sixteen hundreds

Day One Hundred and Sixteen

-At the start of my shift, we had a team huddle to discuss store business matters. The first matter, and most important, was us all sampling the new Unicorn Frappuccino. A quality meeting, if I have ever been to one.

-An elderly woman remarked to me that it smelled like something was burning and asked if someone had burned popcorn. As a result, she spent the remainder of the transaction cackling to herself. If she thought that her joke was a funny one, I believe I may have finally found a good audience for my comedy.

-A Chubby Puppy wind-up toy was left at my register. I have named her Juniper and I love her, inability to walk in anything but a circle and all.

-In regards to the card reader before him, an older gentleman noted, “This seems like a pretty nice keyboard. I think I can solve it.” He inspires a great deal of faith in me. I think he can solve it, too.

-An older woman asked me if anything that she had purchased was on Cartwheel. I told her that I did not know off the top of my head, at which point she responded by glaring at me threateningly and telling me that I looked smart, so I had better be sure and I had better be right. Luckily, I know very few things in life, so it is more than likely that Cartwheel offers fall into this category.

-A couple bantered over how much they had each spent. The woman, having bought the most, said, “It makes sense, you are cheaper than me.” After a moment, the man replied, “I’m trying to think of something to say, but you drove and you’re paying.” Not since Machiavelli has one held all of the cards so masterfully.

-A sweet grandfatherly man, sporting a pinstripe shirt that seemed to have been with him as long as his timeless smile, came through holding a purple and yellow rubber ball. He asked me if I thought it would be good for four square before pausing for a moment and asking me if I knew what four square is. Overjoyed when I said yes, he told me of his plans to teach the neighborhood kids and help them be more active. He then said that he was going to go let his friends know that the ball would work. I later saw him with a pair of women, each as happy and smiling as himself. This man knows all that one needs in life, and I hope to one day learn from him.

-A young girl noted Juniper by my register and asked if she could pet her. I naturally said yes, as long as she was careful. Gently cupping the pup in her hands, she complimented me on how soft my plastic friend was.

Seven rooms in an infinite library

1. The room that has slowly grown back into trees and skin. The trees have not yet shed their ink so you can enter into their crumbly trunks and read most of their secrets still, although you will need a torch and some patience and to know the right song to open the tree back up should it slam shut on you. The skin is mostly confused; it has formed back into limp, meatless cows which flap in the breeze from the air conditioning unit.
2. The toilet. Legend has it that there is only one toilet in the library; it is merely very busy in space and time. This is why there is always the same dog-eared book of cartoons on the shelf. Enterprising explorers have been known to stash energy bars in the cistern for emergency retrieval once lost in the booky depths.
3. The room you get into by opening that very small book on the bottom shelf and reaching your hand into the hole on page twelve to flip up the latch in the room beyond, after which you can open up the large book on the stand and enter through any of the doors on pages six, twenty-eight or one hundred and sixteen at your leisure. I do not know what is in that room, because my hand is too big for the hole in the small book. But yours may be smaller.
4. The large large print romances section. No, larger than that. Larger than that, too. It is not so much an area for the partially-sighted as a lobby for massive letters to hang around in, posing and slouching and occasionally making words, but mostly making out with each other. At least one of them is probably a colossal squid and not a letter at all, but every time it faces suspicion it covers itself in ink and that will do, for this place at least.
5. A room of propaganda. It has a number of entrances; based on certain aspects of your appearance and personality, the librarian will recommend an entrance for you if you want to first be exposed to propaganda only against them and not you. But the room is so designed that you can always look up and see them as they sit and read texts about you. Given the vast asymmetry in the amounts of propaganda available, its geometry is a marvel to behold.
6. The room where they keep the books that you write in your dreams (not the ones you would like to write; the ones that you write in your dreams). You may not remember the dreams, but there they are. It is a round room with one great spiral shelf, starting with the tiny books you wrote in infancy and progressing onwards and upwards through taller and thicker tomes. There is a ladder, should you need one. You are not sure if they stop at now or not.
7. A room of infinities and of their puzzles and paradoxes. Perhaps surprisingly, this is right at the entrance of the library. Of course, the way back out from there is infinitely long. There is a sign stating this at the entrance of the room and for some reason, perhaps some slavish devotion to conventional notions of space and time that we in the library have quite transcended, nobody takes it seriously enough. Anyhow, there is a mirror in there where you can find your other sibling, the one who always when you never and vice versa and so on.

The Braves - Chapter 1.

Today is a very special day.

It’s @titaniasfics birthday.

Everybody knows what she did for the fandom, how she helped, beta-ed, encouraged so many of us, how she believed in us, every single day.

