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what are some good memories peanut has of their parents kirk and ct?

‘kirk an’ ct are jus the ones thatve been aroun’ peanut the longessst.’

Online Plus Size Shopping Guide for Super Cute Clothes

Notes: Everything contained herein is based on my own personal shopping experiences, so YMMV. No one retailer is perfect for plus size shopping, and not everyone’s taste aligns with mine, so please bear this in mind. Right now, I am about a US size 16/18 or XL/2X depending on the retailer, but I have bought online up to about a US 20. I have very chubby arms, but my bust and waist are a lot smaller than my hips, so I tend to have some trouble finding things that fit all over. Most retailers usually have a plus cut, so there shouldn’t be a lot of discrepancy from my experiences for sizes above US 22. I know this will not be all-inclusive, so please feel free to add on whatever you think is helpful, because I know so many plus size shoppers really, really struggle, so share your experiences and advice.

Notes pt 2: I don’t really shop at B&M plus size retailers (like Lane Bryant, Torrid, Catherine’s, etc.) but I did work at Avenue for a while, so I will just leave those retailers out. Again, if you have a lot of experience with a particular plus size B&M retailer, join in the conversation and add whatever you can that will help people shopping online or in-store. The same goes for department stores, I do not ever shop in department stores, so I have no experiences to add there.

Notes pt 3: If you are shopping exclusively online, please try to get measurements so that you can compare that to size charts. Remember, there is no standardization in sizing, and every company sizes a little differently, so size charts are your friend. Plus, if you really fall in love with an item, you could tell from the size chart if it could be altered to fit if you bought a size up or something. (I know this is not an option for everyone, but it does at least give the option for some.)

Notes pt 4: I won’t link to my Ebates account because I am not trying to make money off of anyone, but if you don’t have it, SIGN UP NOW. It is so easy to use, and you get money back for shopping. I’ll note below which of these stores offers Ebates rewards.

My go-tos:

-ModCloth. They offer sizes up to 4x, but their house brand tends to be cut about a size larger. They have a decent size chart that allows you to compare your own measurements. They also have a customer service live chat, and if you tell them what item you’re looking at, they can almost always get measurements for it so you can compare. (I have done this several times, and it absolutely makes the shopping process a lot easier.) There are lots of reviews and outfit photos from other shoppers, which also really helps if you’re on the fence about something. They offer a lot of different styles, leaning toward kitschy/cutesty/retro/vintage-inspired offerings. Shipping is moderate, it usually takes about 10 days if you choose the free shipping option (if you qualify.) BEST FOR: Unique dresses and a-line skirts. PRICE RANGE: moderate, but quality is usually good. Most items will be between $40-$75, but it varies; items in the sale section can be anywhere from about 30% to 60% off, so you can get some GREAT deals in the sale section. SIZE RANGE: XS-4X. Does not offer Ebates rewards.

-eShakti. CUSTOM SIZING. Let me repeat: they do custom sizing for their pieces. Plus, if you don’t like the sleeves, neckline, embroidery, pockets (you heathen!), etc, you can alter. They have casual and special occasion dresses and separates, all of which you can custom size. I can’t emphasize this enough. If you’re looking for something for a special event, or if you’re like me and a different size on top and bottom, this is your best friend. They do charge a fee for customization, but it is worth it since it’s cheaper than alteration. Sign up for their email list, they often do some good sales where you can get a good deal. There’s a special discount for shopping on mobile, too. They do offer free returns as well. NOTE: dresses are made as they are ordered, so if you need it for a certain event or date, order as early as you can, as it can take about 15 days to receive your items. BEST FOR: workwear, special occasion dresses, jersey dresses for every day. PRICE RAGE: the higher end of moderate, but the dresses are custom made when you order and the quality is outstanding. Without a discount code, an uncustomized dress is about $45-$70. SIZE RANGE: 0 to 36W. Yes, you read that right. And you can customize ANY size. Does not offer Ebates rewards. I know a lot of the stuff Target sells online in its plus section is bullshit, but for basics, you can’t go wrong. The prices are good, and the quality of the Merona t-shirts and cardigans is excellent for what you’re paying. The Who What Wear line is a lot more fashionable and great to wear to work, but be aware that everything runs about a size smaller. I do not care for the Ava and Viv line, and I think I have only ever bought one pair of shorts from that line, which I promptly returned. If you like Ava and Viv good on you, it just doesn’t do it for me. You can return in-store if you buy something online, and if you have the Target RedCard, you get 5% off and free shipping on items from the website. It generally takes about 5-7 business days for a package to come to me. BEST FOR: basics like cardigans and t-shirts; Who What Wear for work, but pay close attention to sizing. PRICE RANGE: low, especially if you pay close attention to sales and use the RedCard discount. Most items average between $10 and $30 USD. SIZE RANGE: sizing for Ava and Viv and Merona plus is X-4X (translating, according to the website, to roughly 14W to 30W.) Sizing for Who What Wear is X-4X (where an X is probably about a straight-size 12/14, 1X is about 14W, and going up from there. All items I have from WWW are sized smaller than the rest of the plus clothing at Target.) Does offer Ebates rewards. *IMPORTANT EDIT: I just read that the Victoria Beckham line for Target will go up to size 3x, but odds are that the sizing will be more in line with WWW rather than Ava and Viv.*

