size fat please

  • ESTJ: I'm going to wake up at 5.30am to pack my bag and do Physics.
  • ISTP: What
  • ISTP: Just stuff the shit in and go
  • ESTJ: I need to check
  • ISTP: A wise fat person once told me that sleeping is better than studying
  • ESTJ: Is that person you from the future?
  • ISTP: ...
  • ISTP: It was INFJ but ok.


so, as we all can see, this forever 21 bikini is gorgeous. i saw it a few weeks ago when i was broke as hell and could not purchase it. now that i have money, the forever 21 website no longer stocks the top, which is what i desperately desire (of course, just my luck). if you are an angel sent from heaven, and have this top in a size 2x, and would like to sell it to me, i would be forever indebted to you. i’m currently in the uk, so if you are in the uk and are my angel, inbox me and we can chat. i am also from the states, so if you’re in the us and are my angel, also inbox me and we can chat (i’d have you ship it to my mom, so dw about sending it to the uk omg). depending on the price you’re asking, i can pay for shipping as well.

if you don’t have this swimsuit but would like to help me out, please reblog this and spread it around. i have faith in y’all!! 

you’re wonderful and helping my dreams come true!

He’s perfect and I love him 😍❤️


Hi loves! So, I’ve been losing a bit of weight because of my liver issues and as much as I love all these clothes, it’s time for them to move to new homes. If you’re interested in buying any of these dresses, please let me know! They are obviously all used but have only been worn a few times, some only once! If you want to see more pictures or want more information on anything in particular, please let me know! By the way, they are all either size 22, 24, or 2x, 3x. Please let me know if you’re interested. I’d love to see them all go to new homes :)


I bought this bathing suit from forever 21 and I am obsessed with it.  (It has pineapples!)  But when I tried it on for the mother to show her how excited I was to wear it, she just stared at me, wide eyed, and said “it’s a two piece!” Then after some time she said, “you have some nerve.”  At first, I thought nerve was a good thing.  Confidence! Yes! What I have been working to achieve by being body positive.  But it wasn’t.

She proceeded to cut me down.  When I asked her if she thought it was cute, she answered with “I would never wear it.” Then she went on to say that I shouldn’t wear it this weekend because people might see me.  And then pointed out the flab on my back with an ew noise.

My mother has done this, cut down my confidence in body and size, for years. I always tell myself that she is projecting her inner hate towards her body onto me, but I still feel ashamed afterwards.  And believe me, I know I am not skinny or perfect in any way.  It’s pretty damn obvious.  I own a mirror.  Yet, I am generally happy with how I look, flab and all. But right now, I am so depressed.  I really liked this bathing suit and had every intention of wearing it, but when your own mother says no… yeah.

Anyways, I decided to take it to tumblr, and ask the question: should I wear this bathing suit this weekend, or should I stick to the stomach covering tankini?


Well the edema is back, but I’m not about to let it stop me. I still *feel* better, and I’m sure staying active is what’s helped that happen. This is part of the reason why I need health at every size. When I can gain 10 pounds in two days and lose it just as quickly (thanks a lot wonky heart), I know I need to focus on healthy habits instead of a number on a scale. It’s the only way for me to retain my sanity. My exercise is not for weight loss, it’s for strength and relative health.