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On January 24, HOLGER trades Brussels for a sleazy Turkish discotheque in 2060 Borgerhout, as a new pinky promise was made to Antwerp’s NOORD FEESJES, following last year’s sweat drenched party with Pional at Pekfabrik.

This time around, we invited Australian wunderkind ANDRAS FOX aka A.R.T. Wilson aka our current favourite dj and producer and we couldn’t be more chuffed to have him over. Expect everything from moogy library music to sparse 90’s house.

Also playing is KONG, resident dj on Studio Brussel and head honcho of 22tracks Belgium. CAPTAIN STARLIGHT and myself will be representing Holger yo.

Facebook event

Below is a nice documentury on Melbourne’s dance music scene that besides Andras Fox features Sleep D, NO ZU and the guys behind the excellent Animals Dancing parties.

artwork :

Up next:

31-1   SPEK w/ Pieter Jansen & Aguila - Antwerp
07-2   22Tracks party w/ Lefto, TLP, Kong & Gratts, Nosedrip, Captain Starlight - Beursschouwburg Brussels - Sold out
27-2   We Bring You w/ Dj EZ, XXXY, Hunee, Gerd, Konstantin Sibold - Fuse Brussels
28-2   DNA club w/ Horse Meat Disco - Brussels
07-3   Holger w/ Pender Street Steppers, Hashman Deejay & Lawrence Le Doux - Brussels
21-3   SPEK - Antwerp


Friends from Brussels and beyond, on friday Holger celebrates its third anniversary with an italo disco special on the Brauhaus boat. The party has been over a year in the making and promises to be off the hook. I can’t tell you who’s playing but believe me, the line up is stellar. We can only say that both acts are regulars at clubs like Robert-Johnson, Dekmantel or Panoramabar and that they have agreed to play italo disco back to back for one night only. On top of that, it looks like the weather will be nice so we can open the roof and dance under the stars.


Bicep & Hammer - Day 3 (Feel My Bicep - 2014)

I did this edit a while ago, forgot to share it here. May cause epileptic seizures.

Here’s two live radio sets that I did the other week. The one for Texture on has a more random relaxed vibe - new age, italo, library music, african jams, anything goes. The mix I did on Studio Brussel’s Playground show is a bit more clubby as it went out on Saturday night. Having never played on live (national) radio before I can still hear the blood rushing through my veins.

I’m still enjoying the afterglow of Friday’s Holger where we had the incredible honour and pleasure of Steffi and Bicep doing an unannounced back to back italo disco dj set. They went on to play for more then six hours straight to a packed Brauhaus boat on the Brussels canal. Great warm up from Flexx legend Diepvries on top. So many gems, so many smiles, def one of the best parties I’ve ever been involved in.

Minimix for Mind Warp on Radio Scorpio.
Broadcast date: 12/03/2014

Dizzy K. Faola - Excuse Me Baby / Five Letters - Tha Kee Tha Tha / Jazzy Dee - Get On Up / Sparkle - Handsome Man / Ministry - I Wanted To Tell Her (Edit) / Simone - My Man Must Be American / Die Partei - Guten Morgen In Köln

dj dates

02.3  Ensemble w/ Boo Williams, Seven Davis Jr., Just Nathan - Fuse Brussels
04.3  Darkside afterparty - Trix Antwerp
07.3  Moonlight RDV w/ Cleveland - Rocas Luxembourg
12.3  Mindwarp - Radio Scorpio
14.3  Holger w/ Willie Burns, Dj TLR, Phonetics - Bazaar Brussels
20.3  Slave To The Rhythm Leuven w/ Le Curateur
22.3  Jacquemus party Brussels