-BooHoo. BooHoo is an online retailer based in the UK, so make sure that you choose USD from the drop down at the top of the page, because when you do, it also converts the sizing. They offer some workwear, but most of their stuff trends toward casual or clubwear. If you want something on the sexier side, BooHoo has you covered. In my mind they’re kind the UK answer to Forever 21, but I think most of their stuff is cuter. Be careful, though, because sometimes the quality isn’t quite what you’d expect. That said, they do a TON of good sales, it is quite easy to get many things from their site for not a lot of money. Like F21, they too have cute, cheap, trendy accessories as well. Even coming from overseas, they ship very fast, and I haven’t ever waited too long for a package from them. BEST FOR: trendy pieces, experimenting with your look, clothes for going out and partying down. PRICE RANGE: comparable to Forever 21, so pretty low, with some nicer items going into moderate, but they do offer a lot of codes. SIZE RANGE: US 12-24. (The dresses I have bought from there seem pretty true to size, but I have not bought any bottoms, so I can’t speak to their pants sizing.) Does offer Ebates rewards.

-ASOS. To me, ASOS is BooHoo’s grown up, more chic older sister. They have an amazing variety, from workwear to club wear to casual to formal. If your style is more eclectic or punky, you will definitely find something you like here, but even if you trend super feminine, you will not be at a loss. They also have a MEN’S PLUS SIZE section, which I only recently discovered. I have not bought anything from this portion of the site, but even knowing that it exists is helpful, and it looks like they offer staples, work wear, and more trendy pieces there as well. Their accessories/shoes/beauty sections are off the hook too, seriously; their accessories are amazing. They also have basics (like leggings or tshirts) in multi-packs, so you can save even more and stock up. Sizing can be hit or miss, since they carry a lot of different brands (including some BooHoo items!!) but most items I have bought have been true to the size chart that they provide. They do offer good codes from time to time. Items ship from the UK, and it takes about 1.5 to 2 weeks to reach the West Coast of the US. BEST FOR: a wide variety to choose from, pretty dresses, fashionable casual wear. PRICE RANGE: moderate to high, depending on the item and the occasion. They have good codes sometimes, and a great sale section. Items can range anywhere from $20 to $200. SIZE RANGE: for Women’s Curve & Plus it’s 14-26, but sizing can vary between brands. For Men’s Plus Size, it is XL-XXXL (they offer measurements on the site, so you can convert. I know jack all about men’s sizing, so I can’t really speak to how helpful this is, but if someone knows more, please let me know.) Does offer Ebates rewards.

 Love/hate category (AKA I don’t often shop there, but if I see something I like I will buy it):

-Forever 21. We all know this one, and probably a lot of us hate it a little bit too. I have some awesome things from F21 that I really enjoy, but I have gotten some stuff from there that I straight up hate. Also, their Plus section is ridiculously priced compared to the rest of the site. Like if you advertise $2 camis, make the fucking Plus ones $2 too. They do make some cute stuff, and if you’re familiar with how their sizing works, you can probably get pretty lucky and score some cute things. With how popular the website is, you do have to pull the trigger pretty quickly, or you might miss out. A lot of cute stuff goes out of stock and never comes back. Of course, there’s also the accessories and the beauty sections, so you can find cute stuff to pile into your cart to meet the free shipping minimum. You can return in store if you buy online, but for me at least, going into a Forever 21 store is a very trying experience in every single way. Sometimes the sizing is way off, so read reviews if you can; I find that the sizing is especially weird for the “deals” items that tend to be very inexpensive. Also, the non-stretchy tops just aren’t made for fat arms. PRICE RANGE: low to moderate. Items are anywhere from about $10 to $40. BEST FOR: dresses and skirts, shirts with lots of words on them. SIZE RANGE: 1X-4X. Does offer Ebates rewards.

