size 12 us

10 Ways How Plus Size Companies Could Improve

1. Less peplums 

2. Less chiffon 

3. Less bedazzling the ass of my jeans

4. Less confusing patterns

5. Less bremuda (mom) shorts

6. Less potato sacks please

7. Actually using models larger than a size 12/14

8. Give us clothes that actually fit us correctly- not everyone is a perfect hourglass

9. Stop making us pay $40-$50 for those shirts that looks like a potato sacks.


Online Plus Size Shopping Guide for Super Cute Clothes

Notes: Everything contained herein is based on my own personal shopping experiences, so YMMV. No one retailer is perfect for plus size shopping, and not everyone’s taste aligns with mine, so please bear this in mind. Right now, I am about a US size 16/18 or XL/2X depending on the retailer, but I have bought online up to about a US 20. I have very chubby arms, but my bust and waist are a lot smaller than my hips, so I tend to have some trouble finding things that fit all over. Most retailers usually have a plus cut, so there shouldn’t be a lot of discrepancy from my experiences for sizes above US 22. I know this will not be all-inclusive, so please feel free to add on whatever you think is helpful, because I know so many plus size shoppers really, really struggle, so share your experiences and advice.

Notes pt 2: I don’t really shop at B&M plus size retailers (like Lane Bryant, Torrid, Catherine’s, etc.) but I did work at Avenue for a while, so I will just leave those retailers out. Again, if you have a lot of experience with a particular plus size B&M retailer, join in the conversation and add whatever you can that will help people shopping online or in-store. The same goes for department stores, I do not ever shop in department stores, so I have no experiences to add there.

Notes pt 3: If you are shopping exclusively online, please try to get measurements so that you can compare that to size charts. Remember, there is no standardization in sizing, and every company sizes a little differently, so size charts are your friend. Plus, if you really fall in love with an item, you could tell from the size chart if it could be altered to fit if you bought a size up or something. (I know this is not an option for everyone, but it does at least give the option for some.)

Notes pt 4: I won’t link to my Ebates account because I am not trying to make money off of anyone, but if you don’t have it, SIGN UP NOW. It is so easy to use, and you get money back for shopping. I’ll note below which of these stores offers Ebates rewards.

My go-tos:

-ModCloth. They offer sizes up to 4x, but their house brand tends to be cut about a size larger. They have a decent size chart that allows you to compare your own measurements. They also have a customer service live chat, and if you tell them what item you’re looking at, they can almost always get measurements for it so you can compare. (I have done this several times, and it absolutely makes the shopping process a lot easier.) There are lots of reviews and outfit photos from other shoppers, which also really helps if you’re on the fence about something. They offer a lot of different styles, leaning toward kitschy/cutesty/retro/vintage-inspired offerings. Shipping is moderate, it usually takes about 10 days if you choose the free shipping option (if you qualify.) BEST FOR: Unique dresses and a-line skirts. PRICE RANGE: moderate, but quality is usually good. Most items will be between $40-$75, but it varies; items in the sale section can be anywhere from about 30% to 60% off, so you can get some GREAT deals in the sale section. SIZE RANGE: XS-4X. Does not offer Ebates rewards.

-eShakti. CUSTOM SIZING. Let me repeat: they do custom sizing for their pieces. Plus, if you don’t like the sleeves, neckline, embroidery, pockets (you heathen!), etc, you can alter. They have casual and special occasion dresses and separates, all of which you can custom size. I can’t emphasize this enough. If you’re looking for something for a special event, or if you’re like me and a different size on top and bottom, this is your best friend. They do charge a fee for customization, but it is worth it since it’s cheaper than alteration. Sign up for their email list, they often do some good sales where you can get a good deal. There’s a special discount for shopping on mobile, too. They do offer free returns as well. NOTE: dresses are made as they are ordered, so if you need it for a certain event or date, order as early as you can, as it can take about 15 days to receive your items. BEST FOR: workwear, special occasion dresses, jersey dresses for every day. PRICE RAGE: the higher end of moderate, but the dresses are custom made when you order and the quality is outstanding. Without a discount code, an uncustomized dress is about $45-$70. SIZE RANGE: 0 to 36W. Yes, you read that right. And you can customize ANY size. Does not offer Ebates rewards. I know a lot of the stuff Target sells online in its plus section is bullshit, but for basics, you can’t go wrong. The prices are good, and the quality of the Merona t-shirts and cardigans is excellent for what you’re paying. The Who What Wear line is a lot more fashionable and great to wear to work, but be aware that everything runs about a size smaller. I do not care for the Ava and Viv line, and I think I have only ever bought one pair of shorts from that line, which I promptly returned. If you like Ava and Viv good on you, it just doesn’t do it for me. You can return in-store if you buy something online, and if you have the Target RedCard, you get 5% off and free shipping on items from the website. It generally takes about 5-7 business days for a package to come to me. BEST FOR: basics like cardigans and t-shirts; Who What Wear for work, but pay close attention to sizing. PRICE RANGE: low, especially if you pay close attention to sales and use the RedCard discount. Most items average between $10 and $30 USD. SIZE RANGE: sizing for Ava and Viv and Merona plus is X-4X (translating, according to the website, to roughly 14W to 30W.) Sizing for Who What Wear is X-4X (where an X is probably about a straight-size 12/14, 1X is about 14W, and going up from there. All items I have from WWW are sized smaller than the rest of the plus clothing at Target.) Does offer Ebates rewards. *IMPORTANT EDIT: I just read that the Victoria Beckham line for Target will go up to size 3x, but odds are that the sizing will be more in line with WWW rather than Ava and Viv.*

