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Two characters (A and B) are fighting in zero gravity, in a medium sized room (12 feet by 14 feet). A is about 40-30 pounds smaller than B, who is about 200-210 pounds. A is quicker than B but B can take more blows than A. They both are trained to a high level in karate, judo, and Kendo, and both are physically fit. B is very good at Kyudo. They have no weapons, but shrapnel and debris are everywhere. How might this battle go down and who would win?

They’re fighting in zero-g. None of what you’ve listed here actually matters, not even their weight, because it doesn’t help them when fighting in ZERO GRAVITY. Martial arts designed to work with gravity, don’t work in the cold depths of space as they’re relying on mechanics and physical laws that aren’t present. Whoever adapts fastest is the one who wins.

However, and this is an important point for anyone sending in questions, we can’t tell you how to write your fight scenes. We won’t create them for you, we can tell you how a thing works and pass on resources to help you get where you want to go but we can’t tell you how the fight will go down.

You, the writer, are the source and it is up to you to figure out how it will happen and who will win. Combat relies on more than just where people fight, their height and their weight, what they have access to. It also involves a lot of setting information, relies on narrative flow, themes, and the personalities of the characters involved. It is your story. You do it.

This is a good lesson when it comes to learning. If you want your character to be a fighter skilled in five different martial arts with a high belt ranking then YOU, yes, YOU need to put your nose to the grindstone and get researching. It’s all up to you. You are the one who is telling this story. It is up to you to convince your audience, however you choose to do so.

You don’t need me to tell you how, you need to learn how so that you can write it on your own and that starts with learning how the individual martial arts you want your character to know work then you start the long process of figuring out how they work together. Along the way, you’ll learn that judo and kendo are mostly useless for live combat because they are sport forms. This is intentional, its there in the “do” as opposed to “jutsu”. “Do” signifies the martial art’s transition into an art form rather than a combat form. There are parts of it which are still applicable, but combat is no longer its primary purpose as a training outlook. You’d also learn that “karate” is an umbrella for multiple Okinawan martial disciplines that are unique and distinct in their practices.

You want to do it, you need to learn how they work and then how they work together. If you can’t do that, take a step back. Start with one instead of three or four.

You want to write fights in zero gravity? You might start by learning how zero gravity functions, watch videos of astronauts in space, and figure out the importance of gravity itself. For earth based combat, gravity is necessary for the techniques to function. They’re all built with the idea that you will be fighting on earth. They won’t work the same way in a zero-g environment.

Research on your own is important. You may not need to practice a martial art in order to write it, but you do need to learn its concepts. You need the foundations, and the theory behind how the techniques are supposed to work. You can learn that multiple ways and you can internalize those concepts far more quickly than the years it takes to train to physical competence in a single martial art. This is also where I say I hope that Character A is somewhere between 35 to 50 for their “high level” of skill in three martial styles. Traditional martial arts, particularly karate, judo, and kendo, take awhile to learn. You’re looking at upwards of five years to the first black belt, or longer depending on how firmly they hold to tradition. Some schools won’t let anyone but an adult test for black belt at all.

While this is happening all in your imagination, the writer always has to put their money where their mouth is. They’ve got to prove their character’s competence to their audience and its up to you to do it.

So, start at the bottom and work your way up. The more you learn, then the easier it will be to conceptually put together these fight scenes on your own.

That is the goal of this blog. We’re not here to write your fight scenes. We can theorize how a scene might go down in abstract, tell you how some martial arts work on a conceptual level, and teach you about the psychology and logic behind the mystification of combat forms. However, the work is yours.

You do it.


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“Hey! I’m supposed to be the big brother!” Joe said as he looked at a TMZ report on his “little” brother’s, Nick, success. “Like I told you Joseph, Nick is owned by the company and the company did what it had to do to boost sales for your brother’s music.” Joe’s dad said to his oldest boy. Joe’s dad regretted selling out his youngest son to the company, but his family was in need of money and there was not other option, the public loved Nick. “Look, how about we pay your brother a visit. Would that make you feel better?” Joe’s dad asked. “I guess so…” Joe said in a sad tone.