So today, please, let’s join into celebrating her.

My dear C, here is for you … the WW2 story I told you about.

@akai-echo just surpassed herself with the banner (it’s so perfect !!!) and @dandelion-sunset did the beta-ing part :)

Un très joyeux anniversaire !!!

With love!


Chapter 1.

“God not only plays dice, he also sometimes throws the dice where they cannot be seen.” Stephen Hawkings.

April 1942, Panem, France.

Rain was falling heavily on the trees, clicking on the roofs, echoing in the streets of the town, soaking the man’s shirt.

But he couldn’t move.

One single move, and the sentinel standing closeby would undoubtedly see him.

He just couldn’t get caught.

There were barely two hundred meters left to reach Peeta’s house, to get to the safety of his home. Two hundred meters, but they were always the longest and most dangerous.

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Someone tell me about all the ridiculous things that have happened behind the scenes at a Viktor Nikiforov photoshoot

I’ll start:

There’s a spread in Teen Vogue from when Viktor was eighteen and he looks very chic and youthful in a cashmere cardigan over a loose linen top and his hair is all carefully combed over one shoulder and he’s looking out a window onto a view of St. Petersburg

Just out of frame, he’s wearing spongebob pajama pants and the window is actually a giant poster that someone bought at a novelty giftshop for sixteen hundred rubles.

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Hey have you got any good kbtbb or her love in the force fan fictions to recommend that you like?

BOI do I have recs for you, anon!

Sadly though, I don’t really play HLITF, but I do have a bunch of recs for KBTBB! I had to dig through my archives from way back lmao. Eisuke’s my bias, so most of my recs are for him lmao this might as well be an Eisuke fic rec. I hope you don’t mind lol:

  • Ota reencountering MC years after she broke up with him while pregnant  (A N G S T) by @oasisofmyheart - A N G S T fucking g a l o r e . I used to dislike Ota a lot, but this fic convinced me otherwise. I love all of her works, but this one has a special place in my heart because it shows a different facet of Ota that the game never really explores. God, after I read this fic (and the succeeding parts), I couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks, man. The writing, plot, characterization, hell, everything is A+. This is my favorite Ota fic of all time. Legit, I want to frame this fic above my bed, and Ota’s not even my main bias lmao
  • You’re Late (Fluff) by @zaizenakiyoshi - This is written in Eisuke’s perspective and I love it because the author shows just how in love Eisuke is with MC. God, like she even includes snippets into Eisuke’s insecurities and fears (which I love to see). I’m a sucker for his internal monologue, and this fic gives it justice.
  • The Shivers Down His Spine (Smut. And the good kind, too) by @unofficialvoltagestories - I don’t think it’s a stretch of me to say that a good number of fics in the KBTBB fandom are smut. Also, 90% of the time, Eisuke smut fics feature him as the dominant one in bed. This fic, however, shows Eisuke letting MC take control and it is g l o r i o u s (legit, there was a part where MC made him moan in pleasure, and I had to scream into my pillow because holy fuck). The fic is sexy, but not too raunchy. Romantic, but not too cheesy. In other words, the perfect balance of sexiness and sweetness in a smut fic. This is probably my favorite KBTBB smut fic to date. 
  • Prompt #32 “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified. (Angst) by @voltage-alternatives - Good god, this fic, man. Another thing I’m a sucker for: vulnerable Eisuke. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think it’s rare to see fics that explore his vulnerability. This one got to me because it shows how Eisuke tries to keep his walls up around MC because he’s too afraid to love, but they ultimately fall when MC reassures him she won’t leave him my weakness
  • His Best Friend’s Sister  (Fluff) by @elletxt - Finally, a Soryu fic lmao. So aside from being the best Soryu fic I’ve ever read, this fic explores Soryu and Eisuke’s friendship (which, I think, is rarely touched upon in fics). It’s also refreshing to see how dedicated Eisuke is to his family (despite being hilariously childish about it). I mean, where else can you see Eisuke making Soryu dick-shaped omelets out of spite???
  • The Five Times Eisuke’s Daughter Broke His Heart  (ANGST, PAIN, SUFFERING) by @retrogradeus - This one just fucking killed me and burned my corpse to ashes. Eisuke being a father is a topic I love seeing in fics, and this portrayal is just heartbreaking because it shows Eisuke, despite not being the best parent, still trying his best for his daughter. The last line of the fic utterly destroyed me. I legit almost cried, and I’d like to think I have Balls of Steel lmao I guess not
  • You (Angst) by @valogirl - The angstiest group fic I’ve read to date. She perfectly captures each of the bidders’ emotions and feelings for MC. The fact that they all loved her in their own ways, even after her death, will always get to me. Plus the flower meanings she included made it 100x more painful :’)))
  • Hello, Daddy pt.1 | 2 (Fluff) by @chemistrythings - I read this one a long, long time ago, but I’ll never forget this one because Eisuke’s such a big dork here. Kudos to the author because she perfectly captures the childishly dorky side of his character without going OOC at all (which I think is really difficult to pull off). Also, props to her for making one of my favorite portrayals of MC.
  • Don’t Run Away (Horror- Warning: dark themes, gore, yandere) by @logiebo - THIS FIC MAN OH BOY. From time to time, I enjoy a good darkfic. I think I’ve said this before, but Eisuke’s character is so deliciously complex that it wouldn’t be completely far-fetched to see him as a yandere (if I’m being honest, I’ve considered writing a yandere fic for a while lmao). I mean, wow. This fic is intense, but intriguing.  
  • I Am Afraid of the Light (ANGST AND ETERNAL PAIN) by @2bedroom-baddestbidderlove - Shit, man. Like, the way she set up the whole fic, with Eisuke silently pining for MC, only for the plot twist to kill me in the end—ouch. It’s a songfic, and the lyrics just twist the knife in my heart… god, man. Also, her writing style blows me away because it’s so wistful, yet so on point. I’m in love with her characterization of Eisuke.
  • Voice (F L U F F ) by @maidofstars - Ah, another thing I’m an absolute sucker for—sweet Eisuke. The fic is short and simple, but it perfectly captures the depth of his love for MC. Like, the whole idea of using voice as a metaphor for his feelings just shot me in the heart, man. God, I love this one so much.
  • Letter two hundred and sixteen (ANGST :’)))) by @bolt8826 - Since I’m an unapologetic sadist who likes seeing (and making) Eisuke suffer, this fic is up there with all my other favorites. I mentioned this a million times, but I love seeing fics from his perspective because they make him seem more real, you know? Also, seeing Eisuke regret his actions to MC is a fucking A+++ for me.

