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Hey, I was wondering where you do most of your shopping. I am a size 16 UK but I guess you could say on the bigger 16, cause an 18 is to big for me..... Anyway I was wondering if you could give me some tips on this that are essential to have and best places to shop for an okay price.

Hey hun,

I shop pretty much anywhere, from h&m to top-shop. I also shop online on sites like Boohoo and FashionNova. Make sure you check FashionNova out, their curve range is amazing! As far as tips go, if you like it, wear it ;)

Natalie x

Losing weight with home workouts
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darkskinnedfashion submitted: 

 Height 5ft 8

Biggest size: 18

smallest: 6

I achieved this progress with home workouts, i’m still very body conscious and i haven’t attended a gym because of this. But this is proof that you can reach your goal at home. I went from a UK size 16/14 to UK size 10/8 in 4 weeks

I did this by eating 5 times a day with 3 being my main meals and 2 being healthy snacks. I used to eat 1 big very unhealthy meal a day, but the way to lose weight is to eat more, smaller portions and healthier.

The homeworkouts i used were the insanity DVD which i did for an hour then i did a hour of  #Fitnessblender  which can be found on youtube. i would then do a 10 minute video by tiffany rothe( also found on youtube) and repeat it 3 times.

I worked out 6 times a week for 2 and a half hours with 1 cheat & rest day

For more info on food etc message me on

Twitter: Hanz_Choco

Stay motivated!

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This is me in my first official cosplay as Harley Quinn (formerly Harleen Quinzel) from DC comics. I am a size 16 UK and I’m fifteen, reading the posts here has made me less self depreciating and hence I finally got the courage to do this!
I should probably credit my mum for sewing most of the dress for me but everything else I did myself… It isn’t meant to be an accurate depiction of how she appears in any of the comics, etc. I was aiming for someone more likely to appear in the ‘Nolanverse’ (more like the Dark Knight trilogy stuff)
Anyway… I hope people like it as I’m planning to go to my first con in this costume :D

oh man, i’m so glad i finally did it! got my hair cut yesterday after months of debating with myself and my mum. i kept being told it’d look terrible and wouldn’t suit me because i’m a uk size 16/18 and “short hair doesn’t suit round faces” (which is total crap btw). my mum says i look like “a butch dyke”, little does she know i am actually a lesbian so jokes on her (?) i’m gonna be donating my 9 inch plaits to the little princess trust, in the hope that it can be used to help kids in need of some sweet ginger hair.

anyway, i couldn’t have done it without all the inspiration i got from this awesome blog! every girl can rock a pixie, fuck anyone that tells you otherwise!

stay cute guys 


deuces-to-the-girl-i-used-to-be submitted: 

 Height: 5 ft 6.5
Sw: around 220 pounds
Cw: around 148 pounds
Gw: 135-140 pounds

Done all this in like a year
Went from uk size 16-18 to uk size 10-12.
I’ve always been overweight, I’ve always loved eating the wrong things and eating just all the time. I just suddenly realised I’m getting older and I didn’t want to go to uni being the weight I was and feeling sad about the weight I was. Fell in love with the gym and are more salads and went crazy counting calories. It got to the point of obsession which was hard to overcome but I’m getting there. I’ve never been as slim or as happy but also I’m a lot healthier, I still go to gym at uni and even though my eating isn’t perfect it’s not as bad as it was. I still have goals to achieve, want to tone up my arms, my stomach is a problem area, fat just won’t leave it so that’s my main focus atm.

 I did all of this while having to study for a levels and the constant workload that came with it. Don’t make excuses because you are just pushing back your potential achievements. Once you start and keep yourself motivated by the bigger picture it’s all worth it, there will be ups and downs, nothing is perfect but in the end you will love yourself so much more. Do it for you not anybody else. 

I follow back. Ask me anything I’m happy to help you with your journey too! Good luck

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