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Above is the next ensemble I wish to sell. This beautiful long, extra soft black leather skirt is an “original” from “Peter Caruso”. Hope you’re impressed. I never heard of him. It’s a US size 14 and looks exactly like it does in the photo because unfortunately I graduated into a 14/16 and went into My leather closet for good…..The top is one of My favorite items and I wore it a lot. To find a long sleeve top of soft leather is extremely hard to find; but FEDERATION in the UK made this for Me and I loved it…..ALSO, THANK YOU so much for helping Me sell the previous garments in a photo I put on Tumblr and FetLife. It made Me realize I do have some very loyal friends; but they are  smart and see the value of these garments and you can NOT find them anymore, which is a shame. Stay tuned, I have a lot of STORMY LEATHER, but for now I want to sell these two pieces. Contact Me at………..Serious inquiries ONLY.

Okay pretend this is under a read more if you don’t want to read me ranting about body image stuff

But like, I’m getting super frustrated with the hard and fast boundaries there seem to be in what you’re allowed to call your own body type. I’m not skinny or thin by any fucking means, I’m a size 12/14 (US sizes) and I don’t fit into most clothes smaller than a large or extra large. I have rolls, and yes, I pose in my pictures in a way that makes me look slimmer. So I call myself chubby or fat because (I thought) I was, by fucking definition, and I’m honestly getting more and more okay with that.

But when I post photos of myself exclaiming that I’m happy with myself, I get multiple people telling me that I’m NOT fat and that I’m NOT chubby and that I’m NOT plus size, and they know because they’re bigger than me.

Like what the fuck. I also get shit for being bigger, I also have to struggle to find clothes that fit sometimes and it’s embarrassing, and I’ve had guys on online dating sites try to insult me by calling out my weight. I feel huge next to my size 0 best friend, and all I’m doing is trying to be okay with being my size, and then I get told I’m not big enough to call myself what I feel?

So I’m not small enough to be thin or healthy, but I’m not allowed to call myself fat or chubby because there are people bigger than me. What the fuck do I get to call myself then.

Getting so close to crushing my next goal. Seeing the progress of everyone on here keeps me motivated.
Started: US size 24
Now: US size 14
Goal: not to lose anymore of my tits
Happy then. Happy AND healthy now.

so this is me. first picture was taken in december 2014 at my highest weight when i was about 90 kg (198 lb). i am 5'5. the two pictures on the right were taken a few weeks ago at around 59 kg. i am now 58 kg (127-ish lb). i am obviously not even close to where i want to be, but i can tell you that i am damn proud of myself because this was most definitely one of the hardest things i’ve ever done. i went from a size 14/16 aka XL (US sizes) to a size 4 aka small. i went from being “the chubby friend” to being “the pretty one”. i still have those days where i feel like i haven’t changed at all, but whenever i look at these pictures or meet people i haven’t seen in a while who won’t even recognize me nowadays, i know it was all worth it. my final goal is to lose another 13-15 lb. clean eating and a good amount of gym exercise is the key.

also, feel free to message me if you have any questions or if you just need someone to talk to. :)


Yesterday I bought £150 worth of summer clothes - dresses, shorts, the whole shebang. I’m a plus sized woman (US 14-16) with a lot of issues with my body confidence but, you know what? I look hella.

It’s about wearing what works for your body shape, and what you feel good in. If you want to wear a short dress but you have thick thighs and big calves, you wear that dress and rock your body. You look awesome.

You wanna wear that crop top, but your belly jiggles when you walk? You wear that crop top and look sick as frick. You look amazing.

Wear what you want! Don’t overheat to cover up, when you can wear something else and look awesome!

And if people don’t agree?

Screw them. You don’t need them.

Big girls can rock summer clothes. Fuck society.

Ignore my messy room that’s not the point of this post

Body loving selfie mini series #3:

So I today I received my new bikini & thought to myself that I should start practicing to like myself in a bikini until summer finally comes. It’s a beautiful feeling to see my slimmer self like this for the first time, alltough I am still having some problems accepting my little belly ( and still hoping my new workout will make it disappear), but I am actually looking forward to summer and I am really happy about the top, it’s not easy finding good ones in my size.

Last year 50lbs heavier (US size 14/16, now 8/10) I hated swimsuit season.

Left: July/2012. I didn’t change to a healthier lifestyle until 2013. I never weighed myself when this pic was taken. My “official” highest weight was 286 lbs, but I think here I’m pushing close to 300. I was a US size 24.

Right: Me grabbing my boobs for some reason. October/2015. I’m at 191 lbs so far and trying really hard to get to the 100 pound goal 😄. Currently fit in a US size 14. I like seeing how much my neck and jawline have changed.

All I have done to lose weight is eat a healthy and mostly plant based diet…and stay active by exercising at least 3 days a week. I’m trying to level up to an all vegan diet. 🌱

Watch what you eat, move your body, drink water, keep a positive attitude.
Thanks for all the love I get on my blog and about my weight loss! 💖 You guys help keep me motivated. 😘

Happy then. Happy AND Healthy now.