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  • What she says: im fine
  • What she really means: it's been 21 years and I still can't believe OJ was found Not Guilty. There was so much compelling evidence against him. The victims' blood in his Bronco, the extra large glove left back at Bundy that they only sold at select stores including Bloomingdales where Simpson often shopped, Ron's hair was found on OJ, Nicole's blood was found on OJ's sock, the Bruno Magli size 12 shoe print, the battered wife photos, the 911 calls Nicole had made due to prior incidences the justice system has failed us terribly

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OJ is innocent!!!!

Timeline of June 12, 1994

9:36 P.M. Simpson, wearing a dark sweat suit, is seen by Kato Kaelin.

9:30-9:45 Charles Cale, walking his dog by Simpson’s Rockingham residence, does not see Bronco.

10:02 Simpson attempts to call Paula Barbieri on the cell phone from his Bronco.

10:15 (prosecution)-10:40 (defense) Period during which murders took place.

10:22-10:30 Limo driver Allan Park, scheduled to take Simpson to airport, does not see Bronco on Rockingham.

10:40, 10:43, 10:49 Allan Park buzzes Simpson’s intercom, but gets no response.

10:50 White or light bronco observed at the intersection of Bundy and Dorothy.

10:51 or 10:52 Kato Kaelin hears three thumps on the wall outside his room.

10:54 Allan Park sees a man wearing dark clothes, about 6-feet tall and 200 pounds, walk across the driveway of the Simpson residence.

10:55 Simpson lies to Allan Park.

Criminal Trial Evidence

1. The 9-1-1 call and the history of Simpson’s violence directed at Nicole Brown.

2. Hair evidence: (1) hairs consistent with that of Simpson found on cap at Bundy residence, (2) hairs consistent with that of Simpson found on Ron Goldman’s shirt.

3. Fiber evidence: (1) cotton fibers consistent with the carpet in the Bronco found on glove at Rockingham, (2) fibers consistent with the carpet from the Bronco found on cap at Bundy residence.

4. Blood evidence: (1) killer dropped blood near shoe prints at Bundy, (2) blood dropped at Bundy was of same type as Simpson’s (about 0.5% of population would match), (3) Simpson had fresh cuts on left hand on day after murder, (4) blood found in Bronco, (5) blood found in foyer and master bedroom of Simpson home, (5) blood found on Simpson’s driveway, (6) blood on socks in OJ’s home matched Nicole’s.

5. Glove evidence: (1) left glove found at Bundy and right glove found at Simpson residence are Aris Light gloves, size XL, (2) Nicole Brown bought pair of Aris Light XL gloves in 1990 at Bloomingdale’s, (3) Simpson wore Aris Light gloves from 1990 to June, 1994.

6. Shoe evidence: (1) shoe prints found at Bundy were from a size 12 Bruno Magli shoe, (2) bloody shoe impression on Bronco carpet is consistent with a Magli shoe, (3) Simpson wore a size 12 shoe.

7. Other evidence: (1) flight in Bronco, (2) strange reaction to phone call informing him of Nicole Brown’s death, etc.

Incriminating Facts that the Criminal Jury Was Not Permitted or Able to Consider

1. Simpson did not testify at his criminal trial. Defense attorneys will almost always call as a witness an articulate client that they believe to be innocent.

2. Subsequent to the trial defense attorneys talking about the trial have been careful to say “the jury did the right thing,” while not stating that Simpson was in fact innocent.

3. Subsequent to the trial, Simpson has devoted no real effort to tracking down the “real killer,” nor has any significant evidence surfaced suggesting that the killer was anyone other than Simpson.

4. The jury was not allowed to hear testimony concerning Simpson’s rumored jailhouse confession to Rosie Grier.

5. Subsequent to the criminal trial other evidence of Simpson’s guilt surfaced. The most significant of the new evidence may have been photographs of Simpson wearing Bruno Magli shoes. The new evidence, together with much of the evidence considered in the criminal trial, convinced a civil jury that Simpson murdered Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman.

6. In his 2007 book, If I Did It, Simpson (for all intents and purposes) confessed. The book describes in detail events leading up to the moment of the murders.

Are you sure about that, anon?


