size does it matter

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Does size matter? And be honest please?

Yes it does.
I’m way to old to be lying about that, it matters.
No one should subject themselves to poor sex.
“It’s all about the motion” doesn’t hit certain points. I’ve been there and done that and I’ll pass. Im very content now lol but if I was to be single again, I wouldn’t want to share my intimate moments with something that doesn’t pleasure me.

ask me stuff !!!🌞☁️🌈

1.) what’s a song you depict with your childhood?
2.) did you have a memorable childhood pet?
3.) have you ever been drunk?
4.) have you ever tried drugs?
5.) have you ever completely regretted what you’ve said?
6.) have you ever made someone cry?
7.) has someone ever made you cry?
8.) have you ever been in love? if so, describe the moment you knew it.
9.) which came first the chicken or the egg?
10.) are you part of the lgbtq+ community? do you support them?
11.) how many siblings do you have?
12.) have you ever been in love with someone you couldn’t love?
13.) are you a good cook?
14.) what is your favorite tv show?
15.) what is the last movie you cried during?
16.) what are songs you’ve cried to when you first heard them? (if any)
17.) do you have a middle name?
18.) have you been out of your country?
19.) are you a chocolate fan or not?
20.) how many people have you kissed?
21.) what is your favorite album?
22.) what is your dream car?
23.) what is your lucky/favorite number?
24.) what is your favorite flower?
25.) books or movies, why?
26.) have you ever been on a blind date?
27.) has one of your friends ever backstabbed you?
28.) have you ever backstabbed one of your friends?
29.) what thing do you symbolize love with?
30.) do you have neat handwriting?
31.) do you have a friend with benefits?
32.) do you want a friend with benefits?
33.) if you could be anything in the world, what would you be?
34.) have you ever been blackout drunk?
35.) have you ever met someone famous?
36.) how many concerts have you been to?
37.) which concerts have you been to?
38.) do you have a hidden talent?
39.) what do you do when you’re stressed?
40.) do you think money can buy love?
41.) how old would you date?
42.) have you ever done something illegal?
43.) what is your biggest fear?
44.) what is an unusual fear you have?
45.) can you drive?
46.) do you believe in supernatural creatures?
47.) do you believe in karma?
48.) what is one quality you need in your partner?
49.) do looks matter?
50.) does size matter?
51.) who is the last person you forgave?
52.) what is your favorite ice cream flavor?
53.) what languages can you speak besides english?
54.) ever been on a plane?
55.) ever been on a boat?
56.) is there anyone you’ve lost touch with that you wish you hadn’t?
57.) are there any friendships you regret?
58.) are there any friendships you wish you could make?
59.) have you ever stayed awake for 24 (+) hours?
60.) have you ever walked outside after 12 am?
61.) have you ever seen a sunrise completely through?
62.) are you scared of rollercoasters?
63.) on a scale of 1-10 how stressed are you usually?
64.) do you have any plans this weekend?
65.) do you miss anyone right now?
66.) who do you wish you were talking to right now?
67.) if you could have any superpower, what would it be?
68.) who is your favorite superhero?
69.) are you dirty minded?
70.) what is your favorite song from every decade starting at that 80’s?
71.) how many kids, if any, do you want?
72.) who is your biggest OTP?
73.) what is your favorite food?
74.) do you want to be married one day?
75.) dogs or cats?
76.) do you drink enough water daily?
77.) have you ever seen a shooting star?
78.) if you had the opportunity to go to the moon, would you?
79.) how many best friends do you have?
80.) when was the last time you cried?
81.) have you ever laughed so hard you peed yourself?
82.) have you ever made anyone laugh so hard they peed?
83.) if you could travel any where in the world, where would you go?
84.) what are 3 words you would use to describe yourself?
85.) do you consider yourself a loyal person?
86.) what is your favorite season and why?
87.) have you ever told anyone you loved them, and didn’t mean it?
88.) do you know how to play any instruments?
89.) do like like falling asleep to music or not?
90.) what are you allergic to?
91.) have you ever wanted to be someone else for a day just so you could see what there life is like?
92.) if you could be any character from your favorite tv show would you, and if so, who would you be?
93.) if you could be best friends with any celebrity who would it be and why?
94.) are you outgoing?
95.) have you ever wanted to kiss someone, but weren’t brave enough to?
96.) are you a good flirt?
97.) have you ever been turned down, or have you ever turned anyone down?
98.) which planet is your favorite?
99.) are you superstitious?
100.) are you a good listener?
101.) are you a good kisser
102.) would you kiss any of your friends?

