Kiss on the neck

Temptation | Wayward | Noise                

Bonus: “Here we go again.”

“Here we go again.” The smile on his face didn’t quite convey sheer excitement of his being. Kuroko takes in a deep breath and adjusts the feline ears upon his head, he enjoyed these kind of events, getting everyone together to dress up and enjoy the break together, and of course, watching the wayward antics of Aomine and Kagami as they attempted to one up each other. The noise was the only off-putting part, their voices rising to incredible levels until someone ignite passed their guts, or a certain someone commanded their silence.

The only issue, Kuroko decided, was trying to keep a certain redhead at bay. While their relationship was by no means a secret anymore, it meant the heterochromic male was more upfront with his flirtatious gestures. It came as little surprise then that Akashi had chosen to dress as a vampire. He made a very attractive vampire. Who was currently trying to sneak in a couple kisses and nips along his neck.

“Am I really that tempting to you, Akashi-kun?” Kuroko sighed in amusement to which Akashi only smiled as he entwined their fingers. “You’re always a temptation to me, Tetsuya.”