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Hi! Um… short answer, yes I do! 

Unnecessary Long Answer: 

Ichiruki has always been the main canon-material pairing in BLEACH for me, but as BLEACH was an action genre, I was very happy it didn’t get into any romance that would get in the way of the series. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t like Orihime’s position in the franchise, because that’s all she was demoted to in the end. 

Ichigo and Rukia had amazing chemistry in the first and best arc of BLEACH. But when the Hueco Mundo arc came around, Kubo kinda destroyed Rukia’s personality. She did hit Ichigo now and then in the first arc when he’d make fun of her, not for just the sake of beating Ichigo up. Ichigo was extremely depressed, injured, and misinformed about the hollow attack. She shows up and beats the crap out of him. She brings him to his senses, but after the Hueco Mundo arc, Kubo butchered Rukia’s caring side towards Ichigo, which I was extremely unhappy about. You’d think considered Kaien’s death she’s be far more caring and considerate…… but no. Just down the gutter. ESPECIALLY when Rukia forced Ichigo to apologize to Orihime. That was not acceptable. Orihime and Chad ran into the fight of their own will, its not Ichigo’s fault they got hurt and he should not take blame for that. Orihime did try to reason with Ichigo that she ran in of her own accord and that he shouldn’t have to be there to protect her all the time. This set up the whole gary-sue trope for Ichigo, and ever since then he was the only one to ever actually progress the BLEACH series and things just got sickeningly repetitive. 

Now…I apologize if I’m side tracking but I have to talk about my stance on these pairings again: 


….Orihime was shown to have a crush on Ichigo throughout the entire manga, but never had any real reason or explanation behind it. 

Seriously? Why????? She literally would give up her life for a mere highschool crush.. who does that? Its been stated she didn’t develop a crush for Ichigo until she saw him in Highschool. She stalks him and constantly gets in his way. 

Ichigo has never once shown any interest in her at all, he’s brushed her off and ignored her everytime she approached him, and yet Kubo has the audacity to co-author a book and release it about Ichigo saying he knew about Orihime’s crush this entire time and even asks her out? I’ve never heard something so ridiculous in my entire life. 

I saw a video released recently about one of the BLEACH editors saying Orihime was the heroine of the series which is entirely false. Out of the entire series (besides filler arcs), Orihime has only defeated ONE enemy. Which was a weakling hollow in the first arc. That’s literally it. I don’t think heroines are defined by the amount of people they’ve healed, but regarding that, her healing abilities could be replaced easily by Hachigen or Unohana. Hachigen told her she had the ability to bring things back to life without needing a body, and yet her power couldn’t even HEAL a body like Ichigo’s in the Ulquiorra fight. She’s no heroine. She was demoted to a side-character. 

Back to her crush on Ichigo, remember the ONE time she actually defeated an enemy? That was for TATSUKI. TATSUKI WAS THE ONE WHO AWOKE HER POWER, AND THAT’S WHEN ORIHIME GAINED INDEPENDENCE TO FIGHT. But when going to rescue Rukia, she was really only there to “protect” Ichigo for no real reason as to why besides her crush that she doesn’t even know if its requited. 

Orihime had the ability to reverse time. She was given many opportunities to actually make a difference in the series that only she could make. But none were taken. She didn’t reverse the Hougyoku, she couldn’t stop Tsukishima, and despite having “god like powers” her power does jack-shit to the soul kings. As to how she wasn’t killed in the Yhwach vs Ichigo battle, and as to why Ichigo and CO. even let her come along on this mission will forever be a mystery to me. She’s the weakest character out of the original team of 5, by all means, she should have been killed. Even Renji knew she wasn’t a warrior, so why was she there? Her only significance in the final battle was fixing Yoruichi’s arm, that’s it. (and giving birth to Yhwach Jr. but that’s a cluster fuck to analyze for another time) 

Orihime was reduced to pure fanservice waifu-material. Her breasts were 4X the size of her head in the quincy arc, and her power has been completely useless overall the entire series, especially if others can replicate her abilities to an even better extent than her own. (Like Hachigen.) 

The fact that there’s no soul king and Ichigo wasn’t allowed at home due to his power issues, and the fact that they’re even allowed to have children in the world of the living, this is the most baffling, false, and culture shocking ending to a series I have ever seen. I feel like this ending is legit a dream world that Ichigo is having as the new soul king considering this ending is literally not possible reflecting on all the information we’ve been given this past arc. Yikes. 


“Knowing eachother for a long time” is weird in itself considering time passes differently in Soul Society than in the human world… which Kubo seems to have forgotten. As to why they’d have a child that is somehow the same-looking age as Kazui perhaps around the same time as Ichigo and Orihime is a bundle of confusion already. But these two didn’t talk for 40 years, then Renji shows up and beats her up and slices her, threatening to KILL her, where URYU HAS TO STEP IN. HOW BAD DOES THAT LOOK WHEN A QUINCY STEPS IN-BETWEEN A SHINIGAMI QUARREL. Renji and Rukia have had absolutely zero romantic interest the entire series. The only one time Renji ever seems to actually like her was when they were children. But RenRuki has never had any one-sided love confessions like Orihime. THis is the least developed pairing out of the two. 