Your physical size does not matter. What really matters is the size of your love, courage, and the fire in your soul.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

1- Randy Orton commits arson.
2- Bray Wyatt baptizes himself with the ashes of his dead sister.
3- Xavier Woods says “I’m the only one that blows my girl”.
4- Brock Lesnar: “I don’t give a shit about your kids”.
5- John Cena calls The Miz a “puss”.
6- The name of a segment was actually “Total Bellas Bulls***”
7- Seth Rollins commits arson and probably killed a security guard (trailer of WWE 2k18)
8- Casshole
9- “Big E, let’s just keep it PG, you know what’s good. Just don’t get all rated-R, like your boy Xavier Woods”.
10- Big Cass to Seth Rollins: “No matter what you have been telling yourself the past few years… Size does matter”.
11- AJ Styles to The Miz (and Maryse): “After the beating I gave you, I’m surprised you don’t perform with a limp. Or does he, Maryse?”
12- Enzo Amore “naked”.
14- Rusev to Big Cass: “Your boy has a huge problem.”
Enzo Amore (who is “naked”): “I woulnd’t call it a problem.”
15- Randy  Orton: “Clearly, Miz, you are an expert with playing with yourself.”
16- Lana “cheats” on her husband seducing Enzo Amore in a hotel room.
17- Roman Reigns almost kills Braun Strowman when crashed an ambulance where Braun was in.
18- Eva Marie has a “wardrobe malfunction”.
19- Sasha to Charlotte: “If it wasn’t for a one night stand you probably wouldn’t be standing here”.
20- The Rock, Lana and Rusev segment on The Rock’s return to Raw (“she’s flexible as hell”).‘
21- Dean Ambrose drops Jericho on a pile of thumbtacks (and then they post a video of the thumbtacks being removed from Chris’ body).
22- Paige to Charlotte referring to Charlotte’s brother who tragically died of a heroin overdose at the age of 25: “Your little baby brother didn’t have much fight in him, did he?”
23- Nikki Bella to Brie Bella: “I wish you died in the womb”.
24- CM Punk bathes himself and The Undertaker in the supposed ashes of Paul Bearer.
25- Kevin Owens says that Tom Phillips’s iPad password is “6969” and that he was “disgusting”.
26- Enzo running into Ric Flair on the way to the hotel room (where he has the intention of sleeping with a married woman) and assuring him he “won’t be SAWFT".
27- The Miz to Renee Young: “My obsession with Dean Ambrose? You’re the one sleeping with him!”
28- Paige licking Natalya’s face in a very sexual way.
29- Big Cass threatens to break Enzo’s neck.
30- Vince McMahon says to Shane McMahon he will have one more chance to give him a fucking beating.
31- CM Punk refuses to shake Stephanie McMahon’s hand because “he knows where that hand has been”. 32- AJ Lee says in her Pipe Bombshell: “I didn’t get here… because I SUCKED up to the right people.
33- Ric Flair tells Natalya to kill herself
34- Brie Bella to Stephanie McMahon “You’re so pathetic, you’re such a bitch”.
35- AJ Lee says to Nikki and Brie: “Talent is not sexually transmitted”.
36- Maryse to John Cena: “You know what they say, the bigger the ego the smaller the package.”
37- Paige: “Then you got Lana and Summer too busy trying to figure out who they want to climb onto next rather than the Divas division”.
38- CM Punk to Christian: “Unlike you I don’t waste all these people’s time by bitching and moaning… and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching".
39- Paul Heyman: “Do you and your wife roleplay? Because I’m all about the roleplay”.
41- Bray Wyatt pours a bucket full of blood on Finn Bálor.
42- AJ Styles to Kevin Owens: “You know what I don’t like? A whiny ass lil’ bitch like you!”
43- Roman Reigns to John Cena: “On top of that he’s a part time fake ass bitch”.
44- “John: You come out here with your zipper open.
Roman: I busted it actually, Big Dog.
John: Oh sorry I was just looking for you balls but you don’t got none.
Roman: You would be looking for those.”
45- Roman calling Cena “bitch” multiple times during his promos.
46- Kevin Owens beating a poor old man… aka Vince McMahon.
47- Roman Reigns about Cena: “Sometimes he says stupid shit”.
48- Kevin Owens saying to Shane McMahon that his family would have been better if he hadn’t survived the helicopter accident.
49- Kevin Owens clearly saying “Come on, motherfucker” to Shane McMahon.
50-Kevin Owens to Shane: “I will take your face and grind it against the cage until your flesh comes off”. And, well, his entire promo.

