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Tarot Today - Six of Wands

Six of Wands

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” - Arthur Ashe

I am inspired.

Image: Morgan Greer Tarot Deck

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Six of Wands

I’m getting a real “I am so much better than you” vibe from these cards here. Also:

The latter is the majority. A warrior has led his troops to victory and he comes home to celebrations. He get’s his crown of laurels or whatever, everyone loves him, it’s a good time. He’s a winner.

The other group is an “I am so awesome” kind of feeling. The Housewives has neighbours looking in a woman’s house, marveling at how beautiful it looks. She is just so much better at being a housewife than the others (and as a housewife, I can guarantee you this is a legit competition). 

This card is about victory. About having something to laud over others with. Having pride, succeeding, being awesome. Being a winner. Not just a winner, but a celebrated winner. You have attention, you get praise, you’re a hero!

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You’ve worked for this recognition, it’s not like winning the lottery. You have succeeded at what you set out for, you fought, you won.

My tarot app warns that just because you’ve won this victory, it doesn’t mean you’re done fighting.

Tarot Today - Six of Wands

Six of Wands

“Knowing is better than not knowing. Every time.” - Cassandra Clare

I am inspired.

Visconti-Sforza Tarot App

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May 16

Today’s Query: Will I be able to be productive today?

The Six of wands in the precedent spot is interesting because it means self-confidence, which is a big part of the episode depicted - Pearl and Amethyst eventually becoming Opal. Reversed it is a god representation of the frustration of yesterday.

Page of pentacles is a good omen, signaling a manifestation of the new especially in this Lapis-focused version.

Two of Wands subsequence also shows good decisions and development of character, realization of own strengths in the re-forming of Amethyst’s body.

November Tarot Challenge 🔮

2.  What Path Will Help Me Grow This Month

Six of Wands

Yep, that’s right, I’m celebrating.  I was just offered a promotion a few weeks ago and my start date in the new position is Nov 27.  This is going to help me grow without a doubt, even if all I learn is how to keep my mouth shut around my terrible boss.  My work isn’t done, and that has been made clear.  I’m constantly having to prove myself.

memequeen319  asked:

Could I have tarot reading on my situation about astral travel, please? Thank you 💜💙✨

You’re very welcome!

The card I drew for you was the Six of Wands. This card is a card of victory, of success, and of rising up. You are a blue butterfly, flying above the perilous underbrush (i.e. thats literally what is pictured on the card lol). In this I see more than victory, however. I see you flying above and safe from the many dark and terrible things that lie nearby. You are on a different level from them, and from them you are safe. However this is also a warning for you to be careful, for they are near.