And there you have it! These fics are all A+++ in every department (writing, grammar, characterization, plot, tone), and that’s something considering how nitpicky I am when I read fics (legit, I have way too much pet peeves omg).

The rarest possible instance in pokemon (via EnixLeDerp on reddit)

The rarest thing is probably encountering a horde of 5 shiny Spinda with identical spot patterns with perfect IV’s, same gender, a hidden ability, the same nature, and all with Pokerus, which is a 1 in 1.166516e+120 chance of happening.

To see that as a full number, that’s a 1 in 1,166,516,000,000,000,512,216,872,712,104,384,496,808,632,888,240,896,
040,352,200,480,240,248 chance of happening.

In words, thats a one in one novemtrigintillion, one hundred and sixty-six octotrigintillion, five hundred and sixteen septentrigintillion, five hundred and twelve tretrigintillion, two hundred and sixteen duotrigintillion, eight hundred and seventy-two untrigintillion, seven hundred and twelve trigintillion, one hundred and four novemvigintillion, three hundred and eighty-four octovigintillion, four hundred and ninety-six septenvigintillion, eight hundred and eight sexvigintillion, six hundred and thirty-two quinvigintillion, eight hundred and eighty-eight quattuorvigintillion, two hundred and forty trevigintillion, eight hundred and ninety-six duovigintillion, four hundred and eight unvigintillion, one hundred and seventy-six vigintillion, six hundred and forty-eight novemdecillion, four hundred and fifty-six octodecillion, one hundred and four septendecillion, one hundred and fifty-two sexdecillion, nine hundred and sixty quindecillion, seventy-two quattuordecillion, nine hundred and forty-four tredecillion, six hundred and forty duodecillion, eight hundred and eight undecillion, two hundred and sixty-four decillion, four hundred and fifty-six nonillion, five hundred and forty-four octillion, six hundred septillion, three hundred and ninety-two sextillion, sixty-four quintillion, forty quadrillion, three hundred and fifty-two trillion, two hundred billion, four hundred and eighty million, two hundred and forty thousand, two hundred and forty-eight chance of happening. You’re more likely to win the lottery one milion billion trillion quadrillion quintillion sextillion septillion times.

You’re more likely to guess what atom someone has chosen throughout all of the entire universe than this happening.

“<All I’m saying is think of how cool it would be,> Marco pleaded. <We morph racehorses ->

<I don’t think so, Marco,> Jake said.

<- then, using our human abilities we figure out if we think we can win, and the others put money down.>

<Not happening, Marco,> Rachel said.

