Well My wedding looks like its finally beginning to have a theme! “1960′s Classic Modern” ! I’ve been digging up some inspiration for awhile now (not sure where the images are from since I just screan-shotted them to my desktop)  and it seems like this is the theme that encompasses and drives the whole image. Im super excited so here are some real images from real weddings (sorry about the buzzfeed but they do make interesting lists!)

Wedding Belles: George Pities Paul

Alan Smith, New Musical Express, 28 January 1966

“I PITY Paul,” said George Harrison, with a wry grin, “‘cos now he’s the only Beatle left, you lot will hound him all over the place. He won’t get a moment’s peace.”

By “you lot” George meant the world’s Press… dozens of photographers and journalists, who sardined into a small room at the weekend to hear about The Wedding Of The Year.

For the record, George finally tied the knot just after the NME went to Press last week (thanks!). He and Pattie were married in a quiet ceremony at Epsom. Most of Pattie’s relatives were there and George’s Mum and Dad had had four days notice to travel down from Liverpool.

Pattie wore a short, red fox fur coat given to her by George as a wedding present. George settled for adark, Victorian-style suit and one of those gent’s fur coats, reminiscent of old gangster gear, seen on the telly sometimes.

At the Press conference a girl reporter breathed up to him and fluttered her eyelashes as she said: “How on earth did you manage to keep it a secret?”

“Simple,” said George. “We didn’t tell anyone.”

It was a truthful enough answer — and a clue to the way so many Beatle secrets have been kept in the past. The security surrounding the famous four has got to a Man From Uncle pitch.

I struggled through a horde of Fleet Street-types, lost a couple of coat buttons and had my feet trampled on before I managed to have a few words with George and Pattie.

George was taking it all quite calmly, answering the same questions time after time without the slightest sign of boredom.

Out of hand

“Did the Hollies go to the wedding?” I gagged. He looked blank for a moment. Then he laughed and said: “Hah, that thing about me knocking 'If I Needed Someone’. You shouldn’t have done it, Alan. All the other papers took it up. It just got out of hand!”

He wasn’t annoyed but quickly moved on to other topics. Who wants to talk about songwriting when you’ve just got married?

“We’re not going to take a honeymoon till all this fuss has calmed down,” he told me. “I reckon we’ll wait a while… till everybody least expects it!

"We’ve had some great wedding presents, you know. Things for the house and that. Paul gave us a fantastic Chinaman’s head that you hang on the wall. It’s great! We also had a smashin’ antique table from Brian Epstein.

"John and Ringo knew we were going to get married, but there wasn’t a question of them calling off their holiday. As I say, we wanted it to be as quiet as possible. They sent nice telegrams.

"When did we decide to get married? I think it was just before Christmas. We were in the car and Patti was driving and I said 'How about getting married, then?’ and she said 'yes, okay’ without taking her eyes off the road. What a driver!”

Incidentally, if you’re a girl fan and you hate Pattie… it’s a pity you can’t meet her in person. She’s twice as attractive in real-life as in pictures and she has a quiet charm that makes you realise why George looked again when he met her on the set of Hard Day’s Night, in which she had a bit part.

She was wearing a trouser suit at the Press conference (“I know they’re out, but I like them”) and someone asked George who would be “wearing the trousers” in their marriage. Quick as a flash he retorted: “I know Pattie’s wearing the trousers now, but I’d like to assure you I’ll never be wearing the skirt!”

Broken hearts

There were comments about him “breaking a million girls’ hearts” by getting married, but he replied modestly: “Oh, I don’t think so. Twenty, perhaps — if that!

"Anyway, I think most girls are intelligent and they wouldn’t hate me just for gelling married. I think it’s mainly a thing blown up by the Press.

"Paul getting married? I don’t know. That’s his business. If he wants to, good luck to him and I know I wish him the very best. It just depends on him… and the girl he asks.

"Actually, I feel sorry for him, he’ll be hounded to death now us other three are married.

"I can’t really give my own verdict on married life yet, except that it’s great right now. You’ll have to come back next week if you want another answer. Give me a bit of time!

"Children? Oh, they can wait for about two years. There’s still time for having a laugh and a bit of fun, just us two. And 'We Can Work It Out’!”

I’m sure they can, and will. And I’d like to extend to them both the good wishes and congratulations of the NME and, myself. Lots of luck! •


TWO OF the people who shared George’s wedding secret for weeks before it happened were Beatles’ road managers Neil Aspinall and Malcolm Evans. And on the wedding night they were guests at George’s Esher bungalow.

“George and Pattie cooked us breakfast on Saturday morning — their first day of married life,” Neil told the NME’s Chris Hutchins.

Within hours of the couple’s decision to marry shortly before Christmas George told Neil, who was visiting them: “By the way, we’re getting married soon.”

“I didn’t know whether to believe him or if he was joking,” Neil recalled.

But neither Neil nor Mal knew the exact date of the marriage until last Wednesday when they were asked by Brian Epstein’s assistant Wendy to be at George’s house on Friday morning. They arrived at 11 am — too late for the wedding which was already taking place.

“There was a bit of a party afterwards for their relatives and a few of Pattie’s friends. Nothing lavish, George’s sort-of-house-keeper got in some food beforehand. There was no outside catering,” added Neil.

1960’s Wedding by MrJamesAckerley on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I bought a new scanner today and I am embarking on a massive restoration project of my families old 35mm negatives, slides and prints. This photo is of my Grandparents (Ann and Antony) on their wedding day taken on the 2nd June 1962. The original photo is (luckily) in colour and I scanned it in at 4000dpi at 48bits as the original negative is still in incredible condition 51 years later.