Mmmm! Apples.

Well, the goal was to have a chapter out this week. Too bad the game decided to throw me a curveball. One of these days I’ll finally remember that as soon as I like something/ decide on something/ try something new/ get excited about absolutely anything that the game will to do it’s very best to fuck it all up. Until the day I decide that whatever the game does isn’t so horrible, I shall kick and scream and remember that ‘rolling with it’ is exactly the point of a RLC. Maybe I’ll figure out how to make this work in the next day or two. Here’s hoping.


So, after reading the last chapter of the Sixkillers heavensims brought up one of the best points ever. Roger? Mr. Dorky Dweeb as anything other than a goody two shoes was nearly unthinkable. (Really, I agreed.) So I decided it would be hilarious to make Roger a bad boy. I think it backfired. Hooboy. *fans self.

While he won’t appear like this in story, he’s deffo getting a few more piercings and some tats. So thank you Heaven for helping me see the light! :D