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Quick recycle project .

Recycled Dental floss container .

Once empty the handy pocket sized container was sprayed black with added cyflect glint & glow marker .

Hunter orange nano cord with a central mono filament fishing line keeps cord neat and tidy ready for instant use using the in built floss cutter .

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

Samsung QLED: A TV screen that is jaw-droppingly good

This year, most of the world’s leading manufacturers launched their highest-quality OLED TVs, with price tags to match.

But not Samsung.

The company has now formally announced its own top-of-the-range technology, and it comes with its own new buzzword for you to take on board: QLED.

It’s an advanced version of an LED TV, where the Q refers to the fact that this uses a layer of nano-sized particles called Quantum Dots. Quantum Dot technology is basically a classy TV filter that enhances colours and offers strong brightness and wide viewing angles – unlike some screen technologies that look washed out when you’re not sitting front and centre.

QLED uses Samsung’s latest version of Quantum Dots which are made of metal. These promise, Samsung says, 100% colour volume, the biggest range of colours available on any TV today.

Where QLED excels compared to OLED is in its brightness. In other words, it can look impressive in brightly lit living rooms. OLED shines in darker environments. In the demonstrations that Samsung produced, the picture quality was jaw-droppingly good, matching extraordinary pin-sharp images with vibrant but realistic colours and deep black shades.

A recent technological development is HDR or High Dynamic Range, which allows bright and dark areas of a picture to show great detail at the same time: blue skies are not washed out, dark shadows are not grey sludge.

Matching HDR with QLED, Samsung suggests, offers the real standout picture quality, not least because it’s much brighter than OLED.

Samsung promised these QLED TVs would be its smartest yet, with an improved interface that makes it easier to find the shows and channels you’re after and to control everything from a simple remote with voice control built in.

OLED is a premium technology, with high prices attached, but QLED is far from cheap, with TVs ranging from £1,999.99 to £4,899.99. Samsung needs to persuade customers that its own technology is a match (or better) for OLED, which is seen by many as the ultimate for picture quality.

The TVs go on sale from 29 March in the UK, with pre-orders kicking off on 15 March.


The World’s Smallest Robots: Rise of the Nanomachines

This short documentary by the The American Chemical Society & the University of Nebraska about nanomachines is worth a watch. Not the ususal #transhumancyborgswilldisruptyourfutures stuff but a realistic look at science and opportunities.

Nanomachines – including nano-sized motors, rockets and even cars – are many orders of magnitude smaller than a human cell, but they have huge promise. In the future, they could deliver drugs anywhere in the body, clean up oil spills and might even be used as artificial muscle cells.


Engineered DNA Make Nano-Machines

Engineers have built simple folding machines the size of molecules out of snips of synthetic and natural DNA. The nano-machines, like the opening and closing hinges shown above, can repeatedly perform the task for which they are designed.

Mechanical engineers at The Ohio State University built these objects using the long-understood principles of human-sized machine design. They say this approach to building 3-D constructs out of DNA is different from other groups, which are instead trying to build complex, static shapes or mimicking the structure of biological systems.

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Tokay Gecko foot …

The key to the gecko’s sticking success lies in tiny hairlike structures, called setae, found on the base of its toes. Each of these microscopic bristles can split into hundreds of nano-sized tips called septulae. Septulae create so-called van der Waals interactions between their molecules and the molecules of the surface that a lizard is clinging to. Such interactions are normally weak, but because there are millions of septulae on each of a gecko’s toes, each tiny bristle adds a small grip, which together creates a secure hold. A million setae, which would fit neatly on a dime, could support the weight of a child.

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Did too much work on the tanks tonight, which means my back is killing me and I am behind on Inktober! (Will be catching up if I work on nothing else for the next 6 hours, ha!) Progress on the 40 gallon, top three photos: 8 (mostly invisible) harlequin rasboras added! They are settling in nicely. 

 Specs for 40 gallon:

 Substrate: Eco complete, ST international aqua soil (hairgrass loved this stuff), floramax, and flourite black sand (soon!) plus bits of stupid plain gravel.

 Lighting: 1 Finnex Ray 2, 30" LED fixture, additional 36" model pending. 

 CO2: pressurized, 10 lb canister, using Green Leaf Aquariums v3 regulator with solenoid, atomizing diffuser. Dispersed via Koralia nano circulation pump. 

Filters: two aquaclear filters, sized 50 and 30. 

 Heater: Eheim jäger, 150 watt because cold climate. 

 Ferts: currently using seachem’s liquid ferts (NPK + iron and flourish). Will be switching to dry ferts and estimative index soon. 

 Plants!! Ozelot sword, java fern, dwarf sagittaria, marsilea quadrifolia, dwarf hairgrass, rotala rotundifolia, ludwigia glandulosa, anubias nana, and micro sword (I think, it’s tiny and…. Awkward). 

 Bottom tank image is McKoi’s 10 gallon overhaul. Installed floramax with caribsea sand on top. Back to Inktober!


I usually call this size “Nano,” but I couldn’t pass up the alliteration. I didn’t have the perfect color for her hair in this weight yarn, so I tried putting in a strand or two of brown. You can’t really see it here; I’m not sure I like it. Her hair is way out of control in any event (as usual with my guys). If I can get Ming-Na Wen’s address, I’ll send her to her.