(and also for Orihime to make Rukia a wedding veil out of strawberry flowers… REALLY? I MEAN…. no wonder there’s Ichiruki/Ishihime cheating AU’s going around right now! I mean can you imagine Renji seeing his to be wife marching down the aisle with strawberry flowers? Considering this anime has heavily implied name association (Princess Orihime, Sado Yasutora the Tiger, Yuzu-Ichigo-and Karin being named with homonyms for fruits, Ichigo addressing his name with the number 15 on his door, Kon being direct from Konpaku..) For Renji not to pick up on that, especially with Ichigo probably attending their wedding….he’s gotta know something is up. I mean how did Renji even know about Orihime’s crush on Ichigo let alone “know” Ichigo has a “crush on” Orihime too? Zero context for that too. Lot of plot hole issues with these pairings. )) 


now Uryu. Precious Uryu. He deserved the world and got nothing. An anti-social who ends up making friends only for them all to become distant from him once more. The original quincy who gets nearly zero spotlight in an arc dedicated to quincy. A man who stood up for ex-shinigami Rukia when she was getting sliced up by her “future husband” Renji. A man who noticed, reassured, encouraged, and was amazed by Orihime’s abilities and kindness. A man who would lay his life down for her after spending nearly the entire Soul Society arc with her. Orihime was the closest person in the group with Uryu, they even shared the same aspirations. They were both top in their sewing class, had quirky designs and tastes, and in the end were both interested in the medical field. They even had a close relative they adored die before their eyes when they were young. For this pairing not to be canon is a crime to me. These two deserved so… so much better. 


I honestly could live with Renruki. That’s a whatever for me for it to be canon. But Ichihime makes zero sense with the plot. That’s my main issue with the pairings. For Ichihime to be real, Ichigo and Orihime have to be in soul society. But even so, if Ichigo was in soul society, that means more time with Rukia, so at that point, who knows which way the pairings would go? 

That being said, I would not want a forced Ichiruki BLEACH ending if it meant there’d be no soul king and massive gun-shot plot holes and contradictory storyline like Ichihime left.  

I completely shipped Ichiruki in the first arc, but as I said, Kubo changed Rukia’s personality (and her friggen backstory? He made her out to be one of the weakest shinigami and yet she had a shikai like… when did she obtain this? If this was before she lost her powers then I’m at a loss as to how she couldn’t defeat a simple hollow, Kubo is a complete liar he legit had no idea where he was going with the story.)Maybe her desire to get rid of her powers and die because of the Kaien incident would make sense at the time, but other than that her being weak was weird, especially now since she’s defeated one of the most powerful underling quincy and obtained a bankai. How can that BLEACH editor say she’s not the true heroine of the series? She can fight and heal injuries, she’s got the training for it. 

So I absolutely love Ichiruki. As an AU. Because with the way Kubo set Ichigo up to really be the only soul king option besides Aizen, Ichiruki couldn’t be canon along with Ichihime. If the quincy arc diverged away from that where there was no desperate need for a soul king, Ichiruki should have totally become canon because of Ichigo’s bounds to Soul Society and given their chemistry. 

Orihime was jealous of Rukia because Rukia was always the one who could reach through to Ichigo no matter what. Orihime was never able to do that (besides that time in the Grimmjow fight, but the reason Ichigo was upset was because of her in the first place so it makes sense as to why he’d only listen to her that one time.)  For Orihime to still hold such good ties with Rukia all the while hating her on the inside for being closer with Ichigo is a surprise to me. She’s strong with her kindness, I’ll give her that. But regardless, she was helpless to save Ichigo, even with her powers. The only time she successfully healed him was during the first arc up to Grimmjow’s fight. After that, she just couldn’t seem to heal him anymore because her power is “no match” against the reiatsu inflicted wounds. 

Renji said Rukia’s faced never looked so alive when he mentioned traces of Ichigo sightings in Soul Society. Ichigo, a guy Rukia only knew for a little while, rushed in with little to no shinigami experience to save her, while Renji sat back hopeless knowing he could do nothing despite her being his only friend for so many years. He BEGGED Ichigo to save her because he couldn’t. 

Orihime and Renji could not once reach out to the ones they “loved” this whole series. They both held a jealously towards their “spouses’” significant other because they knew they couldn’t do the same. That says a lot about this entire situation. 


To have two main characters: male and female… have such a great start off friendship…. to have the female character have a back story involving a guy who she loved who was so similar to Ichigo its uncanny, to have Ichigo quote something he heard from Rukia an entire arc ago when addressing his father’s shinigami powers, to have Orihime fear Ichigo turning hollow when Rukia fears FOR Ichigo as a hollow, to have ichigo constantly be concerned for Rukia’s well being during the Orihime Rescue mission ready to drop everything to go save her first if she was in trouble, to continuously joke about Ichigo and Rukia’s close “romantic” relationship in canon and filler arc along with rumors being spread that the two are dating within the highschool in the first arc, to have an entire movie dedicated to Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship where Ichigo remembered Rukia so quickly, while her future HUSBAND RENJI FORGOT HER COMPLETELY, to have multiple parallels of “sun and moon” yin/yang - clad-type finale white and black bankai moves -  similar Masaki-Isshin forbidden meeting parallel not to mention the parallel of Ichigo/Isshin saving Rukia/Masaki savior scene nearly laid out the same way, to have a PTSD rain significance with Ichigo’s memories of his mother dying- and when he saves Rukia he says the rain stopped because of her, to have Isshin and Ichigo’s family accept Rukia as a third daughter/sister and have her sleep in their house treating her as part of the family while Isshin and Yuzu listen in on Rukia and Ichigo’s conversations in the bedroom along with Yuzu being concerned because Rukia seems more girly and romance material to Ichigo than Tatsuki was, to have ichigo miss his power that he dreams about Rukia, to have Ichigo think of Rukia as the last and strongest pride he had as a shinigami when trying to gain his fullbring, to have Rukia swoop in and save him when he’s crying his eyes out to help him regain his power- to be the only one in Soul Society to be against the idea of Ichigo becoming Soul Society’s enemy and spying on him, when Ichigo ends up seeing Rukia’s butt in the hot springs and he and the other guy think of peaches….., when Renji forcibly picks a bloody defeated Ichigo off the ground Rukia tells him to wait and  that Ichigo might not be in good shape for a lecture despite that being her job the past few arcs, to have Yhwach say he’ll show up when Ichigo and his friends are at their happiest and he chooses to show up during Ichigo and Rukia’s 10 year reunion and not their weddings or baby-showers, to have Ichihime and Renruki become the “canon” pairing and having their children be the focus of the final chapter and yet the finale book cover is Ichiruki, to have a co-author novel with the suspicious title “We do KNOT always love you” featuring Renji and Rukia’s wedding and Ichihime confession, to have Ichiruki be voted the most popular BLEACH pairing and to be promoting the final BLEACH manga with Ichiruki advertisement bait….. to have the last image we see of the main group be of Ichigo and Rukia who hardly acknowledge their spouses the whole chapter?  

and Tite Kubo FRIENDZONED these two? 