-BooHoo. BooHoo is an online retailer based in the UK, so make sure that you choose USD from the drop down at the top of the page, because when you do, it also converts the sizing. They offer some workwear, but most of their stuff trends toward casual or clubwear. If you want something on the sexier side, BooHoo has you covered. In my mind they’re kind the UK answer to Forever 21, but I think most of their stuff is cuter. Be careful, though, because sometimes the quality isn’t quite what you’d expect. That said, they do a TON of good sales, it is quite easy to get many things from their site for not a lot of money. Like F21, they too have cute, cheap, trendy accessories as well. Even coming from overseas, they ship very fast, and I haven’t ever waited too long for a package from them. BEST FOR: trendy pieces, experimenting with your look, clothes for going out and partying down. PRICE RANGE: comparable to Forever 21, so pretty low, with some nicer items going into moderate, but they do offer a lot of codes. SIZE RANGE: US 12-24. (The dresses I have bought from there seem pretty true to size, but I have not bought any bottoms, so I can’t speak to their pants sizing.) Does offer Ebates rewards.

-ASOS. To me, ASOS is BooHoo’s grown up, more chic older sister. They have an amazing variety, from workwear to club wear to casual to formal. If your style is more eclectic or punky, you will definitely find something you like here, but even if you trend super feminine, you will not be at a loss. They also have a MEN’S PLUS SIZE section, which I only recently discovered. I have not bought anything from this portion of the site, but even knowing that it exists is helpful, and it looks like they offer staples, work wear, and more trendy pieces there as well. Their accessories/shoes/beauty sections are off the hook too, seriously; their accessories are amazing. They also have basics (like leggings or tshirts) in multi-packs, so you can save even more and stock up. Sizing can be hit or miss, since they carry a lot of different brands (including some BooHoo items!!) but most items I have bought have been true to the size chart that they provide. They do offer good codes from time to time. Items ship from the UK, and it takes about 1.5 to 2 weeks to reach the West Coast of the US. BEST FOR: a wide variety to choose from, pretty dresses, fashionable casual wear. PRICE RANGE: moderate to high, depending on the item and the occasion. They have good codes sometimes, and a great sale section. Items can range anywhere from $20 to $200. SIZE RANGE: for Women’s Curve & Plus it’s 14-26, but sizing can vary between brands. For Men’s Plus Size, it is XL-XXXL (they offer measurements on the site, so you can convert. I know jack all about men’s sizing, so I can’t really speak to how helpful this is, but if someone knows more, please let me know.) Does offer Ebates rewards.

 Love/hate category (AKA I don’t often shop there, but if I see something I like I will buy it):

-Forever 21. We all know this one, and probably a lot of us hate it a little bit too. I have some awesome things from F21 that I really enjoy, but I have gotten some stuff from there that I straight up hate. Also, their Plus section is ridiculously priced compared to the rest of the site. Like if you advertise $2 camis, make the fucking Plus ones $2 too. They do make some cute stuff, and if you’re familiar with how their sizing works, you can probably get pretty lucky and score some cute things. With how popular the website is, you do have to pull the trigger pretty quickly, or you might miss out. A lot of cute stuff goes out of stock and never comes back. Of course, there’s also the accessories and the beauty sections, so you can find cute stuff to pile into your cart to meet the free shipping minimum. You can return in store if you buy online, but for me at least, going into a Forever 21 store is a very trying experience in every single way. Sometimes the sizing is way off, so read reviews if you can; I find that the sizing is especially weird for the “deals” items that tend to be very inexpensive. Also, the non-stretchy tops just aren’t made for fat arms. PRICE RANGE: low to moderate. Items are anywhere from about $10 to $40. BEST FOR: dresses and skirts, shirts with lots of words on them. SIZE RANGE: 1X-4X. Does offer Ebates rewards.

