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I finalllllyyyyy finished this project and I am so excited to share!!!!!! I posted a few weeks ago about Personal Space, a brand me and a friend started featuring my illustrations and her amazing D.I.Y. craftiness. And, in an amazing turn of events, I set myself some reallllllly tough deadlines and I completed my PERSONAL SPACE tarot deck!

The deck is a full tarot-sized deck of 78 cards. I’m selling them at a local arts fair in late Oct, but if you were interested in pre-ordering to get one in before I place the print order, you can do that! It is available for PRE ORDER in my Etsy shop for a few weeks. 

After the fair in Oct, I’ll be selling the remainder of the decks, but tbh it really would be an amazing help if you were thinking about pre-ordering it, to place your order ASAP so I can add additional decks to the print order. :) Have a great day!!!!! If you have any questions feel free to ask & i would rlly appreciate signal boosts!


This is some next level shit right here

“(Husband) Back when our kids were little we were raising 78 animals in our 34 pyeong (1,209 sq/ft) sized apartment.”
“What? 78 animals?”
“(Husband) Right, that’s only counting the animals we were raising, not the people.”
“What kind of animal can you raise 78 of? Like what kind of animals were they?”
“(Husband) Tropical fish. Haha. But, I’m not lying. We didn’t only have tropical fish. We also had a pair of parakeets and about 80 plants. Ah, I almost forgot one. We had a monkey too, a moving stuffed monkey.”
“(Wife) That…was a living thing?”

“(남편) 예전에 애들 어릴 때 살던 34평 아파트에서 동물을 78마리나 길렀었어.”
“네? 78마리요?”
“(남편) 응, 사람 빼고 기르는 동물만.”
“무슨 동물이 78마리나 돼요? 어떤 동물이었는데요?”
“(남편)열대어. 하하. 근데 거짓말 아니야. 열대어 뿐만이 아니고 잉꼬새에 자라 한쌍도 있었다구. 그리고 키우던 식물만 80여개 였어. 아, 하나 빼먹을뻔 했네. 원숭이도 있었어, 움직이는 장난감 원숭이.”
“(아내) 그게.. 생물이야?”