I’m glad Ichiruki didn’t get in the way of the story like Ichihime did, so at least that’s a positive. 

Mitsuro Kubo, the creator of Yuri on Ice did in 12 anime episodes what Tite Kubo couldn’t do in 10 years. 

Create a believable, developed, romantic relationship with a good plot to back it up. 

and the best part is, Mitsuro Kubo did it with non-heterosexual characters. 

For Kubo to rush in with this light novel to try and force in “romantic development” to try and explain pairings he literally only splooshed together for the sake of children.. and to attempt to explain it in a single light novel when he had wasted a ton of plotline set ups that went no where that he could have spent developing said relationships in 10 years time? To have him claim this is an action genre only for him to approve of a light novel based around forced romance and not filling up the hundreds of plot holes he made in the series? Sure we get insight on a couple character’s status and whereabouts but uM WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED… TO THE SOUL KING? THE ZERO SQUAD? Y’KNOW… THE MOST IMPORTANT KEY TO THE WORLD BEING ABLE TO LIVE? HE DEEMED PAIRINGS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT?

If Kaien Shiba claims our hearts are in our fists, I think there’s a lot of bleach fans out there who would love to introduce their “hearts” to Kubo’s face… as harsh as that sounds. He and his entire editor team just continue to ship bait and lie to their fans. It’s very disrespectful, kinda giving fans a reason to be upset with them aside from their other choices. Still don’t approve of the harassment going on though. Nothing is gonna change it now besides us. Its up to us to patch up what’s left of BLEACH’S dignity by continuing to improve and create better plot lines that Kubo pulled out of his garbage can. 

So yeah. Ishihime and Ichiruki were, without a doubt in my mind, canon in the first arc. The amount of time and care each exhibited toward eachother throughout the arc says it all. The end game pairings were DEFINITELY not planned from the beginning. Kubo never had a hold that good on the plot of his series past the first arc. Its just… its not believable. Can’t buy it no matter how hard I try… 

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what are the best websites that offer cute plus size clothes? clothes like what betty bones have not that boxyshaped, ill-fitting stuff that so many stores do.

  • Asos curve: Up to Size US 24, ships worldwide. 
  • Boohoo: Up to Size 20, ships worldwide.
  • City chic: Up to Size 22, ships worldwide.
  • Deb shops: Up to Size 24/3X,  ships worldwide.
  • Eloquii: Up to Size 24, ships worldwide.
  • Fashion to figure Up to Size 26, Ships U.S. and U.S. territories only.
  • Forever 21+: Up to Size 4X , ships worldwide.  
  • Gslovesme: Up to Size 22, Ships U.S. and U.S. territories only.
  • H&M: Up to Size 4X   ships worldwide.
  • Modcloth: Up to Size 4X, retro and modern, ships worldwide.  
  • New look: Up to Size 24,  ships worldwide.
  • Pink clove: Up to Size US 28, ships worldwide.
  • Rainbowshops: Up to Size 22,  Ships U.S. and U.S. territories only.
  • Sammydress: Up to Size 9Xl, Affordable, ships worldwide.  
  • Simply be: Up to Size US 28, ships to UK, europe, and US. 
  • Torrid: Up to Size 30/5X ships worldwide.
  • Spreepicky.: Up to Size 7X, kawaii clothes, ships worldwide.  
  • Yours clothing: Up to Size US 28, ships worldwide.  
  • A’gaci:  Up to Size 3X, Ships U.S. and U.S. territories only.  
  • Tunnelvision: Up to Size 4X, mostly vintage options, ships worldwide.
  • HipsAndCurves: Up to Size 6X, mostly lingerie, ships worldwide. 
  • UniqueVintage: Up to Size 5X, vintage and retro, ships worldwide.
  • Amiclubwear: Up to Size 6X, cheap sexy clothes, ships worldwide.

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do u wanna know what i want to see in Supergirl? I want more of moments of Kara as Supergirl being an everyday hero. All of the show doesn’t need to be her fighting aliens 4x the size of her, or saving the world in every episode. Imagine Supergirl just going for a fly around National City and she sees a little girl sitting alone on the swings, so she stops in and says hi and offers to swing with her. Or maybe she hears some kid struggling with their math homework, so she stops in and tries to help them… (then calls Winn if she can’t remember how to do it). Perhaps a little girl is in the hospital, and her final wish is to meet Supergirl, so what does Supergirl do? She goes to the hospital and stays with the girl for as long as she possibly can. As much as i know the whole thing right now is big aliens and Cadmus, i really have this thing for nice, sweet, bubbly Kara showing through Supergirl’s steel exterior.

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do you know of any brands/places/retailers that sell workout clothes at an affordable price? i've never really had enough money to afford all the fancy instagram workout stuff and the knockoffs I buy always break/rip/etc

I can personally recommend:

  • Old Navy - They consistently have sales on activewear, so you can purchase some relatively good quality items for cheap. The items I’ve bought from them have lasted for years and pass the squat test. And much of their clothing goes up to size 4x/30!
  • Kohls - Another good source of sales. The quality of their items are hit-or-miss, but they offer a huge variety of styles. All of my running shorts comes from here.
  • Champion - My chosen source of leggings. They’re opaque, offer various fits and stand the test of time. If buying directly from Champion is too expensive for you, then keep an eye out for these products at stores like Marshalls and Burlington Coat Factory. Also look for them at…
  • Target - Can be a tad more expensive for basic items, but what they sell tends to be good quality. I find a lot of C9 Champion items here, too. Great for tops and sports bras!