<We start out betting whatever we have saved. Like I have about twenty dollar. But if we bet that at say, three-to-one odds, before you know it ->

<Marco, forget it, okay?> I said. <It wouldn’t be right.>

<- we’d have sixty dollars. Bet that at three-to-one odds you have a hundred and eighty. Then bet that and you have five forty! Then sixteen hundred twenty! Then four thousand eight hundred and sixty!>

<How is it you can multiply in your head like that?> Rachel asked. <You barely scrape by in your math classes.>

<It’s a whole different thing when you’re multiplying money,> Marco said. <A whole different thing.>”

- Book #14: The Unknown, pg. 102 (by K.A. Applegate)

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In your Monsters au, how old is Tony when he gets with Steve and bucky? Also how old are Your monsters? Have they always Haunted that house or do they just go wherever there is a kid? Do they know alor of other Monsters? What is Peggy? Sorry about all the questions you don't have to answer them all if you don't want to.

Tony is twenty-four, almost twenty-five when he gets with Steve and Bucky.

The monsters are… old. Aside from Thor and Loki, Clint is definitely the oldest. He was born in the sixteen-hundreds. Thor and Loki are, of course, super ancient; any monster that has Old Magic clinging to them is (besides the Hulk, of course). Sometimes Loki and Thor reference things that Tony thinks would be impossible for them to have witnessed and he’s always a little terrified at how old they are. Bruce is definitely around ninety to a hundred years old. Natasha remembers a little before WWII and Steve and Bucky remember before WWI, though they can’t give a specific event beforehand to tell how old they might be. Sam will remember bits and pieces of WWII but he remembers the civil unrest in the south more vividly.

They have not always haunted the house! Honestly monsters typically move around until they find someplace they can stay for a long time.

  • Steve and Bucky arrived first, because they could sense a darkness in the house (Howard’s demons) and they were curious. When they saw Tony and how he was ignored by Maria that first time they scared him they kind of imprinted on him. They took care of the demon causing Maria’s postpartum depression and then cast out the other demons Howard was drawing in.
  • Natasha actually has no interest in scaring children (it’s a preference just like anything else) and actually only stopped into the mansion because she could sense a huge meal inside (demons still came around to test how determined Steve and Bucky were. And also if demons stopped coming she could just eat Steve and Bucky. She’s not picky.). She decided to stay because Tony’s a huge goober who offered her soup and access to the cheese fridge.
  • Clint was fleeing hunters from the circus and chose the Stark estate to hide in because hunters were wary of large estates; typically the owners were powerful and doubtful, and would never believe a monster was in their home if the monster laid low. Then he just never left.
  • The Hulk arrived because he worried about whether Tony and the Spider-Lady made it out safely and whether Tony was okay, and then he just stayed because Bruce would be accepted there. There seems to be a split where he’s more often the Hulk than Bruce but Bruce often feels uncomfortable because he’s lost sixty years of his life. When he’s Bruce, he spends a lot of time reading up on what happened (he is horrified when he sees all the wars that have gone on in his absence).
  • Loki arrived because he could sense Old Magic on Bruce and he was curious, and then just never left because he found Tony interesting. He likes Tony’s inventions even if he doesn’t understand them all the time and he’s very fond of Tony’s “golems” even if it’s in a “how quaint” way rather than an honestly impressed way.
  •  Thor is going to show up and he’ll come and go but he always comes back because of his brother, whom he adores, to Loki’s mortification. And also Steve and Bucky are always ready to brawl. (”OUTSIDE!” Tony shouts the first time they take down a load-bearing wall because how the fuck is he supposed to explain to contractors that his monster roommates took out a wall play-wrestling?!)
  • Sam is going to show up because he senses another bird monster and after Riley sacrificing himself to make sure Sam could escape hunters, he really just wants to roost with someone (avian monsters always seem to be able to find each other when they’re upset. Sam’s presence helps with Clint’s anxiety as well, so he’s welcomed into the fold.). And then he stays because Tony asks him to.

They know other monsters but in a vague way. Aside from avian monsters, they typically pass like ships in the night, and are pretty aware of where the other monsters are if only to be able to avoid running into each other and possible fights. Steve and Bucky are definitely outside the norm in that Steve would typically be solitary because he’s a snake. But Bucky’s a lupine monster and they’re pretty social when they meet other lupines, and Steve’s not lupine but he’s friendly. (Okay, Bucky found a scrappy little snake monster being beaten up by crows and just said “Okay this is mine” and scared the crows off. But don’t tell Tony, because he’d never stop laughing. Steve is way bigger than he was back then now and can definitely take on crows anyway.)

