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Jily Fanfic Recommendations

So I haven’t made a Jily rec post in about 2 years, but I have started reading them a lot again, so here are some recent reads/favourites:

Title: So This Is Love
Author: petalstofish
Summary:  James accidentally calls Lily Evans, Lily Potter, while arguing.

Title: Sunshine in My Eyes
Author: monroeslittle
Summary:  Mr. and Mrs. Evans are killed when Lily’s only a girl, and she’s supposed to go to a home with her sister. Instead, a relative they didn’t know they had comes to collect them, and introduces Lily to manners, magic, and a life that’s just the slightest bit different from the life she was supposed to live.

Title: The Shortest Order
Author: fyeahjamesandlily
Summary: Pretending to be in love with James Potter would be hard for Lily Evans… except for the small fact that she’s pretty certain she’s been in love with him since sixth year anyway.  

Title: Pepper Up, Peppermint
Author: fyeahjamesandlily
Summary: The jolly chime of the doorbell cut through Lily’s medicine-induced fog, rousing her. Even after the last echoes died away, she made no move from her nest on the sofa. She was closest to the door, sure, but she was also closest to death.

Title: Pas De Deux
Author: petalstofish
Summary:  James wanders into a shop on Christmas Eve and meets a ballerina named Lily  

Title: Untitled
Author: snapslikethis
Summary: ‘brought together by a minor car accident’ au  

Title: At First Glance
Author: jamesdeerly/house_of_loyalty
Summary: It started with the goodbye of their sixth year. This is what Lily knows to be true.It was the first goodbye they had said as friends. Not as enemies, not as a potential couple, just as friends…


Grigor Dimitrov defeats David Goffin 7-5 6-4 in the final of the Garanti Koza Sofia Open, securing his sixth ATP career title in his first home country tournament appearance.

This is my most prestigious title for sure, winning it at home is a tremendous success for me. I will treasure this title for the rest of my life, it’s something amazing for me.

Juventus launch campaign to 'soften up' Mandzukic

Mario Mandzukic is a notoriously hard man to please. So in order to soften up the striker, Juventus have launched their #TenderMario campaign.

Walker ‘steals’ Bellerin’s Catinho tweet

The Serie A giants want to make their forward smile, asking fans to “tweet the sweetest thing possible in reply using the hashtag #TenderMario”.

Many people have already tried their best to please the Croatia international, but efforts including soft toys, puppies, and other cute imagery and videos have yet to break down Mandzukic’s tough exterior.

The forward has five Serie A goals this season in 22 games as the club aims to win a sixth title in a row.


#BoB15th : Currahee

#or that episode title that somehow almost always had something to do with Sobel

The Sixth Sense

Title : The Sixth Sense
Pairing : Reader x The Pack
Word Count : 1,400

A/N : Since this is a Halloween week and my inbox is now open for Halloween themed request I’m just going to put it right here the first Halloween themed one shot. Hope you guys like it. There’s also a few bloody mess here, just a heads up! :) 

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The Sixth Hero*

The Sixth Hero is (usually) a character who shows up mid-way through a Super Sentai season.  He is not with the team from episode 1 and usually has a mysterious back story or starts out as an antagonist. The idea had been toyed with before but never with a character who stayed with the team for a long period of time until 1992′s Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.

In episode 17, appropriately titled “The Sixth Hero” ((六人目の英雄), the team is confronted by a Green figures called the Dragon Ranger. He is Burai, elder brother to the heroic Tyranno Ranger Geki.  Geki, however, never knew of his brother because he had been taken from his true family as an infant and raised by the King of the Yamato tribe as their son.  Geki’s actualy Father leads a rebellion against the royal family, one in which he was killed.  He made Burai swear revenge on the King and his household, including his younger brother.

Burai was placed into suspended animation, much like the other ZyuRangers but in a separate area, watched over by the old man Gnome.  He was supposed to never be awakened because of his vow to destroy Geki. He is awakened though and becomes a great enemy to the other heroes before Geki makes him see the futility of continuing a grudge from millions of years ago in the face of the threat of Bandora and her minions. He then aids the team but never joins it formally.

Burai (played by Shiro Izumi (和泉 史郎) who also played Change Pegasus in 1985′s Dengeki Sentai ChangeMan) was such a welcome addition to the franchise that almost every Sentai Team since has had a sixth hero join them midway through the series. In addition to Burai, here are the first 10.

Kiba Ranger from Gosei Sentai DaiRanger

Ninja Man from Ninja Sentai KakuRanger

King Ranger from Chouriki Sentai OhRanger

Signal Man from Gekisou Sentai CarRanger

Mega Silver from Denji Sentai MegaRanger

Black Knight from Seijyuu Sentai GingaMan

KyuuKyuu Sentai GoGo V had no in-series sixth man though they did have a sort of one in their V-Cinema release.  For more on that character, see this post X.

