Introducing I’m gay heals

So I noticed how                I am Gay.  Sometimes    it                                                    tit               

                                            created Im Gay Heals.

  •    I am an extremelyGay individual. I will

Here’s how it works:

  1. You shoot me an e-

  2. b
  1. The pricing is $im gay per person funds go to deleting 6p’s blog

Thank you guys for reading  I really gay


Created by Finnish artist JP Ahonen, the Belzebubs comic strip features an adorable metal-loving family and all of their dark adventures together. From having a little baby to having lunch with grandma - the strip features normal everyday things a family would do, but in a strangely adorable black metal way. 


Did not see it coming it is some @sixpenceee shit 😞😐

i will not stop beating this sixpenceee horse i will ride its 5 seconds of hate because i know the second its over yall will go back to reblogging her quirky science posts and not caring that she demonizes mental illnesses at all

A Memo To Disney Cast Members.

A Disney Cast Members’ top priority is the comfort and safety of our guests. For this reason, all Disney World employees must follow these rules. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

  • Ask to examine the photos our guests have taken. Be friendly. Check for abnormalities. If any are found, call for security. Guests may be distracted with free merchandise.
  • Every seventh photograph taken on the Dinosaur attraction must be deleted. If questioned, explain that it was a technical error and offer Fast Passes.
  • The rumors of sharks and crocodiles in the Lagoon are false. However, there is no swimming outside of designated swimming pools on Disney property.
  • Dead alligators are common around the Lagoon. Simply evacuate the area, call security, then take note of how much has been eaten.
  • There is only one Mickey out at once. If you find a second Mickey having an autograph session, check for eye holes. All Disney costumes have eye holes.
  • If you don’t find eye holes, allow the session to continue, but disallow photos. Call security immediately after the session concludes.
  • If you spot a second Mickey off to the side, lure him into the tunnels. That’s what the ducks are there for. Leave immediately afterwards, and do not look back.
  • The Disney World security unit does not wear specially marked clothing. If you see someone wearing a shirt that says “Disney Security”, shut down that section of the park immediately.

Following these rules will help ensure a safe and pleasurable trip to the happiest place on Earth. So stay knowledgeable, and stay safe.