This is a default lighting mod that will override the lighting in all worlds. It was inspired by a suggestion from Sixamsims for Vulcan Skies. The clear weather is based off the Vulcan world (Star Trek), while the cloudy weather is based on Gallifrey (Doctor Who). They blend nicely and give the appearance of a very hot planet. There is also a custom storm weather that I based off of a Vulcan storm, so it’s more golden, brown then grey.

It has a 50% chance of buhudain’s auroras (send me a message if you’d like a particular water flavor altered in terms of auroras, sun/moon sizes, or whatever). It also uses Ddefender’s dynamic shadows, has longer days and lowered bloom (including on full moons). You do not need any of the previously stated worlds for this to work, it is base game compatible.

To Install: You simply put the package file in your mods folder with the rest of your package files.

Also you do not need any of the expansion packs or worlds for this to work.

Download Alien Sky Default Lighting Mod (choose only one of the following):

with Isla Paradiso water

with Lucky Palms water

with Sunlit Tides water

with Monte Vista water

with Moonlight Falls water

with University water

For side by side comparison of the water types please go here.


Credit: Ddfender, Buhudain and me <3

*no editing was done in the above pictures, what you see is what you get.

I thought about making a ‘follow’-forever post for a good while now.
I really don’t want to upset anybody by not being on here.

The thing is, I am in my third year in this community and there’s some blogs I follow for ages and would like to say thank you, to, in this little, special way.

So please see this as a thank-you and as an inspiration to maybe discover new blogs to follow, and don’t be sad, if you are not on here. I love you anyways!

♥ ~TiTo

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Sims Colors Challenge: Orange Peel (with Zachary Quinto)

I love minimalistic pics and got the idea to get fun with backdrop as Sims Colors Challenge. Every week (or maybe more often), i’ll try to make looks with Tayler paired with any sim. If u want to join me or just to take part one-time in this challenge, shoot ur couple dressed in any color scheme the same way and put the tag simscolors.