And some places where I haven’t bought clothes in a while, but can vouch for:

  • - Non-name brand items in fairly limited sizes, but keep an eye on this page. Some fun items tend to pop up and you might hit it lucky. Just be sure to carefully read the sizing guide before buying.
  • Danskin - I love them, I don’t know why I haven’t bought more! In addition to good quality, they sell quite a lot of their items in Walmart, so that gives you an idea of their price point. Order directly from the website if you want to see their full range of clothing.
  • Marika - Slightly pricier, but they offer a range of sizes that actually look cute on all bodies. Watch for their sales, especially on sports bras.

And lastly - Always remember that Instagram #fitspo isn’t actually about working out. These are models who are being paid to wear certain clothing. Very, very little of it is “real,” in the sense that very, very few of the models are actually wearing this stuff in the gym consistently. If your clothes are ripping but their’s aren’t, it’s because you’re actually wearing your stuff regularly. Try not to compare your life to them! Even if you could afford their fancy stuff, they’re selling a fantasy that us Average Joes can’t really attain.

I’m honestly a bit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about that aspect of ModCloth (there is no ethical consumption under capitalism and all. And honestly what shopping outlet ISN’T owned by an evil conglomerate at this point?)

The thing that’s great about ModCloth is that they a). have a nice selection of plus-size clothing and b). they’re one of the few retailers out there that I know of that actually sells colorful clothing, not just variants of Kardashian-ified spandex crop tops in various shades of black and grey

BUT I do have some problems with their stuff, mainly a) it’s seriously over-priced, especially for the amount of rayon and polyester that they use, and b). the sizing on their plus-size stuff isn’t exactly the best. Usually I’m a size 2X everywhere I go, but I got a 2X dress from ModCloth and I couldn’t get it zipped. I had to return it and got their largest size, a 4X, which fit, but came two weeks after the event I needed a dress for happened.

So I’ve been looking for a decent alternative.

For fat girls looking for cheap leggings to wear under dresses/long tops

I just got a pair of these “Zando” brand women’s capri leggings off Amazon.  They are cheap and the 7x (US Size 4x) stretches easily to fit my 5x/6x butt.  

They are DEFINITELY cheaply constructed, so don’t buy these thinking you’re getting super quality items, but they’re lightweight enough that I can wear them under cowcow dresses without adding too much heat factor (because the downside to cow cow stuff is that the fabric gets hot quickly).  The fabric is thin, so you probably want to wear something over them to cover yer butt unless you’re totes OK with people seeing your undies.

Hope this helps.  The pair I got were $8.99 and had free shipping (to the US) but prices will probably vary a bit.  They came from China but got here quite quickly, so that was nice also.

Online Plus Size Shopping Guide for Super Cute Clothes

Notes: Everything contained herein is based on my own personal shopping experiences, so YMMV. No one retailer is perfect for plus size shopping, and not everyone’s taste aligns with mine, so please bear this in mind. Right now, I am about a US size 16/18 or XL/2X depending on the retailer, but I have bought online up to about a US 20. I have very chubby arms, but my bust and waist are a lot smaller than my hips, so I tend to have some trouble finding things that fit all over. Most retailers usually have a plus cut, so there shouldn’t be a lot of discrepancy from my experiences for sizes above US 22. I know this will not be all-inclusive, so please feel free to add on whatever you think is helpful, because I know so many plus size shoppers really, really struggle, so share your experiences and advice.

Notes pt 2: I don’t really shop at B&M plus size retailers (like Lane Bryant, Torrid, Catherine’s, etc.) but I did work at Avenue for a while, so I will just leave those retailers out. Again, if you have a lot of experience with a particular plus size B&M retailer, join in the conversation and add whatever you can that will help people shopping online or in-store. The same goes for department stores, I do not ever shop in department stores, so I have no experiences to add there.

Notes pt 3: If you are shopping exclusively online, please try to get measurements so that you can compare that to size charts. Remember, there is no standardization in sizing, and every company sizes a little differently, so size charts are your friend. Plus, if you really fall in love with an item, you could tell from the size chart if it could be altered to fit if you bought a size up or something. (I know this is not an option for everyone, but it does at least give the option for some.)

Notes pt 4: I won’t link to my Ebates account because I am not trying to make money off of anyone, but if you don’t have it, SIGN UP NOW. It is so easy to use, and you get money back for shopping. I’ll note below which of these stores offers Ebates rewards.

My go-tos:

-ModCloth. They offer sizes up to 4x, but their house brand tends to be cut about a size larger. They have a decent size chart that allows you to compare your own measurements. They also have a customer service live chat, and if you tell them what item you’re looking at, they can almost always get measurements for it so you can compare. (I have done this several times, and it absolutely makes the shopping process a lot easier.) There are lots of reviews and outfit photos from other shoppers, which also really helps if you’re on the fence about something. They offer a lot of different styles, leaning toward kitschy/cutesty/retro/vintage-inspired offerings. Shipping is moderate, it usually takes about 10 days if you choose the free shipping option (if you qualify.) BEST FOR: Unique dresses and a-line skirts. PRICE RANGE: moderate, but quality is usually good. Most items will be between $40-$75, but it varies; items in the sale section can be anywhere from about 30% to 60% off, so you can get some GREAT deals in the sale section. SIZE RANGE: XS-4X. Does not offer Ebates rewards.

