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To all the Dirty Laundry haters

For those of you who don’t know, “Dirty Laundry” is a Klance AU fanfiction about Lance and Keith making a deal so Lance can bring a boyfriend to his home for the holidays. It’s a great fanfiction (I recommend!) that every Klance shipper should read (of course, if you want to).

Okay so now, the author is receiving hate because of how she wrote the story. First of all, “Gasolina” was a huge song back when I was a kid. It was everywhere! Still is! I laughed at that part so hard that I had to send it to my friend and later, I showed it to my sister. Second, “La Chancla” was in no way a form of abuse. That was how our grandma’s used make us not get into trouble (tenernos derechito as my grandmas says) and my abuela still does that to me sometimes so it’s normal for Latino families! And we have big families! So that is normal too! Third, we don’t know if Lance is Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican or another Latin ethnicity. So just because Lance mentioned Varadero Beach doesn’t make him Cuban. Maybe it was a family vacation that brought him memories. Fourth, Alexi has autism and most people were offended. Guess what? AUTISM IS DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE. She modeled after her own friends and you people still say she’s wrong? Are we even reading the same commentary? Fifth, just because the author is not Latina, doesn’t mean she can’t write about Latinos. She’s working with Latinos on the story to make it accurate and it is! Her portrayal of the Sanchez family brought me childhood memories with my familia and there were beautiful. Sixth, why in the world would you sent hate to the author? You’re not Latino so why? I’m trying to understand why were you haters offended when nobody of the Latino community was. And you were harassing a MINOR. A minor! She even apologized and made a post that she will change some things to appeal to you haters. But no. You kept sending her hate. What is wrong with you? You haters only know how to spread venom and you LOVE to tear people down. Of course, you say all that because you’re behind a screen. YOU ARE ALL COWARDS. You people sent her so much hate that it got into her mental health. Now she lost her passion for writing. Now she’s probably writing the final chapter of the fic when it was supposed to go longer than that. Now she feels like this is a task. A burden. A duty.

As a Puerto Rican, I never found “Dirty Laundry” racist. I needed to say this because I couldn’t just stay silent and watch everything from the sidelines. You can unfollow me if you want and if you haters dare to send me hate messages or comments, I warn you, you will regret it.

Girl Groups (Debuted 2012 or Earlier) You Must Listen To

I decided to make this list because I feel like some newer KPOP fans don’t really know where to start with some of the “older” girl groups and with the sad disbanding of some of these iconic groups, it’s important to keep supporting the ones that are still going strong! 

SNSD/Girls’ Generation




Brown Eyed Girls




After School


Wonder Girls

miss A

Girl’s Day


Dal Shabet




Obviously not every girl group is listed here and I know some groups better than others so please feel free to add any more songs/groups you would like to.
Glee’s Chris Colfer To Celebrate The End of The Land of Stories Series With a Book Tour
The actor shares details about his final book and upcoming tour

For fans of The Land of Stories series, the release of the final book is a great-but-painful moment — especially for author Chris Colfer. His New York Times best-selling fantasy books have overtaken the YA world, and Colfer will celebrate the publication of the sixth and last novel, Worlds Collide, with a 20-city tour starting next month.

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Glee’s Chris Colfer To Celebrate The End of The Land of Stories Series With a Book Tour
The actor shares details about his final book and upcoming tour

For fans of The Land of Stories series, the release of the final book is a great-but-painful moment — especially for author Chris Colfer. His New York Times best-selling fantasy books have overtaken the YA world, and Colfer will celebrate the publication of the sixth and last novel, Worlds Collide, with a 20-city tour starting next month.

The Land of Stories series, which first entered the bookshelves and imaginations of kids in 2012, follows the adventures of twins Alex and Conner who are transported from the modern world to a place filled with the magical characters normally only encountered in fairy tales. In Worlds Collide, the siblings have to deal with their biggest challenge yet — there is no longer any separation between the human and fairy worlds.

“I hope [the book] leaves readers with the same amount of closure and nostalgia [as it does me],” wrote the Glee actor via email, “Because to me, it has the perfect ending.”

He shared an exclusive look at the back cover with PEOPLE.

The Worlds Collide book tour begins on July 11 (the publication date) at Barnes & Noble (Union Square) in New York City. It ends on the West Coast on July 30.