Peggy’s a human! She knows something’s going on in Tony’s mansion but it doesn’t seem to be hurting him (on the contrary, he seems to do quite well), so she lets it go. (Steve sees her during a visit one time and is smitten. “She’s married and she’ll shoot you,” Tony says. Steve’s still smitten but less likely to do something stupid. Like show himself to her. And get shot.)

Lol it’s fine! I like answering questions about my aus. :3

May 25, 1917 - First Largescale Strategic Bomber Attack as German Gothas Bomb Kent

Pictured - A Gotha G.IV.

Germany inaugurated a new type of war on May 25, 1917. Twenty-three mammoth German Gotha G.IV bombers took off from airfields in Belgium, headed for England. The first largescale strategic bombing of history took place. In hindsight, the German attack does not look impressive - because of cloud coverage, only two German bombers actually reached England, dropping their bombs over Kent rather than the intended target London.

Yet these two machines inflicted more damage than any Zeppelin had every done. Loaded with high-explosive bombs, the Gothas killed almost one hundred people. Sixteen Canadian soldiers died when their training camp at Shorncliffe was hit. At Folkstone, civilians were the victims: sixteen men, thirty women, twenty-five children. Ninety-five dead altogether and a further 192 wounded. Strategic bombing did not reach the heights it did in World War II, but a new threshold of war had been passed. Britain and France would retaliate. “The ancient Jehovah is still abroad,” wrote Albert Einstein to a friend in Holland, “alas he slays the innocent along with the guilty, whom he strikes so fearsomely blind that they can feel no sense of guilt.”

「 ✩ * º ╳ ZAYN MALIK GIF ICONS. 」—

if you click HERE you’ll find 119 TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN 100x100px gif icons of british-pakistani singer ZAYN MALIK ( aka the love of my life ). these were all made by me from scratch taken from his music videos ( 83 from idwlf+bts, 25 from befour 11 from cruel 40 from still got time and 57 from pillowtalk + bts ), so please DON’T claim them as your own - apart from that, you can do pretty much what you want with them !!
also, this pack will be updated in the future !! a like/reblog would be appreciated if you find this useful ♡

ps.: gigi hadid and taylor swift are featured in some gifs

trigger warnings: flashing images, drinking, smoking

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How big is Songbird? Like, in terms of height and/or wingspan? I had a look around the bioshock wikis but couldn't see specifics anywhere :/

Well, lets’ start by breaking down the available references: i.e, how he compares to the human he’s around- namely, Elizabeth. On the wiki, she’s listed as being 5′6. Ignoring the fact that she spends almost the entire game and DLC in heels, albeit modest ones, we’ll take 5′6 as her base height. 

More below the cut:

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Letter two hundred and sixteen

It seems you guys like angst, so here is some good old fashioned Eisuke angst. *Cracks Knuckles* 

Tagging: @catchthespade @maidofstars @kota-the-kitty-with-claws @2bedroom-baddestbidderlove


         Its been seven months and three days since you left. I used to say that you could never live without me. 

But I was so wrong. I guess it was me who can’t live without you.

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Hostium munera, munera est

Originally posted by musingsofagirl1

Words count: 8,587

Summary: A gift from the enemies is a gift nonetheless. 

A.K.A I wanted to write something for Gong Yoo once again, and you were already graced with Gong Yoo in suits, so I wanted to have Gong Yoo in uniform. But at the same time I really wanted Prosecutor!Gong Yoo, so I asked myself: why not both?

It was based on The Good Wife’s s02e02 episode: Double Jeopardy. I seriously love this series, and I have to say that episode is my favourite.

There is a lot of Latin quotes.

“Thank you, ma’am. Have a good day.”

You’ve never thought that you’d be called “ma’am” daily before reaching thirty, but there you are, and you are not complaining.

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An AU where Reyes and Ryder don’t go to Andromeda and are instead caught up in the reaper war. Ryder is part of Kaidan’s biotic squad. Ryder and Reyes spot Kaidan and Shepard on some downtime at Apollo’s and basically invite themselves to their table cause they’re nosy.

Ok so gonna tag people who were helping me with this little thing, sorry it’s not that good

@canceriancommunist , @shepard-alenko@the-art-of-fudgel and @brickbabe (and probably more people I’m forgetting sorry and hope ok to tag people?)

