“My name is Kate.

I’ve been a fan of your lovely artwork for about a year. I first saw the Wild Unknown tarot deck on various Instagram accounts and thought that your illustrations were stunning!
On March 7th (my birthday) a drunk driver crashed into my car head on going about 70 miles per hour. I was air lifted to the nearest hospital and with the help of some great doctors I lived. I was six weeks pregnant at the time of my crash and lost my baby due to trauma.
My pelvis was crushed, both of my femurs were broken, both of my knees were shattered and I had a compound fracture in my ankle. Somehow I was not paralyzed. I stayed positive throughout the entire ordeal. I was supposed to be in the hospital for four months at least, but I defeated all odds and four months after the crash I was up walking out of rehab with the help of my family and physical therapists.
Once I was back home I ordered your beautiful deck because I needed something to help guide me with my meditations after all that I went through. In the first reading I did with the new deck I pulled the six of wands. I felt it was perfect for me because with strength and determination I rose above the most horrible life experience I hope I ever go through and came out a stronger person.
I hope that my story of survival of heartbreak and physical brokenness helps someone else who has to go through anything similar to what I went through.
The biggest lesson I’ve learned this year is that life will happen to you, no matter who you are and time heals all wounds.

Thank you for your inspiring illustrations and for letting me share my story! ”

Love and light!
IG: @kateauringer

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Tarot Today September 15th - Six of Wands Reversed

“When faced with a challenge, look for a way, not a way out.” - David L Rutherford

Six of Wands

I am inspired.

Allow the Six of Wands reversed a least make you hopeful that if you’re still fighting and even losing, you’re still in the game.

Look ahead as victory is on the horizon.

Six of Wands reversed gives you time to reconsider your course of action and change your strategy.

If you tend to give up easily, now is the time to turn your attitude around.

Speak up if needed. Back down when the time comes.

Today is just a setup for what will evolve in the near future.

Examine who you choose to join your team. Scrutinize those in power but are only taking the credit and not advancing the troops to a win.

Taking things personally is not advised at this time. People are people and they will do what needs to be done for their own survival.

You too can be the same way and exclude those that are not taking the groups interest into consideration.


I missed two days but I am trying to get back into the swing. Day 14 was the number 6. I took it very literally and made a giant number six, featuring the six card. Six of Cups. Six of Wands. Six of Pentacles. Six of Swords. And The Lovers. Also you can see my manga deck came in! I love the art style on these cards, unfortunately I am not a fan of The Two of Swords, which I think of as my card, so I probably won’t be using it too much on myself, but for readings for others I think it will be perfect!

Six of Wands- Victory

  • Keywords: Success, gain, increase
  • Description: a man stands alone atop a plateau.
  • Interpretation: A very simple card indicating success after a lot of work by a singular person. You have made it to the top and it was all your work that got you there.
  • Reversal: The pre-occupation with success may separate you from the things and people that you love. Another interesting interpretation of this has been that an obsession with victory is the thing preventing you from actually succeeding. Empty victory. 


The world had been brought to the brink of total destruction. A victim of opportunity. As a spark waits for its moment to attack a sun scorched forest, so did they wait. Watching the world fall deeper into the darkness. But there were those who lived within that world, unaware of light. To be a victim had become commonplace. To be shown kindness was a foreign idea. And this was the place you called home. The houses had been painted black by the raining sulfur clouds. The streets were lined with ash. As you slept, they crept closer and closer. Now perched upon your front door. Wings outstretched, black as pitch. Adorned with fire. They consumed your home, brought you to your knees. And made you a victim one last time.

You could feel yourself running. Faster than you thought your legs could carry you. Weightless, not running, but flying. Circling the carnage. This new perspective. City streets, wrapping like weeds.

He carried you in his arms. Sometimes his appearance was that of a man other times he looked like a hawk. The sickle slung over his shoulder had you convinced he was the reaper. Flying you to your next life, death had taken you while you slept. But it wasn’t so. He was a farmer. His small house was hidden within a great field of wheat. The wind blew through the crop, making it move like ocean waves. He handed you a key and told you you’d be safe here.

All her efforts. All her attempts. Everything seemed to fall short. His position of power wasn’t earned, it had been given to him. He was resented by many. In time she felt he wasn’t worthy of her diligence and the decision had been made to move on. When there paths crossed once more, she couldn’t mask her disdain. She refused to acknowledge him. She couldn’t put enough ground between herself and him. So she fled to the other side of the sea, and vowed to end him if he ever tried to follow.

