sixth ranger is always the best ranger

Inspired by the rumors about Dylan being up for a role in a new Power Rangers movie. Which of the Original Ranger roles would the pack fall into?

RED RANGER - Scott McCall

The leader; hailed as the most noble and bravest of the group. A bit of a power struggle develops between Red and the Sixth Ranger, though they end up being trusted allies after some early difficulties.

PINK RANGER - Allison Argent

The sweetheart with a tough edge, graceful and charming. A romantic at heart, but brave and independent, more than capable of looking after herself. Weapon of choice is a bow and arrow. Breaks up with her high school sweetheart due to real world complications, though they promise to always love each other.

BLACK RANGER - Stiles Stilinski

Quick-witted and upbeat, the Black Ranger is the one most likely to break the tension with a sarcastic one liner. His excess of energy translates well into playful banter, clever plans, and his unique style of fighting. Best friends with the Red Ranger.

(I originally had him up for blue because of the rumors, but this seemed to fit better.)

BLUE RANGER - Lydia Martin

The undisputed brains of the operation and in charge of everything scientific and technical. Probably the weakest fighter, but uses grace and brains to stay ahead in a fight.

YELLOW RANGER - Kira Yukimura

The shy, quirky one, often seeming unsure about herself and her powers, but dives into every fight with determination nonetheless. Empathetic and understanding, she’s always there to quietly lend an ear or a hand.


Initially seen as an enemy, he soon becomes a trusted ally and essential member of the team. His dark past occasionally comes back to haunt him, and he briefly loses his powers, making him question his role in the group. There are some early power struggles between him and the Red Ranger - though Red is still the official team leader, the Sixth Ranger eventually settles into a support role outside the core group, coming to aid if and when needed.

Also, look how they both started as adorable green plaid babies before graduating to white:

And finally…

ZORDON - Alan Deaton

The group’s enigmatic guide and adviser. His mysterious origins give him a lot of insight into the dangers the team faces, but he’s more prone to giving uplifting platitudes and encouragement than solid direction.