size of a nano

Every now and then I get a message asking for youtuber suggestions.  And I generally forget to offer said suggestions—-  So I’m going to compile a list of generally aesthetically similar youtubers that I find both relaxing and informative.

This is a mix of;  fish, reptile, exotic, nature, & plant youtube channels. 

  • ***SerpaDesign (terariums/viviariums, freshwater fish,  informative diy’s, regular contests, relaxing)
  • ***Emzotic  (exotic animal educator, reptiles, misc. creature features)
  • Justin Grimm  (terrarium/vivarium, frogs, hasn’t uploaded in 4 years)
  • Kamp Kenan (Exotic reptile conservationist, Tortoises mostly, fantastic sanctuary, passionate and educated)
  • ***Solid Gold Aquatics (Goldfish mom, mostly butterfly telescopes, educational videos, went on a trip to Japan through a tv show, redoing her fish garage)
  • ***Pecos Hank  (No animals but helps critters cross the road frequently, tornado/storm chaser, educated and passionate, helps those in need when possible, beautiful beautiful videos, titty clouds)
  • ***Pedro the Budgie (An older couple and their pet parakeet/budgie Pedro, talking bird, occasional bird care, cute cute cute they love this bird so much)
  • ***Rachel O’leary (Fish pimp, importer, nano species, mowhawk, once co-wrote a book on nano species, sells fish, very educated my go to when I don’t know much about a certain nano fish)
  • Pektec (Fish, occasional steampunk, fantastic and frequent reviews, educational videos, tends to stay in the nano range of tank/fish size, daughter started a salt water tank)

***Are my personal favorites and I wait impatiently for every new upload

When Pet Store Employees Tell You Bettas Like Tiny Tanks and you Don't Need Plants

Honestly as annoying as it is, I love correcting employees when they do this. I don’t do a generalized, “actually, bettas…” but instead I tell them specifically about my own.

“Oh, my dragonscale lives in a 5 gallon with driftwood and caves and a ton of plants. The plants are his favorite part–he spends more time going out of his way to swim through them and play in them than he does in the open water. If he was in a 1 gallon, I wouldn’t have room for all the plants he loves and he’d be bored. Plus he races out of the jungle to come see me.”

“I have a veiltail who gets very anxious and rips up his fins because he can see his reflection in the glass. After I filled his tank with hiding places and plants, he was a lot more relaxed and his colors actually got brighter.”

I’ve done this a couple of times, and even approached a woman being directed to look at 2.5 gallon tanks by an employee to tell her how lively my boys were in their 5 gallons–which really aren’t large, intimidating tanks at all for people just getting started or restricted to smaller tanks because of dorms or apartments. They are still desktop sized nanos.
In the end I wound up persuading her to pick up a 5 gallon long with filter and heater, thermometer, a decoration roomy enough for a betta to hide in, a couple of silk plants for extra cover, and basic startup stuff to get a fishless cycle going. Talking about my own fish being active and having personality and getting brighter colors always connects with people a lot more than just listing facts.

After she’d checked out, and I was still browsing, the employee who had been helping her came up to me and asked me where I learned about bettas.

Some people can be buttheads, but my general experience is that if you illustrate your point with your own experience, especially if you’re positive about it (even though I know the urge to cringe is so strong), many people/big box employees will really consider what you’re saying.

“I upgraded my elephant ear from a 2.5 to a 3.5 and I couldn’t believe how much difference it made! He acts so happy and alive now, and his colors almost glow?”

Gets people thinking a lot more than

“Actually, bettas need xyz requirement and pet stores are wrong.”

Stripped (Part 2)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 2974
Warnings: Fluff, mentions of death, some Bucky feels

Summary: You are a SHIELD agent working undercover in a strip club whose owner is involved with organized crime. When you find out he might be in talks with HYDRA Bucky is brought in to help.

You wake up a few hours later with the sudden urge to use the bathroom. You look down to find Bucky’s head resting on the peaks of your breasts with his arms holding onto you. He looks so sweet and peaceful. You hate the thought of disturbing him, especially after his rough night but you have to. You try to wiggle your way out from under the super soldier to no avail.

“Bucky,” you call, as you gently nudge him. He stirs slightly but does not wake up. You call his name again with a firmer voice and he opens his eyes. His gaze is directed at your hardened nipple pressing against your tank top. He seems surprised by his position, stuttering slightly as if to apologize but he’s not getting up fast enough. “Bucky please move. I have to pee so badly!”

