sixth dynasty

Caster (Nitocris)

The apparent last pharaoh of the sixth dynasty who may have been the sister of Merenre Nemtyemsaf II. When her brother was killed, she invited his murders to a banquet and drowned them by sealing the room and letting in the Nile. After she had killed them, she escaped vengeance by committing suicide by jumping into a room of hot ashes, where she suffocated or burned alive.

She was also believed by some scholars including the historian Manetho, to be exceedingly beautiful and was also credited for building the third pyramid of Giza but this is now considered as a mistake because her throne name, Menkara had been misread by Manetho as Menkaura.

In two of Lovecraft’s stories, ‘The Outsider’ and ‘Imprisoned with the Pharaohs’, Nitocris was mentioned as an evil queen who ruled over monsters and ghouls.


Large Egyptian Boat Model and Crew, Middle Kingdom, Dynasty XI-XII, C. 2134-1782 BC

Made of wooden polychrome stucco, this large and exceptional boat model, accompanied by its crew, is a perfect illustration of grave goods dating from the First Intermediate Period and Middle Kingdom. These models appear as early as the sixth dynasty (c. 2350 BC) and have the same meaning as the scenes carved on the walls of the tombs of the Old Kingdom with the aim to provide for the deceased in his or her afterlife. At nearly 60 inches long, this particular model is one of the largest known boats in existence.