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THOUGHTS? I think that there is some truth on this comment. If I see a label promoting to make clothes for #plussizewomen and the models they choose for the promo are just a size 12, then I have a problem with that. If I was a brand promoting to ONLY make clothes between the sizes 12 and 24, for instance, why would I only choose size 12 or 14 models to promote my clothes? Sure, I would do that to make sure the clothes look great, but wouldn’t I gain more #credibility if I also picked size 18 and 24 models for my #promotion? And I want to emphasis, that I don’t want to exclude the #smallersizes; I just think a #VarietyOfSizes for the promotion would be #better. That’s just my own thought process. I would like to know your own opinion?
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This is some next level shit right here


The 12 most beautiful plus-size models in bridal gowns.


The power of publicity and social media to shape image and identity astounds me. I am constantly compared to models, and reminded daily that i am not conventionally desirable because i am different.

In 2013, i had the pleasure of meeting Stefania Ferrario in Melbourne. She was very kind to help me research for a creative writing piece i was writing at the time. She spoke about saving money for  travelling overseas. She spoke three languages. She was a model.  I admired her confidence, her no-nonsense approach, and her intelligence.

The last few weeks, my Facebook feed blew up about a #droptheplus hasthtag, and a familiar face appeared to represent this campaign. Ms Ferrario comments about labelling models as ‘plus sized’ creates a harmful beauty standard because of it’s explicit tendency to segregate size 12-and-up models from the ‘normal’ smaller sizes promoted within the industry.

#droptheplus demands change, and acquires the term ‘model’ as a profession accepting of all shapes and sizes.

This is brilliant. Because, as Ferrario expresses, it’s time for a change. And a change like this is a positive one.

Spread the word. #droptheplus

Casting call for models!
looking for female models in Nottingham area UK dress sizes 8-12
1 model for a photoshoot on May 29th, 3 for fashion shows June 12th and 13th (must be able to do both days).
Its a student project so no compensation availible, looking for people who would like to expand their portfolio, promotion on social media, possible TFP. travel compensation can be negotiated!
Its in collaboration with Uber Dandy Kimono, which has been published in several places! The shows are the New College Nottingham end of year fashion shows.
Please pop me a message! thanks for reading :)

WTF Torrid? You know, there would be more size-22 models if you would hire them. I mean, seriously? It wasn’t until Tess had a large online following that you booked her for anything.

Gahhhh, I’m so sick of size 10/12/14 modeling all of the plus sizes, and companies acting like they’re so groundbreaking by hiring a model who wears their median size.