sixth & i synagogue

I still remember the first time I heard Chris Cornell perform live, April 17, 2011. The first note he belted out echoed through the room and I got a chill down my spine–his voice was that beautiful. It was during the Songbook Tour, which was not my first concert ever, but it was the first time feeling that chill during live music. The venue was the historic Sixth & I St. synagogue in Washington DC. I sat on a wooden bench as though I was at a religious service–it felt like a religious experience. I snagged second hand tickets last minute because it was sold out–I’m so glad I skipped work for that! I ended up going to 7 different shows after that (Soundgarden, solo, and Temple of the Dog). I had always been a fan as a teen hearing Audioslave, but at this point I was addicted! Thank you Chris, my life is better because you existed. I was always looking forward to catch you on tour, but who knew your next tour date would be in heaven. Sing like the angel you have always been. May you always live in the hearts of your fans…rest in peace.