-eShakti. CUSTOM SIZING. Let me repeat: they do custom sizing for their pieces. Plus, if you don’t like the sleeves, neckline, embroidery, pockets (you heathen!), etc, you can alter. They have casual and special occasion dresses and separates, all of which you can custom size. I can’t emphasize this enough. If you’re looking for something for a special event, or if you’re like me and a different size on top and bottom, this is your best friend. They do charge a fee for customization, but it is worth it since it’s cheaper than alteration. Sign up for their email list, they often do some good sales where you can get a good deal. There’s a special discount for shopping on mobile, too. They do offer free returns as well. NOTE: dresses are made as they are ordered, so if you need it for a certain event or date, order as early as you can, as it can take about 15 days to receive your items. BEST FOR: workwear, special occasion dresses, jersey dresses for every day. PRICE RAGE: the higher end of moderate, but the dresses are custom made when you order and the quality is outstanding. Without a discount code, an uncustomized dress is about $45-$70. SIZE RANGE: 0 to 36W. Yes, you read that right. And you can customize ANY size. Does not offer Ebates rewards. I know a lot of the stuff Target sells online in its plus section is bullshit, but for basics, you can’t go wrong. The prices are good, and the quality of the Merona t-shirts and cardigans is excellent for what you’re paying. The Who What Wear line is a lot more fashionable and great to wear to work, but be aware that everything runs about a size smaller. I do not care for the Ava and Viv line, and I think I have only ever bought one pair of shorts from that line, which I promptly returned. If you like Ava and Viv good on you, it just doesn’t do it for me. You can return in-store if you buy something online, and if you have the Target RedCard, you get 5% off and free shipping on items from the website. It generally takes about 5-7 business days for a package to come to me. BEST FOR: basics like cardigans and t-shirts; Who What Wear for work, but pay close attention to sizing. PRICE RANGE: low, especially if you pay close attention to sales and use the RedCard discount. Most items average between $10 and $30 USD. SIZE RANGE: sizing for Ava and Viv and Merona plus is X-4X (translating, according to the website, to roughly 14W to 30W.) Sizing for Who What Wear is X-4X (where an X is probably about a straight-size 12/14, 1X is about 14W, and going up from there. All items I have from WWW are sized smaller than the rest of the plus clothing at Target.) Does offer Ebates rewards. *IMPORTANT EDIT: I just read that the Victoria Beckham line for Target will go up to size 3x, but odds are that the sizing will be more in line with WWW rather than Ava and Viv.*

-BooHoo. BooHoo is an online retailer based in the UK, so make sure that you choose USD from the drop down at the top of the page, because when you do, it also converts the sizing. They offer some workwear, but most of their stuff trends toward casual or clubwear. If you want something on the sexier side, BooHoo has you covered. In my mind they’re kind the UK answer to Forever 21, but I think most of their stuff is cuter. Be careful, though, because sometimes the quality isn’t quite what you’d expect. That said, they do a TON of good sales, it is quite easy to get many things from their site for not a lot of money. Like F21, they too have cute, cheap, trendy accessories as well. Even coming from overseas, they ship very fast, and I haven’t ever waited too long for a package from them. BEST FOR: trendy pieces, experimenting with your look, clothes for going out and partying down. PRICE RANGE: comparable to Forever 21, so pretty low, with some nicer items going into moderate, but they do offer a lot of codes. SIZE RANGE: US 12-24. (The dresses I have bought from there seem pretty true to size, but I have not bought any bottoms, so I can’t speak to their pants sizing.) Does offer Ebates rewards.

-ASOS. To me, ASOS is BooHoo’s grown up, more chic older sister. They have an amazing variety, from workwear to club wear to casual to formal. If your style is more eclectic or punky, you will definitely find something you like here, but even if you trend super feminine, you will not be at a loss. They also have a MEN’S PLUS SIZE section, which I only recently discovered. I have not bought anything from this portion of the site, but even knowing that it exists is helpful, and it looks like they offer staples, work wear, and more trendy pieces there as well. Their accessories/shoes/beauty sections are off the hook too, seriously; their accessories are amazing. They also have basics (like leggings or tshirts) in multi-packs, so you can save even more and stock up. Sizing can be hit or miss, since they carry a lot of different brands (including some BooHoo items!!) but most items I have bought have been true to the size chart that they provide. They do offer good codes from time to time. Items ship from the UK, and it takes about 1.5 to 2 weeks to reach the West Coast of the US. BEST FOR: a wide variety to choose from, pretty dresses, fashionable casual wear. PRICE RANGE: moderate to high, depending on the item and the occasion. They have good codes sometimes, and a great sale section. Items can range anywhere from $20 to $200. SIZE RANGE: for Women’s Curve & Plus it’s 14-26, but sizing can vary between brands. For Men’s Plus Size, it is XL-XXXL (they offer measurements on the site, so you can convert. I know jack all about men’s sizing, so I can’t really speak to how helpful this is, but if someone knows more, please let me know.) Does offer Ebates rewards.

 Love/hate category (AKA I don’t often shop there, but if I see something I like I will buy it):

-Forever 21. We all know this one, and probably a lot of us hate it a little bit too. I have some awesome things from F21 that I really enjoy, but I have gotten some stuff from there that I straight up hate. Also, their Plus section is ridiculously priced compared to the rest of the site. Like if you advertise $2 camis, make the fucking Plus ones $2 too. They do make some cute stuff, and if you’re familiar with how their sizing works, you can probably get pretty lucky and score some cute things. With how popular the website is, you do have to pull the trigger pretty quickly, or you might miss out. A lot of cute stuff goes out of stock and never comes back. Of course, there’s also the accessories and the beauty sections, so you can find cute stuff to pile into your cart to meet the free shipping minimum. You can return in store if you buy online, but for me at least, going into a Forever 21 store is a very trying experience in every single way. Sometimes the sizing is way off, so read reviews if you can; I find that the sizing is especially weird for the “deals” items that tend to be very inexpensive. Also, the non-stretchy tops just aren’t made for fat arms. PRICE RANGE: low to moderate. Items are anywhere from about $10 to $40. BEST FOR: dresses and skirts, shirts with lots of words on them. SIZE RANGE: 1X-4X. Does offer Ebates rewards.