-Simply Be. They have some cute shit, but I don’t often find things there that I need.They have a lot of casual and workwear, and some pretty dresses. I have found that the sizing is pretty good, but always check the size chart as this is another UK brand. They really push their store credit card, which does have some rewards, but also a super high APR. (They took a line out of the Avenue/Torrid/Lane Bryant/Catherine’s book by trying to create customer loyalty with the card. I won’t get into a rant here, but unless you plan on shopping ONLY at that one store, then don’t get the card.) PRICE RANGE: moderate to high. Items are in the $40 to $100 range. BEST FOR: I can’t really say since I haven’t shopped here a ton. SIZE RANGE: 6 to 28. Does offer Ebates rewards.

-Eloquii. They make beautiful clothes, but every time I work up the nerve to buy something, it is sold out. They’re like a cooler, more fashion-forward version of Lane Bryant in my mind. They do a lot of really gorgeous workwear, but some more casual pieces as well. They’re known for their Kady cigarette pants, which they offer in a variety of colors and patterns. In my opinion, they’re a lot more daring with their cuts than a lot of other plus retailers, and now they offer Plus Petite and Viola Fit (which is for bodies like mine that are smaller on top with wider hips.)Their prices are high, but they offer a lot of different sales and they usually have a pretty good sale section as well. PRICE RANGE: moderate to high, depending on if there is a sale. BEST FOR: workwear, vibrant colors, pretty dresses that are unique. SIZE RANGE: 14-28 in Original, Petite, and Viola. Does offer Ebates rewards.

ok honestly so many people have such an incredibly warped view of what fat/”plus sized” is. Like, my dude, a US size 12 should not realistically be counted as plus sized. Ashley Graham  and Barbie Ferreira  should not realistically be counted as plus sized. Beyonce, Rhianna, and Jennifer Lawrence are THIN, not even chubby and definitely not fat. I don’t say this to shame any body type, I’m saying a lot of people clearly need to reevaluate how they view women’s bodies (in other news water is wet).

i really don’t get how shops do their sizing like for example i am 6ft 2 and i have 36B boobs and i always considered myself a UK size 12 (US size 8). however. in some shops i have to get a 14 for jeans but can get a 12 for jeggings bc stretchy and tops i’m a size 12 but some i need a size 10 but other places a 12 is too tight on my boobs but a 14 is too baggy at my waist and i just used topshop’s measuring guide and they’re saying i need a size 16 for jeans even tho i wear 12 and 14’s from other shops IT’S SO FUCKING STUPID WHY DON’T CLOTHES SHOPS MAKE THIS EASIER FOR US


modelled by @herademarchelier

- available in pink and white only
- sizes 4 through 12 womens US
- worn once only (for photos)
- $150 each

add to cart // mesh (by the lovely Veranka)

the drobe nyc // a collection of pre-loved goods
tag us #thedrobenyc if you buy our items!

Like, Questions and Stuff?

I was tagged by @iamthespaceboy! Thanks, buddy!

And…swear someone else tagged me a while back but people misspell my URL or don’t link it kinda often ;__:

Where do you currently live?
Midwest U.S., Chi-town accessible ;)

Where would you prefer to live if given the option, and why?
Somewhere a bit cooler in the summers. The Valley of Mexico seemed nice- and rainy! But I’m not fluent so eh…I also really love fall leaves and snow so I dunno, it’s tough.

Shoe size?

12 US

Can you fall asleep on your back?

Yeah, but I usually sleep on my right side.

Is there a movie/book/show/game you’re looking forward to? What about it has you most excited?

The .Hack//G.U. HD Trilogy! Dynasty Warriors 9! Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker’s Memory! Snack World!  Xenoblade Chronicles 2! Too many reasons to list!

