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Got7 at the grocery store
  • Mark: The minimum effort shopper. Everything in his cart has easy microwave directions or the word "instant" somewhere on the packaging. Buys one bag of baby carrots so he can claim he's eating healthy when his mom asks.
  • Jaebum: The "cool" shopper. Writes a list but forgets it at home, then panics inwardly and buys way more than he needs just in case. That guy who tries to carry 20 bags at once just so he won't have to make two trips.
  • Jackson: The impulsive shopper. Buys a bunch of vegetables because they look good and he wants to eat healthy but doesn't know what to do with them once he gets home. Claims to have a sixth sense for picking the best produce. Buys a bunch of stuff he doesn't need because it was on sale and he can't pass up a deal.
  • Jinyoung: The smart shopper. Writes a list, clips coupons, brings reusable shopping bags. Budgets plenty of time so he can go slowly and be thorough. Counts his change after he gets it from the cashier.
  • Youngjae: The eccentric shopper. Doesn't write a list because he claims he'll remember everything. Spends the whole time walking back and forth across the store as he remembers things he'd forgotten. Sings while he shops, and pauses to say hello to every baby he sees.
  • Bambam: The "mission impossible" shopper. Writes a list, but you'll never see him use it, because he knows all his recipes by heart. In and out in twenty minutes flat. That guy who almost takes someone out with his cart because he turned a corner too quickly.
  • Yugyeom: The freeform shopper. List? Never heard of it. Goes to the store because his cupboards are bare, but won't know what he wants to buy until he sees it. Ends up taking a few hours to shop because he keeps stopping to help short people get things from high shelves.
How To Find Your Spirit Guides, And Guardian Angels

Your spirit guides, and guardian angels are very powerful entities that have been watching over you, and are ever present in your life even, if you do not have a relationship with them yet. These beings are specifically connected to you, because you chose each other before you were even born into this incarnation. Everyone has a spirit guide, and a guardian angel. Finding them, and learning how to interact, and communicate with them can greatly improve every single facet of your life through the simple act of their presence. Some people may find it hard to find their spirit guides, and guardian angels, others will find it very easy, it all depends on if you are ready to know them, or not. There are many ways to go about finding your spirit guides, and guardian angels, if you are ready to go searching for them. Any of these methods am about to share with you can help you find them, but it is also important to use your insight, and introspection to verify your experiences.

This article might help too:

Things that can help you find your spirit guides, and guardian angels:

• Just knowing that they exist.

Just to the act of simply acknowledging that they exist will allow you to start building a connection with them. You will start to see their influences in the world, and all of the things that they do for you, that you might not have been previously aware of. Allowing for you to meet them, and to get to know them not through a direct meeting, but through there actions in your life.

• Asking them to appear, and to be ever-present.

This will show them that you are ready to have them in your life. Just like the previous method, it will open you up to experience what they do in your life already. After you ask them to be more present in your life, you should look out for signs of them acting in your life.


Through the act of meditation one can find their spirit guides, and guardian angels by using their spiritual senses to perceive them. To do this all you will really need to do it enter a meditative state, open your third eye, and call to them. They should come to you, and show you their presence, and once they do you guys can begin your communication, and learning of each other. This meeting is most likely going to happen in your sacred space, or astral temple, and is going to rely heavily on your sixth sense’s ability to pick up spiritual constructs.

• Divination.

Divination can be a very useful tool when trying to communicate with anything so why not your Spirit guides, and guardian angels. All you need to do is get some form of divination method of your choice, and ask your spirit guides, and guardian angels to answer through it. Then simply begin asking questions to it as normal, and they will answer through the act of your divination tools. This will allow you to communicate with them, and get to know them better. This is a very good method, especially when you can not get into a meditative state, or when you do not have a complete grasp of using your sixth sense abilities.

• Dream.

If you know how to lucid dream, you can always call out for them in your dreams and they will appear to you there.  If you cannot lucid dream, you can always ask your spirit guides, and guardian angels to appear to you in your dreams before you go to bed, and they may come to you and your dreams. That’s all there really is to it.

• Astral projection.

Astral projection can be quite helpful, when trying to communicate with any entity this also includes your spirit guides, and guardian angels. all you have to do is astral projecting and you will be able to find your Spirit guides and guardian angels on the astral plane and communicate with them.

• And much more, that I’m probably forgetting, while writing this.