As per, expect bad drunk writing but oh well

Anyway! Here on Ao3:

And under the cut ‘cause I ended up rambling for ages oops

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ingeneralfangirl  asked:

Honestly just poly rangers anything if u r taking prompts. Something abt the family's of each of them? Like Zack and Billy's moms and Trini's fam and Jason's fam and Kim's fam and idk what this is, I just rly like poly rangers


Ok so before I get on with writing this, here are my poly ranger sexual/romantic/platonic pairing headcanons to stave off some questions. Trini is exclusively sexual with Kim. Her relationships with the boys are platonic, but she loves cuddling with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Kim is very occasionally sexual with Jason, but is platonic with Billy and Zach. Sometimes she just likes to kiss whoever is nearby, as does Zach. Jason and Billy are also mostly exclusively sexual with each other. Sometimes, when the mood strikes, Zach joins in with Jason and Billy, but he’s not often bothered with sex. I feel like Zach is a huge cuddle monster and him and Trini can usually be found cuddling somewhere.

I’m not too ready to add Tommy in yet simply because she isn’t developed, but  I love Tommy as a girl, and in my headcanons she’s definitely pan or bi and super flirty with literally everyone. She’ll punch your lights out if you even think her full name (Thomasina). She won’t be in this fic, but if people want to see more of her with the other 5, send me prompts!

Feel free to come yell about your headcanons with me! Ok, here we go…


The first parental unit they tell is Billy’s mom. 

Well, it’s more that Billy blurts it out during one of his babble fests they all adore, and they all hold their breath wand wait.

She’s so happy that Billy is happy and accepted and understood that she doesn’t blink twice before welcoming them all to the family and asking if they like cookies and apple juice. She has an avalanche of questions later, but they know she’s just trying to learn and they all answer her questions happily 

Zach’s mom figures it out by herself. She chatters at Zach for a solid 20 minutes in Chinese while the others stand and wait apprehensively for the yelling to start, for them all to be kicked out, but then Zach hugs her as tightly as he dares and they all let out a sigh of relief and laugh as she tells them about all the polyamorous couples in Chinese mythology. They promise they’ll study them for her, and these lessons become a normal weekly occurrence that just makes Zach even more proud to have her as his mom.

Jason’s father yells. A lot. He doesn’t kick them out but he tells them they’re just kids and how could they be so naiive, how could they think this is okay, how could they think about flaunting this in public, what would people think, how could they not think of their futures, and on and on and on. Their shoulders don’t slump but Billy and Kim both start to shrink as the yelling gets louder and finally, finally, and maybe surprisingly but really not, it’s Trini who speaks up first. She gets right up in his face and tells him to shut up and to stop bullying the people she loves.

It’s quiet for a long time after that, and Billy straightens and Kim just breathes and they lean in to Jason and Zack while Trini stares down Jason’s dad until he turns and leaves the room. She harrumphs and turns back to her partners and coaxes smiles from all of them while she trembles with adrenaline. Later, back at Billy’s house, she snuggles into Kim who’s sandwiched between her and Zach and allows herself to relax and remember that she has them and she has Billy’s mom and Zach’s mom and dreads what her parents are going to say next.

Jason’s dad surprises them all when the next week he invites them all over and tells them he’s been doing a lot of research. That he loves Jason and he doesn’t understand yet, but he’s going to try and to please give him a second chance. He apologizes to Trini and Kim and Billy, and shakes Zach’s hand. Jason tells them the next day that he’d gotten the first hug from his dad he’d had in 5 years. They have hope.

Trini tries to introduce them slowly to her parents. She’d told them all that her mom was overbearing and that her dad was just oblivious and that neither of them had reacted well to her coming out - obviously. First, she brings Zach. Because Zach is a boy and Zach can be polite and winning when he wants to be. Trini’s brothers love him and her parents are suspicious. Next is Kim, who adults absolutely adore. Well. Most adults, because apparently Trini’s mom really doesn’t like Trini hanging around with pretty girls. Trini’s dad gives her an encouraging smile and Trini helps Kim escape before the barrage of questions beats down on her shoulders. 

Jason and Billy come as a package, and Billy is sweet and Jason is charming and he’s Jason Scott and her mom seems to give in a little when she sees that these 4 odd kids keep coming around. But one day they’re all studying in Trini’s living room and they’re supposed to be alone so they’re not watching themselves and Trini’s mom walks in on Trini cuddling with Zach and Kim while reading her book for AP Lit and Kim just happens to be stealing a kiss from Jason while her arms are still wrapped around Trini, and Billy’s head is in Jason’s lap and it’s all wrong, all to fast, and Trini thinks she actually witnesses her mom’s head explode with the shout of her name.

“Trinity Maria Alverado! What the hell is going on in my house?!”

Trini’s mom is the first to kick everyone else out. They all tell her behind her mom’s back that they’ll be close, that they’ll come if she needs them, that they love her and all she can do is watch them close the door behind them. 