-Simply Be. They have some cute shit, but I don’t often find things there that I need.They have a lot of casual and workwear, and some pretty dresses. I have found that the sizing is pretty good, but always check the size chart as this is another UK brand. They really push their store credit card, which does have some rewards, but also a super high APR. (They took a line out of the Avenue/Torrid/Lane Bryant/Catherine’s book by trying to create customer loyalty with the card. I won’t get into a rant here, but unless you plan on shopping ONLY at that one store, then don’t get the card.) PRICE RANGE: moderate to high. Items are in the $40 to $100 range. BEST FOR: I can’t really say since I haven’t shopped here a ton. SIZE RANGE: 6 to 28. Does offer Ebates rewards.

-Eloquii. They make beautiful clothes, but every time I work up the nerve to buy something, it is sold out. They’re like a cooler, more fashion-forward version of Lane Bryant in my mind. They do a lot of really gorgeous workwear, but some more casual pieces as well. They’re known for their Kady cigarette pants, which they offer in a variety of colors and patterns. In my opinion, they’re a lot more daring with their cuts than a lot of other plus retailers, and now they offer Plus Petite and Viola Fit (which is for bodies like mine that are smaller on top with wider hips.)Their prices are high, but they offer a lot of different sales and they usually have a pretty good sale section as well. PRICE RANGE: moderate to high, depending on if there is a sale. BEST FOR: workwear, vibrant colors, pretty dresses that are unique. SIZE RANGE: 14-28 in Original, Petite, and Viola. Does offer Ebates rewards.


(smut or slight smut indicated with *) 


Mtl to s/o being a feminist 

Mtl to listen to love song the remind them of their s/o 

Mtl to date a girl with an hourglass body

Mtl to date a girl with stretch marks and cellulite  

*Mtl to have a threesome with s/o and her friend

*Mtl to have threesome with s/o and another guy or member*  

Mtl to have a girl best friend  

*Mtl to read smut fanfiction with s/o* 

*Mtl to make sex tape with s/o*

Mtl to be possessive/jealous 

Mtl to date a vegan  

Mtl to date a famous foreign singer 

Mtl to date a Black/Korean girl

Mtl to like a girl who has a grunge style 

Mtl to get a tattoo with s/o  

Mtl to be in a relationship with a European 

Reaction to s/o having a lot of tattoos and piercings COMING SOON


Mtl to date a US size 16 

Mtl to date a girl with bangs/fringe 

Mtl to forget text back 

Mtl to like a multilingual girl  

Mtl to argue with s/o 

Mtl to play with s/o hair when she’s sleeping  

Mtl to s/o sending prank snapchat 

Mtl to date a vegan 

Mtl to stay calm in an argument with s/o 

Mtl to cry/get emotional in front of s/o  

Mtl to have platonic friendship with a girl 

Mtl to kiss on a first date  

Mtl to date a Hispanic girl  

Mtl to get a tattoo with their girlfriend 

Mtl to date a workout junky  

Mtl to date a tsundere girl 

Mtl to date an extrovert/Introvert 

Mtl to date a meme face 

Mtl to help styling s/o hair COMING SOON 

Reaction to s/o having a lot of tattoos and piercings COMING SOON


Mtl to date a famous foreign singer 

Mtl to date a Black/Korean girl  

EXO reaction to pregnant girlfriend protective dog  

Reaction to s/o having a lot of tattoos and piercings COMING SOON


Reaction to not getting a call/message while on tour


Mtl to keep secrets from s/o  

Mtl to dance in the rain with s/o 

Mtl to date a foregin girl  

Reaction to s/o watching kids shows when stressed 


 Reaction to a prank war with s/o 

Reaction to wanting attention but s/o being too busy COMING SOON


Back hug s/o while cooking 


None. Please request ~


Mtl to date first


Jungkook to a date a foreign idol 

Jin’s ideal type???  

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Work in retail, once had a guy come in legitimately looking for size 18 shoes. He didn't have any expectation we would have any but still.

I wear a size 15-16 US. Last time I went in a store asking for that size, the dude looked at me like I asked him for the square root of something.

