~ FYI for New Simblrs ~

I see a lot of these asks with other Simmers and in the distant past have had a few too. New to the Simblr world and want to start a Simming blog that is popular etc. Now I’m not a hugely popular Simblr, I have around 3600 followers I think. They’re far bigger out there, but the main advice is this;


Whatever you absolutely adore be it Vulcans/Star Trek (like me), Berry Sims like @berrysweetboutique, super hyper colourful aliens like @divadoom, chill Maxis Match like @servobride, loving everything with alpha and Maxis Match like @maimouth or maybe you’re more into Vampires or horror stories or reality TV like @quiddity-jones. Maybe your passion is storytelling, which can be done MANY different ways using the game we all love. Choose what you adore and you can’t go wrong, that will show in your imagery etc.


Can’t say this enough. New to Simblr? Notice how other people tag their posts. It gives your followers a choice to follow some posts and avoid others. Also tags can be used for people being able to find a story or legacy etc super easily on your Tumblr. Lastly, don’t tag anything as a custom content (s4CC) post if it’s not. That’s just begging for people to be pissed off with you.

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Replies to  “A rough night and a dizzy morning on Saturenorn Northeney….  One…”

Re: night sky/graphics/lighting mod

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Thank you for your helpful comments! I used indeed a lighting mod. So, now back to square one and trying to figure out, how these things work :P

Re: all those kind words!

@maramaja06, newlibertysims, @simblu, willky12,  @galadrielhs-simblr, @amphorasims.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on Northeney! It started as a vacation world but somehow grew during the process :P So, once it is released, stay for a vacation or forever :)

I commissioned the amazing to capture my Pathfinder, Gulliver with his adorable girlfriend, Miss Pelessaria B'Sayle (Peebee). I’m so thrilled with this. It’s perfection. I recommend anyone to commission this artist, professional, friendly and extremely fast too! Now I’m going to go off and stare at this for hours. Can’t wait to get it framed.


I asked him how work was and as I’m drunk af, I’ll send him a message in the morning!

But yaaas guys! I’m gonna see if he wants to come over Friday night maybe 🙄 I’ll see what my friend says…she knows him

@sixamsims I’m tagging you in this as you have been so helpful! Would like for you to give your input. Last message I send only had 2 kisses but as he’s responded I might continue with the ❤s weve been doing

I’ll ask my friend in the morning!

Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense…I’ve only eaten an apple and have had lots to drink 🙈 I’m a twat.

sixamsims replied to your post: sixamsims: Yay!!!!!!! I’m a Mass Effect junkie now…

My god, get on that. I’m on my third LI in ME:Andromeda. So far I’ve done (quite literally), Reyes, Peebee and Cora. I live for banging my squad mates or shady smuggler bastards ������

I haven’t got andromeda, it got really bad reviews but I don’t know if it’s improved or not enough for me to spend all that money on it(?). But I am playing through ME1 again so I can import my female shep with a boost to ME2 (which is my favourite so far) so I can romance Garrus finally. xD 

i got an ask a while ago to do one of these so here we are finally! i most definitely forgot some people i know bc i suck and also pretty sure tumblr made me unfollow a bunch of folks at some point for no reason??? but regardless all of you are amazing so sorry if i missed ya <3

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