Standard mannequins support eating disorders.
I think mannequins should look like this in every store. They don’t even have that standard creepy mannequin vibe.

The Myth: Marilyn Monroe was a size 12.

The Truth: While the truth is she was a size 12, people must understand that that was a VINTAGE 1950s size 12. In today’s modern sizing, that is closer to a size 2-4. At Marilyn’s heaviest, she wasn’t any bigger than a (modern) size 8. I personally don’t think she ever was bigger than a (modern) size 6.

The numeral size chart has changed over the years. With every passing decade the same amount of inches in the waist became a lower and lower numeral representation. This is often referred to as Vanity sizing. A 24 inch waist is the same today as the 24 inches in the 1950s. However today we refer to that as a size 0-2, depending on designer and in the 1950s, a 24 inch waist was a 10-12.

“But Marilyn looked curvier.” True, but this had to do with the different exercise and nutrition available back when. People exercised more in their daily routine than we do today. Also cardio exercises were more popular then than the core strengthening exercises of today. Nutrition was also different back then. All this creates different body types.

Let’s also keep in mind that Marilyn was (I believe) 5'4". A 24 inch waist and body type will look different on someone who is shorter than someone who is taller. As a general rule, people are a lot taller today than they were back when.

Marilyn is approximate a size (1960’s) 10-12 in this picture which is about a 4 by today’s sizing. (Since I do not know her actual measurements in this photo I am going by guesstimation and comparing it to vintage sizing charts.)

So when you hear the modern argument that Marilyn was a size 12, don’t mistake that as her being a plus sized lady. She never was.