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Under the cut you will find #35 gifs of actor KJ APA mostly from promos and clips of Riverdale. He is part-Kiwi/part-Samoan, please cast him accordingly. Every one of these gifs was MADE BY ME. DO NOT include these in crackship gifs, gif hunts or graphics. If you’d like to use them for gif icons, please contact me. Some of these aren’t the best quality but I’ll be making more as more material is released. Likes & reblogs are appreciated.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe Rewatch (Pt. 65/?) » Iron Man 3.


20 Days of Calum
Day 11 ➢ Favorite Quote

Calum came in and owned that song. He’s not really the guy who will step in and take over situations like Michael and Ashton will… Calum came in and said, “This is my song.” I remember Michael tried to step in, but Calum slayed the chorus.