-Simply Be. They have some cute shit, but I don’t often find things there that I need.They have a lot of casual and workwear, and some pretty dresses. I have found that the sizing is pretty good, but always check the size chart as this is another UK brand. They really push their store credit card, which does have some rewards, but also a super high APR. (They took a line out of the Avenue/Torrid/Lane Bryant/Catherine’s book by trying to create customer loyalty with the card. I won’t get into a rant here, but unless you plan on shopping ONLY at that one store, then don’t get the card.) PRICE RANGE: moderate to high. Items are in the $40 to $100 range. BEST FOR: I can’t really say since I haven’t shopped here a ton. SIZE RANGE: 6 to 28. Does offer Ebates rewards.

-Eloquii. They make beautiful clothes, but every time I work up the nerve to buy something, it is sold out. They’re like a cooler, more fashion-forward version of Lane Bryant in my mind. They do a lot of really gorgeous workwear, but some more casual pieces as well. They’re known for their Kady cigarette pants, which they offer in a variety of colors and patterns. In my opinion, they’re a lot more daring with their cuts than a lot of other plus retailers, and now they offer Plus Petite and Viola Fit (which is for bodies like mine that are smaller on top with wider hips.)Their prices are high, but they offer a lot of different sales and they usually have a pretty good sale section as well. PRICE RANGE: moderate to high, depending on if there is a sale. BEST FOR: workwear, vibrant colors, pretty dresses that are unique. SIZE RANGE: 14-28 in Original, Petite, and Viola. Does offer Ebates rewards.

a jeans company contacted me that only carries up to a women’s size 12/14ish in jeans and a size L in shirts/jackets (they have a weird size chart) offered to send me some denim in exchange for a post. i spent about 10 mins on their site looking for anything plus size and couldn’t find anything. looked for their size chart and it only went up to the equivalent to a women’s L/juniors XL.

i emailed back saying i was more than double the size that they carry and had they actually looked at my profile, they would have seen i am not their demographic and that it was fucking insulting to have to dig through their shit.

They emailed back almost instantly and said AND I QUOTE: “Hi, we do have sizes up to 4x, but thanks for your comment. I’ll make sure to be more clear to the next person”

which of course makes me feel like i jumped the gun and like an asshole so i decide to sit down and go through every last page of their site and every single post on their instagram. No plus sizes on the site, not a single plus model, no plus influencers on their instagram, no mention of plus sizes ANYWHERE. and i sent it all to my friend and she couldn’t find anything either so i wasn’t just overlooking it in a rage

so I email them back again, quoted “I don’t know what you expected me to think? Your email says nothing about plus sizes. I spent fifteen minutes on your site desperately looking for anything that goes above a women’s size Large/31 inch waist. your size chart only goes up to a 31. your instagram is full of thin models and your site uses thin models only. if you’re looking to expand to plus sizes, good on you, but this was a really really insulting and shitty experience on my end.” and later once i was done perusing the site, sent another email, word for word: “also i just went through every item on your website and did not see a single thing above a size large? you said you do have sizes up to 4x? where?”

no reply. so like i don’t want to jump the gun again here, but it reaaaaally feels like this person just lied to me about having plus sizes to make me feel shitty for replying to their auto email.

if this company doesn’t come out with a plus line in the next year or this asshole doesn’t email me back talking about plus size expansion i’m going to be pissed and maybe put the name of the company out there because that is bullshit. i was so mad and the longer i go without a reply, the angrier i get.

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I was taken aback by how quickly the CG June 4th concert tickets got sold out. Same as the first CG concert. Agree that Darren is extremely popular and it shouldn't be that surprising but it still bothered me. More my instincts than anything else and also cause of what I heard last time, that Darren's team and his beard were trying to keep CC shippers out and fill up the venue with chillarrens and friends. And that only they were given whatever it was that enabled them to purchase ... (1)

…to purchase the tickets first. I am a longtime CC shipper and you may call me biased and I won’t be offended by that. After the Teragram concert, I am looking at all the IG stories and pictures from the concert, the tweets of miarren intimate moments and all the posted videos (thank you btw as we couldn’t wait to see them) and reviews and stories of the evening… I barely recognize any names. If anything, the ones I did are M’s friends (from her past) or known chillarren shippers. …(2)

Considering how long I have been in the fandom, how come I saw just one CC shipper posting. Does that mean, the CC fandom was again barred / banned from the concert and only the ingenious ones who managed to slip through, got in? Was it more important to have Darren sing PPG as opposed to I don’t mind? Does it mean that even the teenaged CC shippers are not welcome at D’s concerts as they won’t be screaming and crying for Darren, hoping to date him/be next beard? Great job Darren’s team! …(3)


Hi Anon, thanks for bearing with me and re-sending part 2 multiple times. So very strange.

Anyhow, I think I already wrote about my experience with the NYC show, which was a lot smaller.  Tickets were to go on sale with a password at 12:00. I did not get mine until approximately 12:18 and by the time I was able to log on, tickets were sold out.  It is my understanding that the password was circulating in the world prior to 12:18. And yes, I suspect that a first round of “PR compliant” fans were given the password in advance to ensure they were present. And there is no question that venue was filled with beard friendly fans. None.  It was very reminiscent of the pop-up piano bar event prior to Elsie. Another event where M was prominently on display, one had to “win” tickets to attend, and looking at the pics, the M stans were all in attendance.  The thing about these type of events where people “win” tickets or a password is needed, it is very easy to manipulate who actually gets the tickets.

