• the GazettE
  • NIL

I just realised how awesome this song is!! I came up with an idea guys: you know how all the gazette members say a word in each verse like:

Ruki - Theory

Aoi - Free

Kai - Treasure

Reita - Fuck

Uruha - Stand Up

I thought it was so cool and at the same time it felt like the band was so united.

So my idea is to make a fanvideo from all over the world! Any willing sixth gun can participate by sending in a video of them saying one of those words. If you wanna cosplay or look visual kei for it, itd be even cooler!! Once we get enough ill put them together into a video with background music and upload it to youtube. SIXTH GUN REPRESENT!!!!

So yeah itd be amazing if you would like to participate, so you can contact me if you want. Pick your word here

UPDATE: if you wanna do this, send me your video here !!!!! Lets do it guyss :)