Do the ends justify the means? In leaving him, she in turn left everyone. Her eyes were distant. Her thoughts were vacant. Where some have actions, she has over reactions and a life of solitude.

Personal Reading for September 2011

As is becoming my routine, I did a tarot reading for the month of September. I used my Wildwood Tarot deck, since it is quickly becoming my favorite, but I don’t have a good way to scan the cards in or anything, so I’ll represent them with images from the Thoth deck.

First, I did a one-card reading for this current week. It’s a transition week; the end of August and the beginning of September. I drew the Six of Swords. Wildwood Tarot calls this Six of Arrows - Transition, and that seems rather appropriate to me. This week is all about leaving behind August and moving forward toward the next month.

So the September reading will be one card to give an overall view of the entire month (including the days in this transition week), and one card for each week after this week.




Month: Nine of Arrows - Dedication (Nine of Swords)
Right off the bat, I can see that this is going to be a difficult month. Tarot training has taught me that 9/S means Worry; Wildwood says Dedication; Thoth says Cruelty. Yes, it’s going to be a hard month. This is really *not* what I was hoping for my September. This month is full of challenges and events (like my birthday) that I want to go well. Wildwood’s Nine of Arrows looks like an archer trying to find calm and retain her bow and arrows amidst a whirlwind.

Week 1: Six of Bows - Abundance (Six of Wands)
This week looks positive. Abundance, victory, things are in order. I’ll need to soak up as much positive energy as I can this week, and keep it with me throughout the month.

Week 2: Five of Arrows - Frustration (Five of Swords)
This card is frustration and defeat, no matter how I look at it. Do you know how much I don’t want to hear this? However, it comes after a week of abundance, so it seems rather fitting, considering it is September, and I am a Libra, and my life is about balance.

Week 3: Ten of Bows - Responsibility (Ten of Wands)
Wildwood says Responsibility; Thoth says Oppression; I say: as usual. Not that I usually feel oppressed, but that it’s pretty normal for me to be harboring a heavy feeling of responsibility. This is an important week, filled with events I am really wanting/needing to go well. I’ll take the responsibility and forget the oppression!

Week 4: 14 Balance (Temperance)
Wildwood says Balance; Thoth says Art. Either way, I say: bring it on! After what looks like two pretty stressful weeks, I’ll be looking forward to some balance. Again, so fitting for me, for September.

In addition, I find it interesting that this month is all Swords and Wands! No Cups, no Pentacles for me? Only one of the Major Arcana, but at least it’s a good one! I guess this month is all about being prodded and swept along with the flow, and I’ve just got to keep up.

Six of Wands

being in love sucks when you’re 17
except when it doesn’t. and anyway
there’s not much you can do

about it, your chemical experiment
of a body steering you past
dented lockers crammed
with folded notes and shiny

adolescent guts all squirming
and hollering “look at me!,” I mean,
“go away!”
your hair is a dirty

lavender or an unfortunate length
that won’t grow out even and nothing
you’re really good at or love matters
to the people who get to decide

what’s for dinner and how short
is too short for a school uniform
skirt. your bed is a bath of anonymous

pheromones, you never know what
to do with your hands. so you perm
and you slick back, you gesture, palm
out, whatever, with all the disdain

you can dredge from your unsnapped
bones – don’t let them tell you
what hurts now doesn’t count. that these

are the best years of your lives
because they’re not. or maybe
they are, maybe the sun baking the tar
on the school roof is doing more than just

marking time, maybe lighting
the awkwardness of stairwell embraces
is the best thing she’ll do all day, maybe

the nickname you’re slapped with after
third bell will be the name that carries you
out of the Bronx and onto the pages
of whatever glossy hip-hop slick

is popping off the newsstands and subway
kiosks this year. maybe this
is the afternoon you’ll look back on
and say, baby, remember? we

were beautiful. everybody
on the goddamn block loved us.
we didn’t even know it,
but we were golden.

- Marty McConnell

Core Meanings of the Minor Arcana: Wands

Ace of Wands - An opportunity to take action.
Two of Wands - Gathering energy while refining your vision.
Three of Wands - Active waiting.
Four of Wands - Celebrating the culmination of events or the manifestation of a goal.
Five of Wands - Conflict.
Six of Wands - Recognition of achievement.
Seven of Wands - Defensiveness.
Eight of Wands - Swift movement.
Nine of Wands - Preparing for the next challenge.
Ten of Wands - Carrying a large burden or many burdens.
Page of Wands - One who is assessing something in the areas of will, inspiration, or passion.
Knight of Wands - One who acts in the realm of will, inspiration, or passion.
Queen of Wands - One who develops and cares for others in the realm of will, inspiration, or passion.
King of Wands - One who has authority, makes decisions, or is a professional in the realm of will, inspiration, or passion.

