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The rarest possible instance in pokemon (via EnixLeDerp on reddit)

The rarest thing is probably encountering a horde of 5 shiny Spinda with identical spot patterns with perfect IV’s, same gender, a hidden ability, the same nature, and all with Pokerus, which is a 1 in 1.166516e+120 chance of happening.

To see that as a full number, that’s a 1 in 1,166,516,000,000,000,512,216,872,712,104,384,496,808,632,888,240,896,
040,352,200,480,240,248 chance of happening.

In words, thats a one in one novemtrigintillion, one hundred and sixty-six octotrigintillion, five hundred and sixteen septentrigintillion, five hundred and twelve tretrigintillion, two hundred and sixteen duotrigintillion, eight hundred and seventy-two untrigintillion, seven hundred and twelve trigintillion, one hundred and four novemvigintillion, three hundred and eighty-four octovigintillion, four hundred and ninety-six septenvigintillion, eight hundred and eight sexvigintillion, six hundred and thirty-two quinvigintillion, eight hundred and eighty-eight quattuorvigintillion, two hundred and forty trevigintillion, eight hundred and ninety-six duovigintillion, four hundred and eight unvigintillion, one hundred and seventy-six vigintillion, six hundred and forty-eight novemdecillion, four hundred and fifty-six octodecillion, one hundred and four septendecillion, one hundred and fifty-two sexdecillion, nine hundred and sixty quindecillion, seventy-two quattuordecillion, nine hundred and forty-four tredecillion, six hundred and forty duodecillion, eight hundred and eight undecillion, two hundred and sixty-four decillion, four hundred and fifty-six nonillion, five hundred and forty-four octillion, six hundred septillion, three hundred and ninety-two sextillion, sixty-four quintillion, forty quadrillion, three hundred and fifty-two trillion, two hundred billion, four hundred and eighty million, two hundred and forty thousand, two hundred and forty-eight chance of happening. You’re more likely to win the lottery one milion billion trillion quadrillion quintillion sextillion septillion times.

You’re more likely to guess what atom someone has chosen throughout all of the entire universe than this happening.

“<All I’m saying is think of how cool it would be,> Marco pleaded. <We morph racehorses ->

<I don’t think so, Marco,> Jake said.

<- then, using our human abilities we figure out if we think we can win, and the others put money down.>

<Not happening, Marco,> Rachel said.

<We start out betting whatever we have saved. Like I have about twenty dollar. But if we bet that at say, three-to-one odds, before you know it ->

<Marco, forget it, okay?> I said. <It wouldn’t be right.>

<- we’d have sixty dollars. Bet that at three-to-one odds you have a hundred and eighty. Then bet that and you have five forty! Then sixteen hundred twenty! Then four thousand eight hundred and sixty!>

<How is it you can multiply in your head like that?> Rachel asked. <You barely scrape by in your math classes.>

<It’s a whole different thing when you’re multiplying money,> Marco said. <A whole different thing.>”

- Book #14: The Unknown, pg. 102 (by K.A. Applegate)


Joyeux Anniversaire Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre! (19 January 1737 – 21 January 1814) 

French writer and botanist. He is best known for his 1788 novel Paul et Virginie, now largely forgotten, but in the 19th century a very popular children’s book. (Wikipedia)

From our stacks: Cover detail and illustration (”Death of Virginia. E. Isabey and T. Johan”) from Paul and Virginia By Bernardin de St. Pierre. With an original memoir of the author. Three hundred and sixteen illustrations. London: George Routledge and Sons, 1879.


this took me SIXTEEN HUNDRED YEARS to render and upload please love me


introduction: maybe letting his girlfriend dress up punk wasn’t the best idea

method: write this in a few hours when you have a break from church, because you’re a giant-ass procrastinator

result: seven hundred and sixteen words in two hours

conclusion: i love punk! jeon jungkook omfg.

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从此以后 (From Now On)

From Now On - Kris Wu
Lyrics: Kris Wu, Song Bingyang
Composer: Song Bingyang
Translation: @galaxychen
Correction: @yifanqini
Stream on Weibo!