Perfection at it’s finest... (Jeff Atkins imagine)

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Prompt: Reader is more thicker than most girls, she is dating jeff and at a baseball games some girls pick on her and she begins to feel insecure, jeff comforts her.


Y/n cheered as she watched her man run for his life to get to home plate, it was the semi-finals and Liberty high was playing against one of their biggest rivals to compete in the finals. 

The game was tied 8-8 and when it was Jeff’s turn to bat he swung and smacked the ball so hard that the sound of the bat echoed throughout the field, the ball soared over the entire field and landed in the far right corner of the outside field. Quickly dropping his bat as the opposing team ran for the ball, he sprinted for his life.


Watching as he ran past first and second, the right fielder threw the ball to second so that he could throw it to third base, everyone in the stands were stood up and cheering loudly as Jeff passed third base and to home plate. The second base men threw to late and as Jeff slid on home plate the umpire yelled out,


The cheers intensified as the rest of the team ran out on the field and hugged him while jumping up and down with joy. 


She screamed along side the other students and parents, Jeff broke away from the group and pointed at her, mouthing ‘i love you’ while she mouthed the words back. 

The team ran back in the dug out and prepared to bat one more time since there was only a few minutes left and they only had one out. As Monty was getting prepared to bat, Jeff peaked his head out from the dugout and caught y/n’s attention.

“I love you baby!”

Y/n laughed at her adorable boyfriend and repeated the words back to him, as he put his head down y/n paid attention to the game. 

“How is he with her? She’s so fat and ugly.”

“Girl you already know that Jeff is only with her out of pity.” 

Even though she paid no mind to the rude and obnoxious girl, it still stung deeply. Y/n was never one for caring about insecurities, she knew that she was thicker than most girls and that she had a slightly bigger clothes size but she didn’t care. She had learned to accept and love herself, but now hearing it out loud and thinking about their cruel words really took a toll on her.

The boys ended up winning the game, but y/n stayed sitting down sulking while being in her own thoughts. It didn’t help anything at all when the same girls spoke again,

“Let’s go and leave the two fake love birds alone, don’t wanna see Jeff get suffocated by her.” 

Their laughs were loud and y/n tried her best to not let the tears make there way to her eyes and fall. 

“Hey baby, you ready to go?”

Looking up her eyes looked up to Jeff’s face, deciding not to say anything she stayed quiet and nodded. Jeff noticed her change in mood and frowned, picking up his bag and grabbing a hold of her hand, his frown deepened when y/n slipped her hand out of his and walked off the bleachers.

“Is everything okay?” 

He stopped in front of her but y/n sighed annoyed and gave an aggressive response.

“Everything is fine now can you stop asking me all these damn questions.”

