btw i’ve seen sixpe/nceee on my dash here again lately. like, not juts hidden source- that’s understandable, but like. her caption is literally still there in plain sight. let’s maybe try not to do that. (link: Here) is a brief explanation as to why w/ some links attache and (link: Here) is another explanation along with some alternatives. i have others as well, message me if youd like them. just don’t reblog from sixpe//nceee, i’m begging.

anonymous asked:

you don't have to answer if it makes you uncomfy! but i was wondering if you didnt follow sixpe/nceee bc of a personal dislike or if they did something bad? :0c

they just…….tend to repost content a lot? plus they have a lot less consistent content from when they started, and when they do post horror it tends to be links to those Reddit nosleep stories that are like….just Pure Shock Value (and I go on nosleep! I know it has better content)

also they posted that hilarious “this is what the shit inside a soup can looks like………still feel like Eating Soup now????” post and I refuse to follow anyone who posts that seriously