“I’m just hoping to get through it without becoming a big, sobbing mess,” he wrote about the upcoming tour. “The characters have been my imaginary best friends since childhood, and even though I’m confident book six is the best place to end the series, I’m going to miss having all those voices in my head.”

When asked if he could share any more details about Worlds Collide, he wrote: “It would make a very expensive film.”

If you’re dying to attend the book tour, then you should track Colfer’s social media accounts. He promises to share details about the tour the week of June 12.

In the interim, delve into the novels, picture books, and in-world chapter books that make up The Land of Stories universe. A graphic novel, which will be a new take on Goldilocks’ story, is also in the works.

Okay brief YOI timeline for self-

Victor Nikiforov:

  • 1987: Born December 25
  • 2004: Wins junior worlds at sixteen. Also wins first Russian nationals at the senior level.  
  • 2005: First European championship at seventeen 
  • 2006: First Olympics (Torino) at eighteen (did he medal? undecided I’m putting him down as no or bronze because he’s not World Champion level until after Vancouver)
  • 2006-2010: He’s near the top of the skating world but not at the very top. Lots of silvers and bronzes, but he’s not the world champion. Someone or a couple dominant skaters here. I’m guessing after Vancouver a couple skaters retire.
  • 2010: Second Olympics (Vancouver) at 22 (silver medal).
  • 2010-2014: Five consecutive GPF titles go here. This spans from ages 22-26. 
  • 2014: Third Olympics (Sochi) at twenty-six, Victor wins Olympic gold. 
  • 2011-2015: Five consecutive world titles go here. This spans from ages 23-27 
  • 2015: Leaves skating to coach Yuuri Katsuki for the 2015-2016 season at age 27
  • 2016: Returns to skating, while still coaching Yuuri Katsuki, at age 28
  • 2016: After skating a ‘full round of competitions’ (nationals- gold, Europeans- gold, Worlds- silver, Grand Prix Series, and Grand Prix Final- silver), retires from competitive skating to full time coach Yuuri Katsuki at 29. Does a lot of show skating still. 
  • He retires with five grand prix golds, five world titles, an Olympic gold medal, and an Olympic silver medal. Maybe a bronze medal too! I’m guessing he also has a medal in the team event from Sochi. If it follows our reality, he has a gold. :) 

Yuuri Katsuki

  • 1991: Born November 29
  • 2008: Wins Junior Grand Prix Final at seventeen 
  • 2009: Places second at junior worlds at seventeen 
  • 2010: After advancing to senior level, moves to Detroit to train with Celestino.
  • 2011-2014: A few placements on the Grand Prix circuit, a couple of medals at Four Continents. All in all Yuuri is a top skater who never manages to break through to the very highest tier, as we know. 
  • 2011: At age 20 Yuuri wins Japanese nationals for the first time. 
  • 2014: At age 22 Yuuri represents Japan in the Sochi Olympics. He places a respectable eighth. 
  • 2014: Bronze at Skate America and silver at NHK Trophy net 22 year old Yuuri a spot in the Grand Prix final. 
  • 2014: Yuuri, having just turned 23, bombs the Grand Prix final, then subsequently Japanese Nationals. 
  • 2015: Yuuri leaves Detroit, comes home, the series happens.
  • 2015: At 24, Yuuri takes silver at the Grand Prix final with Victor Nikiforov as his coach and promises to stay in skating for at least five more years. 
  • 2015: Yuuri takes his Japanese national title back. It is his fourth Japanese national championship. He moves to St. Petersburg to train with Victor Nikiforov. 
  • 2016: At 24, Yuuri Katsuki wins his first world title. Victor Nikiforov takes silver. 
  • 2016: At 25, Yuuri Katsuki wins his first Grand Prix Final. Victor Nikiforov takes silver and retires to be his coach full time. 
  • 2017: 25 year old Yuuri wins his second world title. Victor and Yuuri get married that summer. They’ve both never been happier. Now that Victor has retired, the pair move back to Hasetsu and buy a house together. They train at Ice Castle. 
  • 2017: Yuuri, along with a couple other skaters, take off the Grand Prix events to focus on preparing for the Olympics. Instead he participates in just Japanese nationals and another more lowkey test event. 
  • 2018: At 26 Yuuri wins Olympic gold in Pyeongchang. He follows that up with his third world title. 
  • 2019: An injury causes Yuuri to miss the 2018 GP series, and many wonder if he’s over. He is 27 now after all. But no one is more stubborn than him. He has to miss nationals due to the injury but is given a bye to worlds. He comes back and wins his fourth world title, and also Four Continents to put a cherry on top. 
  • 2019: Yuuri knows retirement is looming, but he’s not done a GP series for a couple of years, so he decides go for it. He takes the GP final, although it is a close one this year. He’s just turned 28 when he wins the GP final.
  • 2020: Fifth world title at 28. He’s tied with Victor Nikiforov. He still loves skating, and no one can doubt he’s Japan’s living legend (though Yuuri has A LOT of trouble admitting that to himself), but he knows he’s winding down. 
  • 2021: This season will be his last, and he knows it. It’s his swan song. He’s 29. He’s old for this sport. He’s skipped the Grand Prix, electing to do just Japanese Nationals and World Championships. If he doesn’t win, that’s okay, but damn if he isn’t going to try. Yuuri wins his sixth world title. Victor cries for like 10 hours. 
  • He retires with six world titles, an Olympic gold medal, eight national titles, and two Grand Prix final titles. 

