“I totally commend Nikki for how he is today. He’s great to deal with now that he can actually go out sober with people and whoop it up and have a good time and bot be all freaked out. We still hang out a lot.

On a personal level he has gotten great at thinking things through. People with addictive personalities make really quick decisions and don’t think them through, be they musical or business or whatever. Nikki and I were always real spontaneous gut guys who would just go with it, but now he gets all the information so he can make the right decision. 

We’re as close as ever but Nikki is a dark, funny individual who has realised that he has got one very dark street in his fucking head that isn’t lit up by too many streetlights. You don’t want to throw heroin and cocaine in there as well dude! The point is that Sixx is already a sick fuck and always will be. He doesn’t need that fucking stuff.”

Tommy Lee


“Nikki and I are closer now than we ever have been. From being a complete fuck-up he is now totally rational and the stuff he says always makes sense. He will advise me on how to handle things, or how to stay on an even kneel like he’s our band counselor. You know what? He could get a job as a counselor now, and that’s pretty scary. He’s still a control freak, but he’s even working on that. Nowadays Nikki and I are real close friends, and I never thought I would say that.”

- Vince Neil