These are my 6 selfies of 2014! 😊 is it weird how i remember what parts of my life i was going through when these were taken lol? The first photo, i was going through one of the roughest stages of my life, unbelievably, lol i look so happy. In the second photo, is where i had finally met you and id become engulfed by you. In the third one, i went on a family vacation to the beach and had a wonderful time. By the fourth photo, i was becoming overwhelmed with a thousand and five responsibilities. and things werent going so well. The fifth photo is where i had no idea what direction i was going in. Everything in my life had taken a crazy turn and i didnt know what to do. And by the sixth, im happy and complete once again for the first time in who knows how long. Thank you for everybody who took part in this chapter of my life. Im ready to start a new one with all of you. I was tagged by dignita-s and im challenging primoshit i know you dont even take selfies but do it pls for me, love yall.