Wine, or hard liquor?  What is one of your preferred drinks?
Neither, never drank and not interested in doing so. I like water, iced tea, flavored milk (I miss you Nesquik banana milk), and fruit juices though! I know, I’m such a kid. :P

Physical touch, do you enjoy it?  What’s your favorite spot, what spot do you not want to be touched?
I guess. I rarely have any unless my dog attacking my face with her tongue counts. It can be kinda weird if someone I’m not close to hugs me, but not always. Can’t really name a favorite spot but I don’t really like when people rub my shoulders, it usually feels…wrong. Like school staff, you know?

Go into your YouTube history and provide the link to the 7th video in the list.

What was the last song you listened to?
1234 by Feist when I exercised this morning. Then I threw up. :U

Do you have any thoughts on ‪Nick Jonas‬?
Joe is cuter but I don’t really care about any of them.

Water or silicone based?
Dry, bloody, and painful. :3
(I have no…experience so I don’t know)

The most illicit controlled substance you’ve partaken in?
None and I’m not interested. I’m such a boy scout, I know. :P :P

If you could get your friends/family to watch one specific gay movie, which one would it be?
I don’t know any.

Do you listen to podcasts?  If so do you listen to them while you’re doing something else?
Nope, and I’m always surprised when they come up because I thought they died out like 10 years ago. Must not be popular in my home circles.

What do you do on a Sunday?
The same thing I do every day! Especially with Rick and Morty over for a long while. :(

Birth sign and zodiac?  What do you like most about both, what do you like least.  If you could pick which would you prefer?
Wasn’t this Chinese and Western zodiac before? I’m a scorpio but I don’t follow or care about astrology at all. I’m an astronomy man if anything~

In front of my salad?
I would never!

Last book or comic you enjoyed?
Dat phonebook tho

A kink or fetish you have,  can you explain how it became one for you?
I’m a big ol’ furry, you guys pinned me down and forced the evolutionary change upon me. I’m accepting it marvelously…

I’m kidding! (for now.) I dunno. Uh…hairy guys? I’m probably pretty tame in those kinds of things. (for now.)

Supply the link to either an image or video you think will bring a chuckle to those following you.

(Feel free to skip any you like, some of them are rather personal) I’ll tag a bunch of ya because OCTOBER/FALL/HALLOWEEN/BIRTHDAY ENERGY YEAAAAAAAH: @flugel-puff @animedude720 @charizardon @angst-is-life @jimothysomebody @ponpondereplay @sbot12 @onslaught509 @chemical-bomb @shadeofhavok @cenquetzacoatl @andresthegamer @tonberry-king @seabassing @izzy-in-the-water @kosmil3 @hectorg2012 @lieutstardust @schleepysantaclaus @eerie1023 @rapidfireknifechop @fallenblacktear @aintnochallahfaxgoy @mywickedm1nd @dark-potatoh @yourworstbestfriend @theofficialgummiship @gadielf @genericwhitehomosexual @shadowshown @psystriker @ritofabledghost @shadowj3 @baelthrak @indiefoxjosh @tizightdude @bigtunasandwich @lotusintro @cloudslash97 @tuxedoger818 @monsterluff @az-gamer-indeed @theworldatyourfingertips @bizzaro-stormy @bigawkwardmess @iamcallen @niyography @lootis @cordic @alchapotter @zegoldenpho3nix @diegochan01 @im-a-kawaii-marshmallow @caniklingen @cablesalads @fullmattlealchemist @t-clairevirus @mayonesaconlimon @metacrisisirvin @madhatternvrsleeps @k3v1nsheaven @da-victoes @lostxlight

and finally @dying-street-lights so he has something fun to come back to. :(

Clothes I’m Selling (sizes 8-12 us)

okay team, you know the drill. 

  • I put on all of these without shapewear, so no trickery here.
  • I will primarily ship all over the United States, but if you’re willing to foot the bill, I’ll send my goodies anywhere else.
  • all of these items were expensive and are super well made, and I’ll vouch for their quality and versatility. the fabric will be tailored easily, should you want.

and we’re off!

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Like, Questions and Stuff?

I was tagged by @latenightgaymer

thanks buddy!

-Where do you currently live?

Chico, CA. Originally LA

-Where would you prefer to live if given the option, and why?

Anywhere in Hawaii because its Hawaii or Seattle for the rainy weather and trees

-Shoe size?

12 US

-Can you fall asleep on your back?


-Is there a movie/book/show/game you’re looking forward to? What about it has you most excited?