Walking to his car she waits by the passenger door as Jeff walks up with a sad puppy dog look and unlocks the door. Opening the door, y/n freezes when she heard loud giggling and whispering, turning her head she sees the same girls and immediately turns back around and gets in the car.

Slamming the door close she buckles up and keeps her fist up to cover her mouth to not let any sound release. The tears came quick but she didn’t dare let them fall, she was angry, angry at those girls, angry at Jeff, but most of all angry at herself. 

Pulling up to his house, they both stay in their seat not saying anything for a moment. Finally, Jeff looks over at her and breaks the silence.

“Whats wrong? And don’t you dare lie to me y/n.”

Y/n shook her head as the tears slowly began to fall down her skin, Jeff immediately became concerned,

“Y/n, please tell me what’s wrong, it kills me to see you upset.”

It was as if all of her anger that was bubbled up exploded in that exact moment.


Getting out of the car y/n slams the door shut and begins to walk down the road to her house.

“Y/n, Y/n wait.”

Grabbing a hold of her arm, Jeff turns her around and takes in her runny face and sad eyes. He was truly disappointed in himself, how could he let her think like that he loved her.

“Y/n, I am absolutely one hundred percent not with you out of pity, I love you for you. How can you not see that I don’t care about what you look like and what size you are? My mother taught me better than that, screw those girls who said that you aren’t right for me or to thick for me. Just because you don’t have the perfect body that society thinks doesn’t mean you aren’t perfect to me. I fell in love with your confidence, your personality, your thick and amazing thighs, I fell in love with all of your perfections and imperfections.”

Pulling her into his body, he grips her waist and leans his forehead down on hers and stares deeply into her eyes.

“I fell in love with you for a reason y/n, you are perfection at its finest, and if you can’t see that then i will show you.” 

Y/n wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him in a deep long kiss, she had never felt this way about anybody, and she was glad that she had someone like Jeff. Pulling away she wraps him in a tight hug and hides her face in his neck. 

“I love you so much Jeff.”

“I love you to.”

A/n: I just ant you guys all to know that everybody is beautiful just the way they are, whether what size you are, embrace your beauty, you are not ugly, you are not fat, you are beautiful. All of you.

i was laughing at this by @thehausghosts for like 5 min so here are some more driving hcs

