It’s interesting. People go to an animal shelter and pick a dog that’s been kicked, beaten, and has lost a leg and an eye, and they’ll take that dog home and give it love and support, but they don’t do that with people.
—  Nikki Sixx
I know some things that you don’t. I’ve done things that you won’t. There’s nothing like a trail of blood, to find your way back home.
—  Life is Beautiful [Sixx A.M.]

“Nikki took good care of me.
He is a legendary bad boy Rocker,
so I didn’t care if he was arrogant,
but he was not like that at all; he treated me kindly.
When I got a bass guitar from him,
I didn’t understand its meaning well.
I am the one who appreciates it because he gave me an opportunity to tour the U.S.A. with him.
I think that I want to return this favor in the United States.” - HYDE

Credit: L’arc America

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