Ok I’m gonna throw a rant at you guys. (Sorry I don't know how to do that read more thing. Scroll on by if you want)

So I was playing a ranked game as Draaaaven, who if I have not told you guys is my main. 

Now let me tell you what happened. Pantheon was top against a Zac, and was doing rather poorly. Our jungle and mid, Hecarim and Ahri proceed to do the norm of calling him noob, telling him to stop feeding, the works. I’m bot with support fiddle who says next to nothing but does his job.

Me being the reasonable person I am try to talk things out in between waves. Telling everyone not to worry and being negative wont help, while explaining how to correct the situation. Pantheon is completely agreeing with me but Hecarim continual throw /ff at our faces. He continues to complain, despite doing a fine job in team fights  I get pissed and tell them to be more professional in ranked, Pantheon agrees. Hecarim is an ass, I mute and report him for negative attitude.

 We win the game. It is so distracting to your team to complain and spam surrender. Ahri was winning mid and bot was a walk in the park although the game came out very even. What I am trying to say is be more professional in ranked. People take it seriously, this isn't some joke where we just want to get it over with and get on with our lives. I’m bronze 2 on a 6 game winning streak and I’m not giving that up cause you aren't happy with how you or your teammates are doing.