Her mother calls her father while still screaming at her, demands that he come home early to deal with this

Trini’s count of how many questions her mom asks has reached two hundred and sixteen without enough breath for her to even answer one by the time her father gets home. 

“Trini, your mother says you’re sleeping with 4 other people?!”

Trini closes her eyes and prepares to explain to a brick wall. She really wishes her partners were there, but she has a faint connection to all of them and she caresses them in her mind. 

“No, papí, I -”

“Don’t you dare lie to him, Trinity! I saw what was going on in this room! I saw -”

“You saw Kim kissing Jason. Because Kim likes to kiss people. I like to cuddle, and so does Zach. And Kim is the only one I’m, like, you know. With. So she cuddles with me too. And Jason is with Billy, so he’s really the only one that Billy is ok with touching a lot. And we all love each other, mamí, but it’s not wrong, it’s beautiful.”

“What do you mean, Kim is the only one you’re ‘with’? Are you having sex, Trinity? You are far too young to even be considering sex, and you’re not even married. Are you still pretending to like women? You know your father and I don’t support that, Trinity, I thought we’d come to an agreement! What I saw today…”

It goes on for hours. Trini tries explaining that there’s nothing sexual between her and the boys. Just Kim, even if they don’t ‘believe’ in her being gay. She tries explaining that yes, they’re all in a relationship because no matter how scared she is she’s not going to hide them like some dirty little secret. She’s proud of them and their relationship and maybe it’s stupid of her but she’s not backing down and she’s not moving again. She tries explaining 50 different ways but no matter what she says they don’t change their questions, they don’t change their minds. They send her to her room with a final “We are so disappointed in you, mija.” and the moment her door closes she’s out the window, running. She doesn’t have a destination in mind, but apparently her partners know her better than she knows herself because when she finally finds herself on top of her rock, they’re all sitting there. Waiting. With open arms and soft words and hot chocolate and music. She doesn’t go home for 2 days.

Trini’s parents tell her they’re moving a week later and Trini threatens to apply for emancipation. She’s not taking this shit any more. They don’t move, but for 2 months the only members of Trini’s family that talk to her are her little brothers (who understand much more easily than adults ever will. Who love their cool big sister no matter what. Who still love to cuddle with her if she promises not to tell any of their friend ever. Who don’t understand why their parents are mad at Trini, so she tells them it’s big people stuff and they’re lucky they’re still kids).

Kim’s parents are never around. She’s avoided talking about her family for so long with her partners that they knew something wasn’t right. She tells them over e-mail and doesn’t receive a reply. She stresses and worries and agonizes over what will happen when they’re both home again, but when they finally are it’s the usual false platitudes and nightly shouting match and absolutely nothing about the e-mail. 

One time, they’re all at her place and her father comes home early (parents coming home early seem to be their downfall). He tells her politely that her friends should probably leave for the night. That it’s late, and dinner would be soon, even though it’s not even 5pm. Trini’s the one who spots her tensed shoulders, her quickened breathing, and asks if she needs Trini to stay. Kim shakes her head - she’s dealt with what’s coming before, and this time she has them all there for her after. 

Kim’s dad shouts too. It’s worse than Jason’s dad, because his words are shaped to cut on purpose, not out of ignorance. She shrinks as she always does, trying to give the words less of her to injure. He tells her that she’ll never bring them over again, that they’ll never mention the subject within a mile of their home ever again, that it will be forgotten. The next day her parents leave on another trip and she hugs Zach’s mom and Billy’s mom and Jason’s dad so hard because sometimes, she just really wants a parent who cares.

Angel grove whispers about them, they know it. It’s a small town, where everyone knows everyone, and where gossip spreads faster than wildfire. But they have each other, and they have 4 parental figures who love them and accept them. They have Zordon and Alpha 5 and their purpose. They have music and adventures and really, what else would they ever need.

dunno what this turned into, but hope you liked it!

Alright, here’s some of the bodyswap soul mate AU

“We thought he was your soul mate, you know,” Yura tells him when they’re alone, Yuuri being off at Minako’s studio for the day. Viktor has been forcing the thought of Yuuri in tights out of his mind for hours. It isn’t conductive thinking.

“Excuse me?” Viktor mutters.

Yura, who’s sitting on a bench gulping water like it’s the only thing keeping him alive—Viktor is somewhat satisfied that he’s gotten him to sweat—swipes a hand across his face and says, “The piggy. We thought he was your soul mate.”