Behind the sunset
The crescent moon quietly climbed up to the night sky
On the road home
There is someone waiting silently

Wanted to give you happiness
But not knowing how to be gentle
Only wanting to be by your side
Even just a second is enough

From now on the feelings are lost for eternity
You are already engraved on my bones and imprinted on my heart
From now on I will no longer be there to walk with you till the end
Only letting go will I be able to go in peace

Only wanted you to be happy
Even if it’s not because of me
Don’t be sad and don’t worry about me
I am willing to keep waiting

From now on the feelings are lost for eternity
You are already engraved on my bones and imprinted on the heart
From now on stop shedding tears for me and please live well
Letting go; I am really not sad

La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la

It’s a pity at the end of the story
是风吹 潮起 潮落
It’s the wind blowing; the tides coming and retreating

From now on the feelings are lost for eternity
You are already engraved on my bones and imprinted on the heart
From now on I will no longer be there to walk with you till the end
Letting go; I am really not sad

From now on I will remember in the sea of people
You who I once loved with courage
Until I’m the only one remaining to experience this loneliness
We only understood to cherish when we lose each other

Behind the sunset
The crescent moon quietly climbed up to the night sky
On the road home
There is someone waiting silently

VAMPIRELOCK (2015 Halloween Recs Pt. 1)

[[other halloween rec lists here]]
And With Him Disaster / eggshellseas (ACD // Holmes/Watson)
John Watson is being stalked by a vampire.

At a Distance / faerymorstan (BBC // Johnlockary)
Two hours to sunrise and the moon leaks over London, covers the daffodils John lays on Mary and Sherlock’s graves. One hundred and nineteen years since Sherlock left his note by the Falls, one hundred and sixteen since Mary’s fever, and still John mourns them both. Stumbles, alone.

Bad Islington Blood / SolitaryEndeavor [[WIP]] (BBC // Johnlock)
“Freaky” Holmes and his partner Dr Watson are the Met’s best resource in solving the unsolvable. But even Sherlock Holmes can’t be right all the time, and when a murder investigation crosses paths with a private case, Holmes will realize there is still a mystery or two to be solved when it comes to John Watson.

Between the Tongue and the Taste / philalethia (BBC // Johnlock)
“Sherlock was right about one thing at least: John was thinking about writing up the case. But he didn’t know what he would say, where he would even start. We went after Ed Harvey, I got myself gutted, and Sherlock changed me so I wouldn’t die? It’s all right, I suppose, except that vampire hierarchy is apparently even wonkier than everyone says and nothing’s quite as sexual as those awful vampire films make it seem?”
In which John gets turned into a vampire and everything gets a bit weird.

Bloody Genius / Slenderlock (BBC // Johnlock)
“My neck,” John said. “Drink.”
“I won’t be able to- oh- stop,” Sherlock panted.
“Yes, you will. You always do. I trust you.”

Candlelight / PrettyArbitrary (BBC // Johnlock)
Somewhere outside, the sun is traveling across the sky, pouring its light over London’s gleaming buildings and grimy pavements. John might never see it again. “I’m going to keep you,” Sherlock had told him, when he’d bound John tight and chained him into his bed. But a vampire’s thralls tend not to last for long.

Katydid / songlin (BBC // Johnlock)
The smell of John’s blood is thick in Sherlock’s nose. He can hear John’s heart thumping through his ribcage as clearly as if his ear were pressed against John’s chest. Sherlock’s mouth runs dry. He is suddenly very, very hungry.
“Like it or not, Sherlock, matters will escalate. You are tempting biology.”

Lucky / talkstoself (BBC // Johnlock)
Everybody knows you don’t invite a vampire into your home… but then again - vampires don’t exist.

Nightcap / 221brosiewilde (BBC // Mormor)
Jim fucks the way he feeds.
He’s all greedy mouth and dazed eyes. When Sebastian pushes a hand beneath his shirt, his skin is warm, almost feverish as the blood works through his body.

Sanguinary / KittieHill (BBC // Johnlock)
His eyesight seemed more focussed and clear; his senses completely sharpened despite the darkness of the street. The streetlights made his eyes ache and forced him to avert his eyes. The noise was back too, louder and stronger than previously, and it seemed to be all encompassing as he spun to find the source of the sound. Pushing against a pedestrian who grumbled his discontent, John stilled and watched as the man’s pulse point fluttered and twitched with blood.

slash / dashcommaslash (BBC // Johnlock)
John can’t believe how long it takes him to get caught. Not stealing his few pints a week from work—he’s been doing that so long, half his life, that it hardly seems wrong anymore. They pay me in blood, he’d wink at his family. Not dinner with his rugby mates, bowls and straws and a newly slaughtered deer opened and dressed on the sideboard so it doesn’t lose its freshness on the way to the table. In Scotland, okay, but in London?

Sustain Me / beltainefaerie (BBC // Johnlock)
John felt like Sherlock saved him that very first night. It takes him awhile to return that favor. But now their lives will never be the same.

Symbiotic / round_robin (BBC // Johnlock)
John and Sherlock find a mutually beneficial agreement.

The Vermillion Problem / gardnerhill (ACD // Holmes/Watson)
He is as tidy in his dining habits as he is fastidious in his dress, even if his fare is horrifying to outsiders.