Not mentioned: European championships: Probably like, a ton (something like 10 lol), especially considering he won at seventeen. That means there’s a good chance those dominant skaters from 2005-2010 were from North America or Asia?? Grand Prix events. Probably ten or eleven Russian national titles, considering the longevity of his career! 

Not mentioned for Yuuri: Four Continent titles. I’m not sure how many! Sometimes top skaters also don’t participate in this event. Grand Prix events. 

WHY 2015?: Because during the Cup of China, the banner in the background specifically identifies it as the ‘2015 Cup of China’ which sets the series during the 2015-2016 Skating Season. 

The Grand Inquisitor, with other Inquisitors as his backup singers, singing this song when trying to convert Jedi

Darth Sidious narrating like a documentary narrator: It was the hour of the infamous Order 66, where Jedi were tortured in a carnival-like atmosphere, and it was guided by the… third-most fearful Specter in the galaxy, to ever sit in judgment over the Dark Side. The Grand Inquisitor.

Grand Inquisitor: (spoken) Fall into dark, convert now, or forever burn in light. For now begins the inquisition.

(cue song number)

The Inquisition, let’s begin
The Inquisition, look out sin
We have a mission to convert the Jedi

The other Inquisitors, including Fifth Brother, Seventh Sister, and Eighth Brother, tapping dancing behind him:

Je-die, Je-die, die, die, die

Grand Inquisitor:
We’re gonna teach them wrong from right
We’re gonna help them be the night
And make an offer that they can’t refuse 

A fact
You’re ignoring:
It’s better to have emotions than none

The Ghost of Lumiara:
I was sitting in a temple
I was minding my own business
I was reciting the lovely Jedi Code
Then these dark-clad armors plunge in, and they throw me in a
Dungeon, and they shove me right in a fridge.

Kanan Jarrus: (latched to the torture table)

I was holdin’ off the Empire on Lothal

And suddenly this red blade is about to maul me!

Grand Inquisitor: (tap dancing through the torture chamber)
Will you convert?

Kanan and Lumiara’s Ghost: 
No, no, no, no

Grand Inquisitor:
Will you confess?

Kanan and Lumiara’s Ghost:
No, no, no, no

Grand Inquisitor:
Will you join?

Kanan and Lumiara’s Ghost:
No, no, no, no

Grand Inquisitor:

Now I ask in a nice way, I said pretty please, I bent their ears,

Now I’ll work on their knees!

(Proceeds to play xylophone on Kanan’s knees with mallets, ending it with by shocking Kanan)


Based on this


Shoma Uno is my Yuuri Katsuki and I will fight you on this.

Okay, first of all, I know Shoma is not the real inspiration for Yuuri. I mean, he could be part of him, too, since all that we know is Yuuri is a mix of different skaters. We do know that Yuuri’s style is very much inspired by Daisuke Takahashi, but while I adore Takahashi’s performances, he was also very much a skater who seemed in tune with his style. He is sexy and confident even off the ice. I think this is part of why people have been slow in associating Yuuri with Takahashi.