It’s the Hair- Connor Brown

Originally posted by jvreemer

Ok so my second favorite ginger is HERE folks! Finally got some Connor Brown! I hope you all like this goofy nerd! And since both prompts were like… exactly the same… I combined them! I hope that’s ok! And I really hope you like it! Enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: do 1 wit connor brown where you meet him at like a meet and greet for the team and when you start talking to him hes like super surpisred ur not like inlove with nylander, marner, matthews! thxxxxxx

And: Can you do one where you’re at a leafs fan meet and greet and you start flirting with Connor Brown and he’s like surprised you want him and not matthews, nylander and marner. Obsessed with your writing!! Please please please!!


              You were so close.

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Time to Have a Baby!

Part I here!

Author’s Note: Hey, everyone!  I am so sorry for my lack of writing lately, but I am trying to change that.  So without a further a do, here’s a thing!

Warning(s): Mild swearing, (mentions of) pregnancy/labor.

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Approximately 11 months ago, you and your husband decided to try and have a baby. Approximately 8 months ago, you took a pregnancy test and found out you were pregnant. Approximately 7 seconds ago, you realized your water had broken. 

“Sher! Sherlock!” You yelled through 221B Baker Street in a panic. When you received no reply, that’s when you realized your husband was out on a case. “Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!” You run a shaky hand over your panic-stricken face. “Damn you, Sherlock, and your stupid case!” You murmur various curses as you fumble to pull out your phone and dial Sherlock’s number. 

Ring. 1. Ring. 2. Ring. 3. Ring. 4. Ring. 5. Then, right before the sixth ring, Sherlock picked up. 

“Y/N, I am in the middle of a case,” Sherlock states, mild disinterest evident in his tone. 

 "I don’t rightly give a,“ you let out a pained grunt as your first contraction hit, "damn,” you finish after your contraction finishes. “It took you five rings before you even answered that damned phone of yours and all the while I’m getting ready to have your baby!" 

 "Nonsense,” Sherlock says nonchalantly, but you can hear the worry in his voice and loud shuffling, signaling you that he’s moving. ‘Quickly, too,’ you take note. “You still have six weeks left." 

 "Yes, well, your son doesn’t seem to care at the moment.” Another contraction hits and you grunt loudly into the phone. After it passes, you quickly tell Sherlock you’ll see him at the hospital before hanging up and going to find Mrs. Hudson and have her take you to the hospital.

After a good 8 hours of being in labor, you finally give birth to your son. You don’t think you’ve ever been happier than the moment when the doctor laid your son in your arms. You look up at Sherlock with a wide grin on your face. “We made him,” you say, looking back down at your infant. “We made him and he’s perfect." 

 "It doesn’t take a famous consulting detective to deduct that.” You look up at the door of your hospital room to see that John had spoken before Sherlock had had a chance to respond. You chuckle softly at his joke. “So,” John says, looking for, Sherlock to you to your son, “What’s his name?” Sherlock answers this time as he carefully extracts the baby from your arms to hold him himself. 

 "William John Holmes.“ 

 "You guys named your son after me?” John asks hesitantly, but you’ve known John long enough to know that he’s flattered. You nod, and a quick second later, John recovers and speaks again, changing the subject. “Um, yeah, well everyone out there wanted me to come see if you’re ready for them.”

You glance at Sherlock, who nods vaguely, more concerned with cooing at Will, and then give your attention back to John. “Let 'em in." 

John nods and leaves to go retrieve the rest of your visitors. You turn to Sherlock who has moved to sit on the edge of your hospital bed. He smiles down at you. "Thank you,” he says. You respond by stretching to kiss his cheek lightly. Then, as a light knock comes from the door, you turn back to your beautiful son. 

 "Will, love, meet your family.“

Nico Hischier #1 - CHL Draft

Anon asked: Can you write a nico hischier imagine? Just something fluffy with lots of kisses?

Guess who is back! I had to do a bit of research on Nico if I am being honest and so this imagine is supposed to be set in Switzerland based on it being where he is from. My timeline vs the real one is probably slightly off so sorry. I don’t think it makes it harder to understand, at least I hope not. I promise I am trying to get back into a steady schedule of writing so my apologies for being all over the place. 

You were sitting on your boyfriend’s parent’s couch sandwiched between two of his aunts while you all waited for the news regarding the CHL Import Draft. This draft gave Nico a better chance at being drafted by a NHL team because it would bring him closer to the source. One of Nico’s cousins had set up a livestream on the television so everyone crowded in close as it started. Nico was slated to go in the top ten but nothing was set in stone.