Quick Dylan Klebold Trivia

Dylan had a foot fetish 
Dylan loved the smell of coffee, but didn’t really enjoy drinking it.
Dylan’s favorite soda was Dr. Pepper.
Dylan wore size 12 shoe
He once slept outside of the house, because he was too afraid to come inside during the dark because of the cougars.
He had a mini-fridge in his room filled with candy bars and Dr.P
He paid over 200 dollars for his sunglasses, and was very sad one day because they had gotten broken.
Dylan knew multiple software developing languages
Dylan used linux as platform on his own pc
Dylan got a job at a computer store, though he never showed up
Dylan’s mother baked him a cake on his 18th birthday  (The first after his death)
Dylan Studied the French language at Columbine
Dylan was buried with many beanie babies even though he said he hated them (he was probably just getting older and cutting ties to childish things of the past)

As with the Eric Trivia, share it around and keep it going guys! :)

Robert - sigh        In real life he would not be someone I socialized with.  We wouldn’t be rubbing shoulders at all, unless he was an inmate I counseled at the prison I worked at.

But in fictional Emmerdale where every character over the age of 15 is morally gray and most leaning toward the black side of gray….  he is a joy to follow and love.  He is a puppy dog in size 12 shoes who can’t stop peeing on the carpet.  You want to spank him and yell at him but you end up cuddling the shit out of him instead and afterwards you give him another milk bone. Then you do it all over again the next day when he has chewed up your favorite shoes.

I find myself gravitating toward Robert because so much of his back story hits home with me.  So I project.  Sue me.  

We watch soap operas for the craziness, the stupidity, the drama, the over the top stories that make us roll our eyes.  None of us would turn a single one of these shows on if it was all bubble-gum and butterflies.  In fact it is one of the concerns I have with Aaron.  It just feels like the show is working real hard trying to distance him from his past and turn him into this Mr. Perfect type of character that just gets shit on every time he turns around.  To be honest that type of character will get boring very fast to a lot of people, me included.  So please ED, don’t get rid of all of Aaron’s morally gray areas.  He needs to keep some of them and not shy away from them just to remain a long term interesting character.    

Ryan and Danny are very good actors.  They work very well together.  Their chemistry comes through on the screen very well.  They are two completely different type of actors too.  You can tell Danny is more of what I call a street actor.  He’s has no formal training, just learned as he went since starting out as a child actor.  Ryan you can tell has had all of the formal acting training.  Without getting to detailed there are 8 different acting styles that are taught in most acting classes.  If you are familiar with them then you can see Ryan uses more than one of these styles based on the current scene. Both approaches to acting work for Danny and Ryan respectively.  

I can’t wait until they get Aaron and Robert back together.  I hope there is a day coming where their marriage is strong but yet….  I want to watch them jump back and forth between good robron who loves and take care of their families, does good around the village and are very loving with each other….  but also morally gray robron where they aren’t afraid to go out and get their hands dirty when needed.  They will do what ever is necessary to protect those they love and if there is a buck to be made somewhere they aren’t afraid to go make it in whatever way is necessary.  I would love to watch a robron who is not afraid during the day to go out and kick someones ass just because while then coming home and helping their kids do their homework then cuddling on the couch to watch Game of Thrones.  

Oh yeah and make sure ED you keep Danny going to the gym and Ryan to the pool so we can keep watching those tight asses for years to come!


Salish Sea Human Foot Mystery

Since August 20th, 2007 several human feet have washed up on the shores of the Salish Sea in British Colombia. These feet were found inside of sneakers and belonged to 5 men, one woman, a few other of unknown sex.

The first foot was discovered on Jedediah Island by a young girl, visiting from Washington. The foot was discovered when the girl, out of curiosity, picked up the shoe and looked inside the sock. The shoe was a size 12 Adidas. Interestingly, this shoe was only produced in India in 2003. As of May 6th, 2014, ten feet have washed ashore in Canada, along with 4 in the US state of Washington. 

When word of this phenomenon hit the public, the most popular rumor was that there was a serial killer on the loose, one that liked to cut off feet. This was swiftly disproved when forensics showed that none of the feet had indications that they had been severed unnaturally. It is more likely that the bodies, already in the water for some time, had decomposed to a point where the foot would be severed on it’s own. This is supported by the fact that the bones in the ankle are incredibly weak.

