sixth pick

bold what you prefer.

jack sparrow or will turner or elizabeth swann
hector barbossa or cutler beckett or davy jones or tia dalma
james norrington or joshamee gibbs
the black pearl or the interceptor or the flying dutchman
isle de muerta or tortuga or port royal or davy jones’ locker
curse of the black pearl or dead man’s chest or at world’s end
jack the monkey or pintel and ragetti
bootstrap bill turner or governor weatherby swann
the brethren court or the east india trading company
the compass or the chest or the jar of dirt or the lost piece of eight

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Top 6 movies 😁

Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

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Legally Blonde.

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The AOS Star Trek movies

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Moulin Rouge

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And honestly I can’t pick a sixth.  There are SO MANY MOVIES that I love.
So… I’m going with “Marvel” as my sixth because I love a ton of those movies.

6. Marvel

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Ask me my top 6 anything!


community rare pairs month: Abed Nadir and Special Agent Robin Vohlers
Abed: I found the distinction between duck and goose arbitrary.
Agent Vohlers: Couldn’t you just pick the sixth kid every time? That’s what I…would have done.
Abed: I went with four.

Tact and Tactic

By the orders of the sixth Hokage, Mitsuki was heading to the training grounds  to meet his new sensei, not that Konahamaru wasn’t still his team’s sensei  it was just that both of his teammates were off with special training, so the sixth had assigned him one to try to keep a balance, or at least that is what Mitsuki came to believe. Though he was Rather curious as to who the Sixth had picked to teach him.

With renewed excitement, he hurried to the old training ground knowing that lord sixth’s team had once trained there when they were children. 


  • Radio Host: Who's the more handsome quarterback, Tom Brady or Jimmy Garoppolo?
  • Vereen: Well, y'know, Tom's got three Super Bowl MVPs. Yeah.
  • Radio Host: Well, it's not about pelts on the wall! This is just- who's a nicer-looking man?
  • Vereen: I know, but that helps.
  • Radio Host: So you're going Brady. You're swooning for-
  • Vereen: But Tom was a sixth-round pick- I don't think many people thought he was that attractive!
  • Radio Host: Oh, I've seen the video of him at the combine, all shirtless and everything, it isn't much to look at, you're right.
  • Vereen: You go from sixth-round pick to Giselle! That's like the greatest transformation of all time!