However, I won’t go so far as to say CC fans are barred, I think that would be too hard to control.  They would have to have a separate list of “undesirable” emails. And I think that is way beyond Ricky’s extremely limited abilities. But I do believe other fans are given major advantages.

And  it gets really old.  Darren has a ton of fans and its frustrating that Ricky has to continuously favor the same group repeatedly. And its not just events. I have seen fan pics with said fans on the stage at Hedwig. I did not see that from any other Darren fan who is not kissing ass to get favors.  

I honestly do not know on the LA show. I think it took a little longer to sell out (a few hours). It is a bigger venue (I want to say 4x the size, 250 at Mercury Lounge and maybe 1000 in Telegram??? Too lazy to look that up). I know specifically of two CC people present.  And while I wasn’t paying close attention, I was curious, and I am fairly certain the password was sent timely.

But again, no question that venue was filled to the max with M friendly fans who could be counted on to report her every move. 

And on Sunday the strategy was as transparent as ever. They had the fans there early.  M “causally” walked passed them multiple times with her “equipment.”  Fans were able to catch a glimpse of the “director’s notes” and even get a photo of said notes.  And fans were inside reporting about how hard she was “working.”  Some fans even apparently saw M&D with their arms around each other as well. Conveniently, that was another moment where every camera must have broke because I have yet to see one photo or video of this “tender moment.” (not saying it did not happen, we all know this was a PR set up but the lack of photos is telling).

This strategy however, again, just highlights the truth. If M&D were in an actual relationship, it would be wholly and completely unnecessary to stack a venue or event with her fans to spread the news that she is present. None.  Because they wouldn’t have to work to sell the relationship. The genuineness would sell itself.  But as this is the most purely executed bearding relationship in bearding history, Ricky needs all the help he can get.

I will disagree on one thing. While absolutely no question, there was a time when this was about selling Darren as a straight man. These past few events are about selling M and getting her exposure and publicity.  The job she was given on Sunday- that was a huge, huge pay out. Intended to build her resume and make her look legitimate as opposed to her true persona- the lazy, spoiled, self-entitled brat that has not had an actual job aside from trailing after Darren in years. And even the ones she had were token positions handed to her because of her association with Darren and the need to keep up appearances. 

 And they needed people in attendance to both get the word out that she was actually “working” for once in her life and to document, that yes she was even “working hard!!!”

On the songs, not sure what possessed him to reprise the second worst song in his repertoire. But I am guessing that was not a choice. And while I am sad he teased but did not sing I Don’t Mind, I am cool with it if he reserves it for a time that is stunt and PR free.  And we did get 2 Darren songs (Day the Dance is Over and Foolish Thing) that are about his actual relationship. 

I honestly have no complaint about the performances on the stage. It is the circus that surrounds it that has me constantly shaking my head.


Friday Feels coming to you from the Class of ‘17 @nowrongwaymovement shoot with @megansistachs . Also super excited to announce that tanks are now available… Just in time for this warm weather!! Click link in bio to shop the #NoWrongWay merch . Available in sizes S-4X 🖤🖤🖤

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Heavy weight Champion

The time for wrestling try-outs came around again, and every guy in school was interested. By far the best, was Nate. He was light on his feet, and so could easily dodge an oncoming opponent. He was muscularly built, on top, but less so on bottom; his biceps were thick, but his thighs and calves were more slender; he was he perfect physique for wrestling. Jealous of this, was Cameron. Cameron had always been predominantly bottom-heavy, and so wasn’t as agile in comparison to Nate. This by no means meant Cameron was a bad wrestler and competitor, in fact, he was one of the best, but due to his build, that was all he ever was, ‘one of the best’, never, 'the best’. Cameron knew that if he was ever to beat Nate, Nate would have to become more bottom-heavy, similar to that of Cameron. This would even out the playing field Cameron thought. Although the idea of what Cameron should do was clear, it was the execution that left him perplexed. He hadn’t always been the closest of friends to Nate, but they were by no means enemies; they were friendly, but not necessarily friends. Cameron knew that if he was to do anything to resolve his predicament, that would be his first plan of action.

Over time, Cameron strengthened his relationship with Nate, building trust amongst the two of them. They soon became close, and were at each others houses every night. Cameron now had the opportunity to do whatever it was he was eventually going to do, however what that was, still remained unclear. Cameron remembered that a fellow peer and wrestling playmate, Max, had been prescribed growth hormones due to his lacking body mass. He’d been taking them for a while, and so Cam knew that Max kept his pills in the top shelf of his gym locker. One time after wrestling practice, Cameron watched over Max as he entered his combination, memorised it, and then entered the digits once Max had left. Cameron grabbed the pills and hurried home.

A plan had now been thought out: mix the growth hormone tablets into Nate’s food and wait for the repercussions. Nate was over at Cameron’s house nearly every night and so to slip the pills in with his dinner was hardly a difficult task. This went on for weeks, and Cameron struggled to see a difference in Nate’s appearance; he was still slim on bottom and heavier on top. However, it was after 3 ½ weeks that something changed.

All the boys were at wrestling practice on a Thursday after school. Naturally, Nate was used as a demonstration, and was subsequently on show for all others there. Nobody else knew to look out for any changes in Nate’s body and so didn’t notice any changes, but Cameron, well, he was looking out. He noticed Nate’s singlet pull around the groin and thigh area. It restricted his bulge and thickening thighs, leaving little to the imagination. As Nate threw another opponent to the floor, his ass had ballooned, swelling at least 4x in size. It was especially juicy, and plump; swollen like a plum. Safe to say, Cameron was overjoyed.