Many people were also curious as to why feet were washing up instead of heads or other limbs. It is believed that the feet seem to be washing up due to the buoyancy within the sneakers themselves.

So, who do these feet belong to? The theory is that they’ve come from suicide victims. This is supported by the fact that, in 2008, one of the feet was identified using DNA as a man who had gone missing. This man had also been severely depressed. The final theory is that the feet belong to people that jumped from the Pattullo Bridge.

However, without bodies, all we’ll have are theories.

Equally as affable as Hann, is Daniel, the baby of the band at twenty-five-years-old. At The 1975’s most recent Auckland signing, a tearful fan emerged after meeting the boys, overjoyed that Daniel had complimented her freckles, saying that they looked beautiful. Needless to say, this gentle giant - he wears UK size 12 shoes - is beloved by all that encounter him. Slightly goofy, with a pleasant cadence to his voice, Daniel comically delivers wisecracking life-tips under the guise of stating the obvious. To a greedy puppy, he says, “You don’t really need any more treats, you’ll get fat.” And to me, after learning the total population of New Zealand, he inspiringly recommends, “You should make a sheep magazine and sell four million copies. Work harder.”

Coup De Main Issue #18

I will bring this to my grave. @coupdemain

This month has been pretty rough financially so I am taking on two severely discounted feetpaw orders to help cover my electric bill and other unexpected expenses that popped up this month. 

My feet normally start at $200 but today I am only asking $130. That’s for single color feet without claws. I can do multicolored and clawed feet for an extra fee.

My feet are built to fit universally. They can fit up to a size 12 mens shoe and can be made to fit larger if needed. (I am a size 7 womens and my standard feet fit perfectly with my running shoes!) they are fully lined, the toes are all foam and the bottoms are made out of sturdy rubber.

If you are interested in a pair please contact me. Due to the nature of this sale payment will need to be done in full. Turnaround time would be about 6-8 weeks. If you have a deadline I can try my best to make it though.

Messin' with the Heads of Feminists

By Michael


Stay with me now. I promise. I won’t bore you.

Have you ever really considered what the universally absolute laws of organic logic tell us about the problems of existence and origin … or just spouted slogans all your life?

Most products of the state schools and popular culture just spout slogans nowadays.

It’s the weirdest thing, really. They all sound alike, all pc talk and no hat. I used to marvel at it in high school.

Routinely, some nitwit, a feminazi type with a degree in education—snicker—would mouth some drivel or another, and the heads would just bob up and down. You know the type. She wears Ms. like a neon sign, spouts the banal as if it were profundity. She’s all jingoism … without a lick of common sense.

“Gender is a social construct!”

I used to wonder if my fellow “students” were pod hatchlings or if they were all just hoped up on Soma—a little Epsilon-it-up, Brave-New-World, go-go juice.

You know what I mean?

Every once and a while … between slogans … I’d throw a realty-check bomb out or a question from first principles … real innocent like, you know, like I was confused or—dare I say it?—wondering how this or that could be true.

You have to be careful with that though. You can’t overplay it or the knee-jerk, thought cop paid to babysit and burp the sheep cops an attitude, goes into repressive tolerance mode, and the band of brothers and sisters of group-think closes ranks. They start spouting epithets as mindlessly as a dog licks its genitals: misogynist!, fascist!, homophobe!, bigot!. Oh, and then there’s my favorite:  “Patriarchy!”

All the usual suspects.

You.  Know.  The.  Routine. 

This is always useful as you can make out which of the kids haven’t been switched out with pods yet and who the cuckold sissy faggots, the faux males of feministia bootlickery, are.

That’s always good to know so you can isolate the Betty Friedan types from time to time and ask ‘em for a little rape-culture action just for kicks or corner the bootlicks and let 'em know that the next time they kiss feminist ass at your expense in class you’re going to send them home to their mommies with your size 12 shoe lodged in their asses.

(Is it just me or do others yearn to smash the faces of those “males” who wear T-shirts or hold up signs that read, This is what a feminist looks like?  I get a hankering to show them what a beat-to-a-black-and-blue-bloody-pulp-of-feminist-male looks like eating that T-shirt or sign without his favorite condiment.)