There’s 3 games coming soon I’m pretty hype for. Dragon ball fighterz, monster hunter world, and red dead redemption 2. Db has always been one of my favorite anime and now its getting a proper fighting game and looks amazing, red dead redemption is one of my favorite games, prefer it over GTA. Never played monster hunter before but world looks amazing and reminds me of dragon’s dogma

-Wine, or hard liquor? What is one of your preferred drinks?

I don’t drink but white wine taste good

-Physical touch, do you enjoy it? What’s your favorite spot, what spot do you not want to be touched?

Yeah if I like them then I don’t really care about where they touch me. But anyone else, I don’t like my face being touched, same for most people I assume. I like when people rub my head

-Go into your YouTube history and provide the link to the 7th video in the list.

-What was the last song you listened to?
The one by electric mantis

-Do you have any thoughts on ‪Nick Jonas‬?
Hes alright, like his singing voice the most out of his brothers, Kevin is cutest though

-Water or silicone based?
Dry, bloody, and painful. :3

(I have no…experience so I don’t know)

-The most illicit controlled substance you’ve partaken in?

None :X

-If you coud get your friends/family to watch one specific gay movie, which one would it be?
alien vs predator

-Do you listen to podcasts? If so do you listen to them while you’re doing something else?

Nope, I watch stream podcasts though

-What do you do on a Sunday?
The same thing I do every day.
Sundays give me anxiety lool

-Birth sign and zodiac? What do you like most about both, what do you like least. If you could pick which would you prefer?

Fire leo, dont care enough to give a good answer lol. One pet peeve I have are people who unironically judge people based on their sign, all you gotta do is mind your business lol

-In front of my salad?

Shouldn’t be eating a salad, you had it cumming (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

-Last book or comic you enjoyed?
I’ve never met book before

-A kink or fetish you have, can you explain how it became one for you?

None that I know of

-Supply the link to either an image or video you think will bring a chuckle to those following you.

You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to :)

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Rare personal post…..

Since my financial situation hasn’t improved much (meaning I’ve got a contract and a job, but won’t get paid any money because it is on hold for some stupid internal city council reasons, and no one knows when it will become available), I have to take some drastic measures.

I don’t want to beg for donations, hence I am selling some of my costumes:

Top to bottom: Arwen-style Elven dress; Éowyn’s Refugee Gown; Viking / Medieval style Gown. Please read the descriptions for more info.

Arwen Gown:

Floor-length, trained gown made from luscious silk/rayon velvet in midnight black. Huge bell sleeves made from sheer yellow fabric with flocked-on flowers, lined in the most gorgeous golden yellow habotai silk. Neckline was hand-beaded with yellow/iridescent small tube beads. Chiffon-and-silk beaded trim with tiny sequins and silver embroidery. Metal eyelets for lacing up at the back. Overall length 167 cm excluding train. UK size 10-12; European 38-40; US 6-8. Please contact me for any measurements you might need.
Price: $240 plus shipping.

Éowyn Gown:

Two-part dress; underdress uses the same fabric that was used for the original movie gown. Sky blue with gold threads, gold detail lacing at the back and wrists. Overdress made from brown wool imitation fabric with braid detail at the neckline and side lacing at the waist. Overdress is slightly shorter than underdress. Overall length 164 cm. UK size 8-10; European 36-38; US 4-6. Might also fit one size down due to the lacing. Please contact me for any measurements you might need.
Price: $180 plus shipping.

Viking Gown:

Two part dress made from heavy duty linen with hand woven trim at the neckline and hem. Dark blue “tabard” style overdress with side lacing and rectangular neckline. Underdress from nature coloured linen, long sleeves, simple pull-over style. Slighty longer at the sides than at back and front. Overall length 166 ccm. UK size 12; European 40; US 8. Might also fit half a size up or one size down due to the lacing.
Please contact me for any measurements you might need.
Price: $90 plus shipping.

All dresses have been worn once, were cleaned and stored in a dry, cool place. I am 167 cm tall myself and all the gowns were more or less floor length on me depending on the shoes worn. I’ll happily take measurements off the garments should you want to check back with your own.

I have a Paypal account and I ship to anywhere in the world! I’ll try to figure out the cheapest shipping rate for you (I ship from Europe). If you buy more than 1 gown, shipping is free.

I really hate to see them go for they were made with love and passion in hours of work, using only the best fabrics available; but as to date I have been without any money for 4 months and I am not really sure my boss is going to pay me at all. I have rent and bills to pay, two cats to feed and I just can’t go on like this…so I’ll part way with those babies and hope they’ll find a good new home.