  • bitty: good country/town and highway driver. likes to drive big cars/trucks bc that’s how he learned and bc he feels safe in them. passive aggressive. speeds like a motherfucker. he got it from his mom. coach fears for his life whenever he drives with either of them. passive aggressive. if you tailgate him, he will slow down to 15 under the speed limit and watch your frustration in his rear view mirror and laugh.
  • holster: decent driver, but loud. blasts the radio and sings/screams along. hates driving if there’s no aux cord. yells and rants when people do things he doesn’t like. the worst person to be with in traffic bc all he does is bitch about the traffic. uses his horn a lot. get’s lost a lot. 
  • ransom: defensive driver. always uses his blinker. hates when people don’t use their blinkers. never goes more than 10 over the speed limit bc getting pulled over makes him nervous. likes listening to podcasts/radio shows/the news while he drives. is somehow good at driving when there’s a lot going on in the car around him. not great at directions so he always ends up doing a lot of harsh fast turns bc o shit that’s my turn isn’t it 800 feet sure goes by quick
  • shitty: the fucking worst. speed limits are suggestions. stop signs don’t matter when there are no other cars around. yellow light means speed up. sits in the middle of the intersection for left turn yield on green. messes with the radio an unsafe amount. drives with the windows down no matter the weather. road rage but not like violent road rage, just a lot of yelling. his car smells like weed. 
  • lardo: tries to be a defensive driver, but gets annoyed easily. is good at speeding, but only does it when she’s 100% sure she won’t get caught. always listens to music. likes long drives as long as she’s the one driving bc you can just check out for hours bc you’re focusing on driving and not the rest of the world. her car is a mcfucking mess, not trash, just a lot of random shit. has a blanket in there, a sweatshirt, a few pairs of sweatpants, random books, empty water bottles, like 5 pairs of sunglasses, a grocery store bag of lollipops, an empty cooler, a posterboard, etc
  • nursey: has never been behind the wheel of a car in his life and isn’t planning on changing that
  • dex: also good at driving when there is chaos in the car, likes driving with other people. listens to the radio or cds. good at small town driving and highway driving, but wouldn’t city drive if you paid him. would probs be alright at it tho bc he tends to be a more aggressive than defensive driver. doesn’t speed a ton. slows n goes stop signs. can drive anything, no matter the size or condition of the car. does u turns anywhere. no cars? it’s ok to make a u turn. also ok to make a k turn if you have to. 
  • chowder: always lets people merge/make left hand turns. always yields to pedestrians. slows down for yellow lights. loves highway driving. can drive anywhere, but would prefer not to drive if it’s not the highway because people are assholes and the road is a scary place. gets angry when people do stupid things, mutters under his breath a lot. 
10 Things Book Addicts Understand
  • 1: the absolute shame in not finishing a book in the time you thought you'd be able to complete it.
  • 2: you literally have five thousand unread books at home but you still pick up a novel or two from Barnes and Noble
  • 3: you love Harry Potter.
  • 4: again, you have hundreds of unread books at home but you still reread (insert favorite book here)
  • 5: The book cover matters. So does the size ok
  • 6: not enough shelf space
  • 7: have multiple copies of (insert favorite book here) in different covers
  • 8: spend literally all your money on books
  • 9: never want to pay full price for a book
  • 10: you have that one book that you'll always go back to because it makes you all warm and cozy inside.
Sexual Questions. ASK ME A FEW :)
  • 1. What’s your favorite position and why?
  • 2. How did you lose your virginity? If you’re still a virgin, is there any specific reason?
  • 3. If you could have sex with any porn star or model, who would it be?
  • 4. What’s one thing in particular that makes you want to tear off your lover’s clothes?
  • 5. Five turn ons.
  • 6. Five turn offs.
  • 7. Have you had any embarrassing sexual experiences?
  • 8. Do you have a fetish?
  • 9. Have you experimented with anyone of the same sex?
  • 10. What’s “out of bounds” for you during sex?
  • 11. What’s the best sexual unsolicited advice you can give?
  • 12. Hickies - get ‘em or give ‘em?
  • 13. Do you like giving head?
  • 14. Do you like getting head?
  • 15. What’s one thing you look for in a partner?
  • 16. How many partners have you had?
  • 17. What’s your sexual orientation?