But I digress, and you’re probably thinking I’m not a very nice Christian boy at this point.

In truth, I used to tell the teachers and the multiculturalist “students” that they were a truck full of robotic mutants right to their faces in class … with a beatific, Jesus-loves-you-but-hates-your-sin-and-rank-stupidity smile, of course.

The feminazis were always shocked at first, but then went into overdrive magpie and shrewish bitch. I just told them to shut their vulgar pie holes and make me a sandwich. Then I’d tell the teacher that I wasn’t leaving the classroom unless these faux females were booted too.

Equal rights and expression, you feminazi bitch!

If the bootlicks, you know, the pudgy, soft-around-the-edges metrosexuals popped off at their mistresses’ behest, I’d talk about their mommies and their pathetic, friend-zoned lives of worshipful puppy dogs while casually punctuating each phrase with a closed right fist slapped against my left palm.  I stared each of them down, one at a time, as I spoke and wielded that fist.  You have to keep the manginas in check or they start to imagine they're real men who can flay and slap at you with their sissy talk.  They need to know there’s always the afterschool curriculum of beat-your-ass, that you’ll take more than just their lunch money.  Unlike cowardly bullies, real men require a pound of flesh.

(I never actually did that, of course.  The implied threat was a enough.) 

I did that in each of my classes sometime during the first week of each year to establish the ground rules, find out who the real humans were, make the feminine girls giggle and swoon, and draw out the other boys who weren’t buying it.

The things teachers let these creeps say to nonconformists in class nowadays should get their asses sued and put out of a job.

These are the sort of things that are fighting words, really, that by all rights should be shoved back down their cowardly throats, and it’s always the four-eyed, frizzy hairs, the just-let-it-bleed-and-stain types who don’t shave their legs and armpits, leading the pack as they hide behind their vaginas.

Oh, wait! You’re not John the Savage, i.e., John Doe the Christian, so you don’t know what it’s like to be surrounded by a mindless horde of hateful zombies.

Every now and then I’d just tell the dingbat in front of the chalkboard to kiss my ass … not in so many words, you understand, but on the down low.  Dig me?  I'd rattle off the applicable version of the ratio ad absurdum of the irreducible mind and of the infinite regression of origin, then watch her mouth drop and the drool drip.

(Why are virtually all of the teachers female dingbats? Boys need men to teach them, not these silly bitches.)

When things got boring, which was most of the time, it was always a real hoot to throw out that universal ground of objectivity for all human intellectual endeavors, including science. Everything came to a screeching halt.  I counted to 10 for the inevitable Say what?


“Oh, I’m sorry, Teach. My bad. I just noticed that you stated that as an absolute without an ontological justification anywhere in sight. I thought you might want to elaborate … or back the hell up and try again. That one didn’t make my head bob.”

I swear. Sometimes it’s like they’ve never even considered the imperatives of first principles … even though they’re as plain as the nose on their faces, as readily self-evident as they can be to anyone with an IQ above that of a gnat.

Weird, eh?

But how could that be, you know, seeing as how they’re educators … with degrees, state certificates and such?

Can we get some teachers back in the schools packing the authority of the absolute rationalism of the masculine intellect? All this touchy-feely, sentimental emotionalism is ruining America.  A man can only take so much moist, snot-stained-hanky feelings.

I’m going to homeschool my kids, Sweetheart.


9990) Sometimes I think I'll never transition because, at 6' 1" with huge hands and size 12 shoes, I know I'll never pass.

I’d never judge anyone for not passing, but I don’t know if I could handle knowing that there are others who will see me and think I’m a “fake” woman.

2/4 Day four: Just a simple outfit for today. I slept awful last night since I was up late doing homework so I didn’t put too much effort in but still cute nonetheless. It’s been four days and I’ve posted every day so far so I hope I can keep that up for all of Fatshion February!!
Top: 1X Forever 21
Jeans: 16 or 18 (I forget) Old Navy
Shoes: size 12 woman’s Payless
Leg warmers: Kohls!!
(porn/fetish blogs not welcome!!!!)