Source: Tarot For Beginners: A Practical Guide to Reading the Cards by Barbara Moore

Core Meanings of the Major Arcana
Core Meanings of the Minor Arcana: Pentacles
Core Meanings of the Minor Arcana: Swords
Core Meanings of the Minor Arcana: Cups

Often, people tell others to concentrate on the present and not get stuck in the past, but this counsel only applies when a person stops looking back at his past and starts dwelling on it, wishing he could change it and make things better.
Use diplomacy rather than force, and accept different points of view. Do not blame others for their failures, but help them to see how they can succeed again.
If you see that the cause is worthy and your position is stable, proceed with confidence.  Though the odds may seem insurmountable, recall that the advantage always goes to the defender who knows his position better than the enemy does.

When the chips are down and your have no one to help you and, you can turn to yourself for support and you will never be let down. Never let failure set you back, learn from all of your mistakes and snatch victory from the jaws of every defeat.

This is the cornerstone of a building that might stand for decades, or crumble to dust after a few years - this is determined by how the rest of the structure is put together. It is the fertile soil in which ideas can be planted to grow and mature.

an illustrated tarot reading

Tower Tarot Today

Six of Wands - Victory

Tree of Life: Tiphareth
Astrology: Jupiter in the 2. decan of Leo

The crisis of the Five of Wands is overcome, the lesson was learned and has turned turned into a victory. In the middle of the Tree of Life, right in the beauty and harmony of Tiphareth, the flames of the fire appear like pure floating gold.

The Six of Wands shows that all the past troubles and disruptions have been necessary to grow and develop, and the victory we have now is more than just a gain by lucky chance. We have deserved it.

Drive: Happiness, victory, glory, pride of riches

Light: Creative fulfilness, satisfaction, triumph, success through engery and industry

Shadow: Vanity, reckless egoism, insolence

Khabs Am Pekht


The Magus 9°= 2□ XI°



Six of Wands

Keywords: Applause, success, lasting personal victory, finding creative solutions, being acknowledged, winning, hopes & desires. Achieving creative goals in work & art, there is a payoff for having taken a risk, teamwork. Social acceptance, teamwork, winning, success, hopes & desires fulfilled. Triumphing, having your day in the sun, being vindicated, walking away with the prize, prevailing against all comers, coming out on top & achieving success. Receiving acclaim, being acknowledged, a pat on the back, receiving an award or citation, praise or a compliment, earning applause & achieving recognition. Feeling pride, enjoying healthy self-esteem, strutting your stuff, holding your head up high, feeling worthy of notice, having a high opinion of yourself, putting yourself above others, arrogant, condescending & feeling self-important.

“Times are pretty good at the moment, and you have achieved success in what you set out to do. You have been wary, however, of experiencing a sense of dissatisfaction after experiencing the heady heights of success. 
Around the Tarot in 78 Days

The Green Woman - Subtlety / Beauty / Fruition

Just as there is balance of the masculine and feminine energy in all of us, there is that same balance of energy in all of nature. The Green Woman is the subtle "greening” of the world, the gentle flow of energy, creativity, inner strength, full of moisture and the nurturing qualities of plant life. She cradles us in her strong arms and soothes us with the strong healing energy of all that is beautiful , rather than awesome, in nature. When you observe the delicate ivy surrounding an ancient oak tree, when you smell a flower and marvel at the beauty of it’s form and colour, you honor the strength and the subtlety of the Green Woman. Let her powerful, gentle energy surround and nurture you. Be strong in your convictions, but gentle in the manner in which you present them, and you emulate the Green Woman.

Notes: It’s a beautiful summers day here in Sydney, the sun is bright and the cicada’s are singing. If I didn’t have to work, I’d like nothing better than to lounge outside in a hammock, enjoying the sounds of nature & summer. Being the earthy Taurus that I am, I revel in the energy of the Green Woman. I’m also feeling a little proud of myself for actually doing a work out this morning. I hate exercising but I pushed myself and made sure I did it. I felt a bit sick afterwards but I’m proud of myself for doing it, and there’s the 6 of wands coming into play.