  • 18. If you’re bi/pansexual, what gender do you tend to prefer?
  • 19. Describe the best sex you’ve ever had.
  • 20. Describe the worst sex you’ve ever had.
  • 21. Have you ever had a funny sexual experience? What was it?
  • 22. Are you okay with rough sex?
  • 23. How big was the biggest dick you’ve ever seen? Was it in a porn or in real life?
  • 24. Boobs or ass - which is better?
  • 25. Do you prefer sex or masturbation?
  • 26. Describe how you usually masturbate.
  • 27. Do you like tattoos on a partner or do you like them to have a clean slate, skin wise?
  • 28. How do you feel about daddy dom/little girl roleplaying?
  • 29. What’s your fantasy?
  • 30. Do you have any sexual regrets?
  • 31. When did you last have sex?
  • 32. When did you last masturbate?
  • 33. Have you had anal?
  • 34. Do you like to spank/be spanked?
  • 35. What do you want done to you right now?
  • 36. Are you comfortable with getting tied up?
  • 37. Did you have sex in high school?
  • 38. How old were you when you lost your virginity? How long has it been?
  • 39. Do you like teasing or would you rather get straight to the point?
  • 40. Sexting or phone sex?
  • 41. Have you had sex in any interesting places?
  • 42. Are you sexually active?
  • 43. Have you had car sex?
  • 44. Have you ever had sex with anyone else in the location you were at? (i.e., while your sister was in the other room)
  • 45. Why aren’t you fucking anyone right now?
  • 46. Are you able to have emotionless sex?
  • 47. Does penis size really matter?
  • 48. What has been your most memorable experience sexually?
  • 49. If male, are you well endowed?
  • 50. If female, what’s your breast size?
  • 51. Have you ever been the other person?
  • 52. Have you ever cheated on anyone?
  • 53. Describe an orgasm.
  • 54. What’s the longest time you’ve had sex for?
  • 55. What’s the shortest time you’ve had sex for?
  • 56. If you could change the person you lost your virginity to, would you?
  • 57. Have you had any pregnancy scares?
  • 58. Are you comfortable naked?
  • 59. Are you comfortable sending pictures of yourself to others?
  • 60. What’s your sexual comfort zone like?
  • 61. What’s something sexual that you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up liking?
  • 62. Do you have any piercings in fun places? (i.e., clit, nipples, dick)
  • 63. Would you say you’re good in bed?
  • 64. How do you get sex tips?
  • 65. Have you ever had sex with anyone while they were on their period? Have you ever had sex while on your period?
  • 66. If you could be the other sex for a day, would you and what would you do first?
  • 67. What’s your favorite part about being the gender you are?
  • 68. Slow but passionate, or fast, furious, and kinky?
  • 69. Have you ever 69’d? Did you enjoy it?
  • 70. Have you ever done drugs and then had sex?
  • 71. Have you ever had sex with someone you’re in love with?
  • 72. How are you with BDSM? Would you ever engage in it?
  • 73. Do you like gagging on cock/having someone gag on your cock? Why?
  • 74. When it comes to oral, are you gentle? Do you use your hands too?
  • 75. Okay, how do you feel about handjobs?
  • 76. Have you had any unwanted pain during sex?
  • 77. What is something that’s not sexual that can turn you on more than anything sexual?
  • 78. Can your sexual partners be categorized by their zodiac signs?
  • 79. Have you had sex to music? What’s your favorite sex song?
  • 80. What’s something you want to try in bed?
  • 81. Has anyone drew blood from you during sex, whether it was by cutting, biting, or scratching? How did you feel about that?
  • 82. Have you ever fucked someone who was sad? Did it help them emotionally or make it worse?
  • 83. Do you like sexual anons?
  • 84. What’s your ideal round of sex?
  • 85. Do you like the use of whipped cream, handcuffs, chocolate, and cherries?
  • 86. Have you ever been walked in on or caught?
  • 87. Have you ever had sex in public? Would you?
  • 88. What’s a good sex joke?
  • 89. Do you like to be called a dirty slut or would you rather be treated like royalty?
  • 90. Are you more submissive or dominant?
  • 91. What’s your naughtiest secret?
  • 92. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve encountered sexually?
  • 93. Have you ever “stuck your dick in crazy”? Was there a lesson learned?
  • 94. Do you like playing with balls/having someone play with yours?
  • 95. What’s the best nonsexual feeling?
  • 96. Do you like feet?
  • 97. Do you look at rule 34/hentai?
  • 98. Pick a random question off this survey for yourself.
  • 99. Who’s your ideal sexual partner?
  • 100. Do you have a partner right now? Would you like one?
  • 101. Are you accepting “applications” for a partner?

