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 1.If you could go back in time to any era of the 20th century, when would it be and why?

In 1939-1945, participating the World War II, against the Nazis, with the soviets, americans and british would be awesome! Reviving every second, the emotion of war, the glory… :D 

2.If you could meet an Actor /actress who would it be?

Well, since my favorite TV show is Mr. Bean, so I want to meet Rowan Atkinson :D

3.What’s your favorite genre of Music?

Rock. Bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Depeche Mode… actuals: The Fray, OneRepublic.

4.Whose your favorite family member and why? If you have one that is.

Well, my relatives are kind weird. I love them but… we don’t have nice conversations talking about everything. Our conversations it’s most “Good morning, how was your day…”. But I love, I swear, I LOVE (not passion or this stuff) my little cousin. She likes to play with me, take a nap with me, spend my day with her. I miss her :c

5. Your least favorite school subject, weather you’re in school or not.


6. Your Favorite and why

You’ll think it’s gonna be History… but it’s not. I like it, but the teacher is bad LOL. I like Philosophy and Sociology (both subjects are with the same teacher), our classes are the best!

7. Your earliest memory

It’s a weird memory… I was playing in the yard with my dog and one time, I pushed his tail, and all I saw and felt at that moment, was an unbearable pain in my face. I ran to the bathroom to see my face and I saw those huge teeth. So then my mother decided to return the dog to my uncle (who had given the dog to us).

8. Your happiest memory

Partying with my friends in New Year’s Eve. Best day ever!

9. ok.. um.. Favorite song?

“Hey, teachers, leave the kids alone!”

Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall.

10. Your favorite movie EVER!!!

The Pianist! (my opinion)

11. Last one! Ok,  Coke of Pepsi, or something else maybe?

“Caipirinha.” Only brazilians will get this :) haha

My Questions:

  1. If you could revive someone that it’s already dead (a leader, an actor/actress), who would be?
  2. What was your last movie that you saw?
  3. And your last book that you read?
  4. Tell me some curiosity about your country: 
  5. A typical food in your country:
  6. A favorite place that you like to stay in your house? Why?
  7. Do you have a pet? What is it? What its name?
  8. Your favorite season: Why?
  9. Your favorite tumblr:
  10. Tell me your theory:  if the Axis had won World War II, how would the world be today?
  11. And last one: What’s your political views?

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