size 12 model


This is some next level shit right here


The power of publicity and social media to shape image and identity astounds me. I am constantly compared to models, and reminded daily that i am not conventionally desirable because i am different.

In 2013, i had the pleasure of meeting Stefania Ferrario in Melbourne. She was very kind to help me research for a creative writing piece i was writing at the time. She spoke about saving money for  travelling overseas. She spoke three languages. She was a model.  I admired her confidence, her no-nonsense approach, and her intelligence.

The last few weeks, my Facebook feed blew up about a #droptheplus hasthtag, and a familiar face appeared to represent this campaign. Ms Ferrario comments about labelling models as ‘plus sized’ creates a harmful beauty standard because of it’s explicit tendency to segregate size 12-and-up models from the ‘normal’ smaller sizes promoted within the industry.

#droptheplus demands change, and acquires the term ‘model’ as a profession accepting of all shapes and sizes.

This is brilliant. Because, as Ferrario expresses, it’s time for a change. And a change like this is a positive one.

Spread the word. #droptheplus

WTF Torrid? You know, there would be more size-22 models if you would hire them. I mean, seriously? It wasn’t until Tess had a large online following that you booked her for anything.

Gahhhh, I’m so sick of size 10/12/14 modeling all of the plus sizes, and companies acting like they’re so groundbreaking by hiring a model who wears their median size.