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the signs // magical junk
  • aries: phoenix quill feather with ink that sizzles softly into parchment, occasionally emitting tiny though harmless flames. autocorrects automatically (and accurately), never being able to get caught for cheating by professors // price: scale of a hebridean black dragon
  • taurus: paintbrush with the ability to create both sentient and inanimate objects, even those that do not exist // price: unicorn blood
  • gemini: ring of celestial bronze, silver and gold; when the gem encased in the middle of it is twisted, a minuscule needle inside may inject a deathly poison seamlessly without the victim's knowledge // price: wendigo talon
  • cancer: the seed of a tree that grants wishes every full moon, fireflies dancing around its inky leaves like stars in the sky // price: kappa saliva
  • leo: a book of any information you so desire at your touch and command, a glamour spell cast upon it around others to maintain secrecy // price: the answer to a sphinx's riddle
  • virgo: gloves that can easily replace a wand, performing spells at impressive speeds and power whilst protecting its master simultaneously // price: djinn, bottled
  • libra: bath bombs that display various galaxies, constellations and planets in the water in vivid detail, every astronomers dream // price: mermaid tears
  • scorpio: ball-point pen that turns into weapon you wish, returning to your possession even if lost in battle or stolen // price: tamed changeling
  • sagittarius: bag of endlessness, easily fitting in items that can normally occupy the capacity of a typical bag of that size // price: ambrosia
  • capricorn: nano-wisps of smoke that can multiply and form any creature, their master being protected and guided by them always // price: ariadne's golden thread
  • aquarius: the new and improved lighter of legendary dumbledore, which can extinguishes any light source within a mile radius // price: acromantula hair
  • pisces: a watch that, in increments, can rewind time, using the silver knob at the side. upon travelling back it lists important events that you may cause impact on // price: thestral sight

Ferrofluid travelling around soap bubbles towards a magnet

Ferrofluid is a fluid made of colloidal nano-sized magnetic particles suspended in a hydrophobic solution. Some home-made ferrofluid can be made from an oil base (like vegetable oil) mixed with tiny particles of ferrite (pure iron) which can be found in printer toners/developers. The ferrofluid moves around the bubbles first due to capillary action- but is then drawn through by a magnet.

The original source really needs to be viewed as it’s fantastic!

See it here.


Quick recycle project .

Recycled Dental floss container .

Once empty the handy pocket sized container was sprayed black with added cyflect glint & glow marker .

Hunter orange nano cord with a central mono filament fishing line keeps cord neat and tidy ready for instant use using the in built floss cutter .

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

Naruto Jin no Sho Databook - Aburame Entries

Aburame Shino

“I can sense your resistance”


Ninja registration no: 012618, Chuunin

DOB: January 23 (aged 17, Aquarius)

Height: 175.1cm  Weight: 56.6kg   Blood Type: AB

Personality: stoic, secretive, poker-faced

Jutsu: Fire, earth, yang, secret techniques, summon technique

Favorite: Shino’s long-standing dream is to befriend and fight alongside an new species of insect that no-one has seen before.

  • A man who regards in comrades highly, he silently conceals himself

It is in the Aburame Clan’s nature to value silence - all their pent-up emotions are expressed through their insects rather than their face.  When his insects start to move Shino’s own emotions start to rise up.  It’s certainly as though they’re one body and soul!!  But at the same time, Shino wants to deepen his bonds with his friends too and  spends his days searching for ways to do so.


Aburame Shibi

“I’ll use all my power to exterminate you”


Ninja registration no: 005480, Jounin

DOB: September 7 (aged 43, Virgo)

Height: 181.3cm  Weight: 68.9kg   Blood Type: A

Personality: taciturn

  • A silent insect-user who will exterminate any pests who threaten the village

Those born into the Aburame Clan are unparalleled in the ninja world when it comes to being gifted with deep knowledge and pride towards insects.  The leader of the clan, Shibi gathers and nurtures a large quantity of secret insects.  These insects are used as a deadly hidden jutsu - just moments after being released they will greedily devour the enemy’s life force until the enemy is no more!


Aburame Torune

“I’ll finish this with the next attack!”


Ninja registration no: 012360, Anbu

DOB: October 24 (aged 19, Scorpio)

Height: 178.3cm  Weight: 68.7kg   Blood Type: O

Personality: altruistic

  • A man dressed in jet-black who takes down his enemies with nano-sized poisonous insects!

In early childhood Torune and his fellow clansman, Shino, grew up as brothers.  Torune later decided to join ROOT in Shino’s place.  With his nano-sized poisonous insects and clan’s pride, Torune is free from his shackles in the darkness.


Aburame Muta


Male, Aged 24, Special Jounin

A member of the specialist Scouting Patrol, Muta investigated Kauto’s hideout.  He entrusted the scroll to his insects, alerting HQ to the enemy’s actions.


Aburame Tatsuma


Male, Aged 21, Anbu

A Shinobi of ROOT and subordinate of Danzo alongside Orochimaru.  His infiltration techniques are highly regarded among successive generations of ROOT.

guys a thought:

in 17776 they said everyone stopped aging in 2026 right?

what if someone had a baby in like 2025, or like even the day before people stopped aging
would they just take care of a baby forever, would the baby develop but just stay baby sized, or did they like, off all the babies/small children before the nanos were created

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One of the best tools you can carry with you is a folding pocket knife. It’s something that can come in handy more than you might even realize.

For example, think of all the times you’ve had to open a package. Without a knife, what would you do? You’d probably run off to hunt down a pair of scissors, or struggle to tear through a gunky mess of tape and cardboard using one of your keys (or worse—your teeth!).

A good EDC knife saves you that time, effort, and headache. Its usefulness doesn’t stop there, but the best way to find out how a knife can be helpful to you is by simply carrying one.

Now here’s the best part: you don’t have to spend too much money to get a quality EDC knife! Inexpensive doesn’t mean cheap, and there are plenty of good knives out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

In this guide, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best pocket knives you can buy less than 50 bucks. They’re the knives we’d recommend if asked “What knife should I buy?“ and we made sure there was something for every type of EDCer.

Find the right pocket knife for your EDC, even if…

  • You’re a beginner who’s never owned a knife before and doesn’t know where to start
  • You live where it’s hard to find a knife that’s good AND legal to carry, like NYC or the UK
  • You’re a minimalist and hate having too much stuff in your pockets
  • You like knives, but youLOVE good, affordable knives and want more for your collection

With so many options out there, it can be hard to narrow down your choices to find the right knife for you. We made this round-up with these key qualities you should look for in mind.

What to Look For in an EDC Pocket Knife

External image

  • Bang for your buck: Your EDC knife should use good materials that are built to last. Investing in sturdy knife will serve you well for years and years and make sure you get your money’s worth.
  • A comfortable carry: You’ll be carrying this thing every day, so whether you’re a lefty, prefer it clipped, want it to sit in your coin pocket, or hanging off your keys, your knife should accommodate your preference and be ready to use when you need it.
  • Efficient cutting performance: Carrying a pocket knife doesn’t mean you’re out looking for trouble or heading out on the trail every weekend. Sometimes, all you need is a more efficient means to cut, no matter the size.

Some of these knives are already your favorites, having made appearances in your carries on the site, while some of them are surprisingly good recent releases. Read on to find the best knife for your everyday carry. (Editor’s Note: The photos you’re about to see are all on the same scale to give you a better sense of how each knife compares in size.)

The Best Budget Pocket Knives Available Now

External image

Ontario RAT II

Stand-out features: High-performance steel, great blade shape
Who it’s for: Beginner EDCer who needs a general-purpose knife

If you’ve never carried a knife before, this is a great first option. The RAT II is inexpensive, packs a multi-purpose blade shape made from workhorse AUS-8 steel, and is a good size to carry. The price is right for this complete package.

Buy on Amazon

External image

Opinel No8

Stand-out features: Incredibly sharp and thin blade, unique combination of carbon steel blade and hardwood handles
Who it’s for: People who want to try an inexpensive, uncomplicated knife without tactical features

This French folding knife is popular due to its price and surgical edge out of the box. Opinels come in a wide range of sizes, but the No8 with its 3.25” blade is best for EDC. The high carbon content in its blade makes for a strong edge, resistance to wear, and ease of sharpening.

Buy on Amazon

External image

Victorinox Pioneer X

Stand-out features: Everything you loved about the Cadet, now with scissors
Who it’s for: Everyone who loved the Cadet, but needed scissors

Victorinox’s medium-sized aluminum oxid multitools pack a lot of utility into a very narrow frame. The Cadet model is one of the most versatile and compact multitools you could carry, but is missing a pair of scissors to complete its functionality. The Pioneer is here, ready to both slice AND cut, and packs 7 other functions into your pocket.