Twisting and Turning The Colours in Rows / leopardwrites (BBC // Johnlock)
“I’m conscious,” Sherlock says with a small shrug of one shoulder. “I move, respire, react to my environment… I miss a few of the basic life processes, but I think I qualify as ‘alive’. And I’m thirteen, like I told you.” A rueful smile, and his hand drops to his side. “But I have been thirteen for longer than is naturally possible.”

Bon Jovi sentence starters - Cross Road
  • We’ve gotta hold on to what we’ve got. 
  • It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not.
  • We’ve got each other and that’s a lot.
  • Take my hand and we’ll make it - I swear.
  • I am laying down my guns.
  • I don’t like what I see no more. Sometimes I wish I was blind.
  • There’s things I’ve done I can’t erase.
  • I’m takin’ each day and night at a time.
  • I’m feelin’ like a Monday, but someday I’ll be Saturday night.
  • I’m only sixteen, I feel a hundred years old.
  • Yeah, I’m down, but I know I’ll get by.
  • I wish that I could be in some other time and place.
  • I’ve always been a fighter, but without you I give up.
  • Well, I guess I’m not that good anymore.
  • I will love you, baby, always, and I’ll be there forever and a day.
  • What I’d give to run my fingers through your hair.
  • If you’re ready, I’m willing and able.
  • Lay your hands on me.
  • I can show you how to fly and never ever come back down.
  • Darling, you give love a bad name.
  • No one can save me, the damage is done.
  • I want to lay you down in a bed of roses.
  • Baby, blind love is true.
  • Tonight I won’t be alone, but you know that don’t mean I’m not lonely.
  • I’ve got nothing to prove, for it’s you that I’d die to defend.
  • I don’t know where I’m going; only God knows where I’ve been.
  • I’ve seen love come, and I’ve seen it shot down. I’ve seen it die in vain.
  • I gotta ask a favor, and I’ll hope you’ll understand.
  • You know I need you.
  • I would do anything to have you in these arms tonight.
  • Everything here reminds me of you.
  • Your love is like bad medicine.
  • There ain’t no doctor that can cure my disease.
  • I got lots of money but it isn’t what I need.
  • That’s what you get for falling in love.
  • I don’t need no needle to be giving me a thrill.
  • I guess this time you’re really leaving.
  • I’ll be there for you.
  • I can promise you tomorrow, but I can’t buy back yesterday.
  • I didn’t mean to miss your birthday.
  • One more town, one mile to go.
  • No one heard a single word you said.
  • I see you out on the streets, calling for a wild time.
  • This bottle’s my only friend.
  • Remember how we used to talk about busting out?
  • Never say goodbye.
  • I swore I’d never let you go.
Journey to the Past || BeexChaos


~There was a time, not very long ago, when we lived in a world of enchantment and grand parties. The year was nineteen hundred and sixteen and I, Optimus, was the Tsar of Imperial Russia~

Within the walls of the majestic palace was a celebration of the Romanov tricentennial. Royalties and men and women of higher titles traveled from all over to participate in this grand celebration. Music played in the grand ballroom as guests danced like madness.

~We were celebrating our tricentennial anniversary within our very home with my family and even in such busy times as Emperor I always found the sweet time to spend with my two beloved children. My son, Chaos, and my daughter, Adriana. They have begged me countless of times not to return to Paris. So I brought them a gift to share to make the separation easier for the three of us~

Orion revealed to his two children a small box, embroidered with tiny pearls and colors of gold and purple and green. A lovely present for them to share and to take care of together. Adriana gazed at it with awe at how pretty it is and touched the tiny pearls gently. “Is it a jewelry box, papa?”

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Hopeful Sinners


Four hundred and sixteen bucks. That was Emma’s total for the night. Wasn’t too bad. She would have made more if she didn’t owe a cut of the owner, but Cora paid her enough. She was one of the better dancers. The ones people asked to see behind closed doors. She had no private shows tonight, which was good because she had to get up early. Hope had been begging to go to the new Build-A-Bear and she was finally taking her.

Tying her coat around her waist, she listened to all the talk coming from the dressing room. Apparently there was someone here tonight. Some hot shot all the ladies were eager to see. Emma rolled her eyes, deciding to stay out of it as she slipped from the door and made her back out the back exit.

This real-life Flintstones house stands in Nas Montanhas de Fafe, Portugal. It was built in 1974 and is used as a family’s rural retreat. Even though the house is next to several immense wind turbines, it has no running water or electricity. Instead, all of their appliances have been replaced by repurposed animals that spout smarmy one-liners like “It’s a living” when in use.

The Top 116 Images You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped