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I was working on the jean wall in my department today, and I had several folded pairs grouped by size laying on the floor, and had gone to use the restroom. Coming back, this guy arrives upon the scattered piles right as I walk up to them. He immediately goes off, and I apologize for the mess. He then laughs, and says, "Oh! You're working on this. Whew! I thought some jerk had just thrown them down on the floor!" He was legit ready to fight whoever had done this to my wall, and it was so cute.

Imagine….. Niall and Harry at a New Year’s party.

Not a big one, nothing fancy, just a decently sized group of friends gathered to ring in the new year. There’s been plenty of alcohol and laughs, kisses and cuddles.

It’s past midnight so everyone is settling down. Someone brings up resolutions. A few people groan and roll their eyes, but mostly everyone has something they’d like to do. Harry teases a few people, the ones that have the same resolution every year, encourages others who genuinely want to better themselves.

Niall’s watching Harry, who’s leaned in to Lou and grinning at her saying she wants to give up men for the year after her latest relationship flopped. He teases her only a little bit, but ultimately says he thinks it’d be good for her, and for Lux, to have some quality time alone.

“I want to learn a new language.”

“I’d like to knock a few things off my bucket list.”

“I wanna travel more.”

Niall hears everyone, but can only stare at Harry, with his still short hair (that is steadily growing out, much to Harry’s pleasure) and dimples and charisma. His chest flutters. Niall thinks of all the times they’ve shared, all the memories they have together, before and after they began dating, thinks of everything that could have split them apart but how they fought through it all. He knows he loves Harry with his whole heart and soul.

Still, there’s no real explanation for why he says, “I wanna get married.”

Harry’s gone silent next to him, turned back around to gape at Niall, eyes wide and questioning. The rooms fallen silent too, at Niall’s declaration, watching with rapt attention as Harry fumbles for words.

“Excuse me… what?” is what finally manages to make its way past Harry’s lips.

Niall feels his grin widen, didn’t know he was smiling to begin with, but isn’t surprised, since all he can do when he looks at Harry is smile. He scratches behind his ear and shrugs. “Dunno. Been thinking about it lately.” Harry huffs a humorless laugh at that. Niall bites his lip to keep from grinning too hard. “What do ya say, Harry? You wanna marry me?”

Harry releases a breath, not realizing he’d been holding it, and exclaims, “Of course I do, you buggering idiot!” He throws himself into Niall and kisses him senseless. Their smiles make it difficult, but they don’t really mind.

Their friends cheer, throw old confetti from the countdown, pop new bottles of champagne. Harry breaks their kiss to request Nick grab the orange juice because he wants mimosas to celebrate with. Nick rolls his eyes but he obliges.

After all, two of his best friends just got engaged.


Hi everyone, since we’ve been getting a bunch of questions about it, here is the price list! Visuals + previews of everything will be released when pre-orders open, on the 15th of December at 11:59PM (GMT+8).

$20 - Zine only (A5 size, full-color, saddle-stitched, composed of 40 pages)
$35 - Character bundle (1 zine with bonus merch of one chosen character, either Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee, Jumin, or Seven. Includes a 2.25" button pin, a 1.75" clear acrylic charm, a A6-size postcard, a ~secret~ A6-size postcard, of your chosen character + RFA kiss-cut sticker sheet)
$60 - VIP bundle (1 zine with ALL bonus merch of 5 characters + 2 A6 size group postcards)
+$7 - Zine only shipping
+$10 - Bundle shipping

Within the Philippines:
800PHP - Zine only
+70PHP - Shipping (within Metro Manila)
+110PHP - Shipping (Provincial)

For people who are paying through bank deposit, orders will be made through Google Forms. For the rest of the orders, it will be through the zine’s Tictail store, which will be linked when pre-orders open!

Note: Unfortunately, the bonus merch will not be available locally unless you make a purchase through the Tictail store! >_<


Astronomers have very recently spotted a supermassive black hole approximately 17 billion solar masses at the centre of the Galaxy NGC 1600. This is a bit strange because the Galaxy, which is 200 million light years from Earth, belongs to an average-size Galaxy group. While it’s not the largest black hole we’ve found, it’s definitely near the top with the event horizon (the boundary around a black hole at which light can no longer escape) measuring about 8 times pluto’s orbit around our sun.

I rag on about the current idol industry sometimes, but I really do love idols. And one thing I really love about the idol industry atm?

There’s an idol group for almost everyone. Yeah, the mainstream idols are mostly cute teenage girls singing cute songs, but like there’s also KBG84, an idol group consisting of cute little old ladies:

There are plus-sized “marshmallow girl” idol groups like Chubbiness and Pottya, for those who like their idols a little softer (granted, Japanese plus-sized is still pretty thin-average by most Western standards, but it’s a start)

A popular trend in idols atm seems to be punk rock or metal music, so we’ve got a lot of cool groups like Babymetal and Kamenjoshi

Think idols are a little too innocent and you prefer sinnamon rolls? Cool, there’s also rebel idols like BiS (and their successor, BiSH), who often break or parody idol tropes

Last month I even found out there are gothic and yama-kawaii idol groups like Necronomidol and Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da!

God bless all the different kinds of idols.

Also, feel free to reblog and add any more different kinds of idols, I kinda lost track where I was going, lol


Hello my name is Kristy, I am 19 and live in Australia. 

It has come to my attention recently that I haven’t been very social lately since I left school and started working. So I’d really love to branch out and start making friends.

I have quite a decent sized friend group irl but I love making friends online because everyone is so different and I genuinely love learning about people’s lives and cultures and their home countries etc. I like making connections with people around the world i would otherwise never have known existed if that makes sense. 

A little about myself -

I like memes, self depreciating humour, Ed Sheeran, and cute animals. Amongst many other things of course.

I’m really easy to get along with and can talk about literally anything so if you’d like to make a new friend, please send me a message. 

It doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you are, as long as you’re willing to actually make a friendship instead of sending a few messages and then disappearing forever. I’d love to meet someone I can randomly message whenever and be able to talk about anything ya know. I just wanna make friendddssss

"Smuggle the Muggle"

Smuggle the Muggle is a wildly popular party game that originally began as a children’s birthday party game, popular across wizarding schools throughout the United States. The premise of Smuggle the Muggle is to have a group of individuals (or one person depending on the size of the group) transport one person, the “Muggle”, from one location to another. The “Muggle”, however, is prevented from using magic of any kind and the group smuggling the “Muggle” must avoid being caught by the opposing team or being caught using overt magic. This game is designed to help teach wizards and witches how to use magic without exposing their true nature to their Muggle counterparts, and it teaches teamwork and strategy. An additional bonus is that it encourages students to not solely rely on their magic but to use their smarts and common sense. 

After all, magic is a tool. Use it, don’t let it use you. 

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i ran out into the wind and snow to get a pic of this amazing and beautiful dorian ( sodii ) in the orlesian ball outfit they were so great and the only dorain cosplayer i saw @ katsu and im so glad i did see one

side note: the second picture is The Ideal, dorian laughing while egg man cries in the background