“Don’t call him that,” Viktor snaps without meaning to, or at least without meaning it so harshly. It’s his fault that Yuuri has been visited upon by such an unflattering nickname. His lighthearted teasing about Yuuri’s endearing post-season weight gain had been the victim of mistranslation and culture shock. Yura has adopted it into his sometimes cruel teenage vernacular, and every time it sets Viktor’s teeth on edge. When they speak in Russian, Yura doesn’t even bother to use the word Viktor had at first; the cute one, the one that Viktor had thought would translate into a sweet nothing rather than a grave insult.

Yura shows Viktor his tongue and reaches down to tighten his skates. Viktor, curious, drums his fingers on top of the boards and after a moment asks, “What did you mean? You thought he was my soul mate?”

“Well, what did you expect us to think when you just up and went to Japan because of some guy?” Yura demands, frowning like it was Viktor who instigated this vein of conversation, like he resents the very idea of it. “Who even does that? I mean, yeah that’s really far to transfer, but that was the only reason any of us could come up with. Aside from you being a fucking lunatic, that is.”

“If Yuuri and I were soul mates, it would be the farthest apart a pair of soul mates had ever been born.” Viktor looks down to straighten his gloves, mostly so he doesn’t have to look at Yura’s face. “Yuuri was born in Fukuoka—I was born in St. Petersburg. Seventy-four hundred kilometers. That’s almost sixteen hundred farther than the record holders.” What Viktor doesn’t say is that the technological age has brought with it a generation of soul mates transferring further and further. The current record holders were only discovered the previous September, born in Brazil and South Africa.

There is something far too knowing in Yura’s eyes when he says, “So you’ve thought about it.”

“There are seven billion people on the planet. Three billion of those people are unmated. The odds of me just happening to meet the person who I—”

“But you’ve thought about it,” Yura says with the kind of bullheaded determination unique to those in their second decade of life.

Yes.” Viktor flattens his palm against the board. Yura jumps. “Yes, briefly, I thought about it.” By briefly, Viktor means Often, obsessively, and even in my sleep. “But I don’t, anymore. I can’t. I won’t.”

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I’m not sure what type of fics you like/what characters you like, so I’m going to share some of my current faves (all by my friends ironically)


Serious Fics/Drabbles:

99 Reasons Why I’ll Never Be Good Enough For You by my wife friend @catchthespade  

I think this idea is really original, and of course the writing is phenomenal. Anything with Eisuke’s inner dialogue and the Bidders teaming up is A+ in my book. I’m also a sucker for angst, and this is some angst 

if i missed you, would you hold it against me also by @catchthespade

I literally almost cried reading this, and I rarely cry. I love the direction this fic went in; the last scene nearly killed me. The way Spade writes this is like a dream, and it felt so melancholy and surreal. You can really feel Eisuke’s struggle with the loss of his best friend and love, along with the uncertainty of suddenly being thrusted into the role of a father.

Your Influence; KBTBB AU by my fave friend @maidofstars

It’s a triple espresso fic (ShuichixMCxHikaru in case you didn’t know) that left me s h o o k. I love the idea of the whole angel/devil dynamic, and the way she writes Shuichi gave me confidence to write Shuichi too if I’m totally honest. I love. I live for this AU and w o w I am in love. 

Letter two hundred and sixteen by my sunshine friend @bolt8826

More Eisuke angst because I like to suffer, but her writing is so g o o d holy shit. I love the concept of this series, and Eisuke seems so… human here. It’s not often that people explore his vulnerable side, but this series does just that. Also the imagery of Eisuke having 215 letters on his desk makes me cry so I want everyone else to cry, too. 

Unbelievably Happy (Fluff) ♡ by my queen friend @oh-heaux

I may be biased since I requested this drabble, but it’s honestly so great. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and I’m glad that Shuichi is getting more recognition as a multi-facated character here. Ciara is the queen of smut fics, but I like seeing this new side to her writing. Highly recommend this - and all - of her writing.

Shitposting/Funny Headcanons:

KBTBB - At the Beach by @catchthespade

I laughed my ass off, and I love how detailed Spade gets with her shitposts :’) she even included visuals, and it’s truly a gift.

KBTBB: Your fave is problematic also by @catchthespade

Words don’t even do this justice, just look at it please omg. I didn’t realize at first that Eisuke’s first point was a video, and it made this entire post 100x funnier once I watched it tbh

The Bidders and Karaoke: headcannon by @bolt8826

The v i s u a l s I get with this are hilarious. Eisuke is so extra, and I was in tears by the time I got to Baba’s part. I love how she gives examples of what they’d pick too ihifdl,c

The Bidders + MC on a Roller Coaster by @maidofstars

This is still one of my favorite headcanons to date oh my g o d. It’s perfect for summer because who doesn’t like to go to amusement parks over summer break? :’)