Nothing throws me for a loop quite like people referring to 15 hand horses as ‘tiny’. It’s no tiny, its rationally sized, ain’t no need for a two ended death trap that I can’t get on without a step ladder, son

In lieu of the answer to the question “can I pull off a crop top?”
being “If (and only if) you have a flat stomach” from The Oprah Magazine’s creative director and also because I like numbers.

“These women need to stop glorifying unhealthy obesity”

1. The body acceptance and radical self love that I practice when wearing a crop top has nothing to do with glorifying obesity or thin-shaming. It’s about loving my body RIGHT NOW, as I am.
2. Also, the fuck is ‘glorifying obesity’?
3. Oh, you are my doctor?
5. I like my belly button.
6. This is a new revelation.
7. My belly button does not interrupt your life
8. Why do you hate so much my belly button?
9. When I was in high school, I fantasized about taking a knife
to my stomach so I could be normal-sized.
10. I have always been normal-sized.
11. Denise Jolly. Tess Holliday. Sonya Renee. Lindy West. Michelle Allison. Gabi Fresh. Kim Selling.
12. One night I found a website that just had photos of girls with stomach rolls and back rolls and they were smiling and so happy and I cried because I was uncomfortable and envious of their joy.
13. Swimsuits are scary for everyone.
14. I have performed a poem about how to love your body almost every night for 6 years. Sometimes I have to fake it.
15. I have never seen a legitimate sex scene in a feature film with a woman over a size 16 that was not used as a comedic tool. Ever.
16. I used to drink a fifth of tequila and smoke a pack of cigarettes every night.
17. Interestingly, no one criticized my health then.
18. Everyone is terrified of their naked body.
19. Including men.
20. We are all complex. Everyone is breaking and healing and hating all at the same time. You are not exempt. I am not exempt.
21. Photoshop is the devil incarnate.
22. You cannot love what you hope your body to be, without loving it for what it is.
23. My body is what it is what it is.
24. The mirror is what it is what it is.
25. I have found myself at the mercy of my own reflection, wondering if my size diminishes my femininity.
Answer: It does not. I am adorable as fuck.
26. Do you know how miserable it feels to maintain a body that has been deemed unworthy by society? In the same breath, do you know what a joy it is to take care of something that you love?
27. Therefore, celebrating your body is a revolutionary act.
28. I feel my own self breathe. I feel my organs when I breathe and when I shower, I feel my skin on my skin. I know that it is mine. I listen to what my body asks for.
I put on a shirt that shows my stomach. I wing my eyeliner up and I ride my bike into the sunset and I will pick wildflowers with my love and later I will eat brussels sprouts and maybe a martini with lots of olives in it and I will do all this because it makes me feel good and because I am worthy of love and cute clothes and happiness.
29. Feeling worthy has taken so long.

30. I am my own holy revolution, welcome to the church of my thunder thighs, I am awake and alive, I’ve come to wear all of the crop tops that the glittering world has to offer, I’ve come to dance the shame out of my childhood, I’ve come to win back my joy. You may not snatch it from me like a purse.
I win whether I have a mouth full of pretzels or a mouth full of kale; you have not been granted the privilege to know how I consume my world and what makes me most delight in my skin.

I will glorify the shit out of my body.

—  Mary Lambert

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I don't know if you saw this already but someone is selling a good lookalike to Lydia's Collective Concepts floral dress on ebay: Simply Be Beige Tapestry Skater Dress Floral - BNWT - Size 14

Thank you for the submission! Love this dress and actually own it! Great lookalike for all my plus size fashion loves and cosplayers!! -Bren

Size 14 (BIN $33.10) eBay International Shipping!! 

Size US 16/UK 20 (BIN $21) eBay International Shipping!!

Size 18 (ask if UK os US 18/Auction ends 9/15) eBay International Shipping!!

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sorry if this comes off as rude but what exactly determines fat and not fat?

This is a fabulous question!

We in the fat community have been talking about that ourselves! And I’ve been meaning to make a post on it!

I’ll just take this opportunity to say what I’ve been wanting to say.

Well, in the Fat Acceptance Movement, we have this problem where flat waisted, sexy, curvy people are front and center of the movement, and people who MEED fat acceptance (for example, someone 400 pounds or heavier) gets ignored.

Not exactly helpful, right?

So some people have started trying to quantify what counts as fat. And if you aren’t fat, you don’t need fat acceptance.

So far, the things I’ve seen are:

“If you’re under a US size 26, you’re not really fat.”

“If you’re under 250 pounds, you’re not really fat.”

“If you wear a size smaller than a 3XL, you’re not really fat.”

Here’s my problem with both of these:

People carry fat differently. People are different heights. People can all look differently.

Of course a lot of people under 250 are thin. But you know, it’s possible to be under 250 and be fat, too! Same with the pants size thing.

These kinds of clear cut offs don’t account for the uniqueness that is humanity.

A person might be a size XL on top, but the part of their stomach covered by their pants instead of their shirt is way bigger!

Someone might be a size 16 US, but be 4 feet tall. That’s not exactly small, you know?

And I could go on.

So fat can’t really be determined by these types of factors.

What about, then, by BMI? Well, that’s been shown to be an incredibly inaccurate measure. And it can’t tell the difference between weight caused by fat and weight caused by muscle.

What about, then, making it based on who experiences fatphobia? I don’t think that works either. I know skinny people who have been fatshamed (yes, fatshamed, you read that right) and not all fat people necessarily have.

So who counts as fat? I don’t know! That’s a great question.

I wish I could tell you.



can we talk about the fact ashley graham, a size 16 (US) model is in the new DNCE video as the love interest! it makes me so happy to see curvy girls getting represented

so this is me. first picture was taken in december 2014 at my highest weight when i was about 90 kg (198 lb). i am 5'5. the two pictures on the right were taken a few weeks ago at around 59 kg. i am now 58 kg (127-ish lb). i am obviously not even close to where i want to be, but i can tell you that i am damn proud of myself because this was most definitely one of the hardest things i’ve ever done. i went from a size 14/16 aka XL (US sizes) to a size 6 aka small. i went from being “the chubby friend” to being “the pretty one”. i still have those days where i feel like i haven’t changed at all, but whenever i look at these pictures or meet people i haven’t seen in a while who won’t even recognize me nowadays, i know it was all worth it. my final goal is to lose another 13-15 lb. clean eating and a good amount of gym exercise is the key. 

also, feel free to message me if you have any questions or if you just need someone to talk to. :) 

Curvy women are real women. Skinny women are real women. Women who have had boob jobs or lip enhancements or liposuction are still real women. Size 0 may make no sense mathematically, but a woman who wears that size is as real as the one who wears a size 16. What makes us ‘real’ people is not the shape of our flesh but our basic humanity. And we lose our humanity when we judge - not when we lose weight, gain weight, or make the intensely personal decision to undergo cosmetic surgery.

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Miss Auntie Jill mam', do you recommend any good places (online or brick and mortar) where I can find plus-size gothic clothing? A lot of the places I've tried seem really expensive, but I was curious if you knew of a place that won't empty the ol' bat-shaped coin purse.

Be warned, my recommendations are for places that lean more toward the Neo-Victorian and romantic styles. With that caveat, a small list:

  • Chicstar
  • FanPlusFriend regularly run up to about a US size 16, and will do custom sizes. (FYI, F+F runs to the pricy side, but I feel the selection and the offering of custom sizing is worth the extra money.)
  • Holy Clothing, with lots of flowy skirts!

And there’s the usual standbys of searching the “mainstream” plus-size clothing catalogs (Roaman’s, Jessica London, Avenue, Asos Curve) for things that appeal to you. 

Sadly, finding plus-size goth fashion usually involves a lot of searching and a lot of luck, especially if you’re on a budget. 

Curvy women are real women. Skinny women are real women. Women who have had boob jobs or lip enhancements or liposuction are still real women. Size 0 may make no sense mathematically, but a woman who wears that size is as real as the one who wears a size 16. What makes us “real” people is not the shape of our flesh but our basic humanity. And we lose our humanity when we judge – not when we lose weight, gain weight, or make the intensely personal decision to undergo cosmetic surgery.
—  Hugo Schwyzer

Yesterday I bought £150 worth of summer clothes - dresses, shorts, the whole shebang. I’m a plus sized woman (US 14-16) with a lot of issues with my body confidence but, you know what? I look hella.

It’s about wearing what works for your body shape, and what you feel good in. If you want to wear a short dress but you have thick thighs and big calves, you wear that dress and rock your body. You look awesome.

You wanna wear that crop top, but your belly jiggles when you walk? You wear that crop top and look sick as frick. You look amazing.

Wear what you want! Don’t overheat to cover up, when you can wear something else and look awesome!

And if people don’t agree?

Screw them. You don’t need them.

Big girls can rock summer clothes. Fuck society.

Ignore my messy room that’s not the point of this post