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Love you and your blog ♥️ Your Exo dick analysis was amazing can I ask for a BTS one, thank you so much 😊

~ OKAY back at it with the dick analysis so let’s hop into it btw I am sorry for the cringey names it is late at night/early in the morning and I am hype off an energy drink so excuse my weirdness and I don’t know the size of their dicks this is all fun and guesses


My dude got a long dingaling, girth on 100, he can hmu any day like bish whet

6 ½ Inches



He got a pencil dick but who minds about that we’d all smash I mean look at him, ok his penis is slender and a bit long

5 ½ Inches


Same length as Jimin but this man knows how to use what he’s got to the fullest btw he got a whole lot of girth

5 Inches


Boyy be packin a monster (no pun intended) he got length and girth zamn daddy come fuh me up

6 Inches


Has a small dick but it’s girthy as fuck and when I say girthy I mean girthy like oh mi goddd

5 Inches


He got a ding dong I would never ditch, why am I like this idk but anyways is on the slim side but wazzupp

6 Inches


Maknae got a good ass package , right amount of girth and enough length, swing by this way my man

6 Inches

~ Also size does not matter point blank period and I have no idea what a knackpack or fappie is just some dumbass words i put together that made me die on the floor so yeah



Sole asks the Companions What They Would Change about Themselves

Companions  Say What They Think of Sole’s Body 

Companions Say What They Would Do to Sole in Bed

Companions Confess Their True Feelings for Female Sole (GIF Reactions)

Companions Fuck, Marry, Kill

Companions Are Asked Who Their First Crush Was And Why?

Companions Answer What Turns Them On

Companions answer if they have ever thought about having sex with/being in a relationship with anyone in the room

Companions answer what was the dumbest flirty thing they did/said

Companions answer “Does size matter?”

Sole confessed their love for (not romance-able) companions

Companions answer what their favorite hobby is (for a truth) + Add “In Bed” at the end of every sentence (for a dare)

Sole answers “Yes” to having a crush on someone

Sole asks companions When was the last time they had sex

Sole asks if the Companions have a crush


Companions are dare to press sole against the wall and say they “I love you”

Romanced Companions are dared to hurt Sole badly

Companions are Dared to Ask Sole Out + First Date

Companions are dared to give Sole a hickey

Excuse me Elder…(Drawing)

Companions are Dared to Fight Maxson

Smol Sole Getting Dared to Go on Their Tippy Toes and Make Out with the Companions

Companions Turning Sole on without Touching Them

Sole Dared to Call Companion’s Daddy or Master

Sole Calling Companions Daddy for a Second Time

Companions Dared to Make a Flower Crown for Sole Part 1

Companions Dared to Make a Flower Crown for Sole Part 2

Female Sole Dared to Grind on a Companions Lap

Companions Play 7 Minutes of Heaven with Sole

Companions Play 7 Minutes in Heaven with a Horny Sole

Companions Playing 7 Minutes in Heaven with Another Companion

Preston Dared to Give Sturges a Lap Dance

Companions Dared to Motor Boat Female Sole

Sole Dared to Tickle the Companions

Companions Dared to Tickle Sole until They Cry

Companions Have to Say ‘I Love You’ to Someone in a Convincing Manner

Female Sole Tells a Romanced Companion that  She is Pregnant with Their Baby

Danse Dared to Kiss Maxon

Companions Dared to Lick Sole’s Cheek Randomly

Companions Dared to Act Out Giving Oral Sex to Female Sole

Companions Dared to Slap Female Sole

Blindfolded Sole and Companions Have to Kiss the First Person They Touch

Companions Dared to Make Sole Moan

Companions React to Sole Landing a Hard Sex Position (GIF Reactions)

Companions Are Dared To Lift Up Sole’s Shirt In Front Of Everyone

F!Sole Kisses Companions For A Dare 

Companions Are Dared To Bother Sole When They Are Using The Bathroom

Companions Are Dared To Grind On M!Sole

Companions Are Dared To Reveal A Secret To The Person Next To Them

Companions Are Dared To Press Their Crotch Against F!Sole’s Butt, While She Is Bending Over To Tie Her Shoe

Sole Is Dared To Undress A Companion While The Companion Also Undresses Them

Sole Pecks Companions Out Of Nowhere (GIF Reactions)

Sole is dared to go down on a companion in front of the others

Sole is dared to lick one of the companion’s body parts

Companions are dared to do a strip-tease in front of everyone

Sole deep-throats a whole banana (GIF Reactions)

Companions switch clothes/outfits

Companions are dared to make out with F!Sole in the middle of Sanctuary. + Bite her lip

