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Okay my husband is the best man at his brother’s wedding soon. The only problem is that it’s exactly 13 days after my due date and it’s in England. We’ll have to fly over in order to go, so unless the ba comes a little bit early I doubt we’ll be able to go but the plan is to try, especially as some of Evan’s family will be over from Canada.

But then I’m left with the dilemma of what to wear. I’ll have just given birth so I have no idea what size I’ll be and I’ll need something comfortable that I can breastfeed in.

These are some of the dresses that I think could work, I’m currently wearing a uk size 16 with the bump, pre-pregnancy I was a 12/14 so I don’t know if I’ll really go back down or not, but I doubt it, especially so soon and considering I gained weight after giving birth the last time.

Some of these dresses are plus-sized so the smallest size they will come in will be a 16 and the dresses that aren’t plus-sized do cross over and go up to a size 18 should be able to wear any of these, I just don’t know if maybe I’ll buy a 16 and then it’ll be too big?

I don’t know, if anyone knows anything about fashion, wedding fashion, postpartum fashion, plus-size fashion, how to dress for a plus size shape or all of the above please help me. I was a size 10/12 before I got pregnant so I have no idea how to dress my new shape and I’m feeling lost. I just want someone who knows how to rock it as a bigger girl to help me out and give me a bit of confidence with what I’ll be wearing.

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I'm struggling at the moment because I don't even know if I count as fat? I think I am, but at the same time maybe I think so because society says anyone who isn't a size 10 and under is fat. I have so much internalised fatphobia and even though I never think it of other people I will think it all of myself. I'm around a UK size 16 I think so I'm weirdly in the middle, but I got fat from an illness and it's just all feeling super warped and I hate it and me for hating it? idk. sorry. odd.

To me, if you want to call yourself fat, you can. If you think you are fat, then go ahead.

Internalized fatphobia is a constant battle that we all fight daily. Since we were little, the media, our friends, society, and our own parents have all told us that being fat is bad.

Personally it took me a long time to get over my self-hatred. Getting out of high school helped a lot.

-Mod Egg