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Could you teach us some French idioms?

Alright, I gonna use only those I heard/use, because there is many that I don’t know, and are probably used in only other regions :>
I’m using this wiktionary, if you want the literal meaning!
I’m also posting this public so anyone interested can see :)

ânerie : stupidity / stupid remarks
avoir de la gueule : to be cool / attractive
bonne gueule : to look friendly
sale gueule : nasty looking
avoir d'autres chats à fouetter : to have better things to do
avoir la tête dans le cul : to be tired (mostly when you wake up)
avoir mangé du lion : to have incredible energy
avoir un chat dans la gorge : when you’re sick and cough
avoir un cheveu sur la langue : to have a lisp
avoir une faim de loup : being very hungry
une nuit blanche : a sleepless night
bête comme .. : stupid as..

ça me dit quelque chose : that rings a bell
ça me prend la tête : that annoys me
ça me soûle : it pisses me off
ça ne tient pas debout : it doesn’t make sense
c'est pas tes oignons : it is none of your business
chercher la petite bête : to nit-pick
comme ci, comme ça : so-so
comme un poisson dans l'eau : something easy (like a duck to water)
conduire comme un pied : to drive horribly
les doigts dans le nez : very easy
donner sa langue au chat : to give up trying to guess something
dormir en chien de fusil : to sleep curled up

écrire comme un cochon : to have bad handwriting
en un clin d’œil : in a flash
être tiré par les cheveux : something far-fetched
être un mouton : to be easily led
être un chaud lapin : to be horny
être une fouine: to be nosy
être vache : to be mean, to be nasty

faire d'une pierre deux coups: to hit two birds with one stone
faire la grasse matinée : to have a lazy day (usually means you sleep all morning after being busy the day before)
faire la sourde oreille :  to ignore something
faire un tabac : to have a huge success
faire une queue de poisson (à quelqu'un): to cut in front of someone while driving
gueule: animal mouth, human face, appearance
gueuler : to shout
ferme ta gueule : shut up
gueule cassée: war veteran (with severe facial deformities)
gueule de bois : hangover
il n'y a pas un chat : there is nobody around

jeter l'éponge : to give up
jouer à chat perché : to play off-ground tag
jouer au chat et à la souris : to play cat and mouse
la vache! : expletive, exclamation like “hell!” or “damn!”
c’est le bordel : something is messy. ( a room, a paper)
bordel ! : a swear word. Can also mean whorehouse.   
putain ! : most used swear word. (We use it all the time as you can see here)  Also means whore.

l'habit ne fait pas le moine : do not judge by appearances
malin comme un singe :  very clever
anger comme un cochon : to eat greedily
manger comme quatre : to eat lots
manger ses mots : to mumble
mettre la charrue avant les bœufs : to get ahead of yourself
être mort de rire (abbreviated to MDR) : LOL (I personally hate it, only pre-teens use that. I would only use “je suis mort” = “I’m dead” = I’m dead of laughter)
myope / myope comme une taupe :  blind as a bat
nom d'un chien : (expression of distaste)
on n’apprend pas à un vieux singe à faire des grimaces : one can’t teach something old something new, one can’t teach an old dog new tricks
ours mal léché : uncouth, impolite
pleuvoir des cordes : to rain cats and dogs
poser un lapin à quelqu'un : to set someone up, not show up
pour qui tu te prends ? : who are you to say that? / who do you think you are?
prendre ses jambes à son cou : to run away quickly
en parlant du loup : speak of the devil
qui sème le vent récolte la tempête : who looks for trouble, finds worse
qui vivra, verra : time will tell
rat de bibliothèque : bookworm
rendre quelqu'un chèvre : to drive someone crazy
reprendre du poil de la bête : to regain strength, recuperate
retourner sa veste : to go back on your word, change your mind
revenons à nos moutons : to get back on topic, to return to the question at hand

sans l'ombre d'un doute : without a shadow of a doubt
sauter du coq à l’âne : jump from one topic to another
se creuser la tête : to try very hard to resolve something
se mettre le doigt dans l'oeil : to put your foot in it
se plier en quatre : to laugh hard / to try your best
têtu comme une mule : stubborn as a mule
tomber dans les pommes : to faint
trente-six mille choses à faire : many things to do
vachement : very
vacherie : dirty trick / nasty comment
voler de ses propres ailes : to stand on one’s own two feet

And finally one that is proper to my region only :
Gauger (verb) : when you are very wet from the rain / puddle of water

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Imagine Steve's first trip to IKEA.

There’s a yellow lane painted on the floor like they’re in a bike lane. Oh, Steve has a really bad feeling about this.

Peggy takes his hand and draws him forward. “Peggy…” Steve says

“Don’t worry, Steve. We’re just here for a crib.”

Steve swallows. “Maybe I should take Tony up on a reinforced – I mean, what if she’s like me?”

“We already know she won’t be,” Peggy reminds him. “And a regular baby doesn’t need a reinforced crib. IKEA will be fine.”

Peggy,” Steve whispers as she pulls him toward the escalator. “Peggy Peggy Peggy Peggy PEGGY.” There are about six million people milling around, jostling one another. A cart bashes into Steve’s knee, someone straying out of their lane…

“Have a meatball and take a deep breath,” Peggy says, plucking two off a sample plate as they pass and handing him one. “Just keep in mind: a crib.”

A crib. A crib. A crib. A crib for their baby. Steve thinks it with every step, every jostle.

A woman pushes past him, knocking him a little off-balance so he stumbles against Peggy. “I should’ve brought the shield,” he mutters.

So….if Dark Outlaw Queen is back in the Enchanted Forest, and Robin was with Friar Tuck, then that means that Roland has his dad back, y/y?

I mean, it’s not the same and I still wish they’d brought our Robin back, but I will take any version of the Dimples Brigade that I can get.  And I’m sure Wish!Robin fell in love with Roland and OMG I just gave myself all the feels and someone please please fic this because my precious little hobbit has his papa back and Regina and it is giving me ALL THE FEELS.

209.8 pounds before Paris –> 214.2 pounds after Paris

Geez, Libra, way to be aggressive with your expectations of my future weight gain! I was on vacation!

My first time in France was amazing. We took a day tour of the castles of the Loire Valley, visited a vineyard, went to the palace at Versailles, spent a day at Disneyland Paris, and then did just Paris stuff for the other six days.

I had macarons, mille feuille, croissants, pain au chocolat, a one-Michelin-star tasting menu, a three-Michelin-star tasting menu, pork trotters and the best polenta I’ve ever had, hand-pulled noodles, banh mi on real French baguettes, chorizo paninis, a chili cheese dog and a pound of fudge at Disneyland, the best gelato I’ve ever had at multiple locations of a Paris chain that also happens to have two locations in NYC that will now be the death of me, Kir Royales, all of the wine ever, Pizza Hut, the Paris version of a taco (which is actually a burrito), potatoes baked in duck fat and mixed with cheese, so much bread and butter you wouldn’t believe one human was capable of eating it … actually, I should stop, this is too glorious/painful to think about.

I think all of the food tasted so good partly because I haven’t cheated on keto in literal months and partly because the food really is that amazing. The city was like NYC except much prettier and more tourist-friendly. Like, the train actually goes all of the way to airport! And the trains come every 2 minutes!

Point is: Paris is everything. We had a lovely little Airbnb with a terrace right in the 4th arrondissement and walked everywhere and drank the best coffee at all of the cafes and tried to speak French and failed but everyone was still so nice to us. I already miss being there so much.

I planned a bunch of outings for this week to enjoy while I’m off the wagon, so I won’t be fully back on keto until Sunday. Now please excuse me while I go catch up on one million of your posts!