first day of summer

on thursday morning i moved back home…and then an hour later went to the beach with Katherine and Shruti. it was pretty hot around where we live, but near the beach it was still chilly and breezy, so the whole tanning thing wasn’t too successful. it was still nice though and not crowded at all. and then afterwards we went to Asbury Park just to walk around and stopped by an antique store. pretty kewl stuff.

^ just rollin’ around on the cold sand

^ the sun did come out later on! and i even fell asleep on the sand (but mostly because i had stayed up all night packing).

^ i think the lady running the store saw me take this selfie

^ vintage New Jersey postcards!

^ ugh seriously thought about getting this jacket, but i feel so guilty buying cold-weather clothes in the summer

^ luv us some ice cream