“With the first pick the Kootenay Ice select Center Klim Kostin.”

The group around you deflated slightly but in all honesty no one hadn’t expected Nico to go first. The picks trickled by before the representative for the Halifax Mooseheads stood up.

He leaned into the mic, “With the sixth pick the Halifax Mooseheads select Right Winger Nico Hischier.”

Your feet moved on their own accord as you found yourself jumping up and hugging the person closest to you. Someone turned the television off because there was no reason to keep watching. Your boyfriend had been picked by a team, a Canadian team that would push him that much closer to the NHL.

A sense of dread fell over you when you realized what that would mean for your relationship. You had managed before with his crazy schedule but now you wouldn’t even be on the same continent. You tried to shake the feeling off and texted him a quick “congratulations!!!”

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self care and the houses

(not feeling too well recently so here is a little post of ideas to help care for and nourish the body and soul, that i feel relate a little to the astrological houses) 

first house - how do you feel? what do you need, what do you want? identify your feelings, let yourself feel them, everything passes and repression only ever leads to destruction. be true to yourself. 

second house - tend to your needs. sometimes a mug of tea or a long shower, even a snack, can really make a difference. listen to your body and give it what it needs before committing too much to misery. 

third house - communicate your feelings! whether you find someone to talk to, a journal to write in, a blog to post on, let your feelings fly freely in a cathartic rush of words and expression. 

fourth house - retreat. sometimes you really need a break from life. find your own personal happy place and practice some distractions or relaxation techniques. find peace, relax and restore yourself. 

fifth house - kick back a little! go for a walk, a run, a swim.. put on some makeup and that outfit you love, call up your friends, play some games, take some cute pictures.. have fun and you’ll find the smiles are real soon enough. 

sixth house - pick yourself up again. open your curtains, make your bed, cleanse your face and your heart will follow. everything passes, the clouds will pass too, let the rain wash over you and feel every droplet. 

seventh house - love. love is the all-encompassing force we all live for in some way, take the time to let love into your life and yourself, and you’ll find some small sense of warmth in even the coldest of winters. 

eighth house - reflect. look inside yourself and find your deepest pressure points. how can you heal them? what needs to change? set your course and stick to it, the long fights are hard but well worth the pain. 

ninth house - find meaning. write down your reasons to open your eyes tomorrow. look out at the stars, find the true meaning of life in the world around you. feel the world’s energy pulsing through your veins. 

tenth house - put your feelings to use. your sensitivities translate to kindness and compassion, your bleak outlook is a realistic edge to a soft heart with big dreams. learn which voices to listen to and find your path despite everything. 

eleventh house - expand your horizons! use your gifts to help others, your sensitivity makes other people feel cared for and less alone, your shaky voice is perfect, so put it to use. stand up for yourself and your loved ones. 

twelfth house - get some rest. the world is an exhausting place at times, and your unconscious life is as complex as the conscious one. record your dreams, bring spiritualism and gratitude into your night routine. things aren’t as complex as anxiety would have us think. 

Out of Place - Shiro x Reader

“Where…where am I?” You said as you were regaining consciousness.

“Oh God. She’s alive.” A boy stated.

“Hunk! That was not nice to say to her!” A female said as you heard a loud smack.


You were confused at where you were at. This was not your space ship and what happen to your friends. Your eyes shifted between the boy and girl. The girl sat next to you and gave a warm smile.

“Don’t worry. We don’t bite. Well, Hunk might when he’s hungry. I’m Pidge and this loveable guy is Hunk.” She stated.

“HEY! I do not do that.” Hunk said in defense.

You giggled at them, “I’m (Y/N). Pleased to meet you two. I don’t know how I got here or what happen.”

Pidge fixed her glasses, “Oh. Well. Your ship was attack by the Galra. We came in to help rescue everyone..” She became quiet for moment and her faced dropped, “But you where they only one alive.”

Your heart sunk after hearing the devastated news. How could this have happened. You remember returning fire on the enemy and blacked out. But how did they know you where alive.

“How…..” You asked.

“Easy. Shiro found you.” Hunk replied.

“Shiro?” Wait. There are more of them?

“Yeah. He’s the leader of Team Voltron. Somehow he had a sixth sense, picked you up, and placed you in his Lion.” Pidge explained.

This was becoming too much for you. Voltron, robot Lions, and people called the Galra after you. You lost all your friends, miles away from home, and you are the only survivor. Jeez. What a day so far.

