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WOW this came out dark

So like… as soon as I watched this fucking episode I knew I was going to be painting it. That fucking lil smile he does.

Feels good to paint stranger things. I have thought of/talked of/watched nothing else since it came out :)


I know, I am crazy XD I noticed that recently a lot of glasses have piled up. But I needed them, and I know that you need them too. So, go crazy. ♥

All of them have a shitload of colors, and come in clear and sun lens versions, some specific glasses have other types aswell. The older files (until EXOV) are all seperate, but the newer glasses have all swatches in one package.


Kakashi fankid stealin yo scenes.

And when he’s not doin’ that, he’s bein’ cuuuute with his expressions and his choppy Minato-side hair thingies…

He’s also cutely interested in classroom rules, or whatever that paper is: 

Also consider his toesies: 

…and this beautiful avatar he has gifted us with (he even has that chunk of bangs between his eyes like young kakashi!!): 

…and HIS ‘YAY’ WAVE: 

… and that he is not beyond being awkwardly animated (and this is only 2 episodes in at this point): 

I love him.


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smiles for days!

yugi’s shirt and leather pants: become a crop top and capris
joey’s t-shirt and jeans: become the powder-blue hell that yugi now lives in