TimeFire from Mirai Sentai TimeRanger

Gao Silver from Hyakujyuu Sentai GaoRanger

Shurikenger from Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger

*I would call this the Sixth Ranger but not all of these characters (such as Ninja Man and Signal Man) count as actual Rangers.


Serena Williams smashed through Wimbledon on Saturday, defeating opponent Garbine Muguruza to win her 21st major tennis title and sixth Wimbledon title. But while Williams’ victory has many proclaiming her the best athlete in the world, commenters on Twitter and the media immediately tried to turn the focus onto the color of her skin, her supposed lack of femininity and her weight. 

Thankfully, some sharp Twitter users were there to point out the double standard in all of this.

New Guy Weekly wrapped up this weekend! I made every part of all 40 episodes (lone exception: the finale’s special effects, created by the wonderful ibrews​) for cracked​. 

I am blogging thoughts and feelings about the show every day this week. Come back to this blog or tag search “New Guy Weekly Blog” for more posts.

Post #1: every episode had a secret title (example above, from the finale) that was on screen for fewer and fewer frames every week. All the YouTube pages and titles had the necessary info, so I made the in-video titles into easter eggs. 

Why do that? Short version of a long answer: jokes are free, time is expensive, and giving fans something that’s just for them is the best thing you can do with a recurring format. If you’re not doing that, why are you making a series?

That last easter egg title asked if somebody could list all the egg-titles for me, and danged if New Guy fan CN Williamson didn’t do it. List is below, along with episode links.

EP1: Chillin’ Like A Nashvillain
EP2: Youtube 4 Youguys
EP3: Pier Thoughts
EP4: Night Moves
EP5: Cliffsnoteskaze
EP6: Crisiskaze
EP7: It’s Pronounced Target
EP8: Rebel Without A Commute Alternative
EP9: As You Like It HA HA You Read This Tiny Print To See A Shakespeare Reference
EP10: The Clip Show
EP11: Old Comedians Are Fucking Hacks
EP12: [no easter egg title]
EP13 (EP14): Nick Mundy Is A Goddamn Prince
EP14: I Misnumbered The Prev. Episode
EP15: He’s The D.O.B. As You Can See
EP16: In Which Our Hero Acquires All The Cursed Tikis He Can
EP17: A remake of ‘Christine’ By Stephen King
EP18: Started From The iPhone Now We Here
EP19: Puppies All The Way Down
EP20: As Live As Iggy Azalea Is Real
EP21: I Love You, HoneyBren
EP22: Hashtag Hail To The Chief
EP23: Mr. Bananagrabber Was An Illusion
EP24: Q: Are you not men? A: You are Dalek!
EP25: There Are Almost More Of These Than I Am Years Old
EP26: Who’s The Bossypants?
EP27: The Story Of New Guy’s Life
EP28: That’s Right, Another One!
EP29: Valar Doh! My Iris
EP30: This Week Was All His Idea And It’s Brilliant
EP31: A Face In The Crowd and also an iPhone
EP32: There Are No Spoilers On Me
EP33: Come Fly With Whomever I Might Be
EP34: Rain Rain Forget What I Said Please Come Back You’re All I’ve Ever Wanted
EP35: Basically The Opposite Of Snow White
EP36: Danger’s My Pal’s First Name
EP37: Can I Get A New New California Republic Pls
EP38: It Took Me Till After Making This To Realize There’s No DinoCam
EP39: Jack Benny’s Age, Forever
EP40: Somebody Make A List Of These And Send It To Me

The Sixth Church

Title: The Sixth Church
Rating: G
Timeline: Home Again, 10x03
Category: MSR
Summary:  She and Mulder are both orphans now, a strange sort of kinship, but then their bond has never been conventional  
Author’s Note: Written for @readmypress with the support of my lovely squad. 


In the center of Philadelphia is a great heart, housed at the Franklin Institute. Scully visited it as a child, climbed through the ducts and valves, ran her hand along the inside of the aorta. She believed it must power the city, pumping life into the electric lines and telephones.

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BIG BROTHER is throwing the ultimate summer bash with acounty fair themed special episode, Friday, August 19 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS TelevisionNetwork. Houseguests will have the opportunity to compete for prizes, perks and power, and seven-time Grammy-winning reggae artist Ziggy Marley stops by to surprise the houseguests with a performance of his single “Weekend’s Long,” from his new self-titled sixth studio album.
—  The official CBS Press Release about Friday…


Novak beat Roger Federer 7-6 6-7 6-4 6-3 and successfully defended his Wimbledon title. Novak won his sixth title of the year, his third Wimbledon title, his ninth Grand Slam title and his 54th career title.

Congratulations, Novak!

(via Zimbio)