Enter Shoma Uno. Shoma, 19, joined the seniors division in 2013, won bronze in the last two Grand Prix Final, and his overall best score is currently ranked sixth in the world. Not bad for a kid who recently debuted, considering that he is up against Patrick Chan and even the scores of his idol Takahashi, and of course Yuzuru Hanyu (the most popular Yuuri Katsuki “real figure skater”, though really I see no resemblance other than they are both so cute you want to protect them) and Javier Fernandez. (I’d cite the greats of Plushenko era, too, since that really is the era when I followed figure skating, but scoring is different these days so maybe we should stick with recent skaters.) Shoma’s most thrilling achievement to date though is that he was the first to land a quad flip - yes, Viktor’s quad flip! - in international competition, and this record will be his forever. (My son, I am so proud!)

(The historic quad flip is the one in that video up there, by the way; it is the first jump he does. Listen to crowd cheering! This is still my favourite Shoma Uno performance, hands down. ♡)

See, Shoma has the ability to provide electrifying performances like he had done in the video up there. But! Look at him at the beginning of the video. Chin down, eyes like a puppy, the shy/nervous/anxious lip-biting - he does not really get into it until his program starts. Oh, but when he does! I was a wreck the first time I saw this skate, and I kid you not I watched it five times straight - and three… maybe seven more times later in the day. Off the ice, Shoma is also adorably shy and awkward. There are several funny videos of him, mostly involving Yuzuru Hanyu and his affectionate guidance/bullying, like in these videos below (idk why YouTube gives me weird videos):

- 2015 GPF awarding ceremony (Hanyu can’t take his kouhai who holds him like they’re about to get married, and Shoma keeps walking out of photo shoots)
- Shoma is too shy to touch fellow skaters

I don’t really ship real people, but I am starting to low-key ship Yuzuru/Shoma. I am happy to report that it is all Hanyu’s fault.

However, despite all these, Shoma does seem to be an ambitious kid. He looked up to Daisuke Takahashi and seems to be set on going down the same path as he did. Already their styles are very similar. Shoma is passionate about skating beautifully; despite already making a name for his artistry, he still says that that is still the area he wants to focus and improve on. I really respect this, because artistry seems to be suffering in recent competitions. There’s a lot of discussion about how skating nowadays has turned into this sport where people just try to wrack up as much technical points as they can get, at the expense of artistry. That Shoma wants to work on his style tells us that it is not all about just winning for him; he will win, but he will do it with the best skating he knows.

(Bonus video of Shoma skating with Takahashi! I was so happy for him, skating with his idol, lol. I would just die.)

Shoma also expressed that he hoped to beat his monster genius sempai, Yuzuru Hanyu, in competition someday. Now have you SEEN Hanyu’s records? Have you seen him skate? The guy is insane, but nope, Shoma intends to beat him. I am totally rooting for him, too! Already Shoma dances better than Hanyu, even though Hanyu is still the technical powerhouse.

While Shoma’s record is impressive, you can also see the areas where he could still improve. Shoma rocks the step sequences and the spins, but his jumps could still improve (sounds familiar?). He could also still work on the consistency of his performances, because even though he gives great performances, there are still times when he falls and suffers a dent in his scores, like in the recent Marseilles GPF, where he arguably gave the best FS performance but did poorly in the short program (sounds familiar??). He did land the bronze, so good for him!

TL;DR - Shoma Uno skates like Yuuri Katsuki on the ice, and is about as shy and awkward and adorable as our boy off the ice. He is ambitious and intends to win gold by skating the best way he knows, which is to skate beautifully. His signature jump is the fucking quad flip. Please love and support and protect this baby.


