Wen Cleanser is a Wenner!

I’ve fallen into the trap of those damn info-mercials at 1am. I got sucked into watching the Wen Cleansing info-mercial by Chaz Dean. I know Chaz Dean from watching the Bravo show Flipping Out and was really interested in his new product. The more I saw this and the celebrities he had to promote this product I succumbed to them and ordered not only the Wen Cleansing  crème in Tea Tree oil scent(16oz $32) but I also got the sweet almond mint styling crème (6oz $24) and an extremely large bottle of another cleanser called Sixthirteen.

Now to be honest it’s true that these cleansers do not lather up and you have to use a lot more than you think you should. I have a lot of hair and it’s not only thick and coarse but also naturally curly so I can’t use a product that will strip it completely of moisture. From the first time I used the Wen cleanser I had to use 30 pumps to ensure all of my hair was saturated evenly. I didn’t put any product in my hair afterwards and let it air dry so I could get a true reading on what this product did to my hair. Was it really as smooth and tame as the info-mercial said it would be? Yes it was! I have never been able to just let my hair air dry, if I did I look like Diana Ross’ hair crossed with having the bad case of electro-static.

Two days later I tried Sixthirteen, this is much creamier and has a muted smell to it. I actually liked this much better and it did a remarkable job at detangling my hair, bringing the shine and smoothness back as well as the Wen cleasner not having to put product in my hair and letting it air dry.

I was skeptical like many of you are but I am your guinea pig and I recommend purchasing Sixthirteen cleasner  (32oz for $78) directly from the Chaz Dean salon. Go to