You stood up. “Wow there, cutie. Don’t need you falling back over, but I wouldn’t mind it if it was me you were falling on top of,” a boy with a green jacket on teased.

“Lance, knock it off,” another with a red jacket told Lance. “We don’t need you scaring her off.”

“Both of you knock it off,” another said. He had a long sleeve black shirt, cybernetic right arm, and white bangs. “I’m sorry about those two. I’m Shiro, by the way.”

You smiled happy at him. “Thank you for rescuing me. It means a lot.”


It was month after the attack on your ship and everything was starting to flow in the right direction. You helped with little things around the castle. Helped with keeping the Lions cleaned. Any training the team need. It was nice to be a place that accepted you quickly. You were aiding Princess Allura and Coran on an electrical issue at the moment. Coran was going on about how he fixed it last week, but doesn’t understand why stopped working again.

You became attached to everyone. At times, you wanted just to be alone. After you got done with the electrical work, you excused yourself from them. You had your ups and downs. Knowing you were the only survivor still bothered you. You wanted answers.

There was a quiet place in the lounge that you enjoyed. A long drawn out sigh came out. However, you didn’t notice Shiro was in the room with you.

“What’s with the sigh, (Y/N)?” He asked. He always worried about you. It seemed that the black paladin was keeping an eye on you. Shiro wanted you feel at home on the castle. He got up from his spot and took a seat next to you.

“Something is bothering you? I’m here?” He asked sincerely while his cheeks became a light shade of pink. “Listen if you want to know why you were the only one alive, I can tell you that someone placed you in a sealed room.”

Tears fell from your eyes. Who could’ve done that? Was it (your best friend name)? (Y/B/F/N) was the last person you were with when you blacked out. “Oh, Shiro…” You were having a hard time saying anything. Subconsciously, you wrapped your arms around his torso while resting your head on his chest.

Shiro was still blushing, but out of nowhere, you felt a gentle kiss on your head. “Everything is going to be fine. You have me and the rest of the team. We’ll take care of you.”

You blushed after the kiss on the head. The tears were leaving now. You closed your eyes and sweetly asked, “is it alright if I stay like this for a bit longer?”

“Take as much time as you need, (Y/N)”

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ooh, i'm interested as to why you picked the sixth sense?

Besides Bruce Willis’ character, everything that happened in that movie has happened to me.


Hyacinth was precious. He was a little grump just like his father, but still loved cuddles like any other baby or toddler. Sunrose and Cerise loved him, ESPECIALLY Cerise. 

But still, I couldn’t help but worry about Oleander potentially stalking my family. Was this nesting? Maternal instinct? A sixth sense picking up on something more?

title: The Lettuce Guy

pairing: Dick Grayson/Jason Todd

rating: general audiences

word count: 2.342

summary: Jason works at the supermarket where Dick is the annoying customer who always leaves the lettuce in the wrong place.

characters: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Roy Harper 

warnings: mild swearing.

taken of this post, which I’m using like prompts to practice. the original is: repeatedly comes into the shop I work at and picks up a lettuce then half way through the shop decides they don’t want the lettuce and puts it back on the shelf next to them regardless of what aisle they’re in au.

it’s really silly, honestly


Jason doesn’t mind working in the supermarket.

No, really. He even kind of likes it. It’s not terribly exhaustive, the pay is good for the amount of work he does (and the amount of cigarette breaks he takes), and no one cares if he listens to his ipod during his shift, as long as he keeps one ear available. And he’s more the informal job type anyway.

Sure, there are problems. Like the customers who think attendants are to blame for everything wrong in the planet, from the price of the products to the slow queues and the merchandise not in stock. These are people Jason takes a serious issue with, although he can’t do anything about it without costing him his job.

And some other, smaller things too, like the boring, uneventful hours, the disgusting coffee in the break room, and the people who, for some ungodly reason, think it’s okay to move around products they aren’t intending to buy anyway.

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The Chicago Blackhawks have reacquired Brandon Saad along with Anton Forsberg and a 2018 fifth-round pick in exchange for Artemi Panarin, Tyler Motte, and a 2017 sixth-round pick.

community rare pairs month: Abed Nadir and Special Agent Robin Vohlers
Abed: I found the distinction between duck and goose arbitrary.
Agent Vohlers: Couldn’t you just pick the sixth kid every time? That’s what I…would have done.
Abed: I went with four.