The next door both Joe and his dad drove about 3 hours out of town to visit Nick. Once at the studio the two were escorted into a private room to wait for Nick. They waited for about 5 minutes until Nick immediately bursted through the door. “There’s my family!” Nick said with boyish excitement. Even though he looked 24 he was still the 12 year old boy inside. “Hi daddy!” Nick was now taller than his ow dad. “Hey little guy, well I guess I shouldn’t call you that anymore.” His dad said still taking in the sight of his youngest son. Nick turned to his older brother Joe. “Hey Joe! I’ve missed you!” Nick squeezed his brother tightly. “Uh! Nick can you ease up a bit, you’re hurting me.” Joe said as Nick squeezed his small frame with his large arms. “Oh, sorry big bro. I guess I’m not used to all my new muscles yet.” Nick said timidly. Joe and Nick’s dad left the room so the two boys could catch up. His dad wanted to talk with Nick’s manager about the suddenly growth spurt they put his youngest son through. Both Joe and Nick caught up on life but there was one question Joe was dying to ask his baby brother. “Hey, uh, Nick. Do you think I can take some of that stuff that made you so big?” Joe asked his oversized brother. “Well, I don’t know Joe. I’m not supposed to touch that stuff.” Nick said nervously. “Aww c'mon Nick you have to know where they keep it!” Joe said in annoyance. Nick thought to himself and immediately ran out the room. Joe was confused but waited for his brother to come back. Suddenly Nick came back with a yellow vile. “Here! Hurry take it!” Nick said eagerly. “Nick! What are you doing with that vile?! Come back!” Joe heard their dad and Nick’s manager down the hall quickly coming back into the room. “Quick Nick! Close and lock the door.” Joe ordered and Nick did. Loud knock could be heard at the door. “Joe! Please, it’s not worth it. You don’t have to be a big boy yet!” Their dad screamed from outside trying to get into the room. Nick’s back was toward the door weighing it down so neither his dad or manager could get in. “But it’s what I want dad.” Joe said as he popped the lid off the vile and proceeded to drink the entire yellow liquid.

“Bleh! You could’ve told me that that the taste was awful Nick!” Joe said in disgust. “Maybe you should sit down. This part is a little crazy.” Nick advised his brother. “What do you mea-…oooh!” Joe was interrupted by his stomach making a weird noise. “You’ll see.” Nick said with a small smirk. Suddenly Joe began to grow in size. He listened to the fabric on his clothes begin to stretch and tear. His shoes were becoming incredibly tight now. “Aahh!!” Joe’s feet immediately bursted out from inside of his size 8 shoes. They were long size 12 feet. Joe looked down at the ground and noticed how much farther it was from him now. He was growing taller. His clothes were getting incredibly tight as his body began to mature through 10 years in a matter of minutes. His arms and legs expanded with muscle which caused his pants and shirt to slightly rip open. Joe looked at Nick, who was closing his eyes with his hands not wanting to see his brother go through the same transformation he did. “Nick! Ugh!! This hurts!” Joe said to his brother in pain. Joe’s body continued to grow larger. His shirt busted open in the front exposing a well developed muscular torso. His abs and pecs were glistening with sweat as Joe’s breath became heavy from all of his growth. “Uuuh!!!” Joe’s legs bulged with muscle as the growth rose from his calfs to to his thighs his pants shredded from all of the muscle Joe was gaining. Joe was now left in shredded remains of his shirt and very tight underwear. “UH! UH! UUUH! Nick, what-what’s going on now?!” Joe asked as he clenched his throbbing thick and balls. Nick didn’t respond and just covered his ears while shutting his eyes tightly like a small child. “Nick! Uuugh!!” Joe felt his dick beginning to lengthen and thicken, it was so hard that it ripped right through his tight underwear. He looked down and immediately saw his balls drop low then expand to a large size. Joe was very frightened but was distracted by the intense pleasure he felt from his thick cock and balls now. He rubbed his balls and stroked his dick, almost instinctively. “Ooooh!! UUUH!” Joe was in a sexual trance. As he moaned his face matured through 10 years in seconds giving him light facial hair and hair throughout all of his body to match. “OOH! OH!! UGH!!” Joe had his first orgasmic climax in front of his brother Nick. His dick spewed out a thick white substance all over the floor. Joe was very light headed. “Hey! I got you big brother!” Nick said as he caught his now large naked brother and placed him on the couch.

After a few hours, Joe woke up. Nick and him were still the only ones in the room. “Hey big brother. You feeling okay?” Joe looked down still confused as to what just happened. He looked at his matured body and saw he was now wearing underwear that fit him. “Where did those come from?” Joe asked. “Oh, they are mine! I figured you needed them more than I did.” Nick said in a boyish tone. “Thanks baby bro. I guess we should go out and see dad now.” Joe said as he stumbled to stand up. Nick opened the door and Joe walked outside. “Joe! Is that you?” Nick and Joe’s dad was in shock. “Hey Daddy. Guess you have another man in the house now.” Joe with a wink said while flexing his muscles all over. Nick’s manager gazed at Nick’s older brother. “You know, I think there’s a way we can make the public like both of you as a team. I hear brother duos are in this season.” Nick’s manager said with a smile.