Thank you for reading this. If you can’t buy or they don’t fit, please at least reblog the shit out of this ;-) Thanks!!!

P.S.: If none of those fits and you still want one, I could also sew one for you….

Always accepting submissions

Submission Guidelines

Must be 18 and over

Must be black (duh, mixed, light skinned whatever, black is black)

Must tag nsfw content

No up close and personal pictures of your crotch

Must be us Size 12 and over!

Tag stuff that may be triggering

If you identify as male, then we are not accepting submissions from you at this time

No more than one submission a day please, if I haven’t gotten to you, I will get to you, do not worry!

Other things you can submit

Do you have a cause you need boosted that relates to black women (bonus if its fat black women) submit it!

Wanna share some of your art work/writing? Feel free to submit

Anything else you’d like to submit, message me about it and I may or may not post it, its no problem


No Brand? No Problem

I’ve been asked both on and off this blog the same questions over and over again:

  1. How do I dress visual kei without access (financial or otherwise) to brand clothing?
  2. How do I dress visual kei with my body type? (Which in my case, is being a curvy/busty US size 12-14)

I put off making this post for a long time since I knew doing what I was planning on would take all day of me changing clothes, which it did. I put together 9 outfits so that I could show what kind of items I buy, where I buy them from, and how I coordinate them. I only wore clothes I purchased locally and that weren’t “splurge” items. 

My pictures aren’t very clear due to my camera being not awesome. I apologize in advanced. I hope you can still tell what I have going on. 

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I think I'm too fat to be a k-pop fan

I’ve been a k-pop fan since 2008 & I am now 22. I used to say I didn’t want to by k-pop merch because I didn’t wanna look like a total koreaboo, but really it’s because I have a chronic illness that makes it hard to lose weight & to work out. I’m a US size 12/14 and I don’t think I’m very pretty, so I think my biases would be embarrassed to have chubby fans like me.

I keep wanting to by these really cute shirts with logos for my favorite groups, but I can’t help but think the boys would make faces like Doojoon
did when he was supposed to carry the French fan, or that the girls wouldn’t want to be seen with such an average looking girl like myself.

I still really want to buy those cute shirts. I want to support my favorite artists and maybe meet other fans in my area, but I don’t want to look stupid. So I just don’t buy anything other than their albums.

Okay pretend this is under a read more if you don’t want to read me ranting about body image stuff

But like, I’m getting super frustrated with the hard and fast boundaries there seem to be in what you’re allowed to call your own body type. I’m not skinny or thin by any fucking means, I’m a size 12/14 (US sizes) and I don’t fit into most clothes smaller than a large or extra large. I have rolls, and yes, I pose in my pictures in a way that makes me look slimmer. So I call myself chubby or fat because (I thought) I was, by fucking definition, and I’m honestly getting more and more okay with that.

But when I post photos of myself exclaiming that I’m happy with myself, I get multiple people telling me that I’m NOT fat and that I’m NOT chubby and that I’m NOT plus size, and they know because they’re bigger than me.

Like what the fuck. I also get shit for being bigger, I also have to struggle to find clothes that fit sometimes and it’s embarrassing, and I’ve had guys on online dating sites try to insult me by calling out my weight. I feel huge next to my size 0 best friend, and all I’m doing is trying to be okay with being my size, and then I get told I’m not big enough to call myself what I feel?

So I’m not small enough to be thin or healthy, but I’m not allowed to call myself fat or chubby because there are people bigger than me. What the fuck do I get to call myself then.

julie-patoolie submitted: 

 November 2014 vs May 2015

Starting weight: 235lbs (heaviest was 258) size 18/20 US
Current weight: 167lbs size 10/12 US
Goal weight: 140lbs

I’m 5'5".
Before I ate way too much crappy, sugar loaded, processed foods. Now I’m watching my macros (50% protein, 25% carbs, 25% fat) and eating lots of veggies, fruits, poultry and fish. I also went from little-to-no exercise to doing 30-45 minutes of walking in the morning everyday along with bootcamp style workouts 5 days a week. I’ve recently started running in the past month and have done a few 5K’s and hope to start training for a half marathon.

I used to always make excuses for my lack of physical activity and poor food choices but now I’m able to tell myself that all those excuses are bullshit! Haha! Getting physically healthier has made me mentally healthier.

—- SEND in your own Before and After weight loss progress photos HERE.