Buy on Amazon

External image

Boker Plus Nano

Stand-out features: Robust, beefy styling in a tiny package
Who it’s for: People who want a “little big knife”

If you look at pictures of the Nano without a size reference, you wouldn’t believe its blade is only 1.875 inches. It has the features of a knife twice its size, like textured handles with an integrated frame lock and a sizable cutting belly on the blade.

Buy on Amazon

External image

Spyderco Roadie

Stand-out features: Light weight, friendly appearance
Who it’s for: People who live in places with stricter knife regulations

The Spyderco Roadie’s appearance and features were inspired by a TSA announcement that would have allowed knives on planes. That regulation didn’t go through, but the Roadie still made it through to production. It’s a versatile pocket knife, with a non-locking, long-bellied sheepsfoot blade, and lightweight nylon handle scales. At just 1 ounce, it disappears in the pocket.

Buy on Amazon

External image

Cold Steel Micro Recon 1

Stand-out features: Hardened tanto tip on a knife small enough to hang off your keychain
Who it’s for: People who want a backup knife for tougher tasks like poking and piercing

Cold Steel’s Recon 1 series has a reputation of being overbuilt performers. Their tanto-tipped AUS-8 steel blades are a signature look, and the Micro is the most compact iteration. At only 4.375” closed, the Micro Recon 1 is one of the smallest knives on this list, while being one of the most durable.

Buy on Amazon

External image

Kershaw Shuffle II

Stand-out features: Hangs off a lanyard, opens bottles, and can even drive screws
Who it’s for:Multitaskers who want more than just an edge from their pocket knife

It’s hard to believe the Shuffle II costs under $20 given just how much it can do. It can cut, pop bottles open, drive and scrape, and look good while doing it with its blacked-out tanto blade and textured nylon handles. Is it a pocket knife or a multitool? Why not both!

Buy on Amazon

External image

Case Medium Stockman 079

Stand-out features: Three blades, beautiful amber bone, all bases covered
Who it’s for: Your future children who will fight over this heirloom

Remember grandpa’s pocketknife that you wanted badly as a child? This is its modern sibling. The Stockman comes with three blades to cover all your cutting needs. With its Peach Seed Jigged Amber Bone handles, its traditional styling adds a touch of class to your carry.

Buy on Amazon

External image

CRKT Squid

Stand-out features: Balanced drop point with a wide cutting belly, internal frame lock
Who it’s for: People who need large cutting performance from a small knife

The Squid was designed by knifemaker Lucas Burnley to be a minimal pocket knife with the performance of a full-sized folder. Thanks to its width, the Squid maximizes the full belly of its 2.25” blade, offering you great everyday utility.

Buy on Amazon

External image

KA-BAR Dozier

Stand-out features: Built military tough, size and shape ideal for EDC, ambidextrous lock
Who it’s for: People needing a general-purpose blade for outdoor adventures

The Dozier’s blade comes in a workhorse, AUS-8 steel, with nylon handles providing a full-sized grip. It features a hollow-ground drop point blade shape, ideal for outdoor tasks like slicing and skinning. A lockback locking mechanism and reversible clip also makes the Dozier a versatile, ambidextrous assistant.

Buy on Amazon

Now you can add a knife to your EDC without breaking the bank, and still have some enough left over to assemble the rest of your carry.

If you found your next knife with the help of this guide, please share it with your friends on the hunt for an EDC knife too!

Already have a favorite budget knife? Leave a comment with the best knife you’ve bought under $50—we’d love to hear about your finds.

We’ll be making more guides like this one in the future, so sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already to get them delivered straight to your inbox as soon as they come out.

Scientific careers provide personal, professional rewards

As Black History Month 2016 draws to a close, some of our NSF Graduate Research Fellows share insights about what they find rewarding about their careers in science.

“What makes me proudest in my scientific career is participating in initiatives that support women and underrepresented minorities to pursue interests in science. My involvement in eco-evolutionary research allows me to be the positive change I want to see in the world because seeing other underrepresented groups in graduate studies helps create a diverse student body and future faculty that is more inclusive and representative of our community.”

– Lekeah A. Durden, Ph.D. student, Department of Biology, Indiana University 

“My research looks at connectivity of reef fish across various spatial scales with the use of genetic methods. This information will be used to inform local communities regarding the dispersal patterns for species considered subsistence fisheries. I receive great satisfaction knowing that my research has a direct impact on the strategies of both state and community-based management efforts. I intend to continue to engage younger generations and act as an example for individuals from low socioeconomic backgrounds that one is able to pursue fulfilling careers in fields that are disparate from what is traditionally represented in our communities.”

