Problematic Promos

Now that some time has passed, I was taking a look back through the promotional materials for Season 4, and I noticed something. I apologize if someone has already mentioned this stuff! I looked around for a meta with this topic, but I didn’t find one, so here we go!

I recall that when the promotional materials for Season 4 were released we all sort of commented on how dark everything in the photos appears, what the hair looked like, how the burned out flat photo with just Sherlock and John in it looks like a heart, and how the smiley doesn’t show up in the reflection in the flooded photo. I also recall intense discussion about the three photos in the chess themed set, and how the leak of the final photo drew so much attention from The Powers That Be. All of these are valid catches, but I noticed a few other things relating to the promos.

I’m not sure what they all mean, to be honest, but I do know that everything on this show is deliberate, so…

1.       There are still no photos of Eurus/Sian Brooke in the official photos on the BBC One Sherlock site. Surely by now it would be ok to release some. I mean, Sian Brooke is attractive and well known enough to warrant some photos! They have certainly included her in some of the post season videos. But if you’re looking for a lovely, composed, high resolution shot of Eurus or any of her personalities, you’re going to be disappointed. I think this is weird, especially given that we see both Culverton Smith and Jim Moriarty (and he was a big secret) in the photos.

2.       This photo is NOT of 221B. Look closely.

The smiley is different than the original! It’s tilted wrong and aligns with the wallpaper differently.It’s just not the same. I know I have seen a meta on the Miss Me Smiley from this image: 

The burned out smiley almost looks like a mirrored version of this one, doesn’t it?

So what about this bumped out area in the wall in our 221b? Not there in the burned out flat.

Where are the windows on either side of the room? Again, not there. 

And what about that trim high up on the burned out left wall? Not there in 221b.

The people in this show KNOW their set. This can’t be a mistake or something where they thought, hey…that’s close enough.

So what does it mean?

3.       Now on to the seven images that they released the week before the season started. One a day, a right? Burned out flat in the background. I noticed a few things about these images. 

But first, this image for reference: 

Every one of these characters is wearing the same clothing as the group shot, but with a coat/jacket added in the individual photos, with one exception. 

Take a look:

(Greg’s photo is missing from the BBC One Sherlock site. A little odd, given the wind-up they gave these each day…but anyway.)


Molly is the exception. Her clothing is completely different under her lab coat.

To me, it seems like this singles her out in some way. Just like they single Mycroft out in another way. 

Can you see it?

It’s the smiley again. In each of the other six photos, the smiley moves around, but it is the original smiley from 221b. The size, shape, and orientation are correct.

But Mycroft’s smiley is different. 

It’s the strange, new smiley from the burned out flat photo, and unlike the other character shots, this smiley isn’t on the 221b wallpaper. 

I think it may have been @the-7-percent-solution who commented to the effect that if you want to mess with people’s heads, just mess with their surroundings. Make things a little bit off, and that will make the audience uncomfortable, and they probably won’t even recognize why. Maybe that’s what’s going on here. Or maybe there is some deeper meaning. 

I don’t know for sure, but I do still believe that these weird details are part of a larger plan. The cast and crew are too attuned to the details of the show to overlook errors or do things half-assed. 


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the gangsey as social media
  • ronan: stupid vines, literally just him screaming at cows, pranks, racing videos, more screaming
  • noah: a snapchat celebrity, uses every single filter, the puppy one is his favourite
  • blue: invented pintrest, posts outfit inspirations, lets others use her designs, has a bored for every mood
  • adam: has a Facebook account, hasn't updated his profile photo in six years
  • gansey: tumblr™, writes, posts inspirational quotes about trees,follows welsh scenery accounts and expensive fashion blogs
  • henry: Instagram king, gets paid to promote weird skin care shit, has an account for robobee, 5million followers

I was tagged by @study-hard-succeed to do 6 pictures of 2015! 2015 was absolutely amazing! I graduated high school and celebrated one year clean of self harm in may!! I traveled to Virginia, St. John, and California and started university in Atlanta in August!! Ready for 2016

I’m tagging 5 people to post 6 significant/favourite pictures from the year!! @dutchstudyblr @delthenerd @studivation @post–grad and @briellestudies

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unlike many cave networks that are formed by the erosion of water over limestone, the cueva de los verdes (or “green caves”) in the canary islands were formed three to five thousand years ago when surface lava cooled and hardened quickly while streaming lava continued to flow underneath the petrified basaltic layer.

the caves were formed over a fifty kilometre squared area of more than one hundred volcanoes, the last of which erupted almost two hundred years ago. the lava tunnels can stretch for several kilometers, with some parts dropping well below sea level and reaching temperatures of up to six hundred degrees.

photos by edwin jones

HxH Meme headcanons

You’d expect him to be a meme lord, but actually he’s only aware of memes in passing.

“Killua, look at this funny picture!” proceeds to show Killua a six month old crusty, molded meme. They both laugh.

A man whose taste and selection of the freshest, dankest memes belay the title of mere “meme lord”, this man is a meme conqueror, a meme warmonger.

God damn it, where’s that photoshopped picture of Kurapika reading “What is a meme anyway?”, It’s perfect…

A living meme, doesn’t even know it.

Made dozens of Ging memes with the six blurry photos he has.

An avid meme consumer. tried his hand at making memes and completely failed.

Follows like a billion meme pages and checks his phone regularly.
Looks at all of them carefully, never laughing or smiling.