Nate began noticing his increasing weight and confided in Cam about his concerns.
“You haven’t noticed my body changing at all lately have you?…”
“Your body? Um, no, no I haven’t…why?”
“I don’t know, it’s probably just me, but I feel like my singlet had been feeling especially tight recently, and I’m struggling to fit into any of my jeans.”
“You’re probably just growing” Cameron said, lying though his teeth.
“Yeah…you’re probably right…” Nate replied.
This trend carried on for as long as Cam had mixed Nate’s food with the pills, and Nate’s rear had continually enlarged. By this point, all others on the team had noticed Nate’s ballooned ass; it was unmissable. It jiggled and swayed from side to side, even with the slightest of movements. Nate now struggled to win any of his fights, which became apparent to his coach and teammates. His butt was now the size of two, thick, plump balloons. Nate had ripped through over three singlets now, and his butt and groin only continued growing. Cameron simply smiled in pleasure, as Nate’s thick legs and butt got thrown to the ground.


This dress makes even my flat pancake butt look huge. Susie hasn’t decorated her tree, but it’s a great backdrop for ootd shoots. Also, Susie and I are so happy military-style coats and jackets are back in the style so we can get away with wearing all the bright buttoned pieces.

Size: 22-24, 3x-4x, 47"/49"/56"
Leggings: Torrid
Knee boots: Remonte
Jacket: Deb (are Deb stores even still a thing? I got this forever ago omg)

I haven’t done a progress pic in a while and I wanted to show off some of my new clothes from an awesome thrift store I just discovered! Buying new clothes every time I dropped a size or two got too expensive!

Left: 360ish pounds, size 3x or 4x
Right: 190ish pounds, Size m/l
Height: 5'7"ish

A year and a half of exercise and eating right and I’m almost half the size I used to be and a NASM certified personal trainer! I lost the first 100lbs in the first 6 months! For those who ask, I didn’t have any surgeries or take any pills! I just changed my eating and exercise habits, kept a positive attitude, and set S.M.A.R.T. goals! Get excited about your goals and your life, and do something everyday to get closer to them! You can be whoever you want to be! You got this!

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Can you name me some websites that sell clothes for bigger people?

Okay, I will name/link all of the websites I can think of off the top of my head…but I’m sure there are lots more! So if anyone wouldn’t mind helping out please feel free to add more by re-blogging!

First here are my most frequented sites that I have personally shopped at and feel most comfortable recommending! 

1.) modcloth! They have retro/modern style clothes and go up to a size 4X (wish it went higher, and hopefully they will soon…but for now this is what they got) 

2.) ASOS Curve high quality clothes that I believe go up to a size 26/28, little pricey but they always have a lot of sales! 

3.) Eshakti SUPER high quality (and expensive unfortunately) dresses, skirts, and tops…best part is you can custom size the clothes and they go up to a 6X!!!) 

4.) Torrid …I think most people have heard of them, I honestly only buy leggings and the occasional dress from there…but I LOVE/live in their Premium leggings! 

5.) SimplyBe I’ve gotten a few dressed and leggings from here…not the greatest customer service so double/triple check your order before placing it! But over all I have been happy with what I’ve bought from here! 

6.) CityChic ....I have a cardigan and a dress from here (that I’m actually trying to sell…so I might post about that soon) and I’ve been impressed with the quality and they usually have killer sales going on! 

Other wise here are the others I can think of off the top of my head that I haven’t really shopped at but have heard good things: 


Yours Clothing

Forever 21 Plus





That’s all I can think of right now…but hopefully others will add some! Hope it helps! 

Have a great day! <3<3

I tried and failed so hard at SV12 rendering Tumblr! 😭

Originally posted by lilium

Sooo… I wanted to get rid of some glitches in my 1997 edit of Guts vs. 100 men for GMP analysis that Windows Movie Maker couldn’t fix, but was easy peasy in Sony Vegas. Alas, the file that was produced was 4X the size of the original and Fate/Einzbern will still be rendering to mp4 until around 1:00am. 

I started rendering around 1:00am. The estimated processing time was 8 hours. The estimate was wrong.

So. Assuming it doesn’t take 16 hours to upload, we can call tomorrow Magecraft Mittwoch in honor of the tragic German protagonists of the Fate/Einzbern remix film.

I’m so sorry my sweet Sharrkan! You’re the second most developed character in Sindria (and by extension, the Magiverse) behind Sinbad.

Also Yukishiro Tomoe was a BAMF spymistress with nerves of steel, and the last episode of Trigun makes it shockingly clear just how alien Vash and Knives are. Also Vash totally should have brained his brother when he had the chance. His hangup could be um… never wanting to have to kill a single person again? Is the specific destruction of July the only way he could end up a wanted man? I mean, it’s no Angel Arm disaster, but he does have a knack for ensuring places get totalled when he passes through, especially if his brother is bored…

*sigh* Countless fictional human lives or plot for Trigun to work with: take your pick!


My dumbass self figured out a way to make much higher quality gifs. It takes about twice as long, but I can make gifs about 4x the size and not weirdly color-twitchy, so??? Yeah. Go me.

SO as I’m a Vulpes player, I only have access to Unicornis scenes (Vulpes & Unicornis both get to see Unicornis). If anyone in Leopardus/Anguis/Ursus would like to send me the cutscene flash file that has the talk with the Foreteller, I would loooove it. And u. I would love u a lot. And then you’d get to see *your* foreteller doing the turn-around boogie. Thank you ansemsapprentice for getting me the scenes!

More of a list for myself, but if anyone has ideas let me know. Bridesmaids dress has to be between periwinkle-navy or gold (and gold doesn’t look good on me), comfortable, usable again.

list of places I’ve looked/keep looking :

  • macys
  • asos
  • simplybe
  • torrid
  • lane bryant
  • eshatki

Places I refuse/can’t buy from:

  • modcloth (bought by walmart and increasingly less plus size options)
  • unique vintage (inconsistent sizing. a 4X isn’t a 16 or 18, kay thankz bye)