– Richard Coleman, Ph.D. candidate, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, University of Hawaii at Manoa

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Epoxy+Electricity=New Hairy Materials

Scientists have created a new kind of structure by running alternating current through a mixture of epoxy, hardener and solvent. Their technique causes long fibers to grow from the raw materials.

The method, developed by Argonne National Laboratory physicists and colleagues, could be useful in producing new materials for batteries, photovoltaic cells or sensors. These technologies require components with high surface areas. Such characteristics are offered by the new “hairy” fiber-sprouting materials, which can then be coated with a semiconducting layer, for example, to meet the technology’s needs.

It could also be used to make superhydrophobic surfaces, which repel water and dust by being covered by nano-sized hairs. 

See a video of the hairy fibers growing below.

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Did too much work on the tanks tonight, which means my back is killing me and I am behind on Inktober! (Will be catching up if I work on nothing else for the next 6 hours, ha!) Progress on the 40 gallon, top three photos: 8 (mostly invisible) harlequin rasboras added! They are settling in nicely. 

 Specs for 40 gallon:

 Substrate: Eco complete, ST international aqua soil (hairgrass loved this stuff), floramax, and flourite black sand (soon!) plus bits of stupid plain gravel.

 Lighting: 1 Finnex Ray 2, 30" LED fixture, additional 36" model pending. 

 CO2: pressurized, 10 lb canister, using Green Leaf Aquariums v3 regulator with solenoid, atomizing diffuser. Dispersed via Koralia nano circulation pump. 

Filters: two aquaclear filters, sized 50 and 30. 

 Heater: Eheim jäger, 150 watt because cold climate. 

 Ferts: currently using seachem’s liquid ferts (NPK + iron and flourish). Will be switching to dry ferts and estimative index soon. 

 Plants!! Ozelot sword, java fern, dwarf sagittaria, marsilea quadrifolia, dwarf hairgrass, rotala rotundifolia, ludwigia glandulosa, anubias nana, and micro sword (I think, it’s tiny and…. Awkward). 

 Bottom tank image is McKoi’s 10 gallon overhaul. Installed floramax with caribsea sand on top. Back to Inktober!


The World’s Smallest Robots: Rise of the Nanomachines

This short documentary by the The American Chemical Society & the University of Nebraska about nanomachines is worth a watch. Not the ususal #transhumancyborgswilldisruptyourfutures stuff but a realistic look at science and opportunities.

Nanomachines – including nano-sized motors, rockets and even cars – are many orders of magnitude smaller than a human cell, but they have huge promise. In the future, they could deliver drugs anywhere in the body, clean up oil spills and might even be used as artificial muscle cells.


Engineered DNA Make Nano-Machines

Engineers have built simple folding machines the size of molecules out of snips of synthetic and natural DNA. The nano-machines, like the opening and closing hinges shown above, can repeatedly perform the task for which they are designed.

Mechanical engineers at The Ohio State University built these objects using the long-understood principles of human-sized machine design. They say this approach to building 3-D constructs out of DNA is different from other groups, which are instead trying to build complex, static shapes or mimicking the structure of biological systems.

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Steven Hawking has partnered with Yuri Milner to send “nano craft” the size of a postage stamp equipped with micro HD cameras and communication to our closest neighboring solar system. The tiny spacecraft will weigh just fractions of an ounce and will be capable of traveling at 20-25 percent of the speed of light. An array of lasers would propel the tiny vehicle up to 47,000 miles per second. At that speed, the craft could reach the closest star, Alpha Centauri, in about 20 years. Alpha Centauri is 4.4 light years (26 trillion miles) from Earth. The endeavor is ambitious, as this distance is 3,000 times farther than any man-made craft has flown.

Stephen Hawking has announced the project, dubbed “Breakthrough Starshot,” on his Facebook page on Tuesday this week.

Tokay Gecko foot …

The key to the gecko’s sticking success lies in tiny hairlike structures, called setae, found on the base of its toes. Each of these microscopic bristles can split into hundreds of nano-sized tips called septulae. Septulae create so-called van der Waals interactions between their molecules and the molecules of the surface that a lizard is clinging to. Such interactions are normally weak, but because there are millions of septulae on each of a gecko’s toes, each tiny bristle adds a small grip, which together creates a secure hold. A million setae, which would fit neatly on a dime, could support the weight of a child.

#gecko #foot #amazing #animal #animals #reptile #lizard #science #wild #wildlife #wildlifephotography #indonesia #tokay #macro #nikon #detail #d800 #shannonwild