On this day in music history: May 17, 1975 - “That’s The Way Of The World”, the sixth studio album by Earth, Wind & Fire hits #1 on the Billboard Top 200 for 3 weeks, also topping the R&B album chart for 5 weeks (non-consecutive) on April 19, 1975. Produced by Maurice White and Charles Stepney, it is recorded at The Caribou Ranch in Nederland, CO from September 16, 1974 - October 2, 1974. The bands’ sixth release also serves as the soundtrack to the Sig Shore (“Superfly”) produced and directed film, the movie flops at the box office, but the album takes on a life of its own, becoming EWF’s mainstream breakthrough. It spins off two singles including “Shining Star” (#1 Pop & R&B) and the title track (#5 R&B, #12 Pop), as well as fan and airplay favorites such as “Reasons”, “Yearnin’ Learnin’” and “Africano”. It also wins the band their first Grammy Award for Best R&B Vocal Performance By A Duo Or Group (for “Shining Star”) in 1976. At the time of the album’s original release, it is also issued as a quadraphonic stereo LP and 8-track tape. Well regarded by audiophiles for its excellent sonics, the album is also issued as a half-speed mastered LP in the mid 80’s by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, and as a hybrid SACD disc by the label in 2005. Both are long out of print and command premium prices on the collectors market. “That’s The Way Of The World” is certified 3x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.


In this scene the GazettE are “dying"and the girl after hold what’s left from them. The sand. Since,this song is called Undying it shows that in that moment they forget the past(or try to leave everything behind-that’s why in the beginning and some parts they show vids and lives all together)and they are going to be reborn. GazettE in the particular scene can be symbolized as a Phoenix bird.

*The Phoenix bird.
In Greek mythology,a Phoenix or Phenix is a long live bird(gazerock is not dead-14 years?) that is cyclically regenerate or reborn. Associated with the sun(the “sun” in the song can be the scene after Ruki screams “MY FATE"so the little demonic/paranormal activity happens and everything breaks or the girl that goes near them and they slowly die),a Phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of it’s predecessor.

*The members.
We can also see that they are going to be reborn/forget the past/be new by watching the scenes of GazettE as they play the Undying song and then we see them at the live stage.

*The white and the black.
The white and the black women obviously show the bad and the good. The Yin Yang(water and fire=in the song it’s the sea and again the fire can be the little girl//light and dark=light can be again the girl or that they are finally reborn like a Phoenix bird and dark can be the whole scenery around them also their past–RUKI as I can remember said something about having a “dark"past)
In Chinese philosophy,yin yang describes how opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected and interdependent in the natural world,and how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.

*The girl
The little girl has for me many roles. Can be either a part of Yin Yang(because we see her changes from White to Black)and also a part of the Phoenix legend as the “Sun”.In both ways,the little girl can be literally the music industry as something that seems easy,simple,tiny and innocent but as RUKI said before a music industry is nothing like that and like someone can image.Or maybe even the fans that can be a good thing(support etc)or/and a bad thing(for making them feel uncomfortable and maybe even “control"them in some situations. For example,say to make music like in their past or make this or that and we want this or that).

*The connection with Ominous and Ugly
For me Ominous is the beginning(how they felt/darkish feelings)Undying is the middle part(take the first step/forget everything/come in peace with everything/forget the past/reborn)and Ugly the last part(they had enough of everything and make the big boom)(it’s like a circle of their past if you think about it) (Undying has lyrics from Ominous:Sleep Counts me down again)


Once upon a time there was this person named Malcolm. He worked with children. He loved it. He loved it more than anything else. And then one night, he found out that he made a mistake with one of them. He couldn’t help that one. And he can’t stop thinking about it, he can’t forget. Ever since then, things have been different. He’s not the same person that he used to be. And his wife doesn’t like the person that he’s become. They barely speak anymore, they’re like strangers. And then one day Malcolm meets this wonderful little boy, a really cool little boy. Reminds him a lot of the other one. And Malcolm decides to try and help this new boy. ‘Cause he feels that if he can help this new boy, it would be like helping that other one too.

I’ve had… so many incredible instructors. My original master opened his own school as a third degree but he was patient and incredible and I’ve been at his school for eight years. I trained with a grand master as a twelve year old purple belt because this ninth degree grand master wasn’t above training children or color belts. I’ve trained with sixth degree worlds coaches who watched a class of twenty blackbelts and gave every single one of them something specific to work on in their walking stance punch. I once went to a seminar with a gentleman who could move faster than we could see and he was friendly and approachable and the least threatening person I’ve ever met. Idk where I’m going with this but… man good martial arts instructors are so incredible. I love training and what it does to people.