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Love & Uncertainty

SPN FanFic

~Sometimes, the best decisions are the hardest.~

Jensen x Reader, Jared

2,464 Words

Warnings: Angst! Smidge of implied smut. SFW, generally. I think there’s fluff at the end…

A/N: This is for Kari, @thing-you-do-with-that-thing , who caught me off guard with a Jensen gif yesterday and then gave me a prompt. It didn’t exactly go as planned, but I dig it. Hope you do too. Also, thanks to @lovelyrocker who titled this through my post. ;) Please enjoy!

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Jensen threw his hands up in defeat and turned away from Y/N, his aggravation growing with each syllable she uttered.

“I said, we are not discussing this right now!” he roared as he spun around, and Y/N’s eyes narrowed at the finality in his voice.

“Excuse me?” she hissed and took a step towards him. It wasn’t a question, or a plea, it was an accusation. “Who says you get to decide when we talk about things?” The anger and hurt in her voice pulled at Jensen’s heart, scaring him a bit, but he did not turn back. “You promised me. I waited and waited and you promised we would have a serious talk about this!”

Jensen dropped his head and sighed. “Now’s not the time,” he said sadly.

“Now’s the only time.”

He turned then and nearly broke down when he saw the look on her face. Dawn was breaking just outside their apartment windows, and the orange hues lit the tears as they spilled from her Y/E/C eyes. He wanted to reach out and wrap his arms around her, but stubborn anger kept his hands at his sides. He was fighting exhaustion after a horrendous week on set, and arguing with Y/N was the last thing he wanted to do.

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