Companions are dared to sing everything they say for the next 10 minutes

Companions grope Soles ass

Sole gives companions a lap dance

Companions answer what their favorite hobby is (for a truth) + Add “In Bed” at the end of every sentence (for a dare)

Companions kiss another companion

Companions are dared to kiss Sole

Companions take off their shirt

Sole kisses companions on the cheek

Sole is asked to kiss someone in the group

F!Sole flashes her boobs for a dare in front of everyone

From left to right:
1. January 2015 – 198.8lbs
2. December 2015 – 135lbs
3. December 2016 – 144.6lbs

Yes, I am heavier now than I was a year ago. My body has changed so much for the better with increased muscle mass and strength.

Size doesn’t matter. Weight does not equal size. I wear a smaller size now at almost ten pounds heavier than I did in the middle photo.

Don’t be afraid to eat. Don’t be afraid to lift heavy. Don’t be afraid to indulge yourself occasionally. It doesn’t take one day to lose 60lbs, much like you won’t put it back on after one day.

Just a friendly reminder ❤️

anonymous asked:

Which characters do you think would most likely wear a matching onesie with their s/o? I have no idea where this came from except that I'm currently wearing my own onesie. 😂

We have a secret for you, anon… Us admins had extensive onesie headcanons long before you sent this in. This was just fun to write, though! 
~Admins Emma, Alyx and Ellie

Asahi: You got him a Totoro onesie for his birthday; it was about 50% a joke, but it backfired, because he’s addicted to the thing. Suga makes fun of him and Noya judges the hell out of him but he doesn’t even care because he’s toasty as hell and he looks adorable, so there! The fact that it was a gift from you? Even better; plus it gives him extra excuses for extra cuddles, so it’s fantastic. It doesn’t really fit all that well, considering how tall and broad he is, but he doesn’t really care, so long as he’s comfortable.

Bokuto: Super pumped always. Super into cheesy matching stuff either way, but in his opinion, nothing beats a super cozy onesie. It’s cliche as hell, but he definitely has an owl one (he’s committed to his aesthetic). Problem is no matter what he does, it’s about two sizes too small in the shoulders and too short on the arms and legs, so he always has to roll his up and leave it a bit open on the collar. #Baraproblems

Kuroo: Nya, bitches! He wears his cat onesie with fucking pride and he’ll fight you if you say anything about it. Kuroo is social, studious, and dedicated as hell, so he’s out and about 90% of his life. When he has a day with just you, he refuses to human and just burritos in his cozy-ass onesie with coffee and Disney movies. If you manage to special-order one to fit his titan ass, he will be forever grateful.

Oikawa: Let’s be honest, he’s at least partly into it just for the cutesy couple selfie. To be fair, though, the two of you do look absolutely adorable. Besides, the things are cozy. What better to curl up in and watch alien movies with you? (Oikawa does have about a foot of ankle sticking out at the bottom, but that’s what his extensive sock collection is for.)

Ushijima: Honestly, he is down for just about anything you’re into, and if it’s matching onesies, then he won’t fight you. He might not 100% get it, but he must admit the thing is comfortable. Sadly, it is so small on him, he basically has to pull the ankle cuffs right under his knees, which sort of defeats the purpose, but all the better to admire those calves, really. Even if he totally overwhelms the little cow onesie you got him (“Ah, because the first character in my name means “cow.” I get it.”) he looks totally precious and is 100% down for snuggles no matter the wardrobe choices, so everything is great by his standards.

Tendou: Pokemon onesies, anyone? It really doesn’t matter which pokemon, Tendou will love it. However, he’ll look entirely too adorable in a pikachu one–his hair matches the cheek spots. Okay so maybe it’s like 50% adorable and 50% ridiculous, but you love him for it. Even when he keeps saying ‘pika pika!’ even after you told him that it was funny the first fifty times, Satori. It’s still worth it though, because eventually he will actually stop, and you get to enjoy the coziest, toastiest cuddles ever.